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So far, Porcello getting no ROY credit

Still a few weeks to go until the Rookie of the Year award from baseball writers. However, various other publications have come out with their own choices, and Rick Porcello isn’t winning any of them. White Sox third baseman Gordon Beckham won AL honors from The Sporting News, while Pittsburgh’s Andrew McCutchen won Baseball America’s Major League Rookie of the Year award. Porcello didn’t even make the list of three AL finalists for the Players Choice award as voted on by players; Beckham, Jeff Niemann and Elvis Andrus beat him out there.

To be fair, a lot of the credit given to Porcello this year was more about what he showed for his age, rather than what he has done as a rookie. But without Porcello, the Tigers wouldn’t have led the AL Central for as long as they did, and they almost certainly would’ve been in trouble in the division tiebreaker game a few weeks ago. Porcello’s performance in that game may or may not bolstered his award hopes, depending on how many writers waited until then to vote. Ballots were due when the postseason began, which technically wasn’t until the next day.

Leyland: Short rest was never a consideration

Depending on what happens tonight with rookie Alfredo Figaro in his first start in three months, the question among more than a few Tigers fans will be why manager Jim Leyland didn’t just stay with his core starters and use either Justin Verlander or Rick Porcello on short rest. After all, Porcello was on schedule to start Saturday anyway until Monday’s rainout pushed back that outing.

According to Leyland, it wasn’t a consideration. Judging from his remarks, their futures beyond this season were the overwhelming consideration.

“I’m not going to pitch Verlander on three days rest, and I’m not going to pitch that kid [Porcello],” Leyland said.

That would be the same decision, Leyland said, even if they were a game back in the race. Wouldn’t happen.

“Not with those two kids. I wouldn’t do it. We’ve got our opportunity. We’ve got enough guys. It’s not the ideal situation having to pitch a rookie like this, but we’ve won two or three big games like this with [Eddie] Bonine pitching.”

Porcello probably done until playoffs

When Jim Leyland extended Rick Porcello out to 111 pitches Tuesday against the Twins, he did so expecting that he’d be getting some extra rest. Because Monday’s rainout pretty much washed away any chance of Porcello pitching this weekend.

Asked if there’s any chance of Porcello pitching again this week, Leyland said, “I doubt it.”

If Porcello pitched Monday, he would’ve come back Saturday on his normal rest. With a Tuesday start, he would have to pitch on short rest to do that, which isn’t going to happen with a 20-year-old rookie.

Porcello could conceivably pitch on regular rest Sunday, but that has been Verlander’s spot all along in case the Tigers need a win in the season’s final day. It sounds unlikely that Verlander would pitch on short rest Saturday, either.

That would leave the Tigers in a spot start situation Saturday in a week when they’re already starting Eddie Bonine and Nate Robertson Wednesday and Thursday, respectively. The only other Tigers on the pitching staff who have started a game like that this year are Alfredo Figaro, who hasn’t started a game since June because a wrist injury forced him to miss nearly two months, and Zach Miner, whom Leyland said a few weeks ago he would rather not start unless “absolutely, 100 percent necessary.”

9/5 pregame happenings: Zimmer, Rodney, Kelly

ST. PETERSBURG — Tigers manager Jim Leyland has spent the last couple of days visiting Rays senior advisor and old friend Don Zimmer in the hospital, as he recovers from four-hour back surgery he had on Wednesday. Leyland said Zimmer is doing better. How does he know this? “He’s still grumpy,” joked Leyland, who shared an assortment of Zimmer stories before Saturday’s game. 

* Leyland confirmed he’ll give Fernando Rodney a day off after throwing 35 pitches on Friday night. The 32-year-old right-hander has pitched in four of the last six days. Either righty Brandon Lyon or lefty Bobby Seay will likely get the ball if Saturday presents a save situation. Leyland is kicking around probably giving Rodney Sunday off, too. That would give him at least three days without entering a game, with Monday being an off-day.
* Leyland on Rodney chucking the ball into the press box after his latest save: “It doesn’t bother me at all because … obviously, there was no intent to do anything wrong. I’ve seen 30 balls thrown in the stands during batting practice every night, I’ve seen third-base coaches throw them into the stands, over the dugout. I don’t pay any attention to that kind of stuff.”
* The rotation after this series: Rick Porcello on Tuesday, Justin Verlander on Wednesday, Jarrod Washburn on Thursday and Edwin Jackson (Sunday’s starter) on Friday. Porcello would be on normal rest for Sunday, possibly leaving Saturday open for either Armando Galarraga or Nate Robertson. Leyland said Robertson is “on hold.”
* Utility man Don Kelly, recalled from Triple-A Toledo on Saturday, was in the visiting clubhouse at Tropicana Field. He’ll be a welcome addition after the Tigers used all four of their lefty hitters on Friday. The Tigers were originally planning on bringing him up on Tuesday, but after what happened Friday, they hurried him along.  
* The Tigers likely won’t be calling up any more players this month, but Toledo Mud Hens manager Larry Parrish will join the club at some point.
* Dontrelle Willis will make one more start for Triple-A Toledo tonight, as their season comes to an end on Monday. 
— Alden Gonzalez

Porcello drops appeal

He will serve out his five-game suspension starting tonight. The fact that Armando Galarraga was scratched today means they can get through this stretch without needing another spot start, assuming Galarraga recovers in time to start later this week.

UPDATE: Galarraga will start Sunday against the Royals in Porcello’s place. Porcello will start next Tuesday against the Mariners.

Reaction to Porcello suspension

Not a whole lot of reaction to the five-game suspension handed down to Rick Porcello. Jim Leyland didn’t talk about it. Porcello was limited in his comments, for understandable reasons.

“I’ve never really been involved in anything like this,” Porcello said, “so I didn’t really know what to expect. Five games, file an appeal. Right now, there’s not much more to say.”

Asked about whether they can push the suspension back until the Tigers are in a better position to handle it — say, when rosters expand in September, or when Nate Robertson is closer to returning from his rehab stint — Porcello indicated he wasn’t thinking that far ahead.

“I think we’re just going play it day-by-day right now, and see how it goes,” Porcello said.

Kevin Youkilis also was suspended. He initially planned to appeal, but changed his mind after talking with the Red Sox.

“We decided to just take our medicine and move on,” Red Sox manager Terry Francona said.

Jackson didn’t have much reaction to his fine, because he didn’t know about it. To be fair, it was a passing mention in the last sentence of the press release MLB sent out about it.

Said Jackson, “I got fined???”

Tigers to skip Porcello's spot

With an off-day coming up Thursday and the All-Star break next week, the Tigers are skipping Rick Porcello in the rotation until after the break. It’s a pretty easy way to limit his innings heading into the season’s second half (he’s currently at 87).

“We always said all along we were going to pick our spots to protect him,” manager Jim Leyland said. “It has nothing to do with yesterday’s performance, I can tell you that. … To be honest with you, I’m sure he doesn’t like it, but it’s what we’re going to do to protect him.”

This way, they can protect him quite a bit. There’s an extra off-day for the Tigers out of the break, so they won’t start their second half until next Friday. Add in a scheduled off-day the following Monday, and the Tigers could conceivably rest Porcello until their doubleheader against the White Sox July 24 at Comerica Park.

Thus, rotation for the upcoming series against Cleveland will send Edwin Jackson to the mound Friday, Armando Galarraga Saturday and Justin Verlander Sunday. That should not have an impact on Verlander’s availability for the All-Star Game. Tuesday would fall on the normal day for Verlander to throw a side session between starts anyway, an inning or two of work in a game should replace the session.

Porcello hitting facts

Rick Porcello is the first Tigers pitcher to get a hit in his first Major League at-bat since Zach Miner doubled at Milwaukee on June 20, 2006. But that’s just the start. He’s the first Tigers pitcher with a multi-hit game since Jeff Weaver had two on June 23, 2002 at Florida.

He’s also the first Tigers pitcher with a multi-RBI game in the DH era. No Tigers pitcher had multiple RBIs in a game since Joe Coleman drove in three runs at Boston on Sept. 21, 1972.

Porcello update

He's fine. He actually was hit in the back, not the shoulder. He actually threw 15 more pitches in the bullpen after being taken out of the game.

Robertson on Friday, Porcello Saturday

The cut on Rick Porcello’s right index finger continues to bleed when he tries to throw, so his next outing has been pushed back from Friday to Saturday, when the Tigers visit the Yankees. It’s possible, Jim Leyland said, that they’ll need to push him back again. He needs to be able to throw a side session before they send him out in a game, and that hasn’t happened yet.

The ripple effect means that Nate Robertson will start Friday against the Nationals instead of Thursday in a camp game. Supposedly the camp game is now canceled, so there won’t be much of anything going on around the complex Thursday afternoon.

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