Cabrera will have right ankle examined

In case you missed it, here’s my piece from earlier today on Miguel Cabrera, who talked a little bit after Sunday’s loss about the season — his and that of the Tigers — as well as the disappointment of the present and outlook on the future. With that came the annual question of injuries he played through but hobbled, a topic he’s usually more open to discuss once the season ends. Not surprisingly, the right ankle came up. That’s the same ankle that required surgery a couple years ago for bone spurs.

“The last month and a half,” Cabrera said when asked how long it had been an issue.

Cabrera said he’s going to have the ankle examined again in the next week or so, to make sure there’s no damage or anything similar to two years ago.

“I have to check my ankle again,” he said, “to see if there’s something wrong.”

You might remember Brad Ausmus giving Cabrera a day off at the end of August because the ankle flared up, noting it bothers him from time to time. Cabrera started in each of the Tigers’ final 28 games from there, and played aggressively, running the bases opportunistically and chasing after balls on defense. Cabrera acknowledged along the way that sliding jams his ankle, noting it’s difficult to play that way on the basepaths every game.

Still, he played, and he hit in spite of injury, much like past late-season runs. Cabrera batted .349 (37-for-106) with 10 home runs, 27 RBIs, 16 walks and a 1.109 OPS from Sept. 2 to season’s end. His final week included a stretch of 10 hits in 11 at-bats, four of them home runs, and 13 RBIs. He finished the season on a 10-game hitting streak. For that, he won AL Player of the Week and Player of the Month.

“It was hard,” he said, “but you know me. I want to play.”



Well you wouldn’t have known it the last few weeks. Mid summer when he was in a bit of a lull ….maybe . By the way a well deserved player of the week but Upton deserved player of the month I think.

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Tigers BP 19 BS. Toronto 22
IS 33%. Boston 33%
L in relief Toronto 32. Boston 27 KCR 24. Tigers 22
W in relief Tigers 30 KCR 31Bal 32. Texas 41
Tigers 75 H. Toronto 74 Bal 58 Cle 54
Tigers ERA 4.22 Texas 4.40
FIP 3.88 Os 3.90. Tor 3.98 Rangers 4.48
K/9 7.88 Texas 7.33
0.92 HR / Boston 0.90
3.20 BB/9 Jays 2.64
48,9 GB% 49,1 Cle 49.7 Texas
There are a lot of positives like the low BB and HR rates, high GB rate.
The defense did not help them: FIP 3.88

I really enjoyed the team this year and want to especially thank the Big Man and Verlander for being the leaders they are. They have proven once again how valuable they are.

For me the season was difficult to get any momentum going when both Anibal and Zim had their issues. While the young men stepped up well it just isn’t the same when you have 3-4 really stable guys in the rotation. The pen was improved but Ausmus still had far too much work to do in making it a reliable situation.

Thanks for the memories and all the Tigers who made them this year!

The Detroit Tigers are keeping manager Brad Ausmus, having exercised their option on his contract for 2017, according to multiple reports.

Same manager, same lineup, same rotation and same BP

It will be interesting to see what Avila does to upgrade the BP this offseason. As a group in the AL, the Relievers finished 13th in ERA and 12th in SOs. And, they were 3rd highest in BA against and 5th highest in WHIP. Too many runs and runners given up without the ability to put hitters away.

Tigers GM Al Avila: “I would anticipate at this point most of the coaching staff coming back. I don’t know if they all will at this point.”
Goodbye Clark and Dubee?

Avila announced he will wait until after organizational meetings next week to talk about payroll/offseason moves.

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