Tuesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. White Sox

Nick Castellanos gets the day off for Tuesday’s series opener. He’s 1-for-16 with six strikeouts against James Shields. Andrew Romine is 1-for-8 with two strikeouts off Shields, but with lefties Chris Sale and Jose Quintana coming up Wednesday and Thursday, Romine’s best fit for a spot start was tonight.

The White Sox swapped outfielders on their roster, calling up just-acquired Charlie Tilson to take the place of just-optioned J.B. Shuck. Tilson, acquired from the Cardinals for Zach Duke, makes his Major League debut, batting eighth and starting in center field. He was batting .282 at Memphis with 16 doubles, eight triples, four homers and 34 RBIs.

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tigerslogoTIGERS (career numbers off Shields)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (16-for-61, 2 doubles, 5 HR, 4 walks, 4 K’s)
  2. Cameron Maybin, CF (5-for-15, walk)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (22-for-60, 9 doubles, 3 HR, 6 walks, 11 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (14-for-49, 4 doubles, HR, walk, 9 K’s)
  5. Justin Upton, LF (0-for-5, walk, K)
  6. Tyler Collins, RF (1-for-1)
  7. James McCann, C
  8. Andrew Romine, 3B (1-for-8, 2 K’s)
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS (2-for-8, K)

P: Anibal Sanchez

whitesox1959logoWHITE SOX (career numbers vs. Sanchez)

  1. Adam Eaton, RF (6-for-14, 2 HR, walk, 5 K’s)
  2. Tim Anderson, SS (2-for-4, 2 K’s)
  3. Melky Cabrera, LF (15-for-34, double, triple, 5 K’s)
  4. Jose Abreu, 1B (8-for-14, 2 doubles, 2 HR, 2 walks, K)
  5. Justin Morneau, DH (7-for-25, 2 doubles, walk, 4 K’s)
  6. Todd Frazier, 3B (1-for-7, 4 K’s)
  7. Dioner Navarro, C (4-for-13, K)
  8. Charlie Tilson, CF
  9. Tyler Saladino, 2B

P: James Shields


Not so sure Collins was out

Hmmmmmm…… I wonder why those outside pitches to Eaton were called balls and strikes to our hitters

Boy, they’re really making Sale work.



Well Tiger’s bats cold through 4…..at least Twins are beating Cleveland.
Let’s get going Tigers

They’ve now perked up a bit I’d say


Oh Boy twins were up 8-0 Indians just put up 6 with 2 outs in the inning….ugh

Going, going, gone.

3 of our players have been clunked.

Jim Price: “These boys are hot.”

Lowe:10 HR in 21 IP with McCann and 1 in 11 with Salty

We all love the HR’s, but personally, I love those triples. Very exciting.

Great job by hitters and great job by Anibal

Old John must not beat beatin that drum loud enough in Cleveland. Twins own them. Can you believe it? Our guys are just 3 games out, and the Big Bananas are on their way back to CoPa. And this offense! My goodness, them seem to really be on a roll. JMac, Romine, and Iggy bring some nice hitting to 7-8-9. And then the rest of the guys, well, let’s just say they can sting a pitcher’s ERA in a hurry. M&M hitting in unison again; JUp with two more solid singles and a walk; you see it in their faces; the team is really playing together. And my heart leaped for joy with Anabal’s performance tonight. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. The Chisox hit three homers, but none off Anabal. What an irony there. Dozen of things to like, but here are my three:
1. Victor’s RBI double to the opposite field; fantastic bat control.
2. Iggy’s Sac Fly in the fifth; fantastic bat control.
3. The Upton catch in left field; his base running is a big plus too.
Kudos to Mr. Miggy, Victor, Cam, Ian and all. Miggy might just be ready to carry this team into the playoff. As he goes, the Tigers go. Ten over for the first time this season.
Would love for the guys to wear throwbacks just for Sale tomorrow night. Need to get him early.

oh that would be hilarious!

Ultimately it is the pitcher who throws the pitch. Lowe has been thoroughly disappointing the pretty much the whole season long.
He can’t be trusted in anything but a 5+ run game.
Miggy has his confidence back and he is going through one of those unworldly streaks at the plate.
Jose gave the team a great AB to tie the game and it lifted that dugout.
IMHO Collins should stay on this team and they can get rid of Molleken or Aviles in order to do it.
My guess is he will however be demoted.

Pelfrey to DL. JD will be activated tomorrow

Pelfrey to DL.
Anibal threw very well today.
Dollars to doughnuts JD is in RF tomorrow.

Good to see runs cross the plate . Nice outing for Anibal maybe he is back on track .

Andrew. Romine.

One of my favorites. He can surprise you, sometimes, and he has a great arm. Said that from day 1 (at least the arm part).

I agree with others, it was good seeing Anibal looking more like the Anibal we trust. This would be the perfect time for him to get back on track. As far as Miggy…..well, just never doubt Big Mig!!!
This run the boys are having makes me feel like it’s 2006 again, it’s getting that exciting.

Way to go Miggy for setting everyone straight. Yes he has had disappointing stretches through the year and often in some clutch spots, but the man is going to have rough patches, likely more and more of them as he ages. But man that sweet swing he has is amazing.

Okay I finally looked it up. The Paul Douglas character in “It Happens Every Spring” was named Monk Lanigan. I know everyone was dying to know the answer………NOT.

Verlander AL Pitcher of July. Cabrera, Tiger s Player of the Month

Right right right right. “Monk”!!
I used to always think that Jimmy Stewart would have been good in the role of the “Professor”. Almost seemed perfect for him. Maybe the wrong studio?
Thanks for clarifying Rich.
As to today, well we really need to get to this guy early. Obviously I would prefer to see JD instead of sacrificing Aviles up for slaughter.
Fullmer is starting to attract a lot of attention in the clubhouse screening rooms and is having to battle a bit harder to get his outs lately. Keep that bloody Eaton off the bases and we stand a good chance.
Enjoy the game fans.

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