Saturday’s lineups: Tigers at Braves

Jarrod Saltalamacchia replaces James McCann tonight, getting a start behind the plate where his career began in 2007.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, MLB Gameday Audio

84tigerslogoTIGERS (no numbers against Aaron Blair)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. Cameron Maybin, CF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. J.D. Martinez, RF
  5. Justin Upton, LF
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C
  8. Jose Iglesias, SS
  9. Jordan Zimmermann, P

atlantalogoBRAVES (career numbers vs. Zimmermann)

  1. Ender Inciarte, CF (0-for-5, walk)
  2. Adonis Garcia, 3B
  3. Freddie Freeman, 1B (9-for-25, 3 doubles, 6 walks, 2 K’s)
  4. Matt Kemp, LF (6-for-16, double, 2 HR, walk, 4 K’s)
  5. Nick Markakis, RF
  6. Anthony Recker, C (2-for-8, double, walk, 3 K’s)
  7. Jace Peterson, 2B (5-for-18, 4 K’s)
  8. Dansby Swanson, SS
  9. Aaron Blair, P



Zimmermann witn Saltalamcchia 5.68. With McCann 4.76

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Come on JZimm, this is what you were signed for and wanted in your BIG contract!
Go as deep as you can and hold the Bravos in check for 7IP+ please! Bats need to come out smoking from the start! Every game is a WIN here on out.

McCann vs RHP:204/.246/.27/.517

1 GB first WC

Pretty pathetic against literally one of the worst pitchers in the game. WOW

He is lost at HP

It was just the first inning and the bad lighting

I’m not getting good vibes so far. The Tigers need to get on base.

TAKE a strike, you assholes. Quit hacking at everything.

Please keep Zim in a little longer

AWilson warming up. One more and out

Zimmerman fell apart and the tiger’s look a lot pathetic…..I second what you said RICH!

at 3b there was a DP

I thought that too….at least get the lead runner and now he’s walked the bases loaded. Excellent…please leave him in longer Brad it’s not like winning is important.

He lacks instinct and that can not be taught

That is how you earn a -10 DRS

Oh, for cripes sake.

I’m seriously disgusted with these hitters tonight…… can they let this really really really really crappy pitcher manhandle them like this…unbelievable…actually not really they really crappy pitchers turn them inside out. Take the LA series

Tsk. Tsk. Is our man Moya ever going hit with more consistency? I’m not sure where he can play regularly but it may not help having him sit the bench for the past month.

9 SO? Give me a break.


Really? This pitcher is 1-7 with 7.+ ERA. He is pitching the best game of his career?

Will the playoffs slip away because we were manhandled by a guy with an 8 ERA and 2+ WHIP? Really? Is that how it is going to go down.
Come on Tigers.
– Bob

What is happening is obvious to everyone but the Tiger batters. They allowed this guy to get away with throwing balls all game. Easy to get strikeouts when you don’t have to throw a strike. Now they are letting the Braves inch ahead. If they cannot “read” the pitches just take some.

Nice homer Upton…wow…..might be too little too late. I think there pen is pretty good. Rich said it right these A-Holes are going to be very sorry they let (and I’ll say it again) the worst pitcher in baseball) manhandle them. But as I also said before this has happened quite a bit this year.

And now Greene is going to give it right back….excellent work…Guess itshe just not that important

The grass is not Greene-r so far.


A mirage

5-2. Closer to being down to the last day or two to decide the season.

So now it’s a PH, Kinsler and Maybin. Good time to start a comeback.

Ok Miggy bases loaded nobody out….we need a very large hit. This year with bases loaded .133 batting average

And he as wonderful as he’s been lately….he struck out are you f’ing kidding me.

He has done everything this week. The rest of the team could do something

He had the bases loaded and struck out .. …he’s been great lately but he can’t do that. He’s at least got to put it in play

He had to hit the ball somewhere or anywhere. They had all season to prepare for this series . Not like the Braves are the power house of the NL east.

CLUNK!!! The rest of the team wasn’t at bat with the bases loaded.

It’s just like Greg wrote a couple days ago: they hi are handed a golden opportunity and they fold.

Yeah…Miggy really sucks. I wish we could get rid of him. And Nick, too. Boy, would the Tigers be great then!

The team; I’m not calling out individual players because they don’t all play as a team.

The team; I’m not calling out individual players because they don’t all play as no ji a team.

JD hit the ball hard. Great defensive play

Ya and Rod and Mario have never been so excited…..grinds my nerves.

Yes, I though I had changed the feed to Braves

JD got robbed. Maybe the Tigers would be better off without that A-H too.

OH MY GOD ….when did I say get rid of Miggy ….just because I’m angry he struck out with the bases loaded and NOBODY out like he’s done all season doesn’t mean he’s not appreciated. Saying he’s got to be better than that isn’t wrong.

Speaking of a holes….

Pray tell…And who is speaking?

How come Victor didn’t pinch hit earlier?

At least Iggy is trying .

Too little too late. And Seattle ahead early could jump us in Wild Card. Way to crap you pantshould Tigers…..the worst pitcher in baseball. Couldn’t be more disgusted with these guys…..early innings and literally f’ing up that 8th inning…these season in a microcosm

GK, you gripe about everything. I would bet if you shit GOLD, you would gripe.

You gripe too give me a break…How about this I think they were perfect tonight….they did great against a bad pitcher …it was jee wiz just wonderful hitting approach all night.

I believe I said several blogs ago that 2nd place would be a good improvement over last season. I think I even predicted an 87-75 or 86-76 final record. Looks close depending upon if they have to play Monday’s game. I’m as disgusted as anyone else with some of the games they squandered. I’m not sure if anyone thought Cleveland would come on the way they did especially against the Tigers and that KC would tumble the way they have. So GO TIGERS in 2017 with a re-vamped bullpen (again?).

Another closer with a BS. And there is life

CMo gets on my nerves so bad. “You gotta tip your cap.” I’m not giving them any tips of my cap.

But Kimbrel is not a lock down closer

KRod, Wilson A, Rondón, Ryan will make the work easier. Lowe and JWilson will get tme to work their way back

Everybody, please don’t take the term I used earlier and make it into a thing. That was the old manager coming out and I shouldn’t have said that here. Let’s stick to “crap” and “pathetic.” 🙂

DD magic at work ,Kimbel all over the place

Killed by Jim Johnon and Carrera

CMo has said at least 3 more times “you gotta tip your cap.”. Not me, CMo, I took mine off and stomped on it.

I know I heard. He has no idea how the fans feel right now .

Kimbrel? Why pick on Kimbrel? He has a career 1.84 ERA with a 0.95 WHIP and .158 BAA. This year, not so good, but still 31 SVs in 33 SVOs.

Devon Travis with a webgem

Travis get the 27th and Boston lose another 1 run game

I’m really sorry that this loss has brought out a lot of anger and second guessing on what I consider to be the best blog in baseball. Everyone is frustrated including me. We have to face some basic facts without always being so defensive: Miggy did not perform well this season with the bases loaded; that’s a fact, and it takes the luster off of the finest hitter in the game. Granted, we would be lost without him, but in those really critical moments this year; he failed more often than in the past. Julio has been lost for 10 days; and it is correct that this team allowed a horrible pitcher to fully dominate them tonight. We probably won’t recover. My biggest complaint is the continued use of Shane Greene in critical moments. He has been off for 6 weeks. Our year would have been totally different save for last weekend in KC, and the two losses at home to the Twins. We just didn’t get it done. We can agree to disagree without name calling and disrespect. I’ve never met any of you, but consider you my friends. Lets hope for the best, and keep it going on this blog:
1. Upton has fully redeemed himself.
2. Ryan’s two week absence due to injury were missed more than we knew. He has become very effective in the pen.
3. As bad as it was, especially the 8th inning, we still had a chance to tie in the 9th.
Toronto just won; we need help now, or it’s all over but the crying.

On the bright side, Ms will be out tonight

How? Do you mean if A’s hold on?

Yes, they would have 75 L and both Jays and Os have 88 W

Devon Travis? Were he still with the the Tigers he would have just recently finished a losing season in Toledo. He was blocked at 2B and his trade to Toronto benefited him. Time will tell if he is the real deal.

Per Mowry

Tigers who have the 5th most bases loaded AB’s in MLB are 28th in bases loaded avg., 24th in bases loaded ops.

But wiith that avg they were 5th in runs scored with bases loaded last time I checked

11th in avg ,5th runs scored AL with bases loaded.That was a week ago

Just think if they would of actually hitting with bases loaded?

Greg, how could you forget meeting ME? Everyone says it’s a life changing experience. 🙂

I would like to see the Tigers go on that multi-city/game tour. There’s no way they come out on top but it would be fun while it lasted.

Times like this are why when I hear a manager say, “it’s early, there are a lot of games left” I want to scream. Every game counts and if they would have won some of those “early” games we would not be so upset now. This team has taken us on a wild roller coaster ride this year. And sadly, I think Greg is right, they probably won’t recover.

Rich, not once, but twice. That’s what being a Tiger Fan for 57 years does to the brain. And it was truly transformational.

I think I watched too much baseball today if that is possible. Watched the entire Yankee game and they came through as I had counted on. This loss allows Jays and O’s to once again control their destinies. So we have to hope for one of them to lose tomorrow. I’m stating the obvious but it’s therapy. Now watching Seattle, 4th game of the day. There is still the chance for a 4 way tie if Seattle wins. If Seattle goes on to lose they’re out and the Tigers could still end in 3 way tie for first WC, or a 2 way tie for 2nd WC or be out. As I speak Cano makes it 5-4 with 2 run HR. I guess the worst scenario would be that they have to go back to Detroit to play a game that only means something for Cleveland.

Luis Cessa whom the Tigers flipped to the Yanks with Green for J Wilson December 9th, is on the mound tomorrow. He is 4-3 in 8 starts with a 4.18 era in 64.2 innings. Maybe he comes through for his former team which he never played for. Irony?

Seattle fighting

Seattle done. Tigers need help. St Louis in worse situation. They need SF to lose. Tigers at least have two chances. But they need two wins. Comes down to the last day. Be careful what you ask for MLB, you may just get it….a multi-city game tour eating up half the week. Three way tie for WC or 2 way tie for 2nd WC?

Tigers , AL: 11 th in avg with bases loaded, 8th in OBP, Second in AB but 5th in runs scored and RBI.6th in GS

They are first in BB

His stats with batting average with bases loaded us all of MLB….regardless they are not what you’d hope for. But the fact is Miggy hasn’t been good in that situation year for some reason. Striking out half the time (.125 batting average 2 hits and a walk) THIS year he’s not the guy at the plate…maybe an anomaly.

It wasn’t the 8th inning that got me, it was the first six. I assume the hitters had a scouting report on Blair but it wasn’t evident.
“We made him look so tough because we swing at a lot of balls,” Cabrera said. “It was our fault. We didn’t do any adjustments early in the game and we went up there and swing at a lot of balls and he threw his game.”
It was like they burst into the room guns a’blazin’ only to find out the enemy was entering the room behind them. It’s the reason the offense seemed so inconsistent this year and the reason they got one of their oldest and most loyal fans calling them names on this blog last night.
Or to use another analogy, this one paraphrased from the movie “A League of their Own”……..
“Sliders. Can’t him ’em, can’t lay off ’em.”

Their reservations were made weeks ago
Think they want to go to all that trouble to change them?

Not an anomaly, the books is out:
Career with bases loaded.372.395.549 .944 Babip 419
But a two years long bad trend. it was the same in 2015 ( only 7 AB in 11 PA)
Babip this season, 250
His approach with bases loaded ( or runners on) has been always the same, put the ball in play up the middle. And the defense is waiting that:
3 GIDP in 23 AB 2015-16
16 in 141 before 2015
Price called him the biggest slap hitter ( it was compliment) and he is that with runners on

Victor and JD have low avg but 14 and 11 RBI with bases loaded. 13th most but 4th in AB for the former
Of course, it happens to the best because the opposition focus on them: Ortiz 0 for 7 with 4 RBI

It all bothered me….not surprisingly

Agree Rich. It frustrates the heck out of me to watch them make the same mistakes over and over, literally swinging at the same pitch, (FOR 6 INNINGS) We’ve seen this before. The mind set HAS to be, I will take 1, maybe even 2 strikes to FORCE this guy to throw strikes. Having said that, as I recall, with Miggy hitting and the bases loaded with no outs, lucky or brilliant, Blair paints two on the inside corner. Miguel was using the correct approach in taking but all of a sudden was behind 0-2 and at that point even he is vulnerable to the non strike slider. You have to give the 1-7 pitcher credit for what he did. “The Natural” just started on the CW. Will have to watch for an hour. My favorite baseball movie.

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