Notes and quotes from Thursday’s comeback

Here’s what the record books and stat sheet said about the Tigers’ comeback Thursday night at Tampa Bay:

  • According to STATS, it’s the Tigers’ seventh win in the last 100 years after trailing by five or more runs in the ninth. The last time was Sept. 21, 2013, when they turned a 6-0 deficit in the ninth into a 7-6 win in the 12th. Detroit hit for the cycle in the ninth, including an Andy Dirks three-run homer off Nate Jones.
  • It’s the first time since July 7, 1922 that the Tigers scored eight or more runs after entering the ninth inning down five or more runs. Detroit won that game over the Washington Senators.
  • It’s the largest deficit the Tigers have overcome in a win at any point in a game July 8, 2014, when they turned a 5-0 deficit to the Dodgers into a 14-5 win. It’s the largest deficit the Tigers have overcome to win on the road since May 15, 2012, when they turned a 6-0 game against the White Sox into a 10-8 victory.
  • It’s the highest-scoring ninth inning the Tigers have posted since August 8, 2001. You might remember the 13-run ninth inning that game in a 19-6 win.
  • It’s the fourth win by a Major League team over the last five seasons when trailing by five or more runs in the ninth. Teams were 3-2779 in those situations entering today.

Here’s what the Tigers said about their comeback:

  • Brad Ausmus: “Nothing stood out. It just kept rolling and rolling. When they put it in play, it just kept going between infielders or between outfielders, or in front of the outfielders. We just kept getting hits, or mixing in a walk.”
  • Ian Kinsler: “You’re just trying to get the run in any way you can, whether it’s a sac fly, a walk, whatever it may be. You’re just trying to get that run in and tie the game so you continue to play. After that, Cam took care of the rest.”
  • Jarrod Saltalamacchia: “You have to pass the baton to the next guy. No one went up there trying to hit a home run. Everyone went up there just trying to get on base, let the next guy do his job. That’s a great way of playing.”
  • Cameron Maybin: “You’re not really thinking about trying to rally. You’re just thinking about doing the job and trying to pass the baton. Everybody went up there giving good at-bats, quality at-bats, not trying to do too much. Fortunately enough, we continued to fight, never quit. That’s what it’s about.”
  • Maybin: “I think as they start to chip away and you see runs going up and no outs going up on the board, guys started believing and guys started chirping a little bit louder, started to gravitate closer towards the field. You can feed off that as a player. Those are the types of situations are what you play the game for, to be in those crunch-time situations. It’s a great feeling to get a W after being down like that.”
  • Kinsler: “When it starts with Cam, you’re just trying not to be the last out. We all know that our offense is explosive and anything can happen. When you’re down 7-2, obviously the odds aren’t in our favor, but no one wants to make the last out, and we continued to fight.”


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Zimmerman FIP 3.59 ( Fulmer 3.82 ) Lower K rate, lower BB rate, lower HR/9 (too low could regress), too low LOB% .Higher GB rate. WAR 2.0 ( 3.00 in 2015) he has been better this season than in 2015
Had Moya being able to make an easy play, we would not be taking about a comeback but about another W
Moya -4 DRS in 30 Innings. JD -11 this season

“Momentum? Momentum is the next day’s starting pitcher”
Earl Weaver

Cabrera at least 1 RBi in 5 of last 10. RBI s n 2 of last 3 but he is back to his old self of no RBI
1496 RBI in 14 years,Kaline1586 in 22
7 100 RBI seasons as Tiger vs 3

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I don’t think a team gains any momentum from a win like last night’s but it can signal a change in hitting approach. “Keep the line moving” is an overused cliche’ but enacting it can bring success. Have a successful AB and turn it over to the next guy. The Tigers could use their considerable hitting skills more for this and less for going for the big homer.

My wife and I were at 9/21/13 game . The ball park was electric after they scored the six runs in the bottom of the 9 th inning . We did not get home until 5 a.m. It was well worth it .
When Dirks hit the home run it sounded like a rocket going off .

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