Friday’s lineups: Tigers at Indians

Cameron Maybin returns to the lineup after a one-day break, but Jose Iglesias is out for the series opener at Cleveland. (UPDATE: Just a day off, not an injury for Iglesias, who had started each of Detroit’s last 15 games and played all but three innings of those games)

Iglesias is 1-for-9 lifetime off Indians starter Corey Kluber, but so is Andrew Romine, who gets the start at third base. Erick Aybar, by contrast, is 5-for-12 against Kluber. Miguel Cabrera is a .500 hitter with five home runs for his career off Kluber, but just 1-for-7 off him this year and 8-for-39 with no extra-base hits against Cleveland this year.

The Indians do not bring Yan Gomes back after a setback in his rehab. Even with Roberto Perez behind the plate, though, Cleveland sends a formidable lineup at Michael Fulmer, the only Tigers pitcher to beat the Indians so far this season.

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tigers1957logoTIGERS (career numbers off Kluber)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (5-for-27, triple, walk, 7 K’s)
  2. Cameron Maybin, CF
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (21-for-42, 2 doubles, 5 HR, 2 walks, 7 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (10-for-32, 3 HR, 3 walks, 4 K’s)
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF (6-for-21, double, HR, 4 K’s)
  6. Justin Upton, LF (1-for-7, double, 4 K’s)
  7. Erick Aybar, SS (5-for-12, 2 K’s)
  8. James McCann, C (0-for-2, walk)
  9. Andrew Romine, 3B (1-for-9, walk, 2 K’s)

P: Michael Fulmer

clevelandlogo2INDIANS (career numbers vs. Fulmer)

  1. Carlos Santana, DH (2-for-5, double, walk, K)
  2. Jason Kipnis, 2B (1-for-6, 2 K’s)
  3. Francisco Lindor, SS (2-for-5, double, K)
  4. Mike Napoli, 1B (2-for-6, HR)
  5. Jose Ramirez, 3B (1-for-2, double, walk)
  6. Coco Crisp, LF (1-for-4, double)
  7. Tyler Naquin, CF (1-for-2)
  8. Abraham Almonte, CF
  9. Roberto Perez, C

P: Corey Kluber


Tigers vs Kluber:
300 .335 .512 .847
This season, Tigers vs Kluber
122 .140 .204 .344

Kluber leads the AL in WAR, easily.

I’m thinking they maybe should switch the Martinez boys. Victor is homer or firstbase, so put him in front of Upton who only hits the occasional homer and Victor can trot. JD has gap power and more baserunning speed so put him in front of Victor where he can be driven in. Don’t know what analytics say about that. I’m not convinced Nick is coming back.

I mentioned that a week ago…….Victor has been miserable at the plate the few rallies that have been going immediately cease with him

Actually if Tigers don’t sweep the Tribe why bother bringing him back?
One could argue why ten even? As it is very unlikely he will come back and set the world on fire anyway.

Yeah–actually that lineup change makes a good deal of sense. Might fire Upton up. God knows he needs it again.

O´s and Yankees losing too

Kluber with the first pitch:
340 .352 .592 .945

You are watching a playoff team and it’s not the Tigers.

This one was over the moment Upton lost that ball.
How does Santana get to 3rd on that next fly to Upton? Showed no powr in his arm at all on the throw.
Fullmer got unluck with Napoli as he had him struck out (same location as the one to Maybin), but then the battery got stupid and tried another fastball that he was sitting on at 2-2.
I’m gonna say this now ( I was going to mention it before the game), that Victor has to play unselfish baseball and take the slap hits to left if they shift him.
He had virtually the whole left side of the infield when he was up and he still tried to hit thru the teeth of the shift. I have been extremely disappointed in his approach this last month.
In my mind he has been a selfish hitter. He certainly has contributed to a very anemic offense.

They’ve given up. That is not positive at all.

This season vs the Indians has just been unbelievable. Incredible. A freak of nature.

Ausmus screwed Fulmer up by “managing” his innings. This guy hasn’t been the same since the plan was employed.

Well unable to watch the game but looking at GameDay every so often….Guess Fulmer is every bit at crappy at Pelfry and Zimmerman

Michael has lost his velo with all the disruption in routine

I know I’m a little edgy, but I’m sorry, Rod and Mario are annoying the heck out of me tonight. The home plate umpire is annoying the heck out of me too. And all the people in section 103 and the ground crew and………..

Absolutely not. He is already a better pitcher than either of them. He’s just been unable to cope with the physical aspect of being in a rotation in flux.

More likely, the IP . A ton over his previous years. Verlander was pushing the ball late in 2006

A cada uno lo suyo.
Fulmer was PO’d at the change in his routine. He got comfortable with it after some mentoring from JV.

Fulmer leads the AL in ERA

after the first out

I am on record as to thinking a lot of McCann. I think he gave up on his last at bat with 2 strikes.

JD stands so far from the plate. Kluber throws four pitches outside, JD just can’t reach them and then watches the first strike of the ab go by for strike 3. Upton gets up and stands way off the plate and guess what Kluber continues to paint outside corner. Anybody want to make an adjustment? The umpire’s erratic strike zone got into Fulmer’s head.

Tigers look timid and shy….sad, very sad….tigers should look at Ortizs’ at bats…
he looks positive and aggressive……Tigers are not going anywhere…I hope I’m wrong.

Most of the runs came after bad plays: Upton, Maybin and Kinsler

Fulmer down to 4th. Kluber up to third in ERA

My impression of Fulmer is that he really needs to learn when and how often to use his fastball

We have a game

Well this is the biggest half inning of the game coming up here for sure

I wonder if Gene Lamont will let Brad know that they have 4 LHP in the bullpen?

3. Hardy is no available. Wilson is hit hard by LH

Next year let’s please do away with the Greene as a RP experiment.
The guy has a 5.5 ERA.
Maybe he has value (even to someone else) as a SP

Couldn’t agree more with getting Greene out of the Tigers’ bullpen.

Tigers let Indians answer with a run and subsequently squander one themselves.
Just don’t have the “horses” to get us there I guess

First Kluber and now Rondón. Something is wrong with the ball

There is certainly something wrong with the ball the Tigers are playing.
This does not bode well for next year.
If we lose tomorrow then just play the kids. Moya, Machado, Jones could benefit from it.

Back to Greene.
Our rotation shapes up to be JV; ZMann; Fulmer; Norris and Boyd with possibly Greene to pick up the slack or cover for an injury. Pelfey has zero potential as a starter. Just a horribly bad signing.
Showcase Greene and let’s get something for him. He has good stuff, but not all the time.
I don’t see Farmer being MLB capable.
Back to the game:
Absolutely embarassing themselves with little league type play. Again, this is essentially the team you get next year if things aren’t changed radically.
Ausmus clearly has to go. He has been inept and incapable of motivating his stars.

Ans we can hear all the rationale ad nauseum about why not to bring up Jimenez. I do notd buy it. The experience alone would have been beneficial.

The Tiger hitters are not smart….period! Exclamation! JD loses it ….terrible at bat.
I have no confidence in McCann as a hitter…It seems like Kinsler is in a sleep mode.
We just don’t have what it takes…amazing we got this far.Yes, indeed we are out of
grand slam distance…quote Rod Allen. Tiger pitching caving in , TERRIBLE.
Two more games…can’t get any body out here in the 8th…bases loaded still….
throw in the towel already…..Tiger pitching was an eye opener…..after White Sox
pitching against Cleveland, recently….

We need a shortstop to manage this team next year. I’m done with former catchers!
What is Carlos Guillen doing?
My choices are
Ozzie (a very distant 3rd)
and 4th–I’m serious about Carlos

He is President of Tigres de Aragua. He helped Sandy Leon to become the hitters he is today.

Oh hell why not Andrew as playing manager?

This has got to be their worst game of the year. The clubhouse will be rife with cliches after this one. Their play in all facets of the game was ridiculously bad.

I think you are right Rich. And one which should justifiably put us out of our misery

BLOWOUT! Pelfrey and Sanchez have not done their jobs and the rookies are… rookies.

have been saying it for at least 2 years. Either Ozzie or Dusty would be good for the the team. Gardie would be decent as well. Not sure how much management would like any of those scenarios given their strong personalities.

Everyone has pretty much summarized tonight. Hard to be positive Miggy. By the way, he has dropped 10 points off his average in 10 days, pretty significant when it’s so late in the season. Hopefully, VMart retires, and Miggy can go to full DH. The need is for a lefty power hitter. Rotation should be fine next year; get rid of Lowe, Pelfry, and even Greene from the pen. Pelfry and Sanchez need to say adios too. If Victor doesn’t retire, he needs to call Captain Dan and borrow his magic legs. I was embarrassed to be a Tiger fan tonight, and that has rarely happened in 57 years:
1. JUp giveth runs away, and taketh back more. The swings were topnotch.
2. Romine is the best .245 hitter in the AL.
3. Fulmer gritted out 5.
Sadly, this team teased us enough to think that we might have a shot. Tonight, they shot themselves in the foot. The only way to a playoff spot is to win 13 of the last 15. Another sad fact is that Miggy probably won’t get 100 RBI’s again; unless this team goes bananas for 10 days. It appears that they are all peel and no fruit.

Yup. The worst. A laugher for Cleveland fans. Here’s a cliche. Tomorrow is a must win. Looks like wild card is the only hope and it may be a dream now. Maybe JV can change the momentum. Like to see them stop Napoli just once. Just once. Is that asking too much? Was the Upton gaf caused by the lights or was he sleeping when the ball was hit? I think sleeping. Can’t remember seeing a play like that since maybe Little League. Set the tone of the game with Fulmer struggling. The worst.

I was saving this story for a night like this. So a few years back I’m at my daughter’s high school cross country meet. It was at a nearby state park and the course had a steep hill to climb near the finish. I watched runner after runner pass by completely gassed as they struggled up the final hill. Then as one of the last runners for our school (the kid was really dying) passed by, I wanted to encourage him with a, you know, thoughtful uplifting word or two. What came out of my mouth was ………..”Nice try” (followed by his name). Perfect. Immediately I realized what I had said but it was too late. Just what a kid needs to hear at the end of a 3 mile hilly race and near last place. Some stupid idiot in the gallery yelling “nice try”. And so It’s always a good idea to take note of what sport you’re watching before uttering that “encouraging” word, cause “nice try” doesn’t work well in cross country. It can however work in baseball. Not tonight.

Until early Miguel was third for the GG. He will be at 1B for years to come
They are great vs RHB. They need someone able to hit against LHB
Victor needs break for sure but there is one able to replace him. I think he could retire. Some hints from what he has say here and there
Moya is a SO machine and JD , a streaky player like no other and a high SO%, is slumping too

Fulmer with 4 days of rest 3.57. 6 or more 3.59 5 days 1.73
Hit the wal and some regression
The defense was bad behind him.
2nd in ERA in the AL tied with Sale
And main RoY candidate with 4.8 WAR

Detroit record minus Cleveland: 77-57
Cleveland record minus Detroit: 73-61
You’re welcome, Cleveland.

It happens
Astros without Rangers 73 -55
Rangers without Astros 74-56

Victor is not going to retire with that kind of money on the table.
Moya is a strikeout machine—-but also capable of hitting .270/40/100
Let Hicks catch a game—I want to see Verlander win the team in batting average.
This really is the last serious game of the season today.

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