JV reaches 2K in K’s

Justin Verlander reached the 2000-strikeout mark for his Major League career. Jarrod Saltalamacchia accounts for eight of those, not counting three others in postseason play.

“I definitely helped him with that,” Saltalamacchia said. “I’m expecting maybe a Casio watch.”

That was a little gag at Verlander, a noted watch collector.

Brad Ausmus isn’t nearly as far up the list, but he accounts for one of those strikeouts in two at-bats during Verlander’s rookie season a decade ago.

“He’s been one of the elite pitchers in baseball since he arrived on the scene in ’06, really,” Ausmus said. “I think since the end of last July, when a lot of people doubted him, I think he’s kind of shown that he’s got some left in the tank. It might not be 97-100 [mph] anymore, but he’s got years of experience. And he can still crank it up to 96-97 when he needs to. He’s got a little more moxie now.”

Leaders on the Verlander career strikeout list, according to baseball-reference:

  1. Alex Gordon, 29
  2. Asdrubal Cabrera, 25
  3. Nick Swisher, 25
  4. Shin-Soo Choo, 24
  5. Jhonny Peralta, 20
  6. Paul Konerko, 16
  7. Grady Sizemore, 16
  8. Justin Morneau, 15
  9. Mark Teahen, 15
  10. Jim Thome, 15
  11. Travis Hafner, 15
  12. Adam Dunn, 15

Hafner was Verlander’s first and second strikeouts, fanning in the first and second innings of his Major League debut in Cleveland on July 4, 2005. It took Hafner two years to get him back with a home run.

Verlander has more strikeouts against Cleveland (302) than any other team he has faced, and it’s not close. The next-highest opponent is Kansas City with 221, followed by the White Sox with 200. Even with 10 strikeouts Wednesday, the Twins are still last among division opponents with 197.

Joe Mauer accounts for 12 of Verlander’s 2003 strikeouts, including one Thursday with a runner on third and two outs in the seventh inning. He also accounts for a lot of respect.

“I’ve faced him pretty much my whole career and he’s really evolved into a pitcher,” Mauer said. “When he first started to come up, he was more of a thrower. He could get away with a lot of things. But he was pretty tough today.”

Other totals:

  • Verlander has more four-pitch strikeouts (572) than any other duration. He has 508 five-pitch strikeouts, and just 329 three-pitch K’s.
  • Verlander has recorded more strikeouts in the fourth inning (313) than any other frame. Next highest is the second inning with 310, followed by the opening inning with 306.
  • Verlander has more strikeouts on the road (1035) than at home (968).
  • Thirty-seven strikeouts have come with the bases loaded. He has 1209 with the bases empty.
  • Wednesday was Verlander’s 31st outing with double-digit strikeouts.


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Great stuff!!! Please keep tweeting out play by play analysis!!!!

40 games. Time to judge
19-21 with the third easiest schedule so far in the AL
A starting rotation still in doubt.
Zimmermann has been great but his HR/9 was well below his career average and regressed suddenly. Verlander going back into form. Aníbal forgot the off-seson adjustment to no avail. Pelfrey has been for 3 games what they expected.
A BP with 3 really solid pieces: Ryan, Wilson and KRod Neither VerHagen nor the overvalued Wilson can be used with IR. Lowe got his big contract based on half season with Seattle
McCann has been better framing but his bat is not even AAA level. Salty´s bats compensate for his many defensive shortcomings
Miguel nearing 300 and showingg power
Kinsler , despite his first TOOTBLAN, is first in WAR
Castellanos will come back to earth, still probably around 300.His high Babip will continue falling
Iglesias is what he is. All Golden Glove no stick. He cant steal bases because he lacks the main ability to do that: getting on bases( That was Aparicio´s answer when asked about the main skill needed to steal a base).
Upton could need the whole season to adapt. It is not a first, it was the same for Miguel in 2008.
Maybin, the new broom always clean well.
JD , is not about batting second. He was losing power since the ASG and struggled in a similar way in 2015. All or nothing worked for him. His avg was fueled by a high Babip. A 280/850 batter is a extremely good one.
Victor, because he is a DH his WAR is not the best for the team. The math punish DH with negative constant. For me, the MVP of the team
Offense: Good average , high K rate not enough BB and Power
Defense: the Twins looked bad? The Tigers are a notch above
Pitching: below average
“It’s a terrible thing to have to tell your fans, who have waited like Detroit’s have, that their team won’t win it this year. But it’s better than lying to them.”
Sparky Anderson
PD: the dead-line could change that

I don’t think the dead line should change that. Who do we have to trade? The farm again. Just to try and jam the window open another year and then we get to watch a guy 25 or younger doing better than the high priced guy we got in a trade. I mean we need 3 starters, 4 relievers, a new bench, a catcher, some base running ability, and a hell of a lot of luck. Sparky’s right, it’s better to admit you fail so you can fix it before you’re stuck paying $200 million for an 81-81 team with no flexibility who’s biggest pieces are over the hill.

Also with the market so devoid of pitching right now we might be able to get a team into giving up a lot for JZ or Sanchez. The shallow market might give us a huge advantage and speed up the rebuilding process, if we choose to take it.

good comment

Thanks Jason – there are stats for everything!

I’ve always gotten a chuckle out of how Sparky’s 40 game theory adds up to 35-5.
I see the AL Central as a dog fight with no one dominating team, just as many smart baseball people predicted. It will hinge on head to head games and smart (or lucky) deadline moves. Fan bases will be frustrated by this type of race, but it happens quite often.

FYI in case you missed it. Joe Nathan signed a one-year deal with the Cubs for the league minimum of $507,500 with a team option of $1.5 million for 2017.

I wonder if they would be better serving James McCann by taking some pressure off and let him get it going at Toledo?

You may be right but catcher is not a strong suit in the organization at this time.

“We had (Anthony) Gose, and Gose had speed, but it makes a difference when you have speed and you’re on the bases,” said Tigers bench coach Gene Lamont
Aaron McMann

Gose leads the Hens with a .444 BA. Last nite, he was 3-5 with 2 BBs. Farmer is being stretched into a Starter and went 5 without allowing an ER. Hardy was good and Rondon blew another Save.

Collins has a .206 BA and Machado is at .245.

Gose has played in two games in Toledo

Perhaps Gose being sent down has gotten his attention. He has the physical skills. He will be needed in Detroit this season.

I have lost a lot of faith in Gose. Don’t like the way he gets distracted so easily, and the inability to be an energizing force on the field and in the dugout.
Obviously he knows his attributes but still failed to emphasize them.

Gose has struggled, but they want him to change his game…bunt more and reposition himself defensively. players adjust at an individual pace. he also played against lefties early this year when he should have been on the bench. he fits on the team, but in a lesser role than he was asked to assume at the start of season due to Maybin’s injury.

There is no way Gose will maintain that kind of pace. Nor will Maybin maintain his pace, for that matter. Both players are experiencing spikes. The difference, as well as the good part, is Maybin is doing it for the Varsity.

I like significant numbers. trivial numbers are noise at best, misleading at worst. 2000 Ks is a significant number.

I’m all for letting McCann work it out at the MLB level. his defense is very good. drop him in the order or let Salty play more, but I wouldn’t demote him.

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