Friday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Angels

Jose Iglesias is back with the Tigers, but not yet back from the disabled list. He’s getting the night off after his four-game minor-league rehab assignment, then will be activated from the 15-day DL for tomorrow’s game. Look for him to be in the lineup Saturday, but with no guarantees he’ll be the everyday shortstop down the stretch over Erick Aybar.

“Whoever plays better is going to play,” manager Brad Ausmus said. “Simple as that.”

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tigerpitcherlogoTIGERS (career numbers off Nolasco)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (9-for-26, 3 doubles, 2 K’s)
  2. Cameron Maybin, CF (5-for-9, 2 walks)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (5-for-18, double, 4 walks, 7 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (7-for-17, 2 doubles, 3 walks, 2 K’s)
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF (7-for-21, triple, walk, 3 K’s)
  6. Justin Upton, LF (9-for-22, HR, 2 walks, 6 K’s)
  7. Casey McGehee, 3B (1-for-8, 3 K’s)
  8. James McCann, C (0-for-2)
  9. Erick Aybar, SS (1-for-6, double, K)

P: Justin Verlander

angelscalilogoANGELS (career numbers vs. Verlander)

  1. Kole Calhoun, RF (0-for-10, walk, 4 K’s)
  2. Mike Trout, CF (1-for-12, HR, 2 walks, 4 K’s)
  3. Albert Pujols, DH (8-for-22, 3 doubles, HR, 6 walks, 5 K’s)
  4. C.J. Cron, 1B (3-for-9, double, K)
  5. Andrelton Simmons, SS
  6. Nick Buss, LF
  7. Jett Bandy, C
  8. Kaleb Cowart, 3B (0-for-2, walk, 2 K’s)
  9. Cliff Pennington, 2B (3-for-21, 2 walks, 7 K’s)

P: Ricky Nolasco



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Aybar? Thank goodness we upgraded our shortstop position – what a huge problem that was! Are you kidding me, Brad? Whoever plays the best? Aybar vs. Iglesias – way to make a smart decision and create team unity. Too bad the Tigers didn’t recall an extra MLB manager instead – then perhaps it would be Bradley that would have to prove he’s better. What a dolt. The Tigers have been held back by this paint-by-numbers stat boy for 3 years now. Hello?

I’m not sure where BA is coming from here. If anyone on the team this year needed to be presented with the “whoever plays better” ultimatum, it has been Upton.

Way to go JV, the ever present 1st inning Home Run to Pujols this time! Some things never change!

Hear you both loud and clear.
Very surprised to see that comment from Brad. I thought it was very negative sounding and disharmonious.
Why does McGehee pull the ball in those situations? He is perfectly capable of hitting to RF.
Bad base-running with nobody out. Killed the inning

Single….double…fI elder choice and a walk and you came away with ZIP. I feel like we have to have more runners out at home than anyone else.

What’s worse is the go for broke swings and trying to pull the ball off this guy who is just spinning the same stuff pitch after pitch.
JV seems to always have to pitch with stress imposed upon him by an impotent offense.

Boy is is feeling like that inning is going to haunt us. Not liking how the AB’s are looking here since that inning.

Z threw 39 pitches (24 strikes) for Toledo tonight.

What is it about the Angels? Tigers can’t seem to handle them well. Now you have a 4-11 pitcher blanking them? And the Angels’ manager sits in his dugout with that smirk on his face that he is a better manager than BA. Wait, maybe he is……………

Starting to wonder who they will call up now.
I think they will not call up Machado nor Jacoby Jones.
Moya should be a shoo-in-simply to be around big league players at his advancing age and for his LHB power.
Hicks as a 3rd catcher.
Gose up from Erie.
Jiminez (though they are implying otherwise AND he is NOT on the 40 Man)
No point in Saupold or Molleken as they are Lowe types at best.

Sad. McCann could have been the tying run with Cam’s double. Now Miggy is stranding runners again.

Please Tigers waste all your chances to score runs……honestly Nolasco isn’t good WHY are you continuing to make him look like Cy Young?

That’s it, Tigers! Now you are rolling!

Justin hits the ball very hard….

What’s up? After Upton’s HR, the next 3 batters go down quickly with few pitches.

JV is elevating his pitches. Sign of tiring. 109 pitches as I write. Reliever needs to be very ready.

I don’t like bringing in Rodriquez here

Ugh, the awfulness of this situation.

BA needs to be much more careful when and how he uses F-Rod. He is either used too often or not enough and the overwork/rust shows up a lot.

No insurance runs. Is a 2-run lead enough?

Helluva play by Aybar to end it.
I hope he can play some 3rd base though!
Frankie is scary. You just can’t ever feel confident with him out there.
That is why I would not be surprised they give Jiminez a whirl maybe even before September. Frankie is a candidate for a freak injury. The way he trows, his age his mechanics.
Incredible effort by Verlander once again. He has totally surprised me with the way he has transformed himself while getting his old stuff back to a large degree.
An intense guy who never lets up.

My thoughts across the board.

Well Frankie has seen much better days. I hope Brad and Al A. Understand that. The four runs were just enough to squeak by tonight. Last I checked tribe was in the lead.

I love Casey; his defense sat third has been stellar, but he is giving nothing in the lineup; per my post the other night, logic says Aybar to third for the remainder of Nick’s absence, and then you keep him for good insurance. Wish Casey had done more offensively, because he’s a stand up guy. Good job by Z at Toledo, look for him back week after next. The former Ace is definitely THE ACE of this staff once again.
We sold him off to quickly; I believe that the down time was due to a serious injury, and not a loss of stuff. Anyway, his WHIP should be under one by year’s end. His K to BB ratio is 4-1. Has maybe had 4 bad outing the whole season:
1. Cam grins as a big tater flies out in the 7th. Critical Add on Run.
2. The Upton homers are not cheap shots.
3. Aybar hangs tough to complete the game ending DP.
Kudos to Cam, Julio, Upton, Miggy for solid D, and props to Frankie, though a pack of Rolaids was needed to watch to the end. Kinsler had some bad luck, hitting the ball hard. JMac got another solid hit off of a righty. Vmart had a great double and actually scored from second base on a good hit by Julio. Cleveland rolled, KC kept ground, so we continue the battle tomorrow night.

Long as we keep winning, at least one team ahead of us will probably lose on any given night. So KC and Cleveland win, but Boston and Baltimore lose. Could be worse. Got to keep the pressure on. Three winners could emerge from Central. KC’s resurgence a little worrying in light of their recent sweep in Comerica. They’ve hung around and now find themselves in pretty fair shape. I do like our schedule in September. Casey can remain with team via expanded roster, correct? His defense is solid and bat has not hurt. Has hit the ball well lately with little to show. But….Aybar is a catalyst.

McGehee should be at 3b vs LHP…he hit .443 in 95 ABs this season vs LHP at Toledo. vs RHP, it might be Aybar, but not sure if Tigers are having him take grounders there in anticipation of using him at 3b. would expect that most MLB level SS could play 3b.

Agree Woody.

It’ll take two guys to replace Nick
Platoon seems sensible

As expected , Presley DFA.
McCann, bubblegum card stats: 225 11 HR 42 RBI. Fans would be booing Avila with that numbers. With 28, 4 S0 % he is just below Upton: 29,4. He is a K machine
Miguell was dealing with a sore arm, thanks Norris, and fans were over him again
Kinsler? nothing unexpected. It was forecasted . Highest career SO%. Third lowest BB %: He traded contact for power, third highest career HR %. His Babip is regressing to his career norm
Evidence confirmed ,again, Iglesias cant cope with wear and tear of a MLB season. He needs a lot of rest. The whole point of the Aviles/Romine combo was to rest Kinlser and Iglesias. Neither got enough rest . A good manager would know that better to go short a couple of games than many with a good player tired . Manager of the year? give me a break
Castellanos was hitting 245 over his last 29 games before the injury, High SO%, low BB% , high Babip. He was regressing too
Upton was among the top 60 in hard hit rate while slumping, He had some of the hardest hit HR for Tiger this season. July ´s numbers:278.320.522.842. He is becoming the guy they signed
Maybin is the spark of the team. Correlation does not mean causation but : Team Record in Appearances: 43-24 / in Starts: 39-24
304 .357 .501.858 23 HR 75 RBI not bad for the washed up DH.

You are the StatMaster for sure.

For me McCann is a bright light on this team. Avila Jr. couldn’t throw out trash on garbage day.
Casty will be a mainstay in years to come.
Iggy is still a wizard.
Ian has been a treasure but he won’t hit .270 next year.
I hope Miggy can still hit like Oritz and make it to his 40th birthday here in Detroit.
Upton will remain a lightening rod.
We’ll be lucky to get one good season from one of our 4 veteran starters next year.
Frankie will not be our closer next year.
Avila Sr. will need to be very creative and intelligent in the off-season.

JV is the Ace and Kate Uptin is still with him. It was him or Scherzer. The Tiger kept the right one. W-L does not matter for Pitchers bit 14-7
Surprised by the yo-yo game with Fulmer. On day goes 9 innings , the next rested. He has a history of injuries: shoulder and knee. It is Fulmer or Porcello. I go with Fulmer. Porcello ´s career ERA 4.25. 3.23 this season. It would be a joke if the gets the Cy Young based on his W-L record. Better lucky than good
Zimmermann BB% was climbing last season
Sánchez finally, was able to overcome the misguided adjust to his mechanics. It was silly to mess with a veteran mechanic. If he can keep it long enough , they wont need to eat the whole contract
Boyd was my favorite among the young guns and he is doing the job
KRod 36 saves. Another 4 outs save, something tha almost no one does this day. But still , fans want him replaced with a unproven rookie. who does not have the stiff Rondón had
Greene , unable to remain healthy as starter or reliever. That Fister trade look worse by the years. He wanted to play in the West Coast, as long as I know Texas only has a coast by the East side
Wilson had some red flags, overused by Girardi and high BB rate . They will regret that trade. Chad Green. Season :10.5 K/9 2.5 BB/9. 2.63 as starter since he was recalled with 17 K in 15,2 with 5 BB (11K -0 BB in a game)

“couldn’t throw out trash on garbage day” hilarious Dan. or should I say “gold Jerry, gold”….Seinfeld. Amazing stats, insight, and commentary El Tigre. I for one am very happy with KRod. The guy knows how to pitch and proves night after night you can strike people out without the blazing fastball. I judge him by all the awkward swings he induces even from the better hitters. Generally I’m not worried when he comes in. I like Boyd as well. The quiet one with a little less hype attached is coming on. Sanchez is extremely important to the cause. If he continues to pitch well he will surpass Zim in rotation importance. Probably already has. Zim has a hill to climb. Maybe Anibal finished that climb. Hoping Fulmer bounces back tonight. He should get run support which would take much pressure off. No gopher balls.

My point about KRod is trust. Yes, he has done the job but he is also on the brink almost every outing. I am not saying “replace” him with an unproven rookie I am saying that they need a back-up plan if or when he begins to fail so often that it imperils the teams’ chances for victory.

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