Miguel Cabrera: “Detroit, stay positive”

Those words in the headline were the parting words from Miguel Cabrera after his postgame interview, following a 9-6 win over the Twins in which he provided the go-ahead home run in the seventh inning. The victory moved the Tigers within a game of the Blue Jays for an AL Wild Card spot, keeping fuel in the Tigers’ playoff chase.

“You play for this. You’ve a chance to make the playoffs. Hopefully we can finish strong and have a chance to play in the playoffs

“This is fun. This is fun. It doesn’t matter what people say, like ‘We’re not going to make it, we’re not going to do this.’ We hear a lot of bad things, but we’ve always got to stay positive. Let other people say the negative things, but we have to stay positive. It doesn’t matter if we lose or win. We have a chance, and we have to believe.”

It’s that latter part of the quote that was interesting, and unprompted. Several players have talked over the last few years about a feeling of negativity, including getting booed at home. Cabrera wasn’t referencing fan reaction at Comerica Park, but moreso on social media.

“I’ve been playing here a lot of years so I know how it works,” he said. “To me, it doesn’t matter what people say, but I’ve got a lot of new guys here. I don’t worry about that stuff, but they think about it and read that stuff. We need to stay positive and go out there and play.”

When he talked about reading, he at least referenced Twitter.

“Before the game, you can’t check Twitter,” he said.

The quotes were part of a bigger picture Cabrera discussed, about staying focused in the heat of a playoff race. He follows what’s going on with other teams, but he isn’t overly concerned about it, he said, preferring to focus on their own games.

“I always believe if you win games, you don’t have to worry about other teams,” he said. “You have to worry about what you can do. You can’t lose your focus.”

That includes the scoreboard. It especially includes social media.


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OK, Miggy. Go Tigers!

“Cabrera, who is batting .326 in 12 September games with an OPS of 1.056, “

Greg, I was wondering the same thing. 60+ pitches would probably represent 3-4 innings. Doesn’t sound like much but that’s what Anibal gave us last night. The bats came alive and, when you think about it, Anibal allowed the game to be shortened to 5 innings. Our BP is better than theirs so that was an advantage. I like Anibal and I feel really bad for him. For 3 innings he was in the zone but the Dozier HR broke his focus. Walks, especially lead off, are killing him. So where does he fit if at all? How about pitching middle innings in close games where Boyd, Norris, Farmer, Pelfry are struggling and have early elevated pitch counts. Not talking about blowouts but meaningful games. It would present a different challenge for him. He may respond in more of an attack mode. Regarding Miguel’s interview, he sounds confident to me. Like he knows he’s ready to roll. He looks to be in complete control at the plate. I hope teams continue to pitch to him. If not, he’ll have to force himself to accept walks. Then Victor HAS to make them pay.

Well said Miggy. We all know he wants to win! Now we just need to take care of our business.

I hope Brad “sees the light” re: Andrew. I don’t know what he’s thinking when he fails to start Andrew after performances like last night. Is he trying to keep him hungry? Does he think Andrew can’t play every day? To me Aybar and McGehee are insurance. And Nick may not make it back for the majority of remaining games, possibly not at all. Brad needs to establish stability at 3rd. It’s time. Andrew, Jose, Ian, Camron, and Miguel are tearing it up right now. 8-3, keep it that way.

Asked and conceded: Lineup vs. MIN: Kinsler 4, Iglesias 6, Cabrera 3, V. Martinez DH, J. Martinez 9, Upton 7, McCann 2, Jones 8, Romine 5. Pelfrey 1

OK. That looks good. Jones just needs to play good D and mentally just slow it down hitting. Need him on base.

I guess this is social media and I guess this is rather negative but, C’mon, does the staff really think Pelfrey can handle ML hitters? Do they really think after not pitching for so long he can give his team a chance to win? He’ll be lucky if he makes it to the 4th inning.

Nice to see (however subdued it was) Miggy give an interview at this time of the year.

I’m puzzled why Big Mike looks puzzled. He gets lit up everytime he pitches. To give him the ball at this time of the year after the year he has already had is another puzzle.
And as I say that Dozier may just have put the gae out of reach.
Shame on Brad. Major shame

Totally agree, Dan. Will not watch any more games with Pelfrey or Sanchez starting. And Inwill never forgive Ausmus for today and any more starts by these guys…

I would rather see Romine pitch.

Santiago, 3 consecutive QS Allowed 1 R in 7 to Cleveland

Why do we want to make the playoffs? To be humiliated with our offense, I suppose.

Romine! MVP!

Good for Miggy to mention the negativity. We all have the right to voice opinions, but some go too far.
Is this going to be another come from behind win? Go Tigers.

Well I probably would of expected 3-4 runs out of pelfry after 4 innings not 2. And we’ve got a few hits here in the 3rd but again overall the ab’s not good through 1st 2 innings.

Ya you need to be positive but you guys Also need to play better (not him specifically). They’ve let a lot of poor pitchers shut them down lately and they simply can’t do that as much as they have.

And just as I give them a little credit they (3-4) pop out weakly in the infield. These are the guys who need to step up.

Looking more and more like Pelfrey signing was a yuge mistake. What 2 years @ $14 million? Most games he was just not good. A few he was unlucky enough to be gone before Tigers rallied for a win. Today’s Twins pitcher may not be one of the poor ones. But to come back 2 days in a row? Heavy lift.

Well he’s not good. But he is the dreaded lefty that seems to stymie our right handed hitters. They’re just making him look good.

I think its 16 mil but heck what’s 2 mil?

Quite a few of us here did not like the Pelfrey signing from the gitgo. Some of us did not like the magnitude of the Zimmermann contract either.
Pelfrey is finished and probably we will have to pay him to be a 6th inning potential DP guy.
Zimm’s contract will be debilitating and will restrict other needed signings.

The right pitcher is found one pitcher too late.

5 early runs shouldn’t be insurmountable to an offense that has the ability to be explosive. Pelfry obviously wasn’t good but he’s only a fraction of the problem today. 1-4 are hitless through 5 with a walk…sorry but it can’t happen in a race.

And let’s face it if they can’t muster a few runs against

Santiago 4.61 era
Gibson 5.08 era …1 run
Tillman 3.7 era 1 run
Jimenez 5.98 era 2 runs
Gausman 3.7 era 3 runs
Gonzalez 0 runs
Ventura 1 run 4.22 era
Skaggs 4.75 era 2 hits 0 runs
Oberholtzer 5.16 era 1 run

Come on in the last few weeks they’ve looked inept against some pitchers they shouldn’t have that hard of a time against.
Victor has popped out to 2nd 3 times today. Over his last 15 games He’s batting .200 with 1 rbi and that was a solo shot….10 rbi in last 30 games. He’s a problem and there’s no getting around it. I think Victor is awesome but I really think having him right behind miggy is a problem right now. Romine has been more productive.

And the point is if they routinely lately can’t manage little if any offense against average to down right bad pitching what can we possibly expect out of these guys facing the likes of Kluber, Bauer and Carrasco?

Three straight innings with two on and nothing to show. Miggy says not to be negative. What are we supposed to do, jump up and down?

If I could, I would jump up and down in frustration. Join me, Gk?

Already there

Ausmus sure likes Collins
We needed instant runs and he has Salty and Moya on that bench

Wimmers with his nearly 8 era…..shut down man
Guess what Miguel that’s the crap that frustrates fans…

Runnin’ out of time
And I don’t mean today

Not ther day:
RT @statcast
Every 2016 batted ball hit like @MiguelCabrera’s deep flyout (109-mph exit velo, 33-degree angle) has been a HR.

Great but it wasn’t it was an out…

His 3rd of the day….then he grounded in to a double play. Again if they can’t manage more than one run against these guys what can you expect this weekend. Of Pelfry was perfect we’d be right in this game.

Can’t hit
Line-up not in sync
Ausmus seems to suck the life out of his club
Lotta swinging for the downs today
J up back to being what he has been most of the year
VMart worn out

Unless McCann is hurt what In heaven’s name would BA PH Maybin for?
Isn’t he not playing for injury reasons?
Another weird BA move

Sorry that seemed snarky I’m frustrated with all of them….I’m just tired of hearing all the excuses all the coulda shoulda woulda and he hit it hard.

Cle vs Twins 10-9.
Tigers vs Twins 12-4

Okay, can’t ask for much better vs Twins 12-4 but what is the mystery with Tigers vs Indians? So far about 1-11? Even a split would have Tigers close to 1st place and solid in for wild card.

True….they’ve done well against them….but as we all know it’s not just this series…it’s the total disappearance of offense ….and not against the best but the worst this league has to offer. And I really think it’s a lot about them and not these pitchers who miraculously seem to have their best outings of the years.
On Sunday we were coming home from up north listening to the game on the radio and they were talking about the puzzle that is the tiger’s offense they are near tops in a lot of categories but based on those things score fewer than expected runs. I can’t remember all the numbers but it was disturbing….

If the Tigers make a wild card Brad keeps his job. If not he is finally done

Andrew Romine has averaged just over 50 games played in 7 seasons. He has hit 5 homers and driven in a grand total of 52 runs in those 7 years.
Right now he is the best player on the Tiger team.

Toronto fades, Seattle soars. They will play each other for 3. Then there are the Yanks.

White Sox playing Cleveland tough again. 1-1 in 7th.

Looks like Fulmer’s innings will be managed quite easily now.
Anybody else think that Ausmus has been sounding very JL like in the media lately?
(Dollars to Donuts he will sound a LOT like JL after this game)
I must admit to really enjoying hearing some quality insight from Jack Morris in this series.

I am positive, Miggy. We can make the playoffs by winning all the remainder of our games. Our pitching has been sufficient to have won many more games than we have; so here is what we have today; against the worst pitching staff in the Al, today we we 3-23 for the one through six batter; 7-9 had six hits and the only RBI. Number 9 had 2 hits. 9 or 10 runners were left on. Over 100 Million dollars of salary per year couldn’t bring home more than one run. So what do Tiger fans do. Get thrilled every 1-3 games. This team has championship talent, but is not a championship team:
1. Romine for the umpteenth time.
2. The first three lefty’s did the job; the fourth had the Lowe “curse”.
3. Multiple chances to win all the way through.
Kudos to Romine, McCann, and Hardy. I believe in you Miggy and I believe in the Tigers. The question is, “Do you believe in yourselves?” When the dust settles, Seattle and the Yanks will be ahead of us. So tomorrow night, we suddenly start hitting the socks off of the Tribe rotation. Basically, Fulmer will have to throw a shutout. I told you I was positive.

Ten days ago, the Tigers arrived in Chicago fresh off their stirring series win in KC and I was talking about getting within three games of Cleveland by the 16th. They won the first game in Chicago and have lost 6 of 9 since.
My goal is to remain optimistically even keeled (in case you haven’t noticed) and to judge results over several games at a time.
That said, this team seems to be just good enough to maintain a high level of frustration. On the other hand, it’s insane for anyone to have thought they would actually win a WS this year; it’s been obvious all year it isn’t a strong enough team. Getting into the playoffs was a worthy goal or at the very least, taking it down to the final weekend of the season.
It wasn’t a very productive offseason for the club, and decisions that appeared questionable then remain questionable today.

I gave up after Chicago.

Cleveland lost too bad the Tigers gave in after the second …..

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