Tuesday’s lineups: Tigers at Red Sox (updated)

Cameron Maybin remains out with back issues. Tyler Collins gets the start in center field tonight, with Mike Aviles in right field against knuckleballer Steven Wright (not to be confused with comedian Steven Wright).

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, ESPN, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, MLB Gameday Audio

tigerslogoTIGERS (career numbers off Wright)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (0-for-2, walk, K)
  2. Jose Iglesias, SS (1-for-2, double)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (1-for-2)
  5. Nick Castellanos, 3B (1-for-2, double)
  6. Justin Upton, LF
  7. Mike Aviles, RF
  8. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C
  9. Tyler Collins, CF

P: Mike Pelfrey

bostonlogoRED SOX (career numbers vs. Pelfrey)

  1. Mookie Betts, RF (2-for-6)
  2. Dustin Pedroia, 2B (3-for-9, 2 K’s)
  3. Xander Bogaerts, SS (2-for-6, double, K)
  4. David Ortiz, DH (1-for-8, double, walk, K)
  5. Hanley Ramirez, 1B (10-for-53, HR, 4 walks, 8 K’s)
  6. Jackie Bradley Jr., CF
  7. Travis Shaw, 3B
  8. Ryan Hanigan, C Sandy Leon, C (2-for-4, walk)
  9. Brock Holt, LF

P: Steven Wright


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Aviles again? His BA is .176 with 2 RBIs, over the last 30 and .167 over the last 7.

I hear you and feel your pain. Actually unbelievable how weak a bench this team has and the fact Aviles is even on it let alone starting as an OFer. I would take Romine in a heartbeat over Aviles, anywhere, anytime any position.
Could get real ugly today with Pelf due for a double digit hit performance again soon.
Seems a bit optimistic to pretend this roster is a contending one.

Aside to Rich: wasn’t Paul Douglas’ character named GUMP?
Loved that move, every spring, when I was a kid.

Dislocated rib for Maybin?

Pefrey will get pummelled if he cannot find a way to vary his speeds
Everything is 93 to 95

Why can I see the stupidity of endless fastballs (actually Rod mentioned it too), but Salty And Pelfrey can’t?
I called the HR with not a doubt in my mind
What we just saw made no sense whatsoever
Pelfrey has always had a very hit table heater and to think he could get away with it against one of the best hitters in the game at arhat time is unforgivable
This is a guy who has poor stuff in his arm and obviously between the ears as well
Put him in the pen and if continues to pitch poorly then cut him loose and admit the glaring mistake in judgement

Just got here. Tigers lead 4-0. OOPS! Now 4-3. Why do they even pitch to Ortiz?

Well I guess whatever they had on Wright the first 2 innings has left.
Quick easy outs since

Now Pelfrey is losing it. If he even had it to begin with.

Pelfrey is driving me to drink

Please some gullible GM take him off our hands for bucket of balls

Beat you to it. But… I actually see the stuff in Pelfrey the scouts and Avila did to sign him. The results, however, have been a disaster. This guy is one guy metrics people should be screaming foul about.

Before tonight Pelfry last 7 he’s had a 3.6 era. He had been much better. He’s made out to be the biggest problem on this team and I just don’t see it.
Our hitters have stopped hitting. This is their old MO get out to a nice lead and just stop.

Check his WHIP and BA against. He has been horrible. Scoring runs for Pelfrey is a waste in most cases. He and Sanchez are huge problems.

Not completely fair……he’s had games he had 2 games he allowed 0 ER, 4 which he had 1 ER , 4 which he had 2 ER, 2 which he gave up 3 ER, 3 with 4 ER, 4 with 5 ER, and 1 game with 6 ER. He’s had pretty crappy run support. By the way many of his low run starts he either lost or had no decisions.
He’s had some pretty decent games. People around here always think of the amazing rotations we had a few years ago that is not this.

Eye (and taste) test tells me different
Honestly can’t understand what anybody can see in this guy
Is he the biggest problem?
But being that he starts 20% of our games I would suggest hi is a very
sIGNIICANT problem indeed
How would you like to be on the field with him on the mound?

And then there is the Upton defense issue. It is one thing for a 3B to have a liner hit his glove and not make the play. But, how many times has anyone seen a LFer do the same?

The butterfly ball isn’t fooling the Tigers tonight. Now if they can find some pitchers to shut the Red Sox down.

Look who is ahead by 3 now. Some people give up too soon, let the game play out. It’s not over until 9 are in the books.

Well I for one have not given up on the game
But I certainly have on Big Mike, I must admit

Long game. Kinda half expect this in Beantown

I find Pelfrey endearing. He wears his heart on his sleeve. We’ve seen worse.

and, to be fair, our outfield hasn’t done him any favors. I know some loathe him.

The constant gushing over Betts, Bradley Jr..and Bogarts has become nauseating

I hate it when they do that.

well, Kinsler screwed that up.

Bad defense in this inning looming large…

Yippie Rondon

Tigers win!!! Got a little nervewracking at the end, but they did the job.

Sweet win, feels so good.

Sure feels good to get another win in Boston. They hit the ball solid and nine runs is nothing to laugh at . Maybe they are back on track . I just got a broom ready for tomorrow .

I apologize to Big Mike; had him giving up seven against Boston; it was only five. Yeah we gave him a 4-0 lead, and he gave Boston 5. Agree with everyone who thinks Pelfry was a terrible signing. I don’t care how much better he has pitched lately, when you average 2 base runners for every inning you throw, not much good is going to transpire there. Enough on Mike; he’s already slotted for the Houston series.
At least the offense came alive tonight, and every run was needed. Defense was a little rough, but rose in the end. We took a series at Fenway, and with some luck, could sweep tomorrow:
1. Four RBI’s from 8-9.
2. Controlled Papi every time but one over five AB’s.
3. Great work from RonGreenDez over the last 3 innings.
Kudos to Miggy, Victor, Salty, Aviles, Tyler, and the above mentioned Pen. This was a true grit game, and our guys prevailed. 61 Games are left. We need 37 to make the playoffs. Time for the Vets to step it up. Mr. Fulmer, I hope you have a great start tomorrow. Julio is playing; tough night tonight, but couldn’t expect any more. At least, he’s playing baseball. Z gets back in another 10 days, so things are looking up.

As most of you know, I have two teams; Tigers first (always) and then the Nationals because they’re local and in the NL. They are both in pennant races. They could both use Andrew Miller. And nobody has figured out cloning yet.

If Miggy can remember how to hit LHP today I think we win this game.

Fulmer couldn’t have placed that ball better for Pedroia.

It appears through the first couple of innings Buckner is giving Rodriguez the pitch off the outside of the plate. Ok as long as it’s even.

Answer is no……while Fulmer has only thrown a,couple out there they were called balls…Rodriguez continues to get them called strikes.

Casty and Jup killing rallies.

What a throw by Collins!

There goes Rod Allen’s Big Papi Lovefest again. And four more games later in Detroit. Give it a rest, pardner.

He’s nauseating me….

I know what you mean . Too overboard !!!

(Groan) Casty + JUp = 10 LOB.

They may regret those 12 LOB yet.

Fulmer kinda blew it..

This guy is gonna be really good
Bogearts and Betts are excellent hitters
Sometimes you just get beat

Oh, Miggy!!!!!!

Hang on now! Fingernails ready?

Boy I do NOT agree with this in the 9th

Oh my, where is F-Rod?

Yeah, it’s nervewracking.

I bet Dave’s blood is boiling.

It’s a clean sweep in Boston . Lookout here comes the 2016 Tigers .

Wowzer! The heart of their order. I haven’t paid as good attention as I should as a fan but is this the Wilson who doesn’t always do well or is it the other Wilson? Who here bet money on a sweep? Unbelievable. Cleveland is slipping so it is time the Tigers made a move if they can keep this going. It’s beginning to look like KC may not make it this year.

Pretty impressive to sweep the BoSox in their yard.
I think we got real lucky in the 9th. Bogearts hits LHP well, as does the LHB duo behind him.
Justin has had many instances of failure getting LHB out this year.
Unless something wrong with KRod that’s who I would have gone with as well.
Yes it worked out but I remain pleasantly surprised.

I seriously thought Bradley had hit that out. Even closed my eyes and opened them to see the ball being caught.
I was wondering about K-Rod too but am not privy to the situation.
Anyway, 4.5 games out and would have been 3.5 if not for Papelbon last night. And that’s a 5-2 trip to Chicago and Boston.

Tigers Win! Tigers Win! Don’t care how; the fact they they swept the Sox in their little box, should be a major boost for us. Finally 6 games over .500; 4.5 out; we got a chance. Miggy is showing signs of going on a roll; Fulmer did great for a Rookie, especially against Boston:
1. The Collins throw from center. No run for the Red Sox.
2. Ian’s hand catch of Michael’s toss to first; killed the Red Sox inning.
3. McCann’s tater. Critical add on run that proved to be pivotal.
Kudos to Miggy, Victor, James, Iggy, Ian for D, Michael, and especially to Brucie for the Pedroia K.
Justin did a great job of saving the game. The biggest plus for me is that we won games in many different ways in the Sox Series. I have more hope than I have had in a long time. Need the first two from Houston(it’s called the Pelfry Effect).

The throw by Collins turned out to be the difference in the game.

Interesting chatter surrounding Jonathan Lucroy. El Tigre mentioned him some time ago.

I read that. The bigger question is where is El Tigre? He almost always comments every day.

Are you referring to the MLBTR rumour of McCann to the Brewers for Lucroy?


along with a mystery team. I’ll be shocked if the Tigers make any moves by tomorrow.

It is odd that he hasn’t commented. I’m sure he was happy to see that Miggy’s homer was the game winner.

since Wednesday of last week.

Well his countrymen picked up the slack for him! Miggy might just be getting it back and Victor has to have been discouraged lately. When those guys become dangerous it makes up for a lot of flaws on the team.
Casty had a very poor game.
Would still love to see Upton get traded for a solid starting pitcher. Pretty much nothing down on the farm for us.

wow – a sweep in Boston and we did the sweeping. Hoping this is our upturn and our surge in the season to catch the Tribe

Figure Jacoby Jones gets a call-up next week? Especially with Cameron ailing?

AA is the proverbial deer in the headlights at this time.
Which way to go?
If you stand still you might (but maybe not) get smucked head on.
Lucroy would help this team a lot. But McCann is the future. He will learn to hit maybe as well as Freehan or Parrish. His defensive tools are very skillful.
I believe we need a front of the rotation starter.
The sorry, inconsistent, bullpen will sort itself out and there is always JJ in the minors to lend a hand.
How many personal issues can one guy (KRod) possibly have? He has been excellent but man a closer does not need distractions.
Feel bad for JD, he will undoubtedly struggle when he comes back.

According to MLBTR, the Tigers are no longer in on Lucroy.

I’m happy with that.

He would have helped.

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