Saturday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Orioles

The Tigers roughed up Ubaldo Jimenez for five runs over as many innings when they last met on May 12 at Camden Yards, though the Orioles came back and won that game. That was part of an awful six-week stretch that put his rotation spot in doubt and eventually led to a bullpen role. Since injuries forced Jimenez back into the rotation, however, he has been surprisingly effective, allowing seven runs on 12 hits over 21 2/3 innings in three starts — including a complete-game two-hitter at Tampa Bay on Monday. He threw a season-high 114 pitches to finish that game, though, and he did not get any extra rest between starts.

Gameday | TV: Fox Sports Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, MLB Gameday Audio

84tigerslogoTIGERS (career numbers off Jimenez)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (8-for-25, 3 doubles, 5 walks, 4 K’s)
  2. Cameron Maybin, CF (0-for-4, walk)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (15-for-45, 4 doubles, HR, 10 walks, 8 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (11-for-31, double, 4 HR, 2 walks, 5 K’s)
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF (3-for-11, double, 2 HR, 2 walks, 3 K’s)
  6. Justin Upton, LF (8-for-28, 3 doubles, triple, 2 HR, 3 walks, 7 K’s)
  7. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C (2-for-9, HR, 3 K’s)
  8. Erick Aybar, 3B (6-for-16, HR)
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS (4-for-7, triple, HR)

P: Jordan Zimmermann

oslogoORIOLES (career numbers vs. Zimmermann)

  1. Adam Jones, CF (3-for-18, HR, K)
  2. Jonathan Schoop, 2B
  3. Manny Machado, 3B (2-for-7, double, 2 K’s)
  4. Chris Davis, 1B (3-for-6, HR, K)
  5. Mark Trumbo, RF (0-for-5, walk)
  6. Steve Pearce, LF (4-for-11, 2 doubles, 2 HR, walk, K)
  7. Pedro Alvarez, DH (2-for-6, HR, K)
  8. Matt Wieters, C (2-for-12, 2 K’s)
  9. J.J. Hardy, SS (3-for-15, double)

P: Ubaldo Jimenez


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Romero was giving the IBB to Sánchez. He hit it to deep CF. SF , RBI

Oh, geez. Turn off the lights.

Get the BP ready

If they score another run, I’d yank him. Pathetic.

Rich,…You are admittedly very familiar with JZ and proclaimed him an ACE earlier this year. Given his recent history and your earlier feel about him, how do you feel about him now?

Twice wrong. Taking the bat away form your horse and sliding head first again

Is it me or has Victor been popping up a lot?
Crappy start in the 1st for Zimmerman continuing in the 2nd with the lead off walk

And another homer….and a single…..

OMG, not ready for primetime. Get him out.

Ok Gibby I’m glad it won’t affect him but I need a pitcher who can get a few outs not a Zimmerman experiment……..

The Tigers were too eager to hit when Ubaldo couldn’t find the strike zone, but they weren’t patient. If we can see it on TV, can’t they see that he wasn’t striking anybody out.

Horrible decision to start Z today. Why does it seem that everyone in the world knew that except the ones who actually make the decisions? When in playoff contention you don’t run a pitcher experiment!! Horrible, horrible decision and it was so predictable. I just kept hoping the decision makers knew something the rest of us didn’t.

He was terrible in his rehab start and they still gambled with him. Really poor decision making.

Way to fight back there in the 2nd tiger’s?????
Crappy AB’S

We have to ask the question. Is this a temporary blip for Zimm or is he really done. Second comeback attempt up in flames.

I thought maybe he would have threw from the pen first.

ZMann throwing BP to a team like Baltimore with their sluggers??? Who the hell made that decision to let him start? This guy hasn’t been the same since he went on the DL the 1st time. What a waste of a game!! I’m glad I don’t go to these games and waste my $$ on this BS!!


Cy Jimenez pitching tonight……appears that they have thrown in the towel already not even attempting a good at bat….quickly and quietly….name of the game

Lame ….bases loaded nobody out and you only score 1 on a ground out nobody can get a hit.

Hey….I don’t blame Zimm so much as I do the brass for not starting him out of the pen. He is a starter by trade but at this point in the race…you don’t lay goose eggs for someone who doesn’t have proof he can pitch up here. An inning here and there to get your feet wet please!

I tried to check this out. The starter this game should have been Norris? I think he would have given us a better game.

Well I know Zimmerman put them behind the 8 ball ….but this offense has been sputtering lately and they have been letting some bad pitchers like those we faced against LA look genius…….we have not out up many big offensive games this yearlier and I don’t think any since Boston

They should be embarrassed

1. Hicks gets first MLB hit.
1. Julio wanted to play tonight. Sadly no one else did.
3. Manoply pitched a good inning.
No kudos. All eyes saw Z. Should have been lifted after the first. Must win tomorrow. Now tied with Yankees at one game behind O’s. Not looking real promising.

I was asked about Jordan Zimmermann. He was the most reliably effective pitcher on the Washington staff for at least three years. He was a workhorse who took the ball and didn’t complain or make excuses. Not sure of the definition of ACE (why is that capitalized?) but he was a good one.
I think the groin injury on May 22 ruined his season. He came back too soon and then repeated that two more times, including tonight. It’s common for a core injury to cause a pitcher to pick up bad habits and injure themselves further.
Should he have started tonight? In hindsight, no. I don’t have the particulars of what went into that decision.

It became obvious early on Zimmermann was not ready for a start . Then the offense does not show up again. Gotta win tomorrow no excuses.

What is even scarier than his start tonight is that he is in his 1st year of a FIVE year contract at premium money.

I did not like that singing nor did I like the Pelfrey signing. Just seemed to much for the kind of pitcher (age; injury) that they are.

I will render both the Pelfry and Zimm signings sometime in the offseason. I really like that they both know how to pitch and are good teammates. I appreciate that they both have worked hard to be healthy and want to win. It took Verlander how long to come back to form? I would bet P and Z will both come back to form in time. We just don’t have enough games left for questionable form.

I think Ausmus and crew have done a lot of work to keep this lineup producing with all the changes and injuries. I expect after the Sunday game some of the core hitters will get a blow and sit. Wish MLB had a mandatory 3 day weekend for the players and families this time of year. We need to get ready to make a concerted effort after the Twins to win every….every game.

Inconsistency is a DD thing:

Red Sox offense: feast or famine”
“Frustrating, isn’t it?
The Red Sox are either blowing the doors off an opponent or they’re stymied. The one-run losses are building up”

“Tigers 26-15 in 1 run games/ Boston 16-21”

The struggles of Zmann, Anibal and Pelfrey emphasize just how good JV is and how determined he was to become what he has always considered himself to be: one of the top pitchers in the game.

We face Tillman who ALSO is coming of the DL.
Don’t expect him to get shelled after 1 inning.

To be real—The Tigers pretty much have to win 5 of their next 6 games.

Sorry, l actually meant 4 of their next 5.

Well I don’t expect much today…I expect JV will be good but 1-9 couldn’t manage much against the guy with a plus 6 era so this guy is actually good.. .not expecting much

Well the way tigers not hitting wouldn’t be surprised if that 2 run homer he gave up is too much…..

Gopher balls…..not really stepping up today and hitters all but disappeared. How disappointing. Honestly

Actually disgusted….not disappointed. Orioles with 3 runs here in the 4th and 3-4-5 couldn’t have gone more quickly than theyou did. Disgusted

I know what you mean . Just when you thought there was a little hope. Then they blow the next two games.

6th inning
….. 1 pitch out Miguel
……Victor 3-0 count to a strike out. 6 pitches
…… JD 9 pitch flout


Big Fella 2 on 1 out ……..AND GROUNDS INTO A DOUBLEPLAY …. Miggy disappeared this weekend..way to step up

Big fella could do nothing today . How many left on base again ? Another series loss with one run crossing the plate. Tired of hearing excuses by Brad.

20 games left to play. I see Cleveland only plays teams in the division. Who is going to beat them? Twins? KC? WSox? Tigers? Tigers’ best chance seems to be a wild card. A battle with Baltimore, Toronto, Yankees, Houston, Seattle and maybe even KC?

Rich… I questioned you about JZ and you responded along with some queries of your own . My point of reference was a 5-1-16 post wherein LT said: “Zimmerman was deemed a second tier starter. So far he is an Ace, while Price is third in hard hit allowed % ( or above? since his % is lower) Archer and Pelfrey.” (sic) Your reply: “Jordan Zimmermann has never been a second tier starter. The others in the Nats rotation got all the publicity This is a steal.” So, okay. First of all, I capped ace in its entirety, for what that is worth whereas LT only capped the A. Secondly, you seemed to understand what ace or ACE or Ace meant when LT posed his comment. Other than the pickyunish stuff you asked about, thank you for your time and for your response.

Missed these three games. Dodged two didn’t I? Knew Baltimore was going to be a challenge. Never get a good feeling playing them. Regarding Zim, I think Rich’s response was reasonable and direct. What else is there to report? Until we see what he does in the longer term we’re guessing. Probably reasonable to opine (especially in hindsight) that starting Jordan Saturday was a mistake. Everyone here boarded that bus by the end of the first inning. Might also be reasonable to suggest shutting him down for the year. Anyone here working with Zim on his rehab program please enlighten. Tigers are 10 over .500 and with a chance at the playoffs.

Again, not a lot to say. Basically 3-4-5 totally nonexistent. I haven’t studied all the schedules, but once you get 4-5 teams competing for the second wild card, you have a mess. It wouldn’t have mattered if JV had only given up two runs or one for that matter. His team mates cannot get a clutch hit when given the opportunity.
1. The Bull Pen actually did it’s job, including Greene and J Wilson.
2. Had every opportunity to tie or take the lead in both the 8th. and 9th.
3. There were some good, quality multi pitch AB’s(Upton, JD).
Don’t know that I would have subbed McGeehe for Aybar; he continues to have 1 XBH in all of his games; Aybar might could have bunted or worked a walk; it really doesn’t matter. When Mig, Vic, and Julio do nothing, the whole team basically does nothing. Only hope left; we sweep the Twins, and the Sox take three from the O’s. Surely the Yanks will slow down.

Tigers actually pretty much have to sweep the Twins. And not just for the Wins but for a momentum shifting self actualization. Without that they are done.
I don’t see it happening and much of that opinion is derived from the land mine that seems to be an impotent offense from guys that have all hit over 30 homers in a season.
All these guys have to be on point. Too often they are not and fall into inexplicable lethargy.
Excepting JD, I feel all of them can fall into a slump (even at the same time) at a moments notice.

Yeah… Marty. Except for the small stuff, I felt my questions were answered and said so. All I did was respond to the small points and did so with courtesy. Not sure why you need to respond in Rich’s behalf. Maybe this is just a situation where reading between the lines is not appropiate

Due to the jam , the Tigers are back the equivalent of 4 games.One of the teams ahead is guaranteed to win for the next 3 days.
Like in 1983 and to some extent 1987 they need to go 7-0 vs Cleveland.
BoSox scored 4 or less 60 times
O´s 77
Jays 74
Yankees 79
KC 91
Houston 75
Tigers 81
But BoSox W% is 233
O´s 338
Jays 301
Yankees 278
KC 352
Houston 293
Tigers 320
I like their chances

We all hear the cliches. You can’t win without pitching.
Well-there lies the rub.
Three guys counted on to provide solid rotational depth and dependability are out of their depth and undependable.
Zimmermann, Sanchez and Pelfrey are no longer viable contributors in the rotation.
That leaves us with the three rookies. One of which is being pampered (who knows if this really is correct tack to take?).
Throw in the complete lack of consistency in the bullpen (front to back) and you have a real challenge ahead of you. And that’s just the pitching aspect.
The inexplicable and frequent vanishing of the power in the offense always seems to rear its ugly head when someone in the rotation does come up with a solid effort.
Can this team make the playoffs? Questionable.

They have pitching. 6 th best fWAR
BP: 5th
Tied for 6th in bWAR
Only the Indians have a really better pitching staff
The BP? 5th in saves. 6th in saves %
They are 66-1 when ahead to begin the 9th
They dont give points for style
Last Friday, Kid ended the game 1-2-3 but fans were crying. I guess he has to SO the core of the most powerful lineup in the East with 9 pitches

Once again stars do not tell the whole story
Especially currently

Should be “stats” not “stars”.
As to the Kid-you must mean KRod.
Again, stats do not tell the whole story.
He has been more than adequate.
But is he reliable enough going forward?
My point is and has always been–what is the BACK-UP plan?
Frankie has not been a lock-down, relax fans, money in the bank closer.
Yes I know his history, I know his experience level, I know his stats and I know where he was born.

Yes, he is called El Kid in Venezuela .
Right now, there is no one better available.
Back-up? probably, AWilson

Can we change the script? First Tiger batter hits a HR. All others take the night off again? Now 2 HR for Twins. Can’t be game over, can it?

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