Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Royals

Miguel Cabrera returns to the Tigers lineup after missing Tuesday’s game with a strained left biceps. He’s in his customary spot, while Erick Aybar makes his Tigers debut at shortstop and bats second.

On the flip side, Justin Upton gets a day out of the lineup amidst a 1-for-30 slump that has dropped his average from .241 on Aug. 8 to .226, his lowest level in two months. Tyler Collins shifts from center field to left, while Andrew Romine gets the start in center against Yordano Ventura. Steven Moya is available to hit off the bench, who appears to be his primary role after the Tigers optioned lefty Blaine Hardy to Triple-A Toledo to make room for Aybar on the 25-man roster.

The Royals give Salvador Perez a game out of the lineup. He’s 4-for-20 for his career against Anibal Sanchez, who will try to show the form he cultivated in starts here last homestand rather than the form that yielded four home runs last Friday at Texas.

Gameday | TV: Fox Sports Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, MLB Gameday Audio

tigers1957logoTIGERS (career numbers vs. Ventura)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (8-for-23, double, walk, 2 K’s)
  2. Erick Aybar, SS
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (5-for-16, double, walk, 5 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (5-for-22, 2 HR, 2 walks, 4 K’s)
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF (5-for-13, 2 doubles, 5 walks, 3 K’s)
  6. Tyler Collins, LF (3-for-11, walk, 2 K’s)
  7. Casey McGehee, 3B
  8. James McCann, C (1-for-8, K)
  9. Andrew Romine, CF (2-for-9, walk, 3 K’s)

P: Anibal Sanchez

royalsbigrlogoROYALS (career numbers off Sanchez)

  1. Paulo Orlando, CF (3-for-6, double, K)
  2. Cheslor Cuthbert, 3B (0-for-1)
  3. Lorenzo Cain, RF (7-for-27, double, HR, K)
  4. Eric Hosmer, 1B (10-for-34, 3 doubles, HR, 2 walks, 3 K’s)
  5. Kendrys Morales, DH (5-for-18, 2 doubles, 3 walks, 4 K’s)
  6. Alex Gordon, LF (5-for-18, double, 3 walks, 3 K’s)
  7. Alcides Escobar, SS (9-for-33, HR, 5 K’s)
  8. Drew Butera, C (1-for-5, HR, K)
  9. Raul Mondesi, 2B

P: Yordano Ventura


Kinsler not helping matters offensively….. .138 last 7 games struck out 1st AB tonight?


The “Shhh” was because of Sanchez’s no-hitter. That’s over but now Miggy hits into a DP with the bases loaded. That one run lead is in extreme danger.
By the way, not to expect Miggy to hit a HR but when was the last time a Tiger had more than a solo HR?

Well thank you Justin…..and thank you Tigers for another crappy night at the plate stranding 8…..Miguel has left 6 on. McGhee 4.

Dang it all to he!!. I didn’t even finish my last comment and there goes the lead. Thank you J. Wilson……………………

Miggy 6 LOB? Give me a break.

Yes he did……

What in heaven’s name is wrong with BRAD?
How dense is he to bring in a guy who has babe awful, lost games, been injured, has no confidence, can’t get LHB out etc
And you bring him in a game where your starter has performed like he did

I said something about F-Up looking disinterested
He didn’t look very interested in making a half decent throw after embarrassing himself trying to pick up a lost baseball

And if Brad takes Greene out after one batter he is a complete idiot
Still shaking my head with the choice he made in the 8th

I’m guessing Collins is injured …apparently via Twitter they removed a player In the outfield for no apparent reason other than maybe he was called up?

Ausmus is an idiot! You get a game like that from Sanchez and you bring in JWilson?
What was wrong with Greene to start the 8th inning?

We really kow how to blow games…JASON UPTON SHOULD BE RESTED …

I don’t think they had a choice because of the injury to Collins….but in general I agree

Time for Olympics…….no more time wasted on this again

Evidently, 1 run is all these Toothless Tigers can score! Injuries are a part of the game but geez, all at the same time? Presley was pulled from the Mudhens game so a call-up tomorrow?

9 lob…..
1 lob by Kinsler 0 hits 1 walk 1 so
3 lob by Aybar 0 hits 1 walk
6 lob by Cabrera 0 hits 0 walks 1 so
0 lob by Vmart 1 hit 1 rbi 1 SO
0 by JD Mart 3 hits 0 BB 0 SO
2 lob by Collins 0 hits 0 walks 1 SO
1 lob by Upton 0 hits 0 walks 1 SO
5 lob McGhee 0 hits 0 walks 0 SO
2 lob by McCann 0 hits 0 walks 2 SO
0 lob by Romine 1 hit 0 walks 1 SO


2 hits by Vmart

NJ, at least get the guys name correct. It’s Justin Upton.

Doesn’t matter who they call up if your core can’t get the “big” hit or hit a home run with men on then you are not going to win more than you lose
Looks like Ausmus teams tend to go into season killing swoons
They are a train wreck right now
I think most of is here knew when Sanchez was taken out (as did the Royals) the Tigers would’ve hold them




The season was over when they could not sustain the momentum they gained from the 8 in a row a few weeks ago.
Not sure why they can’t figure out how to pitch to Hosmer. He swings so hard and they just can’t seem to figure out how to get him off balance.
Time for Avila to start working on next year and develop a strategy going forward.
Forget the “Win Now” approach. It has not and will certainly not work next year.
They need to get rid of Upton. Not sure how but the guy is not going to work out in Detroit.
They need to consider getting something for Kinsler before he becomes an average player with a salary liability. Same goes for Zimmermann ( who realistically they are going to be stuck with) and Pelfrey.
The free agent signings proved to be brutal. I don’t care how many homers Salty has he is an aging catcher with limited ability.
AA should pay attention to what DD did and pay some attention to rebuilding

I knew all along even from the 4th. inning that we wouldn’t score another run, or Sanchez would blow up. Well, Sanchez surely didn’t blow up, but that one little run stayed all by itself, and we lose again. Nothing new. it’s sad that Anabal threw 23 pitches in the first inning; if it hadn’t been for that, he would have thrown the 8th. and possibly then 9th. too. But that’s water over the proverbial dam. It’s a travesty that he pitches his behind off for a change, and we can’t score more than one run. Now Starting pitching is the strength of the team, but you can’t throw shutouts every game.
It’s down to this; if we don’t take 3-4 from Boston, there will be no playoffs for our guys this year. A split does nothing;we really need a sweep, because if Cleveland has held on, the division is gone. I do attribute the collapse of the offense to injuries; you could survive the loss of JD, but not Nick, Cam, and Iggy at the same time, plus The Invisible Man who has been injury free. Wilson is worthless right now, but Greene lost the game. We cannot hold a one run lead. Too many parameters to cover. Miggy might as well have rested another game; his AB’s for the most part were uncomfortable, save for the hard liner to Mondesi:
1. Sanchez pitched one of the top five Tiger games this year; no win, but maybe a confidence builder.
2. Julio continues to hit the ball well.
3. VMart amazes me.
Kudos for the Romine bunt;did no good as we couldn’t drive in a run. But at least he can lay one down. This is one of the most disappointing and frustrating seasons of baseball, based on talent, that I’ve seen since I became a Tiger Fan in 1959. And I totally concede more serious injuries than the norm. But they have lost way too many games that should have been won, based on payroll,reputation, and talent. The real hero in all of this is my wife, who has not divorced me this year, though she had grounds that would have stood up in court(Mental Cruelty). Good night.

Thank you White Sox for extending our slim hope. In reality, we will finish behind KC at season end.

Sanchez was the shining star tonight, he made the game worth watching. Thanks Anibal.
I understand fans being disappointed in a player, but what good does it do to boo him? If fans want to boo someone how about Al Avila. He deserves it more than Upton in my book. What a mess he created with his signings.

Well the wheels came off big time. Sanchez had a good outing tonight,

Poor Sanchez, guy took a beating earlier this season (deserved) but he has pulled himself out and did a great job last night to end up with a no decision.

Brad Ausmus: “We just have to win games,” he said. “I don’t care what uniform you wear, I don’t care who comes to town or if we go into their town, we have to find a way to win games. Right now, we’re finding a way to not win games.”
You might want to look at uniform # 7 Brad.
Putting Justin Wilson in that situation was a prescription for failure. Everyone knew it but #7. Even Wilson.

And now the Tigers have made the earth shattering announcement of signing Pedro Ciriaco.
That out to help.

Our Free Agents:
On November 30, the Tigers signed pitcher Jordan Zimmermann to a five-year, $110 million contract.
On December 6, the Tigers signed pitcher Mike Pelfrey to a two-year, $16 million contract.
Also on December 6, the Tigers signed catcher Jarrod Saltalamacchia to a one-year contract for the major league minimum salary.
On December 8, the Tigers signed pitcher Mark Lowe to a two-year, $11 million contract.
On December 18, the Tigers signed utility player Mike Avilés to a one-year, $2 million contract.
On January 20, the Tigers signed outfielder Justin Upton to a six-year, $132.75 million contract.
Are you frigging kidding me? That is a Who’s Who list of under performance and disappointment if ever I saw one. The best guy on the list (and best signing) is Salty and I don’t think he’s hitting .200
The biggest loss of last year was obviously David Dombrowski.

Miggy can carry a team but not the whole team. He tries too hard and becomes less selective.


Thursday so far, more onerunitis.

Tiger’s hitters still missing?

👀 where are they? Bucholtz dealing Rod ?more like Tiger’s are a pathetic bunch of hitters! And there are plenty of people on this team right now and should be able to produce more than what they are …..just a bunch of lame excuses in my opinion. Iglesias wasn’t hitting well….Maybin obviously was and Castellanos was batting..208 in his last 15 games before he went out. Sone only 1 of the 3 was doing anything.
Kinsler has been popping everything up
Miggy has slowed down….Victor hitting .250 in last 7…jd martinez only one hitting…my point is some of these guys can do way better.

Here comes the 8th inning meltdown…’s so damn predictable….

Ausmus knows the team cannot score and he plays infield back with nobody out?
He just seems to not grasp how critical things are.
And I don’t mean just this season
We’ve seen it before
This team is so dysfunctional now it is
Beyond comprehension

8th inning meltdown…..AGAIN……time to turn to the Olympics…..athletes who actually give a crap and don’t make millions of dollars a year to do it!
Great come back and win I’m not holding my breath!

2 on, no outs, Miggy…………………..

…………..broke the onerunitis syndrome with a single. V-Mart………………

………… in the trying run. JD…………………

…..walks and the tie is broken. Can they hold this lead?

And that’s how it’s done……great win.

Important victory but another misguided one.
Why on earth are they pitching to Betts in that situation?
I guess because they didn’t want to run the risk of Frankie walking in the tying run.
Frankie was brutal again. He can’t be counted on and doesn’t seem to have an out pitch or be able to stay ahead of hitters.
Got lucky as Betts hit the snot out of the ball and if Kinsler wasn’t there the Tigers probably lose.
Taking out Victor AFTER taking out Miggy in a possible extra inning game is another blunder.
Brad got away witha lot of puny moves today.

Too much drama in the 9th but they broke that string of 1-run games vs KC.

Take a win any way we can get it.

Sort of enjoyable to watch another team’s bullpen explode.
Keep it rolling Tigers.

Talk about a team treading on thin ice: “well here we are.” Even a much needed, critical win,drains the diehard fan to the ground. But, it’s still a W. As I said last night, we have to get 3 of the 4 to stay relevant;getting today was huge, regardless of how we got there. In those last 10 games, the Guys have been swinging way to early, especially Ian. Our guy always has 100 pitches by the fifth, and theirs has 70. I guess when you are desperate for a hit, you’ll do about anything, which we have been trying to do.
Boyd pitched another solid game; too many pitches, but he has really taken that next step. The Rotation continues to give us a chance to win, but have you noticed the 8th. inning curse here lately. But how many teams survive a 1-0 lead against great offensive teams. Not many, if any. I’m assuming that Brad wakes up and does not use JW tomorrow.Duh! Right now, he ain’t got it Brad. Give it a rest. Finally in the bottom of the 8th, some offense came to life, and we managed to go ahead. Then we had to suffer through KRod again; if he walks the leadoff batter, he’s going to struggle. Thankfully the Betts knock torpedoed into Ian’s glove:
1. Both Miggy and VMart had back to back RBI’s; seems like eternity since that happened.
2. Boyd holds down a potent Red Sox offense.
3. Romine’s no panic, at ease, bases loaded walk for the winning Run.
You can depend on Andrew for something good in every game he plays. Looks pretty smooth in Center also.
Kudos to Matt, Miggy, Aybar, Victor, and Andrew. Clinging by our toenails, but still clinging. Presley, by the way plays a nice outfield. I thought Collins was all banged up, but he was able to play 7D in the 9th. As far as removing The M’s in the 8th. Brad probably thought if we didn’t score in that inning, we’d lose later. I guess no harm done, but it was a bold move.

Nice to see the win today . Hold onto your seats folks for the wild ride.

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