Sunday’s lineups: Tigers at Braves

With their season on the line, Tigers go with their regulars, which is what you’d expect, especially with Julio Teheran pitching. This is the team they have. This is the task they face.

“Our lineup isn’t the type of lineup you do a ton with,” Ausmus said Sunday morning. “I mean, we’ve got a bunch of hitters. Maybe Iglesias, maybe Cameron Maybin. Other than that, we slug. That’s just how it is. We hit and we slug and we have our best pitcher on the mound. And I’m going to trust Justin Verlander as much as I trust everybody else in a Tiger uniform. So, just go out and play.”

The Tigers don’t have a lot of regular season at-bats against Teheran, but they’ve seen a bunch of him in Spring Training over the years. So unlike Aaron Blair, they should have a better idea how his pitches move.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, MLB Gameday Audio


  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Cameron Maybin, CF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. J.D. Martinez, RF
  5. Justin Upton, LF (1-for-4, HR, walk vs. Teheran)
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. James McCann, C
  8. Jose Iglesias, SS
  9. Justin Verlander, P

braveslogoBRAVES (career numbers vs. Verlander)

  1. Ender Inciarte, CF (1-for-1)
  2. Adonis Garcia, 3B
  3. Freddie Freeman, 1B
  4. Matt Kemp, LF (2-for-3, K)
  5. Nick Markakis, RF (13-for-51, 4 doubles, triple, HR, 5 walks, 10 K’s)
  6. Tyler Flowers, C (4-for-21, double, 2 HR, 3 walks, 8 K’s)
  7. Jace Peterson, 2B
  8. Dansby Swanson, SS
  9. Julio Teheran, P



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If Cleveland loses today and Boston wins, the make-up game would serve to tie in first . But Boston holds the tiebreaker . So, no real need to play

If Boston wins and Tigers win there would very much be a need to play tomorrow.

Apologies El T. You were inferring a Tiger loss as well in the scenario.

No problem

On my lunch hour, so won’t know the result til the end. Not a good start.

The Braves know how to work a pitcher. Lousy umps too.

Inciarte is the nephew of one of my coworkers. And his cousin was my student. But I wont ask him an autograph anytime soon

😭😭😭😭😭 this start isn’t what you would hope for. Offensively or pitching!

8 batters, 5 strikeouts.

Yankees not doing us any favors so far.

6 strikeouts in 3 innings……

Another strikeout fest going here. Teheran just pouring fastballs down middle. The adjustment would be shorten swings.

Beck confirmed what I have said before.
“If Ausmus returns, he’ll take over a squad that could be relatively unchanged, though hopefully healthier”

My take:owing 176MM before arbitration, no real options. A backup C, a LH CF. Machado or Romine ( maybe , both with the team). One more reliever .
In 2018 with less baggage and a good FA class.maybe, great changes

5 innings …tiger’s 9 strikeouts…..2 hits ( 1 of them should of been an error) and 1 walk. Looks like JV needed to be perfect. Ugh

Tigers could take a lesson from Verlander’s hitting approach. Last pitch was a ball.

Travis puts the nail in the coffin

Time for a PH

Well red soxs just scored but nothing will matter if tiger’s don’t ever score

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Victor swing at a pitch that bad….boy

Lord ….lined into a double play.

25 SO in 2 games. So far.

Toronto just went ahead…this may not matter.

It’s up to Maybin, Miggy and JD. If it matters. A 1-0 loss pretty much sums up the whole year.

The ride was worth it

Yes, but 27 SO in 2 games? Just wait until next year! (We’ve said that for 32 years now.)

All of those games throughout the year when they blew it or let poor pitching control them or a costly error….you hear it’s just one game. It’s a marathon. As much as I would like to win every day…. you cannot I guess. However the end of the season shows that one game does matter whether it’s in April July and September. It shows one of two things either they lack enough talent even with a nearly league high payroll ……or it just didn’t matter..

Will be offering my closing comments on 2016 later in the evening.

Officially over. Boston lost

Feels a little better with Boston losing. A win wouldn’t have mattered. Feel badly for JV. Again with 0 run support. His ERA dropped though.

Since August 6 the Tigers went 25-26, so it’s not like they were putting on a closing push for the postseason. The club met expectations IMO, good or bad.
It was disturbing to see the hitters pressing for the past two days. After Friday’s win when they found themselves back in the race, they didn’t handle it well at all.

Their bags were already packed. Too much trouble to postpone travel plans. Too pathetic for words.

Yep, every time the door opened for the Tigs, they quickly slammed it shut on their own toes.
A great bunch of guys whose only fault was they cared and tried too hard unable to get it done when it mattered most.

Unable to score you lose the game. Looking back so many mistakes this year. As we head to 2017 things have to change in the dugout and on the field . With the payroll this club has you have to make it to October .

I will be watching in Lakeland for some much needed changes . The fans deserve to see much better baseball .

Tigers need to look the need from Top- GM, Hitting coach, 3rd Base Coach, before next year.

There are a few observations that i want to express tonight. Later on in the week I will offer my End of the Season Recap with Awards, how my predictions turned out, and an opinion on our team moving forward.
1. In the end, JV should have won 21 games and been a runaway CY Winner.
2. Miggy’s final numbers mirror his career average. What is hidden in those numbers is Bases Loaded average, GIDP’s, and hits that tied the score or actually won the game.
3. The strength of the club ended up as Starting pitching for the most part. It was supposed to be the weakest link. The weakness of the club ended up as timely run scoring, or scoring at all. It was supposed to be the strength of the team.
4. The Bull Pen made strides this year: Plus improvement to Ryan, Rondon, A Wilson, Hardy. Minus improvement to Lowe, Greene, J Wilson. Farmer showed some potential; Frankie was above average as the C Man, but an upgrade would be a possible goal. He’ll be a year older, back in the AL for another season, and without the big strikeout potential.
5. Julio had three seasons, the good start, the fabulous return from the DL, and then falling asleep on the job.
6. Looking forward to Nick’s full season next year.
7. My son warned me, and I warned everyone here: Trashmouth Upton at your own risk. No one hits the ball any harder.
8. Andrew Romine is one of the classiest guys to ever play MLB.
9. Top Prospect Cam Maybin from 10 years ago, returns as a Catalyst for the team all those years later.
10.Ian Kinsler is a really good baseball player.
11.Victor Martinez can hit better with one good knee than most guys with two.
12. I hope Mike Aviles’s Daughter has fully recovered from her cancer battle. He’s a nice guy.
12,Eric Aybar is a good player to have on a team.
13.Those early Homers by Jarrod were really Saltalamacchian.
14.Jame McCann will be a future all star catcher.
15.To be so young, Tyler Collins looks like Popeye the Sailor man.
16.Will Moya be the next Tony Clark?
17.Casey McGeehe reminds me of a Mayor from a small town; liked by all who meet him.
18.Machado needs to eat more gravy and buscuits.
19.Jacoby has the look of being a really good CF.
20. Pelfry’s starts were like remakes of The Agony and the(well, let’s just leave it there.
21.I think Anabal should have chewed Nate’s bubblegum rather than chewing gum.
22.JV can win another 80 games in his career.
23. ZMan gets to start all over next year as a 2. Let’s hope the second time around shows he really is a 2.
24. Matt Boyd will win 11-15 games a year over the next several for the good guys.
25. Moonbeam will inherit the Ace label from JV when its time.
26. Fullmer will show no effects from his innings increase year over year.
27. Brad is so smart, that he might have thought himself out of his job.
28. Avila needs to take a few more lessons from his predecessor on how to build a club.
29. If Rod Brown were a fortune teller by trade, he would be homeless.
30. And finally, Wasn’t it classy to have Todd, Nate, Placido, Ivan, Brandon, CMo, Joel, and Magglio back in town to celebrate 2006.

It hurts to lose. It hurts more to lose the way we did.

well said all around Greg

Too bad to see the season end. Just could never put enough together. I want a ring for JV so bad – he deserves it. He showed a few bloggers here who naysayed him earlier in the year – he was pure gold when needed.

Good reading Greg! From Jimmy Smokes to Ausbot 3000. The Tigers were just too inconsistent. I do not think about the payroll anymore because it is out of control. My daughter is a special needs teacher and you know what she gets paid? Scratches, bruises, and pulled hair! I want to see a new manager and staff to see what they can do with these gladiators.

Fernando Alvarez told in ESPN español last week but Enrique Rojas mentioned it back in August saying it was part of the healing process and Miguel would not be in full form until 2017.
Now , Beck mentioned it too:
“At the same time, Cabrera’s body is ready for a break. His right ankle, which underwent surgery for bone spurs two years ago and flared up on him in August, bothered him again down the stretch. “

Tigers PR
Congratulations to @MiguelCabrera on being named the AL Player of the Week and AL Player of the Month for September/October

24 hours later………I’ve been reading a lot of internet stuff about how the Tigers fought back this season. Going back to the 15-21 start, there is some truth to that. When I move ahead to September 7, however, it’s a different story. The club had just taken that series in KC and beaten Chicago on Labor Day. That was the high water mark of the season, 75-62, and on paper they had one of if not the easiest schedule to play.
That evening I wrote this:
“I’m confident they will give their all but not so confident it will be enough. For all the firepower the offense is capable of, it comes down to getting the big hit and that has been lacking quite often. Whether it be poor ball/strike umpiring, manager’s decisions, not finding holes, or just plain bad ABs, it’s been tough to score runs when they’re sorely needed.”
And this:
“Last 11:
6 wins 5 losses. Don’t catch anyone like that.”
Since Labor Day, the Tigers won 11 and lost 13. So if they “fought back” earlier, then they collapsed later. I’m not seeing the season through such rose colored glasses. I bring this up because the talk once more is how good Ausmus and Avila are. I’m not convinced on either.
So much for Optimistic Rich, hey?

Yep the word ‘surging’ being used does not compute with the 2016 Tigs.

When, in God’s name did we ever watch a “manic” team? I count maybe a few games where they played with real hustle. No game tonight. Sad😞

I agree Kathy, I sure was not ready for it to be over. I do have a team I will root for now, but sure sad it’s not the Tigers.

There were a whole heckuva lot of Tiger turning points this season that affected the history for 2016. Think of all the late inning “walk offs” losses (i.e.; back to back White Sox games), Royals (3) late inning give away games, multiple Indians late inning losses, throw in several shutout losses, losing 2 of 3 to a shitty but suddenly hot Atlanta team and you have the ingredients of a broken hearted season! Should not have come down to sweeping the Royals, Indians and Braves to squeak into the WC game! Tigers need changes soon into ST 2017 and definitely several contract decisions, changes for speed, athleticism, youth into 2018. It’s sad to end the 2016 baseball season like this for the players and fan base!!!!!

The Tigers were what I repeatedly said they would be from the start of the season, competitive. They were never built to be contenders The run differential was better than last year, but not enough. A few upgrades and the Tigers are at the next level. The window is still OPEN.

The window IS still open, thanks to 3 young maturing arms. With a rotation of 5 hopefully in place, other areas can be addressed. We now have 4-5 months to discuss all our wishes. I wish for a more athletic team. Not sure how that can happen. But as an example, I think that things finally began to gel for the offense when Cam came back. They were manufacturing a lot of runs with an aggressive style of play. Then Cam began losing time due to his hand.That aggressive style kind of went away. I’m not saying it was all about Camron. Just saying that he showed what speed and athleticism can do. There was a contagious energy. A more balanced offense.

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