Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers at Reds

No Rajai Davis or Tyler Collins tonight against Johnny Cueto, with no DH slot available. On the flip side, David Price was hacking in batting practice the last few days, and he’s been watching a lot of college ball thanks to Vanderbilt.

Speaking of Cueto, the Reds have their pitcher batting eighth. Meanwhile, Joey Votto gets the night off.

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84tigerslogoTIGERS (career numbers off Cueto)

  1. Anthony Gose, CF
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (0-for-1)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF (0-for-2, walk)
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. James McCann, C
  8. Jose Iglesias, SS
  9. David Price, P

oldmrredlogoREDS (career numbers against Price)

  1. Brandon Phillips, 2B (3-for-8, 2 doubles, 2 K’s)
  2. Ivan De Jesus, LF
  3. Todd Frazier, 3B (0-for-3)
  4. Jay Bruce, RF (0-for-6, 2 K’s)
  5. Brayan Pena, C (1-for-2, walk)
  6. Chris Dominguez, 1B
  7. Eugenio Suarez, SS (1-for-3, walk)
  8. Johnny Cueto, P (0-for-1, K)
  9. Billy Hamilton, CF (0-for-4, K)

Ausmus on replay: “The system needs to be fixed”

Brad Ausmus and Matt Martin thought they had another run when they saw the replay of Anthony Gose’s slide into home plate Tuesday night. Ausmus’ postgame frustration had to do with more than that call.

What began as a review about the replay challenge in Ausmus’ postgame session shifted into a lengthy challenge from Ausmus about the replay system itself, and what constitutes enough video evidence to make a play worth challenging.

“In my mind, instant replay has regressed this year. It’s gone backwards,” he said. “And I know I’m not the only one across baseball who feels that way.

“Very quickly in 2014, you kind of had an understanding of where that line was between sufficient and insufficient evidence. That line is blurry now. There’s been a number of calls this year that I think a year ago would have been overturned. I’m not sure I have a solution for it, but I think it’s moving backwards.

“And I’ll say this: I was a big fan of instant replay last year. I thought it was a good thing. I thought for the most part, they changed calls in order to get the play right, and they did that on a regular basis. I’m not seeing that this year.”

The Tigers, Ausmus said, had to decide whether to challenge the tag or whether Pena illegally blocked the plate. They could not challenge both.

“I thought you could make the argument that he might have blocked the plate as well,” he said. “That’s a much more amorphous rule, and even harder to get overturned on a challenge, so we went with the play that we thought had a better chance of being overturned, which was the actual tagging of Gose as he slid into home.”

Said Martin: “It was probably both. He looked safe and that’s what you are going to challenge. But once [Pena] caught the ball, he jumped to block the plate and he over-shot it and Gose slid in between. But he looked safe initially and that’s what you want to challenge. The other is so much up to interpretation. Safe or out is not up to interpretation.”

The review lasted 3 minutes, 38 seconds.

“Once it kept dragging on,” Martin said, “and David Price was like, ‘Oh, I like it!’ Brad and myself go, ‘No, if it’s dragging on like that, they’re not going to overturn it. They’re going to keep it the same.’ David’s like, ‘No, no, he’s safe. You can see it on the video, he’s safe.'”

After the lengthy review, the call stood. It was not confirmed. That got Ausmus going after the game.

“I’d like someone to explain to me what sufficient and insufficient evidence is,” he said, “because last year we had a pretty good idea what that was, and I can’t tell you what it is this year. I really can’t.”

Asked if that has affected the challenges they make, Ausmus continued.

“There’s been so many that we thought were clear that there’s been no change, where we thought there should’ve been a change,” Ausmus said. “That’s what I’m saying: We don’t know where the line is. We do not understand when they’re going to overturn a play unless it is absolutely blatant. And that’s a problem.

“So sometimes we’re just throwing a Hail Mary. We think it’s conclusive and we’re throwing a Hail Mary, and they come back and they say they can’t confirm, or it’s unconfirmed. I just don’t know what the line is. Last year, we knew what the line was. We had a pretty good idea when we were challenging, whether we had a shot or not, and sometimes we took risks when we weren’t sure if we had a shot. But generally speaking, when we challenged and we knew it was going to be overturned, it was overturned. I think the system needs to be fixed.”

Tuesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Reds


  1. Anthony Gose, CF
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF
  6. Tyler Collins, DH
  7. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  8. James McCann, C
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS

P: Kyle Ryan


  1. Brandon Phillips, 2B
  2. Ivan De Jesus, LF
  3. Joey Votto, 1B
  4. Todd Frazier, 3B
  5. Jay Bruce, DH
  6. Brayan Pena, C
  7. Chris Dominguez, RF
  8. Billy Hamilton, CF
  9. Kristopher Negron, SS

P: Michael Lorenzen

Tigers sign first-round picks

A week after the Tigers wrapped up their work in the First-Year Player Draft, they got to business signing their top picks. Both high-school right-hander Beau Burrows and University of Tennessee outfielder Christin Stewart agreed to terms on deals Tuesday.

Burrows, the 22nd overall selection last Monday, announced his agreement on Twitter.

Burrows, who had previously committed to play his college ball at Texas A&M, agreed to terms for $2,154,200, the exact slot value of the pick, according to Jim Callis of Jon Heyman of MLB Network and first reported the value. Stewart, the 34th overall selection, also agreed to terms, according to’s Jim Callis. He, too, reportedly received slot value, $1,795,100.

Also signing Tuesday was Michigan State outfielder Cam Gibson, the Tigers’ fifth-round pick. The son of former Tigers great Kirk Gibson tweeted a photo of him signing his contract at the Tigers’ player development offices in Lakeland.

Monday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Reds

Anthony Gose and Rajai Davis flip-flop spots in the batting order. Nick Castellanos returns to the lineup after getting Sunday off, as does James McCann.

The Cincinnati lineup has two former Tigers in it. Neither are Brayan Pena. Eugenio Suarez has taken the bulk of the shortstop duties over the past week since Zack Cosart’s season-ending injury, and Brennan Boesch is starting in left field.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio


  1. Anthony Gose, CF
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Yoenis Cespedes, LF
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF
  6. James McCann, C
  7. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  8. Jose Iglesias, SS
  9. Rajai Davis, DH

P: Anibal Sanchez

redslogoREDS (career numbers off Sanchez)

  1. Brandon Phillips, 2B (2-for-8, double, K)
  2. Skip Schumaker, DH (3-for-11, 2 walks, K)
  3. Joey Votto, 1B (0-for-2, walk)
  4. Todd Frazier, 3B
  5. Jay Bruce, RF (2-for-5, 2 K’s)
  6. Eugenio Suarez, SS
  7. Tucker Barnhart, C
  8. Brennan Boesch, LF
  9. Billy Hamilton, CF

P: Jon Moscot

Tigers activate, option Rondon

Bruce Rondon is going to stick in Toledo for now. He’s just no longer doing so on a rehab assignment. The Tigers activated their hard-throwing right-hander from the 15-day disabled list and immediately optioned him to the Mud Hens, where he’ll try to work through the struggles that marked his rehab stint there over the past few weeks.

Rondon joined the Hens on rehab May 21 after spending the first month and a half of the season on the DL with bicipital tendinitis. From there, the results have been mixed. While Rondon has shown himself to be healthy, which is the biggest issue, he has not shown consistent effectiveness. He has given up 10 earned runs on 15 hits over 8 2/3 innings with five walks and nine strikeouts. He realistically had two truly good, clean outings in nine appearances.

That doesn’t mean the Tigers have given up on Rondon, but he has work to do to get back to the Tigers bullpen. For all the importance he has carried to Detroit’s relief hopes, he still has barely a half-season of Major League experience under his belt, and that was two years ago.

The move means that for now, the Tigers are sticking with a three-lefty bullpen for their upcoming series against the Reds, Yankees and Indians, all of whom have left-handed hitters to match up. Tom Gorzelanny, Blaine Hardy and just-recalled Ian Krol appear safe as a trio for at least the next week or two.

Sunday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Indians

Nick Castellanos gets a day out of the lineup amidst an 0-for-9 slump and a 3-for-15 homestand. Andrew Romine gets the start at third base over Josh Wilson. Bryan Holaday, having finishing hobnobbing with the stars such as Sir Richard Branson, gets the start at catcher.

Meanwhile, Francisco Lindor is supposedly in transit to Detroit this morning, but he’s not in the lineup. Perhaps Detroit really did pick a good weekend to close Interstate 75 near the ballpark. Mike Aviles is back at short.

TIGERS (career numbers off Corey Kluber)

  1. Anthony Gose, CF (1-for-3, HR, 2 K’s)
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (4-for-18, triple, walk, 4 K’s)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (19-for-33, 2 doubles, 4 HR, 2 walks, 6 K’s)
  4. Yoenis Cespedes, LF (4-for-10, double, HR, 2 K’s)
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF (5-for-12, double, HR, K)
  6. Tyler Collins, DH
  7. Bryan Holaday, C (2-for-6, 3 K’s)
  8. Andrew Romine, 3B (1-for-4, walk, 2 K’s)
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS (0-for-4)

P: Alfredo Simon

INDIANS (career numbers off Big Pasta)

  1. Jason Kipnis, 2B (3-for-11, double, walk, 2 K’s)
  2. Carlos Santana, 1B (4-for-14, 3 walks, 3 K’s)
  3. Michael Brantley, LF (10-for-15, 4 doubles, walk)
  4. Brandon Moss, RF (1-for-7, 2 K’s)
  5. David Murphy, DH (4-for-9, double, 2 walks)
  6. Yan Gomes, C (0-for-5)
  7. Giovanny Urshela, 3B
  8. Michael Bourn, CF (4-for-9, 3 K’s)
  9. Mike Aviles, SS (2-for-6, walk)

P: Corey Kluber

Verlander Day lineups: Tigers vs. Indians

Same as yesterday.

tigerpitcherlogoTIGERS (career numbers off Carrasco)

  1. Rajai Davis, DH (3-for-12, double, triple, 2 K’s)
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (7-for-19, 3 doubles, walk, 4 K’s)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (8-for-21, double, HR, 3 walks, 5 K’s)
  4. Yoenis Cespedes, LF (1-for-3, walk, K)
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF (4-for-13, double, HR, 2 K’s)
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B (3-for-8, 2 walks, 4 K’s)
  7. James McCann, C (0-for-2)
  8. Jose Iglesias, SS (2-for-3, K)
  9. Anthony Gose, CF

P: Justin Verlander

clevelandlogo2INDIANS (career numbers off Verlander)

  1. Jason Kipnis, 2B (3-for-34, double, 6 walks, 13 K’s)
  2. Carlos Santana, 1B (9-for-44, double, 5 HR, 6 walks, 9 K’s)
  3. Michael Brantley, LF (18-for-54, double, triple, 3 walks, 7 K’s)
  4. Brandon Moss, RF (5-for-21, double, 2 HR, 3 walks, 11 K’s)
  5. David Murphy, DH (10-for-33, double, triple, 5 walks, 7 K’s)
  6. Yan Gomes, C (6-for-16, 2 doubles, walk, 3 K’s)
  7. Giovanni Urshela, 3B
  8. Michael Bourn, CF (12-for-33, 2 doubles, 4 walks, 10 K’s)
  9. Mike Aviles, SS (6-for-26, double, 2 K’s)

P: Carlos Carrasco

Friday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Indians

Danny Salazar has some reverse splits going on this season, with stingier numbers against left-handed hitters (24-for-112, 47 strikeouts) than right-handed batters (30-for-118, 34 K’s). That explains in part the start for Rajai Davis. That said, J.D. Martinez (1-for-9 with seven strikeouts against Salazar) is sitting in favor of Tyler Collins.

All of this, of course, depends on the weather allowing this game to be played. That was in serious doubt looking at the forecast as of last night, but it appears now that the weather will give them a shot to get this in.

tigerslogoTIGERS (career numbers off Salazar)

  1. Rajai Davis, DH (2-for-7, walk, K)
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (5-for-12, HR, 2 walks, K)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (6-for-17, double, HR, 8 K’s)
  4. Yoenis Cespedes, LF (0-for-3, K)
  5. Tyler Collins, RF
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B (4-for-11, 2 doubles, HR, 3 K’s)
  7. James McCann, C (0-for-1)
  8. Jose Iglesias, SS (1-for-7, walk, K)
  9. Anthony Gose, CF (1-for-4, walk, 3 K’s)

P: David Price

clevelandlogoINDIANS (career numbers off Price)

  1. Jason Kipnis, 2B (6-for-25, 2 doubles, 2 walks, 2 K’s)
  2. Carlos Santana, 1B (7-for-20, 4 doubles, 4 walks, 5 K’s)
  3. Michael Brantley, CF (4-for-17, walk, 2 K’s)
  4. Ryan Raburn, LF (7-for-21, double, HR, 3 walks, 6 K’s)
  5. Nick Swisher, DH (12-for-37, 2 doubles, HR, 10 walks, 6 K’s)
  6. Yan Gomes, C (0-for-9, 4 K’s)
  7. Brandon Moss, RF (0-for-3, 2 K’s)
  8. Giovanny Urshela, 3B
  9. Mike Aviles, SS (6-for-25, 2 doubles, 2 walks, 2 K’s)

P: Danny Salazar

Tigers option Shane Greene to Toledo

Two months after Shane Greene seemed headed for the All-Star Game with a 3-0 record and one earned run over his first three starts, he’s now headed for Toledo. The Tigers optioned their young right-handed sinkerballer to Triple-A as he tries to work through the struggles that have hounded him for the past month.

The move, which makes room for lefty reliever Ian Krol’s call-up from Toledo, comes nearly eight weeks after Greene beat the White Sox at Comerica Park to improve to 3-0 in his first three starts as a Detroit Tiger. He had allowed one earned runs in 23 innings, the best three-start beginning to a season by a Tiger since 1945.

Greene now has the counterbalance. After five runs on seven hits over just three innings against the Cubs Wednesday night, Greene has allowed 16 earned runs on 21 hits over nine innings in his last three starts. That includes a five-homer, five-out start against the Angels two weeks ago, a first in modern Major League history.

“Pitchers are like hitters. They can go through ups and downs,” manager Brad Ausmus said. “They’re usually not as dramatic. It’s not unheard of for guys to pitch and struggle, or vice versa. Three outings does not make a season, 32 outings does, so I wouldn’t rush to judgment on anything.”

That said, the Tigers set a precedent with sending down young starters before. Max Scherzer was struggling in his first season as a Tiger in 2010, capped by a three-homer demise against the Red Sox in mid-May, when the Tigers optioned him to Triple-A Toledo to work things out. Scherzer made two starts for the Mud Hens, tossed 15 innings of one-run ball, struck out 14 Oakland Athletics over 5 2/3 innings in his return a couple weeks later, and never went back.

Greene’s spot in the rotation comes up again Tuesday night at Comerica Park against a Reds, a low-average, high-power club that boasts left-handed hitters in Joey Votto, Jay Bruce and former Tiger Brennan Boesch. With Greene down, left-hander Kyle Ryan – who pitched seven innings of two-run ball last Friday against the White Sox – appears likely to start in his place for now.

The Tigers will need to make another roster move after Friday’s game to make room for Justin Verlander’s return from the disabled list. That is expected to fall on a reliever, with young right-hander Angel Nesbitt a strong candidate.


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