Wednesday’s lineups: Tigers at Angels

Brad Ausmus had talked earlier in the week about possibly working his bench with the turnaround from this getaway day on the West Coast to Thursday’s makeup game against the Yankees barely 24 hours later. With the Tigers looking to avoid a sweep and looking for offense against Matt Shoemaker, the only lineup change Wednesday is Jarrod Saltalamacchia behind the plate. Miguel Cabrera gets a day at DH, with Victor Martinez starting at first base. Cameron Maybin returns to the lineup after leaving Tuesday’s game as a precaution with left wrist soreness.

Gameday | TV: Fox Sports Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, MLB Gameday Audio

tigers1957logoTIGERS (career numbers off Shoemaker)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (2-for-9, double, K)
  2. J.D. Martinez, RF (1-for-7, walk, K)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, DH (1-for-9, 3 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, 1B (0-for-6, K)
  5. Nick Castellanos, 3B (0-for-4, K)
  6. Justin Upton, LF (1-for-3, K)
  7. Cameron Maybin, CF
  8. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C (0-for-1, 2 walks)
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS (0-for-3, walk)

P: Michael Fulmer


  1. Johnny Giavotella, 2B
  2. Kole Calhoun, RF
  3. Mike Trout, DH
  4. C.J. Cron, 1B
  5. Jefry Marte, 3B
  6. Rafael Ortega, LF
  7. Carlos Perez, C
  8. Shane Robinson, CF
  9. Gregorio Petit, SS

P: Matt Shoemaker


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Well, let’s try to win that “one damn game” in Anaheim I mentioned a couple days ago. Seriously doubt it will happen. Only ballpark that makes me feel that way. Join me for the post-mortem later?

Not holding my breath

Shoemaker has been far better than his ERA. He struggled early, his ERA has improved each month

The former Tiger curse lives on

Hilarious they give Trout a stolen base …on what is absolutely 100% of the time called defensive indifference. Talk about trying to build up Trout’s stats. Absolutely ridiculous

So what if I held a post-mortem and nobody attended………..
If they had pushed those extra runs across in the top of the 9th, Brad can lift Frankie and he’d be available for tomorrow. Not the case now. I’m just glad to be done with Anaheim and having to look at Scioscia (don’t care if it’s misspelled).
Anyway, how about Fulmer?

I could watch him pitch every day! So intense! Stays right in the dugout til the end.

Fulmer is a bright spot …(for now). I guess I’m always waiting for another shoe to drop. Still hoping Miggy will get it going again and Upton get it going period

Nice outing for Fulmer . A win before they head home to take on the Yankees . This is just what the doctor ordered ( another win ).

Has anyone noticed that Castellanos is playing a pretty good thirdbase?


Future Fullmer comes through in flying colors. We stole a good one from the Mets; well, I know they have Cespedes , but we got Fullmer and Upton in left field. Take that KC! Seriously, 3 quality starters out of five; add Boyd and or Greene/Norris, and the rotation auddenly might be decent. Wish Anabal the best and hope he gets back into the mix. Rich is right about Casty’s improved play at third. It’s time for Ausmus to let him grow up all the way, and play nine both ways. I love Romine anywhere, but Nick needs to be there the entire game; if he can’t handle it, go back to Romine. It’s also obvious that Salty’s bat needs to be in the lineup. JMac is a hero of mine;he is the best on D, but take the pressure off and let him get the stick back. Rotate him in for defense if needed in late innings:
1. Good hitting day for Victor and Nicky.
2. Took the lead early, and made it stick.
3. Fullmer throws a no no for 19 outs; the nine inning version will happen in his career.
Kudos to Inge and Salty for key RBI singles. Also to KRod for 4 out save. A nice clean game to watch and win.

Boy, was I trippin’. Meant to say Kinsler. But I do miss Inge. He’s helping coach baseball at his old HS in Lynchburg, Va.

have a couple critiques…though he got a big out in the 8th, seemed to me KRod just nibbled away at the strike zone in the 9th instead of going after them. also didn’t like the pitch call to the last batter Fulmer faced. trust the fastball against the weak hitting SS.

the defense was solid but unspectacular behind Fulmer. his approach with Trout and Pujols was masterful.

Yanks not a bad matchup for Boyd…most of their HR power is from the left side with exception of ARod.

I have commented several times over the last 2 seasons that Nick seems to be improving at 3B and have periodically noted when he has flashed some leather. One or two commentors always seem to then rebut me and/or slam him. In truth, even the metrics fans need to pay attention to how much better Nick is getting defensively. Using DRS as a measure, Nick has gone from -30 in 2014 to -9 in 2015 to -7 in 2016. Nick may never prove to be above average defensively, as Omar thinks he can, but it certainly looks like he is getting to the point where he can at least hold his own.

Castellanos has been replaced 15 times in 48 games.He remains the second worst defensive 3B in MLB. In pace for a worse year than 2015.

The SB was a gift from the Tigers. One of the infielders went to the base( quick take, I don’t know which one), negating the indifference.

Cron , RH, was at bat. Usually, Kinsler would be covering 2B

Regarding Nick…Like I said.

I agree, Nick is improving at 3rd. Sure, he’s not top tier at that position, but the eye test confirms he is improving. Stats can make a guy look bad, but when you watch a player everyday you see things that a stat doesn’t reveal.
Growing up I remember my older relatives rooted for the team or their favorite player and the only stat that mattered is who won.
Happy our boys are home, go Tigers!

Kate, that’s very close to what I was going to say regarding Castellanos. I suppose metrics can be useful for players one doesn’t personally observe, but I see Nick every day. He’s getting better.
I think it has to do with his hitting success. Many of his defensive failings followed a failed AB, and I know that from the number of times I’ve said to the TV Nick, “That AB is over, buddy. Field your position.”

Almost all of you are right about Nick. The guy is much better at 3rd and is playing with a confidence that is allowing him to make plays to both sides and still come up with a strong and accurate throw. He may be no Don Wert or Aurelio Rodriguez but he also hits the snot out of the ball.
Good on him. And also to overcome the positional changes he was forced to make while in critical stages of career development.
We have 3 “dead spots” in the lineup. I think James just needs to keep trying and he will be fine. Probably a .260 or .270 hitter in the future with double digit HR potential. He has energy, leadership, ball savvy and a palatable contract. He is a keeper.
Iggy worries me. He has great hand/eye, a short, quick level swing and good speed. Yet he rarely squares up on a ball. I am thinking they need to play Jacoby Jones at short in Erie.
And Upton, don’t get me started. The guy is train wreck and I have to wonder if he is as demoralizing to his team as he is to fans.
I hope they find some interest in him soon. I would just as soon see Moya come up, balance the attack, (and the salary structure) and learn on the job.
Fullmer is just what you want as a young starter. He wants to excel and more importantly, feels he WILL. Kathy is right on about his intensity. That was a very cool game to watch last night.

Kate, Rich and Dan…Thank you.

Well, what I see is a slow footed no arm 3B. His swing.. I still don’t know how he makes contact with that swing.
Iglesias assessment by new metrics is mixed, bad for DRS , good for uzr. Highest dWAR among Tigers.
He was ordered to play deeper and it is working. He has more range. His bat is just what I said the first time. I was right about his bat and still think his glove is worth it
MaCann is going down in framing, there is a reason for all that bad calls against the Tigers. And it is not a conspiracy. He was unable to hit Minor league pitching and has been unable to hit MLB pitchers. 2015. Just check his second part of the season numbers. Rather him than Avila no matter if he hits 100 but..
Upton will be OK. The Tigers have two options, allow him to play everyday until he get figured out so he can perform and opt-out or benching him or do anything to bother him and get saddled with 6 /132. He is no more streaky than the guy currently hitting second( or trying to)
KRod showing he earned his contract. I did not expect him to be able to get the 4 outs save
To think Fulmer is with the team by accident. He was called because Boyd had pitched the day before.

J Mc: Brad’s pet.

Among hitter with at least 80 PA, McCann is last in avg, OBP, Slg, . He is the worst hitter in MLB ( both leagues)

“Kinsler said he’s not under the weather and to ask Brad Ausmus why he’s not in tonight’s lineup vs. Yankees”

Absolutely no hesitation by runners advancing on balls hit either to LF or to RF. Very much different than last season with Cespedes and Gose in the OF.

I meant CF not RF.

Tex seems to be the Yankees version of Upton.

Betances warming in the 6th. Yanks are hungry for this game.

Just got home …was there a reason given for Kinsler not playing? And it sure seems like if the tiger’s couldn’t get to Cy Pineda with his nearly 7.00 era they don’t stand much of a chance against their pen

Tigers relief pitching at its finest…….

Our Arson Squad, I mean BP, needs help. Duh! maybe Pelfrey and Sanchez can actually help the team by being used as Relievers. Fulmer Norris and Greene can’t do much worse as Starters than they did and maybe they can be more effective in that capacity. Anyway, what’s to lose?

A move from Starter to Reliever worked okay for Oliver.

I meant Miller, not Oliver.

They really need to find a reliable lefty in the pen
They have thrown feces against the wall for a decade now and no one has ever stuck
Andrew Miller was available
But they let him go
There is nothing to speak of on the farm
I swear to qualify for any role in the Detroit Michigan bullpen you have to fail an incompetency test

Poor slide by Upton. Not especially direct to the plate and his front foot was up.

Great at bat at by miguel….seriously disappointed….sorry whens the last time he came up big in a situation like that? Nope a weak weak weak groundout.

The rally was killed by JD, 9th GIDP. Castellanos got a Giolden Sombrero. But the guy 3 for 4 with 2 runs is to blame. Get it

He’s one of them to blame…..that was a terrible at bat…..I know you are his agent and you think he’s perfect but a guy struggling with location and that’s all ya got at least they had to make a circus play on JD. 1 rbi in 7 games for Miguel and that was a solo shot in LA….12 runners left on base.

Last I checked he’s paid to drive in runs

Is he your cousin you seem to take it so personally when anybody criticizes Miguel?

I don’t take it personal. Just stating my opinion when I read commentaries that I perceive as unfair.

Boyd is going to be fine as a SP. Compare his first two starts to Big Mikes’. I take Boyd every time. The curse inning for our guys is either 6 or 7. and in the last few games, it’s been on the hitters, not the SP’s. Going into a late inning with a one or two run lead is disaster for us, because we have to eventually look to the pen. It’s hard to believe that we scored anything off of the Big 3, but we got one run off each; trouble is we needed two off the 100+ MPH guy. And I do put some of the blame on Miggy. He is the best hitter I’ve seen, but too many occasions this year, his 3 hit nights are coming in non scoring situations. Look, I know the HR stories and all; I just wish he had been a little more patient at the plate. Chapman was rattled and erratic. Am I blaming Mig for the loss? Absolutely not. It was a team loss. Too many opportunities to score were left on the field. Until this improves, the pitcher can give up one run, and lose:
1. Aviles earned his stripes tonight.
2. In the game until the last out.
3. Farmer was very impressive.
Kudos to Miggy, Boyd,Maybin, and Upton for the rare RBI single.
as far as the slide, I thought it was bang bang baseball. Another hair and he’s safe.
Three lefty’s coming up for the Chisox. Z and V will have to be picture perfect to get 2-3.

Yankees BP, 105-0 when handed a lead in the 9th. Over two seasons. They had no chance

Hi, Greg. Yes, it was a bang-bang play on Upton. But, the way I described Upton’s slide is exactly how the Yankees broadcasters saw it and was the reason Upton was out instead of safe. As I have said before, I often watch the feeds of our competition for the sake of a different perspective on games .And in all truth, I think the Yankees crew is among the best in baseball if for no other reason they seldom try to sell a homer point and tend to tell it like it is, good or bad. I have read columnists with a similar opinion who have extrapolated on that issue by saying the Yankees fans are so baseball-savvy they won’t put up with homer BS.

Mc’s first error in 129 (?) defensive games. An MLB record according to one of the sports stations I listen to. I’m just not sure of what the record entails.

I agree with Greg, this was a team loss. Miggy is my guy, but I cringe when he comes up in a spot where the pressure is on. He does tend to lose his plate discipline, sometimes swinging at everything and you can almost see the thoughts swirling in his brain,”I have to win this game, I have to win this game”.
I thought the team did good last night after that losing road trip, the late return home and the time change.

RE: Parnell
Ausmus denied it was the reason, of course, but he had to be released if not called up by June 1. They invested in him so had to give him a try.
I was expecting Guilmet too, soon or later he should be called. High K rate, what the Tigers need.
Hardy allowed 4 of 7 IR to score but he is the sole LHP on the team able to get LHB outs. Neither Ryan nor Wilson can. Wilson´s trend began with the Yankees at a LHP friendly park no less

That article is five years old.

I´m aware. I was doing some research and found it. a baseball prospectus article confirms it in 2016.
If the spam blockers allows me to do it, here is the second article:

I like the old saying “You can’t win it in April but you sure can lose it.”

Now that we’re in June I hope Avila’s calling every team saying everyone over 26 is available, even Miggy. I see no point dragging this on and trying to make believe that this is a winning team when it’s clear it isn’t. We’ve been pretty consistently bad the last 2 years. We can’t score anyone, our pitching is awful, and our fielding is terrible. Well if you can’t hit, pitch, field, and your core is over the hill you probably won’t do much winning and its time to rebuild.

Rebuilding is a major step. There’s no guarantee that a youth movement translates to success, and there’s a risk of becoming inconsequential for decades. IMO, I haven’t seen anything from this organization that demonstrates they could pull it off.

We’re inconsequential now so what does it matter? We’re a sub .500 team does, it matter if we win 80 or 75? Either way we’re not winning and we’re not suddenly going to with this team. I’d rather take my chances rebuilding rather than try to compete and end up with the same record anyway.

Well stated Rich, you are always the voice of reason on this blog. Until this organization does better with scouting, coaching staff, manager choice and the ridiculous contracts we have seen, I would rather not see a rebuild effort.

Nick, please stop trying to act like Miggy.

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