Thursday evening’s lineups: Tigers at Twins

Turns out Victor Martinez was OK to play today; he just wasn’t going to start both games. He gets the nightcap at DH, with Miguel Cabrera returning to first base. Tyler Collins replaces Cameron Maybin in center field, with Erick Aybar starting at third base.

Justin Verlander does not have to face Joe Mauer tonight. He’s out of the Twins lineup, as is Miguel Sano.

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84tigerslogoTIGERS (career numbers off Ervin Santana)

  1. Jose Iglesias, SS (1-for-6, K)
  2. Tyler Collins, CF (3-for-7, 3 doubles, 2 K’s)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (7-for-27, HR, 6 walks, 5 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (11-for-35, 2 HR, 2 walks, 4 K’s)
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF (2-for-14, HR, 4 K’s)
  6. Justin Upton, LF (2-for-9, double, walk, 2 K’s)
  7. Erick Aybar, 3B (2-for-10, K)
  8. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C (3-for-19, double, HR, 2 walks, 7 K’s)
  9. Andrew Romine, 2B (3-for-5, double, walk)

P: Justin Verlander

wintwinslogoTWINS (career numbers vs. Verlander)

  1. Brian Dozier, 2B (4-for-21, double, 4 walks, 6 K’s)
  2. Logan Schafer, LF
  3. Jorge Polanco, SS
  4. Max Kepler, RF (0-for-2, walk, K)
  5. Robbie Grossman, DH (0-for-3)
  6. Eduardo Escobar, 3B (2-for-10, walk, 2 K’s)
  7. Juan Centeno, C
  8. Byron Buxton, CF (0-for-3, 3 K’s)
  9. James Beresford, 1B

P: Ervin Santana


I wonder if JD is OK
Collins is not going to help much

Way too many pitches Verlander

Now it’s tied. The Tigers seem to be just swinging for the fences.

Aybar has been a blessing, even though he is not what he once was. Avila made a great deal in ridding the team of Aviles and getting this guy. At least he can still play at the MLB level.

The gist of Mr. Beck’s twitter: Aybar singled in Upton, took 2nd on throw, went to third on WP and scored on PB.

Where would they be without Aybar and Maybin ? Nice to get the sweep and head home on a positive note .

Bad play by Iggy there and I refrain from Saying anything About Collins swinging for the downs precisely at a time where the opposite was needed

14 Ks by the Tigers staff thus far!

Yes Rondon nailed them down a little tighter but can you imagine if he ever learned how to throw that heater UP in the zone?

I would put Maybin in and move Collins to left

Being chased and not chasing, good.

Back in the hunt; just like that. The Tigers sweep the miserable Twins and win with basically no offense. Sometimes you get a little lucky. Never did hit Santana hard, but managed to get two early. JV shows again that he is a Bull when it counts; pitch count got out of control tonight, but with more offense, e could have won his 19th. game tonight, maybe even his 20th. Going home for 7-10; would be great to get 5-7 and sweep on the road. One day at a time is all we can do:
1. Minnesota only put 10 outs in play.
2. Pen goes three scoreless.
3. Justin W.’s approach was much better tonight,
Kudos to JV, Aybar, and Frankie. Give him his due; somehow he gets it done at a high percentage of success. Hope the guys were resting their bats for Duffy tomorrow night; Sorry to see you go Minnesota. The two toughest opponents for us all year long will determine if we get into the playoffs or not. Glad that Brad gave Cam a breather tonight; he is able to swing the bat much better now. Aybar was a great pickup; he is the kind of veteran you need to get over the hump.

JW seems to be on fire or tepid. The former tonight and hopefully the latter later—much later.

A week or so ago I referred to Aybar as insurance. That was disingenuous of me. He is better than that. The point I was making was that Romine should be starting every day. I still believe that. But give Aybar his due. He is making a real impact on this team. Totally agree with your last sentence Greg.

Let’s hope this recent streak has legs. At least translate to an energetic and successful home-stand. Then let the chips fall where they may.
Maybin looks like he is trending up. We need Ian to supply some pop and even though it was under difficult circumstances, perhaps he is a little rejuvenated after 4 days.
Miggy is hitting the ball pretty well. I think he will be fine. JD is worrying me. Victor is going to be a factor, one way or the other. Upton needs to contribute with more than the long ball. I hope he can do it. Iggy will be fine and Romine will be dependable.
A couple of surprises from the rest would be nice. I don’t care if we see Collins the rest of the way.
Frankie has made me change my mind about being concerned. Rondon is surprising me with his performance the last few weeks. Not sure how he is doing it after losing 3-4 MPH. But he is doing it. Actually the whole bullpen lately has shown improvement and possibility.
But the whole season will fall firmly on the shoulders of the newly minted rotation.

This team can scrap with the best of them but they’ll need to elevate their game a tick; get on some kind of roll. They did what they had to do but it was a struggle against a poor team. KC and even a Cleveland team that has clinched won’t make the mistakes the Twins did.
It remains a very interesting season; more so than some of our division winning years.

For sure Rich. Winning was everything against the Twins. A loss would have been crippling and they do deserve credit for finding a way to win but it was dicey and , as you say, it took bad baseball on the opposition’s part to come out on top. That might not happen again until we see Atlanta (who are playing good ball right now)

Anybody notice the graphic yesterday of the batting average zone of Miggy?
I was astounded to see all three sectors at the top of the zone were so poor. Why are pitchers not simply staying up in the zone against him?

It is the same for Trout .and most good hitter. They cant, they were selected because and worked for years to keep the ball down.

Sure wish Rondon would learn to throw the high heater

He tried with the two first two hitters. Close but no enough.
The TB rotation lives high in the zone. They have been destroyed this season. The umps expended the zone and the likes of Dozier, Altuve, Odor ( I see a pattern there) jump on it and HR are going up as the zone grows

Who would have thought back in May that we are in the chase for a W/C slot and have Fulmer, Norris & Boyd slated to pitch the series vs. the Royals! Sure would be nice for Fulmer 10-7 (3.03) to beat Duffy 12-2 (3.18) tonight to keep the one game (WIN) at a time heat on Toronto and the rest of the pack!

Tigers PR
Lineup vs. KC: Kinsler 4, Maybin 8, Cabrera 3, V. Martinez DH, J. Martinez 9, Upton 7, Aybar 5, Salty 2, Iglesias 6. Fulmer starts

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