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Will Kenny Rogers return to camp as an instructor?

The Tigers have invited former ace Kenny Rogers to return for a second Spring Training as an instructor, but aren’t sure yet whether the schedule will allow it to happen.

You might remember that Rogers spent about a week in Lakeland last spring to work with pitchers on fielding and holding runners. It went well for both sides, and the Tigers are hoping to have him back.

“We are still working on the possibility,” Dave Dombrowski replied in an email Thursday. “It depends if it fits into his schedule. He has been invited.”

Rogers is a full-time dad and a part-time coach for his two kids back home in Texas, being around in a way he couldn’t be when he was pitching for a living. That’s one reason why he hasn’t considered trying out coaching on anything more than a cameo basis, and a reason why the schedules didn’t work out to bring him back until last spring.

Rogers not coming to instruct

That Kenny Rogers stint in Tigers spring training as a guest instructor isn’t going to happen, at least not this week. Rogers had to cancel his scheduled trip to Lakeland due to a family matter, manager Jim Leyland said Wednesday. He was supposed to be in camp March 2-5.

When the Tigers confirmed earlier in camp that Rogers was coming, Leyland said there was a chance he might make another visit later in the month. Not sure if that might still happen.

Rogers retired? Part 2

rogers.jpgTalked by phone today with Rick Knapp, who clarified on his remarks on Kenny Rogers maybe retiring. He said he called Rogers in November, soon after being named Tigers pitching coach, and that Rogers said he was pretty certain at that time he was retiring. So, for that matter, was his wife. He hasn’t heard anything more since.

“I don’t know if it’s time,” Knapp said Sunday. “I think he’s still got
some fight in him. It’s just a matter of whether he wants to or not.”

With Rogers unsigned this late in the offseason, it seems like a no. I could very easily see Rogers quietly retiring without any formal announcement, let alone fanfare. He isn’t one to make a big deal.

A classy move on the part of Knapp, though, was that he’s welcome at spring training if he wants to stop by, even if it’s just to hit fungoes.

“But if you go,” Knapp said he told Rogers, “you have to promise not to take them.”

Kenny Rogers might have folded 'em

With three weeks before pitchers and catchers report to most Spring Training camps, Kenny Rogers is still a free agent. Moreover, there have been no signs of him signing with any team.

The 44-year-old Rogers has kept quiet this offseason, leaving emails from reporters unanswered. Even Tigers manager Jim Leyland, who received a voicemail from Rogers thanking him for his time in Detroit, doesn’t know Rogers’ plans. The one person in the organization who has had a discussion with him, team president/general manager Dave Dombrowski said, isn’t disclosing the nature of their talk.

Still, when asked about Rogers’ status by a fan during a question-and-answer session at TigerFest on Saturday, Dombrowski hinted that Rogers probably isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“At this time, I don’t think he’s on the verge of signing with any club,” Dombrowski said. “I think he’s in a position where he’s content where he is right now. But it’s more up to him on what he decides to do with his life, and I don’t know if he’s made that decision 100 percent.”

If Rogers does pitch again, it probably won’t be in Detroit. Dombrowski said the Tigers are not looking for any more starting pitching, preferring to leave the fifth spot open to competition among Zach Miner, Nate Robertson and Dontrelle Willis.

Rotation change

This isn’t the big change, but Jeremy Bonderman and Kenny Rogers were flipped in the rotation. Bonderman will pitch here in Seattle on Sunday, and Kenny Rogers will go on Monday. That obviously allows Rogers to pitch in Oakland, where he’s 25-4 for his career.

Stolen base off Rogers

Gathright’s Pena’s stolen base in the third was not only the first steal off of Rogers since 2006, but the first stolen base attempt against him in two years. Coco Crisp stole second off of Rogers with Vance Wilson behind the plate on June 2, 2006. Jason Phillips and Gregg Zaun were the last to try to steal on Rogers on Sept. 28 of that season, both trying for third on two separate double-steal plays.