Sunday’s lineups: Tigers at Royals

Erick Aybar returns to the Tigers lineup, but Cameron Maybin remains out with a left thumb contusion. He said yesterday that it continues to hamper him when he’s hitting. Tyler Collins makes his second consecutive start in center field.

Edinson Volquez presents a tough matchup for both Martinez hitters. Victor, besides being 3-for-21 against him, is 2-for-23 over his last six games. J.D. is 7-for-18 over a five-game hitting streak, but just 1-for-15 off Volquez.

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TIGERS (career numbers off Action Ed Volquez)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (9-for-23, 2 doubles, walk, 3 K’s)
  2. Jose Iglesias, SS (4-for-16, K)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (6-for-13, double, 3 walks)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (3-for-21, double, walk, 3 K’s)
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF (1-for-15, double, 2 walks, 4 K’s)
  6. Justin Upton, LF (10-for-23, 4 doubles, HR, walk, 4 K’s)
  7. Tyler Collins, CF (3-for-11, 2 doubles, 4 K’s)
  8. James McCann, C (2-for-5)
  9. Andrew Romine, 3B

P: Daniel Norris

ROYALS (numbers against Dapper Dan Norris)

  1. Paulo Orlando, RF (0-for-2, walk)
  2. Cheslor Cuthbert, 3B (2-for-3, double)
  3. Eric Hosmer, 1B (1-for-5, double, K)
  4. Kendrys Morales, DH (0-for-7, walk)
  5. Salvador Perez, C (0-for-3)
  6. Whit Merrifield, LF
  7. Alcides Escobar, SS (2-for-5, triple, walk)
  8. Jarrod Dyson, CF
  9. Raul Mondesi, 2B (0-for-2)

P: Edinson Volquez


I think I would rather see Jacoby in there can’t be any worse than Collins right. I guess when they said the other day Maybin would be back in was wishful thinking? I like Maybin but he’s apparently a bit injury prone.

I have got the feeling he needs to suck it up a bit.
But still fine with giving the kid some playing time out there.
I fully expect another Maybin interview extolling his virtues of what he means to the team. Don’t get me wrong, I do think Maybin is indeed an important piece of the team but I’d rather hear it from his team-mates and not him.

Tell me we don’t need one of these on our bench/team?

Ya…I agree Moya should and I presume will be here when season ends for them…

The first injury occurred when he was hit by a pitch playing vs the New York Yankees,during a ST game. You cant blame Maybin for that

Pérez is third to last in framing

Ya but you bitch and everything goes your way…..
Maybin has only played in 70 games he’s been hurt more than not.

With quads and his back his rib….he doesn’t appear to be able to stay healthy…..

Upton continues on his tear. Since August 20, he has a .347 BA with 6 HRs and16 RBIs. His highlight game was against Boston when he carried the Tigers to a 10-5 victory with 2 HRs and 6 RBIs. With today’s RBI double, Upton has hit safely in 11 of his last 14 games.

Tigers batters, 2 SO. KC, 5

Be a major factor if Daniel can throw 7 IP. For him and for the team.

I will beat Rich to it this time.
Andrew. Romine.
— Bob (drops the mic)

Nobody can say Brad isn’t an optimist, (On Pelfrey):
“(The report) said he threw well. He allowed nine hits, but I guess four of them were infield hits that didn’t get to the dirt,” Ausmus said. “His velocity was good, and he looked healthy.”

Really Brad, waiting until the Royals are ahead to pull Wilson.

It began when he allowed Norris to begin the 7th

Agreed. He was at 90 pitches so he was not likely going to complete the 7th anyway. Why not have A Wilson start with a clean inning which statistically gives better results for Wilson. Greene is the guy you bring in with runners on. It seems obvious to me.

1 guilty fot this unbeliveble loss BRAD AUSMUS

Holy cow–you look at the line score or box score or listen to the news and how can you tell that Daniel Norris threw the best game in his career?
Ironically we were talking about a gold glove for Miggy just yesterday.

I would have let Dan out to start the 7th but I would have pulled him after the 1st guy got on. No question about it.
This one is on Brad.

It was safe and the run would have scored anyway.

I thought the relief corp shouldn’t give up more runs than the freakin’ starter…
as soon as they walked Hosner, I knew this was another blow job…typical loss,

Victor, 083 in last 7 and .226 in last 15. Not helping at all


Upton clutches up. He is a difference maker when he is on a tear. And he is.

Most Upton HR came after the 7th

My bad.I read that on a Mowery´s post but 5 from 7 on

BA probably wanted Norris to go as deeply as possible in order to minimize use of the BP. I watched the KC pregame show and KC’s presumed strategy was to get to the BP. I think the broadcaster said the Tigers’ BP ERA was near 9 when KC is at home.

Dan and Jim just updated the stats I posted earlier on Upton. He is now 18 for 52 in his last 14 games with 7 HRS and 18 RBIs. They concluded he is hitting for “average and power.” This is NOT “garbage” and he has been a carrier during that span.

K-Rod and his drama is killing me.

Dan and Jim:”Double, near home run and scorcher.”

39th comeback W

I am the guilty one about negativity. As soon as we blew the lead, I said it was over. My son reminded me that I said the same thing Friday night. And it’s true; this roller coaster ride throughout the season has brought a lot of “snarky” out of us, but again I’ll take my lumps as Chief “Snarky:. The only reason I bring this up is that there seems to be a lot of snarky on this post today, and we just took a series in KC. It’s time to give Upton a break. other than batting average he is one pace for an average Upton season. The other son, called me and reminded me that he told me that Upton would go on a romp and carry the team for a while. And it couldn’t have come at a more oppotune time; Casty out, VMart wearing down, Kinsler in his rough stretch.
It’s time just to let each game play out, and hope that we get to the finish line; we can control that ourselves(3 with the O’s, 7 with Cleveland). What are we made of? We’ll soon know:
1.Norris pitched a nifty six today.
2.Ian gets three hits, plays solid D, and gets rewarded with bloody fingers.
3.Greene pitched very effectively today.
Kudos to Upton, Julio, Collins, and Miggy for the base hit in the 8th. before the Upton bomb. Also props to Andrew for solid contributions and Frankie for slithering out of a jam once again. On to Chicago.

I have noticed that there is no communication between Miggy and Upton. Just today, Upton hit a homer with Miggy on base, no joy at home plate between Miggy and Upton. Is there a future problem for the home team? I have not read anything about this as I don’t read this blog. I would like an answer. Thank you.

Well, how bad have our relievers been this year?? If you thought same old same old other than Frankie somehow escaping jams by inches, you would be right.
Since the 2006 Tigs whose relievers ERA’s were ranked 2 best in the AL, all ten teams since have been worse than AL average with only the last placed 2008 team having a ranking better than 10th at 8 of 14.
Back to the current team, the Relievers combined ERA is ranked 12 of 15 overall with the 8th inning a remarkably bad 5.24ERA for last place.
The one crazy figure is in 18.1IP of extra innings, our bullpen has an ERA of only 1.47 being 2nd best behind the O’s.
Seems like less formula and more leaning on other relievers is essential for the remainder of the season.

On the bright side: 3.58 7th for the second half and our main rivals are worse: Jays, Boston and Houston. With Os last
More troubling the IR%:only Boston is worse among rivals( season long, I dont have the split stats for IR)
Still, 4 in Saves ,Saves % and just above average in Holds
And they are 65-1 when leading to begin the 9th
The 50-10 when leading to begin the 6th is more worrisome. Some starters can go 6th and no using the low leverage pitcher there is not working. The 55-7 to begin the 7th is not good either

And Fernando Rodney still haunting us….blew a save Indians win!

Another Tribe come back win . Somehow Marlins blew it.

Tribe Comeback Wins: 29, Tigers 39

2 out of 3 against Royals in their park. That’s pretty big. Above comments seem generally more negative than positive but not too negative. Indians are playing out of their minds right now. WC would be OK but wining the division is the prize and still within reach. I have been agreeing with Darline regarding Upton and have appreciated her remarks in his defense…..backed by stats. He is winning games for us. Can’t understand why people are down on Maybin. If he can’t grip and swing a bat with the necessary strength, regardless of the level of pain he might be experiencing (and we don’t know), what’s he supposed to do? Would assume he would love to play if he could. Sure miss him in the lineup. Maybe time to rest Victor. Andrew inching up to .250. If he can hit .250 and play like he plays he’s more than a role player. Yeah yeah still under powered in the BP but this team has the stuff. Rondon has quietly moved up in the depth chart. Can he begin to assume higher leverage situations or easy on that button? Opinions?

I appreciate Maybin but he’s been injury prone… was his wrist then his ribs then his quad and now his thumb? Some guys are just prone to injury the question is is this just a fluke or common for him?

This IRS thing keeps popping up as a fundamental fact. In FACT, it is based on specious reasoning. It is deceptively attractive. BUT, it is not based on the run expectation associated with the situation. Simply put, the RP who allows the IR to score from third with 0 outs is treated similarly to the RP who allows the runner to score from first with 2 outs or vice versa. As far as I know, sabermetric run expectations have not been firmly set based on the runs associated with the situation.

Yeah, I’ve noted that too. Agreed. Pitcher inherits a runner on third with no out, gets two outs, but then the run scores. No credit for getting the first two outs.


Okay, 5.5 games behind. The way I see it, we need to be within three games of Cleveland by September 16th.

RE24 sounds applicable, but I need to exxamine it further. I DO NOT see where IRS proponents utilize it.

RE24 looks like a functional tool. Much better than the simplistic IRS.

RE means Run Expectancy for old school people like me.

And, thank you Marty. When I was challenged about Upton’s progress and had it and my opinion described as “garbage,” and later as “no big deal,” I felt obligated to research my impressions to authenticate them. I think I did so with the facts and I hopefully did not directly insult anyone in the process. Anyway, if the truth hurts….

Please don’t take it personally Darline. Actually it was”Big Deal” for what it’s worth not “No big deal”!
My point about Upton is about the % of time he has not earned his salary.
That statement may need to be re-evaluated depending on the level of contribution from here on out to be sure. BUT, if things had gone even normally with him the team would have been in a better position then they currently are.
To me, and my expectations (fair or not) he has been disappointing. He was beautiful tonight. And I hope to hell he can do what has been expected of him from here on out.

Maybin was hit by a pitch during ST, that was not his fault. He lost 36 games. He has played 70 games of the remaining 100 games of the team.
The recent games are on him for sliding head first
The best relievers: KRod, AWilson, Ryan( yes, Ryan) Grenee , Rondón , Kensing and Mantiplay
If you use RE24/bo LI( leverage) :Wilson, Ryan, Grenee, KRod, Rondón, WilsonJ, Farmer and Mantiplay

Joe Jimenez
Wow! I really can’t believe its over. Its been an amazing year! Im going back home. I continue my road to the show!

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