Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Blue Jays

Cameron Maybin is out of the lineup again as Brad Ausmus keeps an eye on Maybin’s sore left wrist. Add in Thursday’s off-day, and he’ll have three days without having to swing a bat before Friday night’s series opener at Yankee Stadium. Justin Upton, who played center field in Baltimore, shifts over at more spacious Comerica Park, with Mike Aviles starting in left. Andrew Romine, who started in center field at last night, is starting at first base. Miguel Cabrera gets a game at DH with Victor Martinez off.

The Jays make a couple changes with the day game after a night game. Former (albeit brief) Tiger Ezequiel Carrera starts in left field for Michael Saunders, while Devon Travis gets a day off. Darwin Barney moves over to second with Ryan Goins starting at short. Josh Thole, 8-for-20 off Jordan Zimmermann from their NL East days, starts for Russell Martin with knuckleballer R.A. Dickey on the mound.

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tigerhitterlogoTIGERS (career numbers off R.A. Rickey)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (8-for-19, 3 HR, walk, K)
  2. Mike Aviles, LF (1-for-3, walk, K)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, DH (7-for-27, double, 2 HR, 2 walks, 4 K’s)
  4. Nick Castellanos, 3B (2-for-10, double, 2 walks, 2 K’s)
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF (3-for-11, double, HR, walk, K)
  6. Justin Upton, CF (2-for-11, double, HR, 2 K’s)
  7. James McCann, C (2-for-6, triple, K)
  8. Andrew Romine, 1B (1-for-3, walk)
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS (2-for-4, double, walk)

P: Jordan Zimmermann

jaylogoBLUE JAYS (career numbers vs. Zimmermann)

  1. Jose Bautista, RF (1-for-4)
  2. Josh Donaldson, 3B (1-for-4)
  3. Edwin Encarnacion, DH (0-for-0, walk)
  4. Justin Smoak, 1B (0-for-3, 2 K’s)
  5. Kevin Pillar, CF
  6. Ezequiel Carrera, LF (1-for-2)
  7. Darwin Barney, 2B (4-for-15, double, triple, 3 walks, 2 K’s)
  8. Ryan Goins, SS (0-for-2)
  9. Josh Thole, C (8-for-20, walk, K)

P: R.A. Dickey


What now? Their “sparkplug” can’t handle Dickey so they use Aviles?

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Hope maybin is back Friday in NY. Been a spark plug and has brought energy to the Tigers which they where missing.

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They said his wrist was bothering him. But that being said……too many bench players today.

That umpire is killing Zimmermann. Call a strike, bozo.

Good I don’t want to be the only one made about the strike zone

Iggy GIVITH and Iggy TAKETH away

Yep….Thole was surely struck out but ump lets him stroll down to 1st…..ump ump ump

Zimmermann allowed a career high 1.1 HR/9 in 2015. 24 HR. Up to 1.3 HR/9 8 HR in the young season

Zimmerman is aweful today

Jeez get Zimmerman the hell out of there….haven’t you seen enough Brad

Can’t figure out why Brad waited so long . My dad said there would be games like this .

I hope Zimm’s recent injury isn’t still bothering him. Didn’t he have a bit of trouble in his last outing?

Wonder how much $$$$$$ Dickey gave the ump today?

Last thing I’ll say…the ump made sure this game was going to go a certain way. Wide strike zone for Toronto while our pitchers were squeezed. Apparently this is not unusual for him.

You can’t win them all. Z had a bad day. Hitting was inconsistent. Two of three from the Jays still feels good:
1. Casty has a good plate day.
2. Bull Pen kept the Jays in check.
3. Sanchez had another clean inning.
Kudos to Nick and Julio.
Blah day! There will be more.

Aviles 2 for 4 today, has allowed the Tigers to rest every position player this week. To go with an extra pitcher giving the BP rest going short on the bench. But It seems time to make a decision,time to call an OF.

Here we are in the 2nd week of June and Jiminez is still sporting a ZERO ERA.
Threw another inning with 3 Ks today for Erie.

So last night I’m watching the Nationals play the White Sox in Chicago. James Shields threw 80 pitches to get the first six outs, by which time he’s trailing 6-0. When Ventura appeared to remove Shields, the Sox fans cheered. When Shields walked off the mound, the Sox fans booed…loudly.
Welcome to Chicago, Big Game James!

Mark Simon posted yesterday a good analysis predicting Big Fail James.ESPN

Tigers third to last defensive team. Best? 2B and ….LF

Mark Simon
Here’s your team Defensive Runs Saved leaderboard (with shift runs saved info via @fieldingbible

Why to draft a player with signing issues after losing the second and third picks?

I will buy Kinsler . Upton is a joke . I posted much earlier about how untrustworthy even Fangraphs finds some of this defensive stuff. It is hard to believe people will believe fantasy stats over their own observations But, I do think fantasy stuff CAN enhance one’s understanding of REAL productivity

I’m admittedly old school, but not blindly obstinate either. To me it’s the eye test. Upton simply cannot be one of the top LFers. No way in hell. In has been dynamite. Actually the whle bloody infield has been very good. Miggy under-rated (as per usual) and Nick is young enough to dismiss out of hand (especially since he has a history of being inadequate).
Maybin is OK. JD is better than average and actually pretty darn dependable. McCann is a beast defensively.
Not sure why they are considered 3rd worst. Makes no sense to me.
The issues to me are not defensive they are the flow of the lineup and the rotation.
The bullpen is a work in progress and a concern to be sure but there are enough options internally to suss out a solution

A Boras client of course, Funkhouser

Adviser.. not agent.

Guess this ump tonight in NY is a dip too….Kinsler was not struck out not close


Not only is the ump crap….Pelfry not hitting corners and Upton doesn’t catch a fairly routine fly ball. Oh the road

The zone is the same for both pitchers. Consistency

Not even close

It’s just gonna be one of those games …..can’t hit can’t field their positions…Guess just not that interested.
And a few of those pitches to Gardner were closer to the strike zone and called balls than the one called a strike on Ian. Just saying

very smart with a LHB.. no

strikes, Missed 3 each one

Please get rid of Pelfrey (at least from the rotation) and Upton

3 unearned runs. That’s terrible.

All those men left on base.

Miggy coming through again…wait no he didn’t again

Pelfrey pitching a good game. The defense failed him badly

I can agree with you on that….3 of those runs should not have scored

4 walks 1 K & 6 hits is good?
Pefrey was a waste of money whose only salvation is as a reliever

Totally agree with both of you. Pelfrey pitched good enough to win. Got out of that mess with 3 on base. The team around him does not support him aside from the infield.

This game should be 0-1-Had Upton read the FB and MaCaan did not try the throw to first with a LHB

3 hours of my life I can never get back.

McCosky “This is the fifth time in 12 starts Tigers have scored 2 runs or fewer for Pelfrey”

I could be wrong about this but I think that Miggy, other than the 2-0 count in his second AB, swung at every single pitch he saw over four plate appearances. That seems kind of bizarre.

Maybe they were all out celebrating with Verland the gf in New York. Some of them played like they had hangovers.

Well. I took my wife for a 5 day trip to NYC for our upcoming 20th anniversary. It was our first time to The Big Apple. Tonight was our last night here and was hoping to see a good game. But they laid a pretty good steamer out there. This is why I rarely pay for sports tix anymore. It is too much of a crapshoot as to the effort and result you will see. Upton’s misplay was ridiculous. Big Mike didn’t pitch terrible but he is so boring to watch. The game goes to a crawl when he gets men on. Not as bad as Penny, but pretty bad.
Other than that, the rest of the trip was fantastic and memorable.
— Bob

I know I’ve said it before, but Upton is neither Cespedes nor even close to one of the best defensive players in LF. And no amount of metrics can convince me I have lying eyes.

No adjustments the second and third time around. Allowed Big Daddy to make us look like fools again. Miggy gave nothing tonight, and certainly wasn’t by himself. Not a single clutch hit tonight.
1. Pelfry gets into the seventh, with his usual one disaster inning that seals his fate.
2. The Iggy/Ian DP on ARod in the third.
3. Julio on base 3 times.
It is ludicrous putting Mike out there every fifth day. Twelve starts and a +1.50 Whip
and 1 win are not avenues of success. Miggy is in a horrible funk, mood, or something right now. He’s leaving RISP’s on the bases routinely. Everybody looked totally out of it tonight.

If Pelfry doesn’t start there is no place on the team for him. There is no way you pay a guy 8 mil a year to pitch in relief in only blowout losses. Too many runners on base to put him in with a lead.

Discussing the sudden defensive surge by Fowler, Oswaldo Guillén ,who knows a little about baseball, blamed the OF coach for the past Fowler´s performance.
The laser pinpoint ban against the Dodgers give support to his position.
Maybin was in bad position too. He was not even close to the two singles to CF.
Why are they the third worst defensive team in MLB?T The two misplays, McCann cost them a run too with his failed imitation of Molina or Peña. Castellanos showed his lack or arm, a short throw and he almost hit the dirt.

I have not been a fan of the Pelfrey signing, at least for the amount of money he got. But, in his defense, he has garnered 2 consecutive Quality Starts and has thrown at least 6 innings in 3 of his last 4 starts. Plus, his defense really didn’t help him much in yesterday’s game, including the non-error by Upton.

My opinion is that the Quality Start, while a somewhat useful stat during the steroid era, is past its “best if used by” date. A team could have 162 such starts in a season, and that 4.50 ERA would produce a sub-500 club. Indeed as of today, it would rank 25th of the 30 clubs. Now if the definition was changed to, say, 7 innings and 3 runs or 6 innings and 2 runs, that would be more useful in 2016.

There is a malaise that overcomes the team during Pelfrey’s starts that can’t be quantified.

I don’t (and either does Illitch) give a hoot about the money already spent. Though it does go to my point about Pelfrey gong to the pen. I think BECAUSE they spent 8 million they will want to ensure they get something out of him if he can’t cut it as a starter.
Pelfrey does not need to be a long man in the pen. He needs to take his sinker, his ground ball sytle, and a increase in velocity and convert himself into a re-invention. As a starter he will continue a high WHIP and pitch under stress but will always be giving up his 4 runs at the expense of not keeping his team in the game.
As a reliever he would benefit from being able to actually sustain his two-seamer around 95 and help to off-set his sinker and off-speed stuff. I believe he could actually become an effective contributor.
Of course this all depends on the maturation of Boyd/Norris/Fullmer and what happens with Anibal.

Pelfrey 2.6 run support /Inning pitched 3 QS in 12 games. He is doing what the Tigers expected him to do. The defense, third worst in MLB, is not

That would be a “Felix”: 2 ER or less in 7IP

Rich, your points about Quality Starts are well taken. But,the reason I like the stat is it shows the Starter, at minimum ( a 3-run max thru at least 6 innings), gave his team a chance to win before turning it over to the BP.

Darline, yeah I see why you like the stat and it’s a good reason to. This stuff was much simpler back in the day of 300 inning pitchers.
Dan, I think the club wouldn’t hesitate to put Pelfrey in the pen if he became the 6th best starter on the team. That may have been the plan all along.
Bob, you probably drew the worst game of the season to attend. I was complaining about it all night and even the Yankee fans in attendance seemed bored. Anyway, glad you enjoyed your trip. From 1968 on, I’ve enjoyed watching the city evolve during my visits.

I too have fond memories of NYC. Went there just after the Cabby trade. Last year of Yankee Stadium. It was as close to a religious experience (at least for me) as I have ever had. The monuments were spiritually palpable. The Tigers swept the series from the Yanks and the Yankee fans completely tolerated my (what could have been obnoxious to them) behaviour. Miggy and Carlos switched positions that series and Polanco whacked 2 or 3 homers in the series.
Left our brand new camera under my seat on the subway. A little old lady came running towards me as I exited only to have the doors close as she reached out with my bag.
She turned it in at her next stop and the Transit Police had it waiting for us with all the contents undisturbed. Fantastic experience. The people were as friendly as anywhere I have traveled. The city itself and the culture within it were spectacular.

What a nice write up on NYC . We did not know what to expect when we go . Hope we don’t get lost .

I wonder if any team would be interested in Upton given his salary structure? I just see Moya under-developing at AAA. Upton seems to have fallen into such a rut that it seems unlikely he will be able to extricate himself here. A change of scene might benefit all.

Kershaw stats:
“Kershaw has more 7+ IP, 2- ER starts (11) than 13 starting rotations:


Kershaw’s excellence in this era reminds me of koufax in his heyday. I just hope Kershaw can hold together longer than Koufax did.

Here’s a stat Pelfry as a 5 starter has 4.68 era 1-6 record. Price as a #1 starter 4.63 and a
7-3 record. This offense and defense nearly never shows up for Pelfry…price is having no such problems.
8 of his 12 starts he gave up 3 er or fewer.

Tigers threaten and do not score…..way to go middle of the order…same great work as last night.

According to the Tigers depth chart, Pelfrey is now the #3 Starter. He has never been #5.

The point is the perception of him is not actually how he’s performed.
Miggys had a couple nice AB’s….not

I agree that of late Pelfrey has been better. In fact, I earlier commented to that effect in his defense.

I know you have

Miguel has bailed Verlander out with his glove , twice. That counts too

Miguel Cabrera is also paid to hit the ball…drive in runs…is is lacking mightily in that regard. Unless he’s hurt again he’s not living up to his hefty contract right now. He’s weekly grounded out three times today…in fact he’s batting. 172 in last 7……220 in last 15 with only 6 rbi. Noway that’s good enough .


The 6th inning will be the big one for JV

I’d be very tempted to give JV the rest of the night off

Not a bad outing for Verander and some run support .

Take a look at photos of JUp from a couple years ago. My gawd, has he packed on pounds around his gut. He’s 28 years old and has a gut.

Nick! An HR and now he flashes some leather.

Thank god for Ian

So much pressure when playing the Yanks. You know you have to be leading after six, or you’re basically toast. JV made sure that the Bronxers would not have that lead. He’s really on a good run right now, and with the evolution of Fuller, we have three to depend on most nights out. Do believe that Smoltz is one of the better Analysts in all of baseball. He brings some really good insights into the pitching side of the game:
1. Ian and Casty bring taters to the party.
2. Shane looked really sharp on the mound.
3. Miggy was a flash at the plate, but flashed some really good leather on D.
Kudos to Julio, McCann for two hits, and the Pen minus Alex’s bump. It’s a great sign that we score six runs with 2, 3, and 4 going 0-13. Hope Michael can show’s he’s for real on the big stage tomorrow.

Miggy tweaked his back some time back. Wonder if that’s bothering him. Some nagging injuries can go unreported.
Verlander has become reliable again, and that’s huge.
Ian Kinsler is just a good ballplayer. Damn good.
Good game overall and avoided any possible sweep. The important games begin on Monday and throughout next week.

Well then he needs to rest because he is more of a sure out than McCann or Upton

Interesting about Miggy’s back. I hate to see this guy play through injuries like has has in the past. My usual respons is : give him the necessary time off to get himself right.
Victor has been striking out way more than I can ever recall.
Jiminez got the win tonight for Erie and had another scoreless inning. Unscored upon this year so far.

Yes, it is his highest career SO/9 for Victor but still team best. With 335 .384 .524 .907 first in OPS avg and OBP of the team.
4th in average in the American league (where he plays).
During the first inning, the core failed but not him. He got a walk. Or is he supposed to swing a bad pitch over the fences?
BTW: same for Kinsler highest career K/9 and his BB/9 is almost half of 2015, His Babip is 50 points above his career average. The regression will be ugly.

Miguel was hit on the knee. He was day to day.But the team needs him. They are running one player short in the bench and there is no one to fill the role of 5th OF in the system

We don’t need what he is providing…….he’s an automatic out right now. Upton and McCann have a better shother than him

You can’t be serious about not having a 5th OFer. Jacoby Jones and Steven Moya can both play better than our 3rd OFer right now.

I think Miguel is just going through one of those bad patches. Even a bad knee can’t account for 1st pitch weak ground balls. He is simply not hitting well right now.
He’ll come out of it with a vengeance.
I do not have the same optimism for Upton.

I would like to see Romine getting the start at short today (especially with the short porch) rather than Aviles.
Salty will be lucky to draw a walk but they obviously do need to give McCann a blow every now and then.

Mark Simon
Highest Hard-Hit Rate, Teams
Rays 18%
Rockies 17.2%
Nationals 17%
Diamondbacks 17%
Red Sox 16.9%
Pirates 16.6%
Tigers 16.4%
Blue Jays 16.4%

Finally someone explained it too me, high paid players must perform on every single AB during the year. No slumps, no bad days. No matter if baseball is game of failure. Hank Wilson or Barry Bonds like performance would not be enough.

Um not every game but more often than not. And it’s not like it has been a few games this has been going on for a long while …hurt or not more than a year. If he’s hurt give him a pass but in April he was bad for him at .270 better in May but it really was just a few weeks in May batting. 333 and June were down to .244.

Last year his power was gone but he still was an excellent singles hitter this year not even hitting for average

A little off topic but I am a tad concerned with Daniel Norris. He is striking hitters out at a decent rate but he is giving up far too many hits to minor leaguers. I hope he figures it out.
Pineda will be tough today.

Rich, I think you are right. I drew the worst possible game. It was a dud. Yankee Stadium was not electric at all. I expected more. The monuments were cool.
Dan, you are also correct. The people of NYC were great. We did not experience the stereotypical “rude” New Yorker. They are all in a big hurry, but not rude. Every local was very nice and helpful. One even helped me hail a cab; apparently I wasn’t doing it correctly. Not aggressive enough. 😀. My wife left her prescription sunglasses on the table at a restaurant and the busboy chased us half a block to give them back.
— Bob

Gameday: “Playing in his 2,00th career game, Miguel Cabrera hits his 2,400th hit of his career” 5th youngest after Cobb, Hornsby, Yount and Aaron

Michael would benefit from throwing his slider more IMO. Two of the best I have ever seen against Beltran.

Cy Pineda carving up the Tigers lickety split.

I’d take Pineda on my staff any day. This guy can throw.

Are you basing that on how tiger’s hitters him…
1er (tigers)
3 er

By the way …..much worse than Pelfry

4 hits in an inning and 1 run on a sac fly….talk about clogging up the bases.

Great 3 pitch strike out from miggy with runners at 1st and 3rd and nobody out. Great

My opinion of Pineda vs Pelfrey is only that–an opinion. I would rather have Pineda’s arm.

Pineda has more upside for sure….but if you can’t get the job done

And her comes the pen….

Greene has looked really good out of the pen

I agree. Smoltz thinks he has really nasty stuff and will make an excellent Starter when he is healthy and gets things figured out..

I really enjoy the Yankee broadcasters. Cone, Flaherty, Kay, Leiter, O’Neill and Singleton are analytical, baseball-savy and objective. You can’t accuse them of being homers.

Darline , you are correct about the Yankee broadcasters, except for all of the jabber re the Ole’ Timers Game. They are reasonably objective about their analysis. Re: Miggy: He is not having good AB’s right now, almost to the point of always first pitch swinging to try and get a hit. No doubt he can hit; he seems to be pressing a bit for the past few games. If it’s an injury, address it now:
1. Fullmer’s cool in getting out of the bases loaded jam.
2. I am going to eat crow re KRod; Control and results have been near perfect.
3. Got that early lead again, a must in beating the Yanks.
Kudos to the AL MVP, Ian K. Also props to the Fullmrerizer, Julio, and Shane Greene.
Wilson had the one blemish, but the pen is stabilizing again. Quality Starts don’t hurt either. 2-3 at Pin Stripe Heaven was a great start to the road trip.

K-Rod looks nothing like Chapman or Kimbrel, guys I visualize as Closers. But, after a horrible start, he has settled down. Not quite sure how he gets it done with the stuff he has to offer, but I will take the results. I am almost sold on him.

Visiting my daughters this weekend in NYC. We were at Sunday’s game which was Old Timers Day. Sorry Bob for your clunker. I watched it from our hotel up in “Sleepy Hollow”/Terrytown, home of the “Horsemen” and the “Legends”. (Washington Irving and all that.) A nice train ride following the Hudson to the stadium. Yesterday’s game was much more entertaining. A lot of past Yankee stars (I will not say greats) since most of them were younger than me. But there were some true notable greats, Whitey Ford and Ralph Terry among them. Whitey got a great standing ovation and I found myself clapping hard for him in my camo Tigers visitor cap and even getting a bit emotional myself, just because it’s baseball. Most of the greats I remember as a kid are no longer with us. Our seats were 3rd tier just behind 3rd base. Not bad. Could not see any Tiger dugout activity though. Miggy hit one to the fence first AB. Victor came close. And Ian’s was not cheap as you all could certainly see. Clean defense. Ian speared one at a very critical point in the game. Was disappointed Iggy wasn’t playing but Aviles filled in well. Upton made a couple of catches that seemed tough but I wonder if he just doesn’t get good jumps and not quick acceleration. Still all went well. Fans were not given much to get excited about. Fulmer kept hitters off balance and seems to have a knack of bearing down when scoring threat develops. And I was well aware of his scoreless inning streak on the line. Shane Greene did very well in the 7th. My wife is funny. In the 8th when Justin Wilson came in she asked me why didn’t they keep Greene in, cause he was doing well. I said, “Because there is a “formula” that must be followed at all costs my love. When the Yankees scored, and the stadium got really loud and hopeful for the first time, She said, “Well “the formula” isn’t working very well is it? I said, “No it isn’t… it isn’t.” KRod had the 9th inning hitters flailing, so whatever he’s doing, it working. I agree with above comments about NYC. It is a cool place to visit and lots to see and do. People have that NYC attitude but are friendly and interesting. For you Seinfeld people, the Yankees are the “bizarro world” of the Tigers. 2 Greenes, 2 Romines, and 2 McCanns.

The McCanns are a triple bizzarro world. Same last name, same position and same jersey number. What are the odds?
— Bob

Aviles starts in place of JD tonight. JD was 2-4 yesterday and is over .400 his last 7 Is there a problem or is he just being rested?

He is DHing Dar.

Two things I think:
1) Tiger fans are expecting too much of Zimmermann and he has
2) He has over achieved statistically and a drop-off is to be expected

Probably the “best” trade DD ever did was the miracle trade for Ian and the (partial) divestiture of Prince’s albatross of a contract.
Wouldn’t it be cool if AA can do the same or better with JUp?

Washington fans cheering every max pitch tonight and it’s only through 3 innings. Cool.
Contrary to many here, I love Max always will and don’t blame a bit for leaving Detroit under the circumstances.

Hopefully we get enough “O” to make up for Salty and Aviles.

Nice 1st inning.

Nice to see the Tiger bats come alive and score some runs .

Boyd is making me nervous ..2 homers and a 4 run game.

Might be time to get Boyd out of there…..

7 freaking run lead down to 1……looks a hell of a lot like a game in Minnesota last year that marked the beginning of the end.

Aviles….8 lob
Salty …4


Why are we putting all the worst relievers in…..? I’m so angry right now…please put in low next. Must be nice to have relievers who can strand runners.

In hindsight: where is Anibal?
Relieving Boyd should have made a good deal of sense

Wilson so good he’s going out for a second. Minnesota…redux

Why does Ausmus reward poor relievers with extra innings?

Some pretty flashy glove work by Nick tonight.

Alex Wilson is at best a mediocre bullpen solution.
Parnell will not be successful unless he throws 97 again

I hope some of us folks here are getting happier with Casty defensively. He has, in fact, been awesome lately.

I agree ….I don’t think he’s above average but I’d say average no matter what war says. There are 2 or 3 balls tonight he doesn’t get to last year

Aviles strands #9

Same game as last year in Minnesota….giant lead and the pen blows it (starter helped this time)
Apparently Krod can’t pitch 3 days in a row. Yep the beginning of the end

More Roland’s in the 9 th inning . K-Rod can’t pull off the save .

I hope this has a good ending.

Well Miggy is hurt or not seeing it….he has had very very ugly swings last few weeks

Another bad AB in 12th.

This one feels bad and the aftermath may end up being as debilitating as last year’s season blowing debacle.
There is a lot of blame to toss around here and I will add that there is something WRONG with Miggy for sure. He looks lifeless, almost lethargic. Seems to be giving up at the plate, almost resigned to failure. Looked uninterested in the field too. And no, not just because of the Shuck double but earlier in the game not going for a single to RF when he passively let it go. I am not saying this to deride Miguel or pin this disaster on him. He has not been hitting in the clutch lately and his power has once again vanished from his at bats. I now cringe when the middle of the lineup is due up just like I do when the bottom is due up.
This is not blaming him for the loss. I think Brad can share the blame with his pen tonight. He failed to recognize that Boyd was done. Left Parnell in when he was getting hammered and got away with the same with Alex Wilson.
Sanchez was a natural reaction to a faltering Boyd. I don’t think he was ever even warming up (and he needs more time to be sure).
We got a lot of undeserved breaks. Salty going for 3rd was blatantly absurd but they got away with it. The plate ump was bad tonight and mostly with the Sox on the mound. Yet we continued to squander.
The team started out with an energy that seemed to come out of some mystical area in their collective psyche and ended up being drained of all vitality.
Ugly, brutal, devastating loss that we can only hope is immediately turned around by a much needed ACE type performance from a guy who is not an ACE.
How can Brad Ausmus in good faith keep playing Aviles as much as he does against major league teams and in his own division. For that matter the same could be said about Upton.
Thanks for the vent.

I would imagine Boyd will be swapping places with Daniel Norris soon. Even though Norris is not ready yet.
Greene looks very solid but seriously, how can he not be returned to the rotation?
Our OFers were all very tentative tonight.

Parnell swapped out for Farmer. Even Buck’s name defines what level of ball he should be playing.
This is a no brainer (meaning must have “no” brains) transaction. Buck can’t help this team any more than Parnell can.
This is becoming a team that actually needs a Jiminez and a Moya.

I agree with all your saying…..I’ve been saying it for a while about Miggy and have been getting mostly blasted for even thinking it. He was fortunate to even have that hit today that ball shoulda been caught.
I’m completely disgusted. I didn’t watch the post-game. Pesky thing like work something that the pitching staff didn’t get the memo on last night.

Went to bed; didn’t see the outcome, but knew what it would be, especially on the road and the Pen Usage. How many times have we seen these games in the past two years? Our bats go dead, and the opponent just chips away at mediocre relief pitching. In all honesty, was Parnell the best choice to bridge to the 7th? Too many feel good stories on this team ie Parnell, Aviles. Love Aviles, but again he is a clone of Romine; better hitter but Andrew is much more versatile. GK has been right all along on Miggy. Something is not right. So we let a sure win turn into a horrible loss. Momentum Killer indeed:
1 .Iggy and his suicide squeeze.
2. Enough of how poorly Casty plays the hot corner. He was great again last night.
3. Shane Greene looks mighty good right now. Time to reenter the rotation.
Kudos to Julio, Ian(of course), and give Alex props for getting out of mess. Cam had decent AB’s except against Jones. Feel so bad for Sanchez. Time to move on.

Good vent Dan.

I doubt that I’m the only one who foresaw this game slipping away when it was still 7-0. The Tigers missed an opportunity to add on even more runs and with the way Boyd was pitching (and his pitch count), combined with the fact that our middle relief is horrendous, I wasn’t surprised at what transpired. I kind of lost interest when it began to happen. Hard to win consistently with a three man bullpen.
So what’s up with Mark Lowe? Sanchez?
If Victor can’t play, they need to call up Moya immediately, and that would probably mean sending down a pitcher. Aviles as a starter is…..well, a non-starter.
It’s very frustrating trying to win a division with an 85 win team, but that’s about what we’ve got at this point.

K-Rod has been pretty good since his disastrous April. I commented earlier on this post that I have almost become a believer. After last night, scratch that.

Rich, we think the same. I listen to the radio and turned it off after Boyd exited the game. I still think it is the managers team. He sets the tone. Upton striking out with runners on. Am I correct? My wife stills wants to go to a game in August as she loves Comerica.

I think he is a good back-up closer if he can’t fulfill his current obligation. His forte is throwing hard to hit strikes and he certainly didn’t do that yesterday. Everyone has an off day let’s hope it was just that.
Speaking of off days, how many is Upton entitled to? 140?
And Miggy? I have seen him go through it before but the way he played the game yesterday really bummed me out. He is getting wrapped up in his own ego I think.

Time to option a pitcher down and call another bat. A 2 players bench is absurd

So Aviles stranding 9 runners last night earned him another night starting….peculiar and down right maddening

I agree. Aviles is a waste of $2M .He and $16M Pelfrey could have brought Leake to the Tigers. Plus, Machaado could have done more than Aviles at minimum wage. Machado will never be a star and might never even be a regular, but he has at least as much value as Aviles at this point of their respective careers.

It’s crazy thinking. (Aviles)
If you have this team clicking on all cylinders then you can maybe afford to put him in the lineup but right now the ony guys in this lineup that are at all consistent are Ian, JD and maybe Nick.
Upton, Mc Cann, Aviles and Romine is downright impotent and a chance for any struggling pitcher to completely regroup.
I doubt the Tigers will score four tonight.
Zimmerman needs to pretty much shut them out.

Will we get “Eaton” up tonight again?

Well Zimmerman not fixed and along with stranding a week’s worth of runners aviles throws the ball away. Unless things change quickly I think I’m going to be angry again

When Romine got more AB’s last year he was much better….Aviles is taking a lot of those.

Zimmerman has lost something off his fastball the last couple of years. I expect he has movement on most of his pitches but he doesn’t have the kind of movement we see from Fullmer or Greene or JV.
I mentioned yesterday that somehow he has developed expectations from fans as being an ACE when he most certainly is at best a good mid rotation quality starting pitcher. We need Greene back in the rotation soon. Boyd will not cut it.

Nice play by Zimmerman…now strand the guy on 2nd

Here we go again… Zimmerman giving it up here in the 4th. Honestly

..Zimmerman is not good again…..maybe get someone up? Hardy I don’t know just a thought Manager Ausmus

Two things….

This game is reminiscent of last nights debacle.

This ump obviously doesn’t care for Ian he’s screwed him over a few times…

Miggy looking like no issues. Jose playing good hustling baseball. Need to hold on.

I’m not a “Walking Dead” fan but man, the Sox this week are like zombies. Hard to kill ’em.

These Sox games are too long for an old man. It’s four hours every time we play them. Surely with Sale on the mound tomorrow, it won’t be that long; oh, I forgot, Mike’s pitching for us. Four hours of baseball ending at 12:00; sort of grows on you.
We played pretty ugly on D, the pitching wasn’t sharp, we didn’t hit a home run, yet scored 11 runs. That’s pretty goo or lucky. Either way I’ll take it. Look up guys. We are two out of first place. No comments please about the division:
1. Seven doubles and two triples is sort of rare.
2. Z is coming back to the norm, but I love his gutsy attitude and approach to his turn in the rotation. No excuses from him.
3. The Z play on the Eaton bunt was a highlight play for the year.
Kudos to Iggy, Miggy, Ziggy(Julio), Upton, And Alex for sweating through the eighth. Casty fell under .300 for the first time this year. JMac had a nice peg, and Aviles chipped in with a couple of hits before the injury to the wrist. Doubt that we score 10 tomorrow night, but a 2-1 win would suit me fine. C’mon Big Mike. Strut your stuff.

Nice to get the win after the mess on Monday night . So it’s 2.0 games out and the Tigers gotta slaughter the Sox again tomorrow .

Last 14 days , the improved Casty:
174 .220 .348.568 15 SO
.302 .388 .488 .876 9 SO
it is called regression, from a too high Babip to a too low Babip

Some of you might wish to read the June 14,2016 article by Cody Stavenhagen of entitled: “Castellanos’ defense improving at third.”

Before the season started, I expressed hope that Nick could turn into an average defender who would hit 20 HRs and drive in 80. As things now stand, it looks like Nick is well on his way to those goals. His current cumulative projections by MLB are for a .284 BA, 24 HRs and 84 RBIs. I’ll take that in a heartbeat!

True enough..
His hitting may actually improve in the 2nd half again.
Iggy is playing really nice baseball right now.

This will be a rare statistics report from me. Nobody expected Castellanos to hit .380 for the entire season, and my hope was that he would continue to contribute even as his average leveled out to more realistic standards. It appears that he has done that. I started from his high average point of the season (.383) and tallied up the 35 games since then.
He’s hit .239 but has 7 homers, 7 doubles, and 15 RBI. He also has only 10 walks and 40 SO in that time frame.
Spreading that over 162 games for reference ONLY, that’s 33 homers and doubles and 70 RBI (and 186 K’s!). And his BAbip is .283 over those 35 games, about where I expect him to end up overall.
Numbers courtesy of

Not sure if Jason is still active with the BLOG. Interest in it will wane if the topics aren’t kept more active and current. Too much bother scrolling down the screen all the time.

There’s a tweet on the right hand side of the blog from CodyStavenhagen subbing for Jason this series. Jason tweeted all the news on the draft. Probably on a break.

Thanks Kathy. Enjoy the game tonight!

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