Saturday’s lineups: Tigers at Royals

No Cameron Maybin once again for the Tigers. JaCoby Jones also is sitting after his three-strikeout game last night. Tyler Collins starts in center. Likewise, Lorenzo Cain remains out of the Royals lineup.

Update: Erick Aybar was originally scheduled to make his second start in a row at third base, but he was later scratched with left abdominal soreness. Andrew Romine steps in at third base, batting in the same spot.

Reminder: Tonight’s game is on Fox Sports 1, not Fox Sports Detroit. Kenny Albert and Tom Verducci have the call, with Ken Rosenthal on the field.

Gameday | TV: Fox Sports 1, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, MLB Gameday Audio

tigers1957logoTIGERS (career numbers off Yordano Ventura)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (8-for-25, double, 2 walks, 3 K’s)
  2. Jose Iglesias, SS (4-for-17, K)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (5-for-19, double, walk, 6 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (7-for-25, 3 HR, 2 walks, 5 K’s)
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF (7-for-16, 2 doubles, 5 walks, 3 K’s)
  6. Justin Upton, LF (1-for-8, walk, 3 K’s)
  7. Tyler Collins, CF (3-for-13, walk, 3 K’s)
  8. James McCann, C (1-for-11, 3 K’s)
  9. Erick Aybar Andrew Romine, 3B (3-for-11, walk, 4 K’s)

P: Michael Fulmer

royalsbigrlogoROYALS (numbers vs. Fulmer)

  1. Jarrod Dyson, CF (0-for-2, walk)
  2. Cheslor Cuthbert, 3B (2-for-5, double, 2 K’s)
  3. Eric Hosmer, 1B (1-for-6, walk, K)
  4. Kendrys Morales, DH (3-for-5, 2 walks, K)
  5. Salvador Perez, C (1-for-7, HR, 2 K’s)
  6. Alex Gordon, LF (1-for-3, K)
  7. Paulo Orlando, RF (2-for-5, double, walk, K)
  8. Alcides Escobar, SS (0-for-5)
  9. Raul Mondesi, 2B

P: Yordano Ventura



Totally agree with decision to play Collins against Ventura after a rough day for the rookie yesterday.
Anytime I see Romine in (unless it is at 1st for Miggy) I am not unhappy.
Wouldn’t be surprised if he provided some major contribution tonight.
Sure would be nice to see Victor get back to normal. He’s really scuffling IMO.
Frankie did look good in the 9th. And yes, while he won that game technically his team won it in reality. And to do it against Wade Davis was very important.

Dan, WAR includes a positional adjustment. 1B starts out at a minus 12.5 runs. Fangraphs considers the adjustment necessary for putting all defensive positions on the same scale. In other words, Fangraphs concludes that it is harder to play average SS than it is to play average 1B.

Thanks Darline Now that does make sense
Let’s lay off that breaking ball
And note to Frankie:
Please cover home on a hit and not hold your hands on hips in disgust without leaving the mound

“Yankees starter Chad Green has a sprained UCL and a strained flexor tendon of his right elbow. Green said he think he will avoid Tommy John surgery. He is unsure how long he will be out. He is scheduled for further evaluations.”
He was traded for Justin Wilson and having a good second stint in MLB

Collins just stood there like a house by the side of the road. ….ugh

Not really , he swung and was strike. Had he stood like a house, a run would have scored

Lol…talking about last pitch….I wish he wasent in the lineup

Nice play by Jose!

The Ump giving the walk to Iglesias

Looks as though Indians not having any trouble with Jose Fernandez tonight? Ugh

1st 3 innings tigers had many opportunities to score and managed 1…….Fulmer looked unhittable and wham royals leading.

Team LOB….8

through 5 innings

Kinsler 1
Iggy 1
Miggy 2
Vmart 2
JD Mart 0
Upton 6
Collins 2
McCann 3
Romine 1

A disaster of an inning. Most of it through our own making.
What the he!! is Upton doing swinging at a 1st pitch after Ventura had so much trouble throwing a proper strike.
That was just selfish undisciplined hitting.
Should silence all the garbage we have been hearing about “carrying the team on his back”.

Because he was expecting a strike down the middle . And it was ,but Upton missed it

No bloody way does a good hitter not sit back an keyhole a fastball in that situation
It was plain selfishness
This game is a mess

Ventura I guess is what they call effectively wild answer tiger’s are letting him get away with it.

And on a crappier note Jose Fernandez is crap ping his pants in Cleveland

Pelfrey threw 3+ gave up 9 hits and 6 runs

I have been greatly disappointed by Upton’s offense for much of this year and have said so, but I still maintain he has been a carrier for at least a week. One lousy AB should not define his progress, which I hope continues . And I do not consider his progress to be “garbage.” I think it has recently been terrific at key moments and has involved needed run production.

Kinsler did the same

This one is not in the cards. To get Ventura off his game and not take advantage killed us.
J-Up will probably hit a 500′ homer with nobody on next inning.

Sorry Rich–just realized how that probably sounds.

Yes he has hit for a brief while like they paid him to all year. Big deal.
In the clutch—how’s that going?

Lots of culprits in this game

More than enough blame to go around . Tomorrow is another day and a chance to win.

Through 7
1-10 risp
10 left on base

Kinsler 2
Iggy 1
Miggy 2
Vmart 3
JD 1
Upton 6
Collins 2
McCann 3
Romine. 2

Yep….pretty pathetic 7 walks and 6 hits and you make nobody pay

Mark Lowe?

Doesn’t matter brad Ausmus threw in the towel when he put Lowe in. Tiger’s had a million opportunities to scored runs and managed to let them off the hook too many times to count

Lowe is the guy who must be kicked off the roster

the game was close enough

No one here has figured out how to pitch to Orlando, who continues to get clutch hits off of Tiger pitching,,,he manages to get on ,keeping rallies going…oh well, tomorrow,
is another day.

Vic May need a day off
Looks awful right now
Moya grand slam tonight
Jimenez struck out side in 9th

The thing that concerns me is that a nice winning streak can be negated by a poorly played game that kicks off a string of losses
They have been doing this all year
Hope they can bounce back
Fuller needs routine

Tigers 4 game win streak and KC’s 3 game losing streak both end tonight.

I agree El T
But he won’t simply because of his contract
Isn’t Farmer here?
Ausmus could have used Alex there too
Lowe had to have been rusty and not at all ready for high % situation
And no I am not blaming either him or Brad for the loss
The middle of the lineup gets some blame for sure
Really bad at bats and swings tonight from them

Not our night. It didn’t take long to realize that. Sometimes everything goes sideways. Interesting bullpen usage there in the 8th in a 3-1 game.
Anyone think Ventura balked on that quick pitch?
By the way, the Tigers did beat Jose Fernandez in April.

I thought Ventura balked on the quick pitch but it didn’t matter a whole lot. With all of the roster expansion going on, if I’m down 3-1, the last pitcher I’m going to throw is Lowe. And I know Ryan put them on; reality is that our Mark Lowe is not old Mark Lowe. This team has never beaten Ventura, so if he gives up walk after walk, you’d think we could score more than one. This was the old KC Model; give me six, and I’ll get you a win. Fulmer was not great but pitched well enough to win. That’s the discouraging thing for our starters. Can you give me more than one run. Oh yeah, we can, that is when Anabal is giving up all is runs; JV needed a miracle to get the win last week; And Fulmer gets one run tonight; not much for the top 2 rotation slots.
VMart looks worn down. Upton gave us nothing tonight. Indians are indeed in the catbird seat; we duke it out with five teams for a second playoff spot:
1. Iggy’s nice defensive play.
2. Rondon’s 7th. inning continues his steady improvement.
3. The Kinsler tater would have been much more important were it not for Lowe.
Kudos to Iggy, Ian, Fulmer, and Bruce. Sortof blah! I sure hope we can win tomorrow; losing to your own competition in your division, is not a recipe for success.

I said it before and I’ll say it again. I don’t think the Tigers are contenders, but this team is definitely competitive. Much of that has to do with our 3 rookies in the rotation. And maybe now our prospective catalyst rookie 3B/CF. I never saw this coming, at least not this much success so early in their respective careers.

Just maybe… If Upton continues on a tear and JZ returns to his earlier form and Nick comes back strong and Maybin resumes his career upper trajectory performance, the Tigers can turn into contenders down the stretch. Baseball is so predictably unpredictable. Love it.

There was no “spark” in that lineup last night. Lethargic.

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