Ausmus, Avila go another year

The Tigers have Ian Kinsler, J.D. Martinez, Justin Upton, Anibal Sanchez and others under contract for one more season. Now, they have Brad Ausmus for those terms as well.

After a couple days of offseason, the Tigers did what had been expected since midseason, picking up the club option on Ausmus’ contract. In explaining the move, Avila noted continuity as a factor. Though there had been some speculation that they might work on a new deal, general manager Al Avila said they preferred to go year to year, the same timetable Dave Dombrowski had with Jim Leyland for his final few seasons, though for different reasons.

In my opinion, I don’t think [a long-term deal] is necessary,” Avila said on a conference call Wednesday. “I personally like the year to year [approach] at this time. The club itself can change from year to year, and things could change from year to year. So I think for our organization, having those options are good for us, and actually I think it works for Brad.

“There are several managers in today’s game that work year to year, and there have been managers in the past who’ve worked year to year. I am comfortable with it. I’ve spoken with Brad about it and he’s comfortable with it. And at this point, there is no reason for me or for Brad to think different.”

They discussed that. They discussed the team. And they discussed what is to be done with the team on the heels of being the last team out of the postseason picture, having lost two of three in Atlanta and five of their last eight overall.

“In talking to Brad, I mentioned some of the things I’d like to improve on,” Avila said, “and it just so happened he and I were on the same page. When I say improve, I mean on the field. Obviously, we need to improve our defense in some areas. We have to improve certain things with our baserunning. It’s not for a lack of practice or instruction, but maybe there are some ideas about doing some things differently. It could also lead to changes in personnel. We also talked about our players going forward and what we need to do. Things of that nature is what we talk about.

“At the end, we’ve been on the same page all year. Whatever things we disagreed upon — and we have had disagreements on certain things — we can move forward and work through those things with no issue.”

Whether that means changes on the coaching staff remains to be seen. Most of the staff is expected to return. But Avila stopped short of saying all.

“We’re still in that process,” Avila said. “I guess you could take it as, we anticipate most of them coming back, but I don’t know if they all will at this point, because I haven’t talked to them. So I think that’s a question for maybe another day, not too far down the road.”

More from the conference call:

  • Avila on changing course after not making playoffs: “Sometimes it’s not just clear-cut wins and losses, [or] did you get into the postseason or not. There’s a lot of circumstances that you’ve got to take into account along the way. You’ve got to look at the big picture. It might be easy to say, ‘Let’s cut ties right now,’ just because we didn’t get into the postseason, and it creates bigger and worse problems down the road. Just cutting ties because you didn’t get into the postseason doesn’t make the team better, and it doesn’t mean that that’s the right decision. Sometimes you’ve got to continue and stay with the continuity that you have as long as you know that you’re making progress and you’re working to get better.
  • Avila on injuries: “Daniel Norris, who was supposed to be our fifth starter, broke his back basically in Spring Training, and we started our season without our fifth starter. Cameron Maybin, first day of Spring Training, he gets hit with a first at-bat and broke his hand, and we started without our center fielder. Right off the bat, we had two injuries that really we had no control over. If we have Cameron Maybin from Day 1, and Daniel Norris pitching in the rotation as expected, some things change. You can’t put that on anybody. However, in saying that, because of all these things that happened, you see how your manager handles them on a day-to-day basis, and he takes you through all the rough times and you’re still there at the end with a chance to get in. You’ve got to give him a lot of credit for that.”
  • Avila on free-agent signings that didn’t work out: “I take all the blame. Because at the end of the day, I make those decisions, and you’ve got to put a lot of the blame on myself. So the guys that we brought in, let’s say they didn’t perform for whatever reason, that’s on me. Those are things that I’ve got to take the blame for. At the same time, you see what the manager did with those guys and how he used them, and he got through the season with them. That’s even more reason to say he did a good job in getting through those tough situations.”
  • Ausmus on what he has learned as a manager: “I’ve gotten that question the last few years. The one thing you start to realize is … a lot of players, especially players that have played a long time,  think they have a good grasp on the game. I was probably one of those players at the end of my career that had a good grasp. But after you manage for a few years, you start to understand that there are a lot of other factors that are not necessarily happening on the field, but are happening in the clubhouse or happen when you’re traveling, just minutiae that you have to deal with. And you start to understand and become a lot more comfortable with handling and making decisions on involving those things. That’s just basically what experience does, makes you more comfortable in those situations.”
  • Avila on continuity: “That is a big factor because he does know our players. We did discuss what things we may need to do this offseason. He fully understands that. That is a big factor in moving forward. Sometimes it seems like bringing in somebody else would be better just for the sake of change, but that’s not always the case. Continuity is part of it and familiarity with the players and the players with him is important.”
  • Avila on what might be done this offseason: “At this point, I’m not ready to discuss that. We have our year-end meetings with our Major League scouts and advisers next week. We’ll be meeting from Monday through Friday next week in Lakeland. When we come out of that, I’ll have more of an idea of where we’re going to be headed, and what we’ll be doing — or what we’ll be trying to do. I will say we’ll be open-minded to anything and everything out there. But right now, I’m not in a position to discuss payroll or anything of that nature at this point.”
  • Avila owner Mike Ilitch’s approval: “Yes, I did discuss it with Mr. Ilitch, and he gave me the ok to pick up the option. I explained to him my reasoning and he agreed and he said go ahead.”
  • Avila on Ilitch’s view on season: “Well, just like all of us, he wanted to get to the playoffs, to get to the World Series, and the goal is to do that. So he felt like all of us. Obviously, that’s what we wanted to do, and we didn’t do it. Now we’re regrouping.

    We feel we have a good core of young players. Really, we talked more about moving forward than the past. … Let me put it to you this way: You don’t just go there and hash over all the bad, all the games that you lost. What happened, happened. Nobody liked it. We didn’t achieve what we wanted to achieve. So now we got to regroup, move forward and see where we go from here.”

  • Ausmus on baserunning: “Baserunning’s a funny thing, because you can work on it all you want. We worked on it quite a bit in spring training, brought Kirk Gibson, and he helped us. You can work on it all you want, but ultimately the players have to react, use their instincts on the bases. It’s a split-second play, whether it’s a line drive, or it’s reading a ball to an outfielder. A split-second decision has to be made by that baserunner. You hope that all the work that you put in, all the practice you put in, bears fruit. But ultimately, it’s up to the baserunner. There are players that are very instinctive baserunners. They don’t need to practice it. They can read balls, and read players, and understand situations better than others. And sometimes guys aren’t very good instinctive baserunners. You can hope to try to make them better, but you’re not necessarily going to make them into the greatest baserunner on the planet. I don’t know that there’s a ton we can do differently, other than stress the things that we have stressed, and hope that they get better by practicing it.”

  • Ausmus on working relationship with Avila: “Al and I work very well together. We get along great. From what I hear, that isn’t always the case. So it’s nice to know I have someone I can talk to, not only on a business platform, but if I just want to talk about anything on a personal level, I can talk to Al. That’s a big part of it for me. If it was someone I couldn’t work with, I’d probably say don’t bring me back just for one year. But because of our relationship, that is a big part of it. The second part of it is because of the group of guys we have. Al is right. The veteran leadership is huge in a clubhouse. I’ve been there as a player. I’ve been the young guy that’s had veteran leadership and I’ve been in clubhouses without veteran leadership. And I’ve been a veteran leader. A clubhouse runs much smoother with good veteran leadership. It’s a big asset to any manager. Those two things, and we still are in a position to put a winning product on the field, is why I said I’d be happy to come back and manage this team.”


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Ausmus and Avila took over for JL and DD. Lots of haters were real happy about that. But, the Tigers have not been to the playoffs for the last 2 years. DD nevertheless left a stable of talent before his departure and has taken a franchise from worst to first in the East in his first full year with the BoSox. That’s good on both ends. Still, it remains to be seen if Avila can do better this offseason than his $18M package of Pelfrey and Aviles. Upton went on a face saving tear that worked out well for the last 5-6 weeks. Aybar was a solid pickup. Maybin had a career year offensively, again .I’m still holding my breath on him and don’t even want to consider his defense, or Upton’s for that matter.

And I did not question the JZ signing. He looked like the deal of the year until he was felled by injury. That happens. So, we’ll see how he works out this season.

And the BP…I commented on the last post about that situation and won’t bore those few who read my comments with another rendition.

I’m not sure whether another team values Ausmus as much as Tigers do. Unless they extend him during next season he’ll be a ‘free agent’ manager of sorts, allowing another team to make a ‘pitch’ for his services if there is outside interest. Picking up the option only without extending does give the appearance of a lukewarm endorsement.

That actually might not be a bad thing for Ausmus. If Tigers decide to pare down payroll next winter once J.D. Martinez, Kinsler, Sanchez, Pelfrey, Lowe and (maybe) Upton hit free agency, then Ausmus can try to find a better situation with a team further along in rebuilding.

I suspect that if Tigers had gone outside the organization to fill the GM spot, they would have a different manager by now. Not so much for what Ausmus has/hasn’t done, but for the sake of the new GM wanting his hand-picked guy in that role.

Showalter might make Ausmus look a little better to some Tiger fans. Just goes to show all managers make questionable decisions.
BTW, Granderson made a great catch tonight. it’s always nice to watch former Tigers.

Continuity was the key word. The Tigers have a year left on some big contracts.The core of veterans are probably comfortable with Brad. It makes sense to go with the extension and see what happens after that. As someone here previously pointed out, 2018 will bring some payroll flexibility. So a one year contract and the 2017 roster kind of line up. I’d love to see more youth, athleticism and speed infused. There are some great veterans on this team. Would be a good mix. Wonder what veterans will not be around next year despite large contracts. There could be a surprise or two this off season. Dan….blockbuster trades? Hey Dan, your “other” team is still kickin’ thanks to the 3 run walk off blast. A thing of beauty. I’m still walking around in a little bit of a “no more Tiger baseball” funk. Not going away for a while I guess. 150 days give or take.

On the year to year approach, should look at that a little more as it relates to the players.

Much easier to do with managers than players, but the recent trend of opt-outs in player contracts brings a little more flexibility for teams. As long as players don’t tank, they’re normally going to test the market.

I personally believe that the Tigers are making a mistake but we will see what happens

Since he’s staying could he lease show some enthusiasm for the game,players and fans what a dud

Back to back. Leaving the ball high

Allowed 3 HR in a game twice this season

Lost to Atlanta twice! 2nd worst team in all of MLB! How are those STATS working out for you again Al Avila? You need to go back to the drawing board and look for players with HEART! This game is about more than your precious STATs.

Texas and (maybe soon) Boston on the verge of elimination. Are you kidding? Kind of funny. Toronto and Cleveland would be OK with me. Battle of Lakes Ontario and Erie.

Was hoping for better outcome from Porcello and Price. Both nice guys.

Other than my wife’s team the Nationals, I don’t have a dog in the hunt. I do, however, have preferences for which teams I’d rather see win and so far I am a big fat 0-7 in those games.

I’m watching so far & enjoy the quality of play. Toronto has a great team. I love the Indians, just not sure if they have enough pitching. Bet DD had a case of heartburn today.

just catching up with the teams on the west coast & NL teams.

Price continues the trend of not being a Plus Playoff Pitcher.

There were 4 quality FA starters last off-season: Greinke, Price, Cueto and Zimmerman. The best ,so far, was never linked to the Tigers but for the incident with Ausmus
Northing unexpected with the former Tigers failing under the spotlight. . They did the same as Tigers. They will have a second chance
The real option to Zimmermann will pitch today. Lets see

I grew up rooting for the Dodgers then so far, so good.


Yes, he was a rumored target. But it seems his brother lives in Michigan so , maybe, it was just a family visit.

A friend of mine is a huge Boston fan, Sox and Patriots. I always kid him about how tough it must be to root for winning teams year after year. I would know much about that. Such a sacrifice. So Rich, if you’re 0-7 you must be/have been pulling for Washington, Boston, Texas, Baltimore, and NYM. That’s pretty bad, especially after the Tigers failed to get in. You may want to think seriously about taking up a new pastime.

Until 2004, it was different for BoSox.Tigers 4 WS vs 0 for BoSox since 1918.Being the losing team in the best WS ever does hurt. My father and I were the sole fans in the country rooting against dear Cinci and David Concepción
A new pastime or he could let us know in advance for a parley.

rather “wouldn’t know”

That’s correct Marty. Not pulling for so much as having preferences over which teams I get stuck watching. Some of them, like Toronto, I won’t watch at all. Never liked them Jays. Sick and tired of the Giants.
I did get my first win last night with the Cubs. Cueto vs Baez; Cueto goes to a full stop and hold on his delivery and I heard someone actually yell “balk!” (nobody on base) For some reason I then thought “quick pitch next” and he did. And Baez was waiting for it. That was fun.

Joyner leaves the team

But going back to the very first WS which was in 1903 according to Wiki, the Boston Americans won it. They changed their name to Red Sox in 1908. By 1918 they had gone to 5 WS and were 5-0. Interestingly the NL Boston Braves won the WS in 1914, later going to Milwaukee and then to Atlanta where I understand they beat the Tigers in 2016. Boston then had 2 teams for a period of time. The Boston Braves/Red Stockings were NL and the Americans were AL. Boston won the WS in 1903, 12, 15, 16 and 18. The 1914 Boston Braves were one of the greatest comeback stories in the history of MLB. They were in last place at 26-40 by the All Star break but from there went 70-19, taking over 1st on Sept. 9, and then sweeping the heavily favored Philadelphia Athletics 4-0. Tigers WS history of 10 games, 4 wins 6 losses. Red Sox 12 games, 8 wins 4 losses.

Re Brad Ausmus returning, I guess that’s okay. I’m not quite buying the premise that other teams would snap him up immediately, and even if they did so what? Keeping him on for the “final year of this era” makes some sense.
On his game management, I seriously disagreed with a move he made probably five to seven times this season, and that’s unavoidable. There were plenty of questionable moves but he seemed to have good reasons for them. He has more information than any of us.
I did take issue with his constant use of Mike Aviles over the more talented Andrew Romine. Never did figure that one out. Management admitted they never expected to use Aviles that much if I remember correctly, and Romine was wasted as Castellanos’s caddy much of the season.
I may be mislaying this at Brad’s feet, but I thought the team often played tight. They appeared to have a good clubhouse and the effort was always there, but I would like to see them play a little more relaxed. When they did, the difference was palpable. It practically jumped out of the TV screen.
In the end, it comes down to Al Avila eliminating bad acquisitions. Pelfrey is a huge example (nobody understood that one) and Justin Wilson had false potential. Mark Lowe should have been better; don’t know what happened there.
Mr. Avila’s unenviable task is to construct a team that can match up with Cleveland and, to a lesser extent, KC. Not quite sure how to do that.

Agreed Rich. And good analogy of Brad. I am in complete agreement. Regarding matching up to compete with Cleveland and KC, more speed and athleticism would be a good start. We can hold our own with SP. Probably not for BP. If Cleveland holds on to Miller (not sure of his contract) that in itself gives them an obvious advantage. It will not be fun seeing him a potential 18 times. We can see what needs to be done but the doing is the hard part.

Wasn’t the contract for $36M over 4 years?

Do the Tigers gamble on Maybin at $9M? He is fragile and isn’t exactly a Gold Gove candidate. BUT, he is coming off another career year with the bat and brought some energy to the lineup. However, I would definitely love Yoenis in CF and if Mr. I was really willing to go big bucks on Chris Davis as MLBTR reported, then why not?

You are right Darline. I just checked it out. It ends in 2018 so they have him for 2 more years. 9 mil a year is 1 mil more than Pelfry to put it in perspective. But I believe the Indians gave up #1 and #5 prospects to get him. Still………

Okay, Marty. There are some special things to consider here.. First, Maybin was a steal this season at an effective cost of $2.5M to the Tigers. The 2017 season for Maybin is for $9M, BUT it includes a $1M buyout. In contrast, Yoenis is set to earn $23.75 in 2017 with a $3.33 signing bonus. BUT, he has a player option available after this season with $27.5 guaranteed. So…My understanding was Mr.I was willing to give Chris Davis $200M before Avila talked him out of 38 HRs, 85 RBIs and a .792 OPS with a .332 OBP. Again, it’s a gamble. The question is, where do YOU place your bet?

Oh, oh. You are talking about apples and I am talking about oranges. So, I think Frazier is the guy the Yankees hope turns into a diamond. Maybe, but so often prospects turn into suspects. I recall reading a stat on fruition for players and the bottom line was not good.

Clearly Avila had “pats in the Pelfrey” to spend that much dough on a steadily declining, and at best, mediocre pitcher. Lowe over-achieved the year before and wasn’t nearly as productive with the Jays after his trade from the Mariners. Totally agree with the what has been observed and commented on as to Justin Wilson.
I think they figured he might be a cheap Andrew Miller due to osmosis or something.
I was never keen on K-Rod and still won’t be next season. He doesn’t miss enough bats and throws way too many balls in the dirt. They need an intimidating presence in the pen.
JV gave us one of the best surprises and darn close to a career year type performance. Can’t expect that from him next year. They need to bolster the rotation with a quality guy next year no matter how hard they spin the three pretty talented rookies.
Maybin is unlikely to hit like he did this year. He is not a complete ball player and does not steal enough bases even with all the energizing he does.
A power LHB (or two) is essential.
I hope we don’t lose JD.
Left side of infield should be good and likely better than they were this year. Ian is a fabulous guy to have on this team but how quickly will he lose it when he starts to lose it?
Disappointed with the Ausmus signing. Really would like to have seen Trammell get another chance with a decent team this time.
Hope we all stay in touch over the winter here on the only BLOG in town.

Glad to see Joyner go just wished the rest of the staff would be let go save Vazquel. Ausmus is a terrible Manager, leaving in pitcher to long (Verlander Zimm not leaving and argumentative), cannot play any type of small ball (got schooled by Cleveland,KC on how to manufacture runs), plays ineffective players to long (Upton until Aug, Avila last year), to pig headed on line up (JD batting 2nd for over month). Mike Illitch obviously doesnt want to win, he essentially is going to have the same team next year, so same issues.

I can usually find something in a post that I agree with. Still struggling with this one.

Hard to believe we were playing a week ago.

I went back to the Apri 3 post and looked at my predictions for the year; the comps were eerily close in many areas; does that make me a genius; no, it makes me lucky as a four leaf clover; Dan, you posted yours at the same time. Please bare with this length:
Player Actual Prediction
McCann .221 12 48 .274 17 63 Missed 1 month
Salty .171 12 38 .280 12 39
Victor .289 27 86 .296 18 83
Miggy .316 38 108 .331 29 113
Kinsler .288 28 83 .286 17 74
Iggy .255 4 32 .290 5 41
Nick .285 18 58 .272 20 81 Missed 7 Weeks
Justin .246 31 87 .269 27 85
Anthony .209 2 7 .254 6 34 Way off here
Julio .307 22 68 .288 41 124 Missed 40 games
Cam .315 4 43 .264 8 45 Missed 60 games
Tyler . 235 4 15 .270 12 38
Avilas .210 1 6 .266 7 31 Another Bomb
Romine .236 2 16 .250 4 27
JV 16-9 3.04 17-8 3.02 Bingo!
Zim 9-7 4.87 15-9 3.39 DL visitor
Anabal 7-13 5.87 14-11 2.82 Bummer
Pelfry 4-10 5.07 10-10 3.84 I’m an Idiot
Shane 5-4 5.82 13-6 3.28 Thought he’d start
Frankie 44 Saves 39 Saves
Wins 86 90
Amazingly close with Salty’s HR/RBI stats, Ian’s average, Miggy’s RBI’s, Victor’s RBI’s, Justin’s RBI’s, and almost on the mark with JV. It was fun to look back; now I am looking forward to 2017 for greater things. How about it Dan?

Kathy, I read your earlier comment about Cleveland’s pitching. If any team can survive the loss of key throwers at this time, it is the Indians. First off, the starters are looking at 2 days of play and then repeat, with weather compounding the equation. That gives the remaining rotation studs recovery time for additional use. The other thing is the Indians are #2 across the board for team, as well as both starters and relievers in the AL for ERA. So, Tito and his aggressive approach might well benefit from the entire scenario.

Runs off HR: Jays and Os 50 %. Seattle. Tigers
12 of first 18 postseason runs on HR for Jays
Slugging their way into the postseason
Carrera:333 .429 .583

That final play of the Rangers-Jays game seemed to develop in slow motion. As soon as the relay to first wasn’t fielded cleanly you just knew that Donaldson, not even in the picture, was coming. Putting the ball in play can result in many good or bad things happening.

Well, I am a Blue Jays fan for the short term – at least another series so I can support my husbands team. My interest is only half there though – love baseball but after a full season of watching the Tigers I lose interest once they are out of it. I am surprised with them sticking with Ausmus. I can’t say if he makes the right calls or not, just thought after this season they might try shaking it up a bit. Mr. I just will have to keep waiting for that ring.

Hi Greg–yes I remember those predictions–here they are with my predictions in parentheses followed by a comment:

Great to have you back Greg. A stalwart fan and blogger!
Just for the fun of it I am pasting your predictions here and some comments beside them.
BTW, interesting that Jason penned an article regarding Iggy and his fielding. I swear I wrote that post before the article!!
Mc Cann .274 17 HR 63 RBI’s (I think the homers will be less than 15)
Salty 280 12 39 (.245 9 35)
Victor 296 18 83 (SOUNDS ABOUT RIGHT)
Miggy 331 29 113 (.315 35 120)
Kinsler 286 17 74 (.275 14 80)
Iggy 290 5 41 (.280 4 50)
Nicky 272 20 81 (I think Nick is going to better all these numbers–but only slightly)
Justin 269 27 85 ( .270 30 100) Yes I know those are very rounded off!
Anthony 254 6 34 (about right with 30 SB and many of them pinch-running)
Julio 288 41 124 (Fingers crossed, do-able and couldn’t happen to a better guy)
Maybin 264 8 45 (.250 8 30 18 SB)
Tyler 270 12 38 (I think those numbers may be accurate but at Toledo)
Avilas 266 7 31 (Better in the clubhouse and likely gone in August)
Romine 250 4 27 (The new Don Kelly and not a Zobrist- but dependable and effective)
JV 17-8 3.02 (I like JV but I think he is more like 15-13 with a 3.67 & a 1.25 WHIP)
Zimmerman 15-9 3.39 (I’ll take it and I think Brad would too)
Sanchez 14-11 2.82 (If his anatomy co-operates but an ERA around 3.40)
Pelfry 10-10 3.84 (10-16 4.25)
Shane 13-6 3.28 (7-7 4.00)
Frankie 39 Saves (35 saves and a 2.80 ERA)
Tigers 87-75
Will add these:
Norris (11-5 with a 3.50 ERA)
Moya (.270 35 90, unfortunately @ Toledo)
Jiminez (gets called up in August and makes everyone forget about Rondon)
That was fun–thanks for the idea Greg

Obviously I was a far more positive about the rotation than I am now.. One prediction I was off about was Jiminez. Still think he could have benefitted from the experience.

There was a lot of spring optimism in regard to Sanchez. Biggest disappointment of the season in my book. By accounts, they tried several different things to get him back on track. They may be running out of new ideas to help him.

Keith Law
“The Norris incident should have cost Ausmus his job. It defied everything we know about pitcher usage & health.!
“Brad Ausmus just let Daniel Norris throw 50+ pitches in the first inning. (…)”
Similar opinion about Fulmer after the long rain delay
Im aware Law is like Joyce or Joe West or that Ump from Michigan for Tigers fans but he has a point

Tito´s revenge
A parade of former BoSox plus another renewed Tiger
Can we trade for Allen? he fits our BP

41 innings without more than one run. Streaky team

Add Chapman to the closers unable to do the job

Franconia has at his disposal one of the best BP and he uses once and again the same two relievers. TV did not show and Beck did not mentioned anyone warming up when Allen was channeling his inner Valverde


Forget Allen. Tito’s channeling his inner Miller. Cleveland Toronto will be a fine ALCS matchup. Miller just might be the difference, proving 7th and 8th inning guys are more important than closers, the later who can earn saves by only giving up 2 runs with a 3 run lead.

Maybe valuable would be a better term than important.

An old school fireman

I like Allen. He has good stuff and has posted very decent WHIPs and ERAs over the last 4 years . Hitters have been able to do little against him and he has about a 64% K-rate. In other words, Allen can put people away.

And I love Miller, although he is a bit older than Allen. Miller is a hybrid and can do about anything required of him.

How absurd it is to see a guy like Mark Lowe making as much as Jonathan Lucroy. And for a guy like Pelfrey to make 2.5 mil more?
Baseball Biz is Bizarre.

Lucroy like Perez and Longoria signed an early extension selling all his arbitration years plus an option for his first year of FA. Lowe and Pelfrey were FA .And the latter a Boras client dealing with the Tigers

Down goes Romo. The list of failed closer grows
Kershaw with 3 days of rest, 11 SO. The BP failed.
Narrative 1-Saber 0

Still–I think it does indicate money poorly spent

Jansen was fantastic as a closer yesterday. He has a chance to make big money as a FA this offseason, coming off a year, with a 1.83 ERA, .067 WHIP, .150 BA against, 72% SO-rate and 47 Saves

Romo was not the Closer for the Giants this season. He had only 4 SVOs. Casilla was the go-to guy with 40 SVOs.

What I find interesting about K-Rod is this year he actually outperformed in many pitching categories his 2008 season of 62 Saves, when he still had dominant stuff.

If the Tribe expects to handle the Blue Jay bats they had better do something about making them way more uncomfortable in the batters’ box.
These guys are standing in there and swinging like they are in a slo-pitch softball game.

“Never in my career, never in my life,” Scherzer said when asked if he has ever experienced such a freaky frame
?? When he was wasted after 7th and Joba lost the game. Or the Benoit hanging slider to Ortiz?

Dusty Baker always criticized for leaving his pitchers too long, now for take Scherzer too quickly. It was the same with JL and Ausmus. It is not the manager

I appreciate the skill Scherzer has, however I can’t get past his self promotion of greatness. For that reason I did not want the Nats to advance (selfish & bitter, I know). Love Kershaw, game could not have ended better.
Tonight’s Indians/Jays is must see TV.

Scherzer, at 99 pitches in a winner take all game, is lifted by Dusty Baker.
“I understood his decision,” Scherzer said. “And told him I’m good to go but I understand if you need to take me out for matchup for lefties because our left-handed guys at that point, in their point in the lines, was a really good matchup for them. If he felt it was a better matchup with our lefty relievers going at their guys, that’s probably the right move. That’s just the way it goes.”
At that point, I’d rather have traded in Scherzer’s million dollar brain for one second of Verlander snapping “What the %&! do you want?!?”

Dusty Baker: “You know, a couple years ago when they took [Jordan Zimmermann] out of the game, and everybody was crying about that, why they took him out of that game,” Baker said referring to when Zimmermann was removed from a strong pitching performance in Game 2 of the NLDS in 2014.
“And if I had taken [Scherzer] out — I mean, Max said he was still good. We were hoping to get another inning out of him. No, it’s easy to say after the fact. If somebody had told me and Max that the guy was going to hit an opposite-field home run, we’d have taken him out then. But how do you take out your — a guy in a 1-0 game. And Max is capable of going 100-some-odd pitches.”
So WHY did you take him out?? It’s strange because all I hear are the hindsight people who, knowing Pederson would homer, thought Max shouldn’t have even started the 7th. My question is the opposite. Isn’t that why you sign someone like Scherzer, for those situations?

Last night was deja vu all over again for the Dodgers. It was 1988 and there was no pitch count for Jansen. He threw multiple innings and was only done when he was truly done Then Bulldog Kershaw, the new Orel Hershiser, came on to put out the fire and end the game. It was a thrilling and fantastic evening of basesball

It’s what makes baseball baseball!
Selfishly I was hoping for Eastern Time Zone teams though.
Don’t know how you folks can stay up to 1:00 am (or later).

I had tickets to last night’s game but couldn’t go for reasons I won’t get into. Now I’m glad.

After Kershaw was announced to start the 4th game, ESPN declared the Dodgers out.They would not a good pitcher for the 5th game.
The rookie, stat minded ,manager went old school and had the last laugh.
“You don’t save a pitcher for tomorrow. Tomorrow it may rain”

The injuries excuse:
Wonder how the LA Dodgers are doing it. They were most injured team in MLB this season. Washington Nationals were 28th.

Now here is an interesting stat for any team: in their last two postseasons, 2014 and 2016, all of the Nationals six playoff losses were by one run.

A drone instead of a traditional machine. Bauer joins that Astros pitcher in the stupid injuries list

so you take Max out and who do you have? You take out Kluber and you have Miller and Allen. Miller pitches 1 2/3 and gives up 1 hit and strikes out 5.

Kluber has a really smooth delivery. Looks effortless. Miller practically unhittable. Allen with the finish.

The Nats BP is at the top: Oliver, Kelly and Melancon. As Scherzer mentioned, Baker went with the match-ups, the HR prone Scherzer forced him to . The right call could go wrong.

Death by breaking pitches

Quite a performance by Cleveland. It would be fun to have a team like that. Too bad their fans missed most of the home games this season.

Rich, it’s funny you mentioned that. I was commenting to my husband today that half of the ballpark was filled with people that recently jumped on the bandwagon, they sure weren’t there all season.

Fowler, cheaper than Upton and more reliable than Maybin, was a available for a long time last offseason. Data driven positioning allowed him to greatly improve his D. Now, a factor for Cubs

Chapman ´s stock hit harder than his fastball. Came twice in the 8th, 2 BS

Cabrera 9th inning, 2016
432.480.682 1.162
Career: 287.358.502.860
David Ortiz

Given the team Ortiz plays for he probably had a lot less ABs in the 9th!!!
(that’s a joke)

Chapman is going to be very expensive. I personally love the arm but not the head nor the lack of arsenal. Fastballs, even super fastballs, when predictable will result in a greater frequency of timely hits more than a guy who has a wider repertoire like Miller.
I would take Miller over Chapman.

Spotrac does the $ numbers for MLB Value Rankings. Among qualifying outfielders in 2016, Maybin was at # 19 ($5M salary); Fowler was at # 53 ($13M salary); and, Upton was at # 111 ($22.125M salary). LAST among all Qualifiers was Heyward at #117 ($23M salary).

Pitchers like Max, Price and JV all give up about 30 HRs in about 239 IP. On the other hand, pitchers like Shields, Weaver (who is probably done) and Sanchez (also likely done as a starter) are off the hook as far as giving up the long ball is concerned.

That is mostly computed on an IP perspective. They are not the only ones, but have big names.

That should read 230 IP not 239. And you can add Tomlin to the list of charitable givers with Sanchez et al.

Dodgers win ! Bulldog and Old School Jansen don’t fold. Fantastic performances. 2-days of rest for Kershaw and he still prevailed.

“Indians pitchers have gotten 7.4 more called strikes than the average pitcher would have gotten on the same set of pitches.
By the same computations, Blue Jays pitchers have gotten 1.8 fewer strikes than the average pitcher.”

Now we need to see how those numbers play out in Toronto.

Rightly or wrongly, this version of the Jays have developed a bad reputation for arguing and whining about balls and strikes. Their antics have grown very tiresome.
I try to tell people here that but they will have none of it. They are drinking the Blue Kool-Aid for sure. Some actually think the fix is in because the US TV networks need their ratings for the WS. Some of the stuff that comes of out of a passionate fans mouth is funny sometimes.
— Bob

I always find it amusing that various sports administrators try and resist the game’s umpires having access to the same technology afforded to the fans. Sooner or later, they either cave in to the unstoppable tide or the sport descends into farce.

A whole meaning to foreign substance. Check that ball, I think he’s putting blood on it.

new meaning

I like Cam Maybin. But not enough to keep him.
– He is 30
– He is seriously injury prone
– He does not have power
-He hits RH
-He doesn’t steal enough bases
-He does not have a great arm
-He will cost $9 million for all of the above
If I had a “choice” of trading Upton or JD it would be Upton
And one of them may need to go in order to have a spot for a power LHB
Can JD maybe play a little 1B?
Verlander might bring in some talent but where do you play them unless you include a guy like Kinsler or Iggy? And how much value does he have as a mentor as well as his role as our ACE? Pretty much gotta keep him.
Wonder if Avila would dare to consider overtures on Miggy?
We need someone who can create havoc on the bases. Be nice if he were to be in the lineup but even on the bench would be OK
Will ZMan be “fixed”?

They did the same vs Detroit but with an extended roster.

I didn’t like Gibbons coming out of the dugout to whine to the umps about a bloodied opposing pitcher.
It was unnecessary as everyone was well aware of the situation.
Blue Jays are becoming the Tigers now after a hot streak.

Bauer leaves the mound to wild cheering rather than the polite applause one might expect. Class level low.
Just something I thought of……the Jays and Tigers hitters take somewhat similar approaches; guys trying to hit the big one. I wonder if Cleveland’s pitching approach to that is responsible for the results we’ve seen and are seeing this year?

Not so sure I would throw Kluber today (being up 3-0) but it is difficult to question a guy like Francona. He actually knows what he is doing

Avila has no firm budget on where payroll will be next year, depending on potential deals. However, he said, “It’s not going to go up.”

If someone will be traded, JD is the main option. I still think they wont pick Maybin option. KRod cost only 4 MM .
JV is the main piece of the rotation. They only need to look at the Mets, Colon and one of the young pitchers were the sole members of the 2015 rotation at the end

Throwing underhand to first is a no no

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