Sunday’s lineups: Tigers at Orioles

One more go-around for Justin Upton in center field and Anthony Gose in left. Mike Aviles gets the start at shortstop, giving Jose Iglesias a day off.

TIGERS (career numbers vs. Kevin Gausman)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (3-for-9, double, 2 K’s)
  2. J.D. Martinez, RF (0-for-3, walk, 2 K’s)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (2-for-7, K)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (1-for-9, double, 2 K’s)
  5. Nick Castellanos, 3B (1-for-4, HR, K)
  6. Justin Upton, CF
  7. Steven Moya, LF
  8. James McCann, C (1-for-3)
  9. Mike Aviles, SS (1-for-2, double)

P: Michael Fulmer


  1. Joey Rickard, RF
  2. Manny Machado, SS
  3. Adam Jones, CF
  4. Chris Davis, 1B
  5. Mark Trumbo, DH
  6. Jonathan Schoop, 2B
  7. Pedro Alvarez, 3B
  8. Nolan Reimold, LF
  9. Caleb Joseph, C

P: Kevin Gausman


He can’t be a five-innings pitcher,” Ausmus said. “The bigger problem is that even if you see he’s struggling there after five — which I don’t think there were signs of it, quite frankly — our bullpen is so taxed that I don’t know how we get through the next four innings.”

I think we should bring up another long reliever that can go 3 or 4 innings and just close your eyes. We’re not winning anyway so letting the bullpen rest and get back into a rhythm should be the focus. That’s why you have long relievers, to get lit up so you’re not using every reliever every night.

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I forgot how taxed K-Rod is…..not! Brad needs to let go of the bull pen titles, such as closer. If the guy is a pitcher, then use him anywhere.

I just don’t think Brad is very creative. What have you got to lose? I would bat Nick 2nd, JD 4th and Victor 5th. What have you got to lose?

Usually, he just tries to put the ball in play. He went up and missed

What is point of Aviles roster spot? Romine was a very good back up last year and this year he has been given the shaft. Romine makes all the plays. Don’t get it.
— Bob

KRod in the 8th. Saupold back and a fresh arm for tomorrow

John Kellog , player of the game.

Im not complaining, Sometimes the luck must go the right way

Man did we need a break like that!! Now can we hold the O’s off? Miggy hitting back to back homes runs to left center in two days is indeed a VERY good sign!! Aviles has got to be DOA’d when Maybin comes up right?

I was expecting the other Wilson

Looks like this Wilson was just what we needed!!

close to 500 on the road

Oh how sweet it is to see that 1-2-3 9th inning. Completely expected us to still blow this game. So nice to go back home with a win under our belt!!

So in the end, a road trip against two of the east’s best teams ended at 2 wins and 5 losses. One game short of acceptable.
I assume few if any O’s hitters had seen Saupold and he took full advantage of it, thus saving the day. I’m on board with Alex Wilson taking the 8th and mixing/matching Lowe and Justin Wilson in earlier innings.
Gose is sent down for Maybin. I still wonder what the role of Aviles is. If it were up to me, I’d give Nick 3rdbase full time and use Romine for what he is; a very excellent utility player.

Nick flashed some leather. Upton finally produced. K-rod didn’t blow the Save opportunity. JD ,MIggy and Ian powered the ball. The Tigers came back to win. Excellent. I feel so good I won’t even hammer Fulmer. Well, maybe a bit He needs more time to develop into an effective Starter.

Well it is a much needed win . Lick your wounds and try to keep winning.

Yes, Virginia there is a Tiger Paws, and he wrapped up a nice gift for all of the down in the dumpster fans. It was an entertaining game. Unlike the two that got away, we hung around with just enough to pull it out when it really counted. One thing I learned in watching Thorn for 3 games is that he might be the worst play by play guy in the game. And remarkably, he is excellent as Hockey Man. I also learned that this team has lot of challenges to become respectable again. In this series, we found that the SP’s maybe are not a total disaster; some rough spots, but certainly threw better than the Pen. A third thing I learned is that Nick is actually becoming steadier at third. Needs to get better throws off, but the glove is definitely improved over last year:
1. The Pen redeemed itself for a day, with clean 8 and 9 jobs. The new guy deserved the win.
2. The Casty play on Scoop prevemted a two run lead for the O’s.
3. We hit three taters, and Victor was not one of the Tatorizers.
Kudos: Ian, Casty, Miggy, Julio, Saupold
Nice to have JZ the opening pitcher for the 9 game home stand. Maybe the Guys can play like they belong at CoPa this series. Way to grit it out today.

I forgot to mention how nice a guy is Mike Aviles. He doesn’t need to be on the team in spite of being such a person.

Aviles is indeed is a first rate human being and although I was never excited about the Tiger’s picking him up I sure was hoping he’d be able to produce once they did. Sure feel bad for him now.

I agree with these thoughts on Aviles. Good guy but really no spot for him.

Hey what’s the collective feeling on the call on JD’s check swing in the 8th. Sure looked to me like he should have been called out but lot’s of comments in other places saying the ump made the right call.

I thought it was a ‘tweener. Could have been called either way. Wasn’t it also JD earlier who had a checked swing that was close and drew comment?

Greg, you’re on the mark about Gary Thorne (for others here, Greg and I get blacked out of FSD for games on MASN). Thorne’s goofy sense of humor works great in a hockey game but is off the mark for baseball. Both Jim Palmer and Brian Roberts talk too much.
With the Nationals, play by play man Bob Carpenter is mostly okay, but “analyst” FP Santangelo drives me absolutely bonkers. I mean, I turn down the sound for their games.
In both cases, I hate an analyst who is a homer. It requires factual explanations, not cheerleading. Some don’t realize how good the FSD crew is, and I’m glad to get them back after this past week.


Tweener yes. Nice to have those go your way once in a while. Still, it was no small feat for JD to take the next pitch out. With 2 strikes and a check swing, he centered the following offer. How did he do that? Anyone see that coming? O’Day usually has his way with the Tigers, looked a little upset there, jumping up and down on the mound. Especially after Miggy’s line drive HR. Priceless. Maybe his mojo’s finally been breached. Hey Greg, don’t forget about Moya’s 3 hits.

Maybin, Kinsler, Cabrera, VMart, JD, Castellanos, Upton, Saltalamaccia, Iglesias?

Romine = Santiago (063 .250 .063 .313)
Aviles= Don Kelly (121 .194 .121 .316)
Castellanos: -4 DRS last among qualified AB 3B.
And Iglesias is fragile .He cant play 140 games .
They do need him.

As mentioned here before, split up Miggy and Victor. Why not bat JD 4th and Victor 5th?

JD hits .194 hitting #2, .353 at #4, and .255 #5. We should at the very least drop him to #4 or #5 in the order where he’s had all his success. Put Victor at #2 where his barrage of singles will be more valuable. A single isn’t moving Miggy or Jb very far. Iggy, Kinsler, and Maybin will be helped out more.

Don’t you think V-Mart will clog things up at #2? The other thing is, I believe he has the second highest Slugging % on the Tigers. I think he needs to remain in one of the power slots to produce runs. Splitting Miggy and V-Mart is a thought and JD might be the right guy to slot in.

Victor clogs things wherever he’s at unless you want him at #3 and Miggy at #7. We’re still going to have the problem of 3 of the worst baserunners in baseball hitting 2-4. My thinking is that 18 of V-Mart’s last 20 hits have been singles where he’s scored just 5 times and only has 3 RBIs so hitting 4th isn’t working. Who cares if he’s on 1st if he never goes anywhere? Hitting 2nd at least gives us a possibility of scoring Iggy and Kinsler with Miggy and JD who get a ton of XBHs after to try and get Victor moving.

I’m not sure what fans are expecting from Maybin, but he is 29 and his career stats are virtually identical to what what then 24 YO Gose produced in his first season of regular play in 2015, Plus Gose has the stronger arm. As things stand, I don’t see how Moya can sit, which means Upton plays CF. If he doesn’t start streaking things will eventually start looking very ugly.

Saw one game with Upton in CF. How did he play against Baltimore? (defensively)

In a small ballpark he did okay. Got challenged twice, one liner hit right at him and one that knuckled. Made him look wobbly but his athleticism allowed him to make both catches.
We’ll get a truer test this week at Comerica.

One could make a case for switching Moya and JD, since the former has played RF exclusively this season the latter has LF experience. JD however has become an excellent defender in RF so they’d be weakening two positions by swapping.

Those who followed him while he was in the Minors, think JD is better at RF. Of course, it could be easier for him than for Moya to adapt .
And the CoPa factor, LF is not a normal LF and JD is slow

Kinsler 4, J.Martinez 9, Cabrera 3, V.Martinez DH, Castellanos 5, Upton 7, Maybin 8, Saltalamacchia2, Iglesias6. Zimmermann1

Why you cant split Miguel and VMart? Boesch, 2010.
Anyone hitting after Miguel who is not Victor will be eaten alive.

It is an absolute shame what has happened to the fans and to an extent, the GM and the owner.
The players are limited to what they can do physically to correct this. but Ausmus has not excited or injected his team with a personality or panache. There will those that say he should not be blamed. I am one of those. But he needs to share some of the blame and perhaps proportionally, more than the individual players.

Moya sits. He is our hottest hitter. Maybin plays. He had a .188 BA with 2 HRs and 11 RBIs in Toledo. Upton gets another shot at trying to get a streak going.

If Moya is gonna stay, he needs to play. Period.

Totally agreed. Playing is the only way he will continue to develop. I just hope he is ready enuff to now play at the MLB level.

Wasn’t Moya 3 for 4 yesterday?

Bad move by Maybin

FIP 3.42. xFIP 4.61. K rate down, HR/9 too low. Good day to regress. They can afford it

Upton messed up Rosario’s ball and didn’t get an error. What was he chewing at Maybin about?

8-5 now and Mauer represents the tying run.

8-7 and the best thing about Sano’s ball is Miggy didn’t get hurt on Kinsler’s error Nothing is easy for these Tigers.

Well, I got the audio on BA after Nick was tossed. A very creative use of adjectives

I guess the initial ejection signal was for BA and not Nick.

Yes, that will work

Overall, I would say the frustration level for the Tigers is rather high.

Wow looked at 8 runs in the first looked back thinking this one is in the bag with Zimmerman…..NOPE.

No lead is safe with this pitching staff. Nice to see Ausmus have an animated moment. Guess he’s a little frustrated right now. Can’t say I blame him.

Parsons, I researched further into JD’s performance in the 4 spot after your earlier comment. His 2016 numbers are excellent, but based on a very small sample. However, JD hit .292 with a .910 OPS, which included 15 HRs and 34 RBIs, in 216 ABs in 2015.

I’m not saying it’ll be the sure fire way to get him going again but it’s worth a shot. We don’t have anything to lose. V-Mart only has 1 ab hitting 2nd so who knows how he’ll take that but even if you leave him JD just seems more comfortable batting later in the order. I’m all for any experimenting at this point.

Id like to see this lineup:

kinsler, miggy, vmart, JD, Casty, Moya, J Up, Salty/Mccann, Iggy

Not the first time for Fox Detroit. They did not show the yelling and pushing between Galarraga and Avila

Wow. Brad showed some emotion. I LOVE IT!!! Bout time. Almost ready to stop calling him AUSBOT 3000. They might need a classic brawl like yesterday’s to really come together. Kind of joking, but not really.

At the least the ump is equally horrible.

For whatever reason, they are unable to play at home

Or on the road, but I imagine the pressure on BA isn’t helping. BA seems like a powder keg right now. They need to do something soon.

Rubbing it on the rival can backfire

Parsons, I posted about BABIP a while back. The general range based upon research for 800 ABs is about 260 to .330. The average is approximately .300. JD has a career .331 BABIP. He is at .278 in 2016. Once that stabilizes to his norm, JD’s stat line should get much better.

By the way, I am very Old School and too much use of metrics annoys me mightily. But, I do think it helps me better understand the game if it is presented judiciously.

The downside of Salty, the worst framer this season

All well that ends well. I guess

At least it is a much needed win . Lets hope for # 3 tomorrow night .

6 strikes were called balls for the Tigers

So the two homeplate umps called one strike outside the zone and five balls inside it the entire night?!? It sure didn’t look that good on TV.

Brooksbaseballnet has a different strike zone, closer to that on tv:
But only one pitch out of the typical SO zone. Many out of the real strike zone. Unlike fangraphs, no identification of the pitcher or hitter

Enjoyed watching Maybin play tonight. The last time I saw him live, he was commiting an egregious rookie mistake on the basepaths which cost the Tigers a crucial game in Cleveland, September of 2007. He appears now to be the kind of guy who can wake the club up at times.
That 4th inning was……….incredible is the best word I can find. And then the Brad Show. What an unusual game that was.

I thought I was watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show instead of a baseball game tonight. Eight runs in anything is rare, so it was thrilling to see that; but I also remember last year’s collapse began at the hands of the Twins, and I figured maybe they score 2 with Z on the mound. He prove’s he is entirely human, but he also showed a lot of old school grit by hanging in through seven. The slider was flat, but he pitched well in many spots. I must also tip my hat to the Twins Reliever; he did a superb job, until the seventh. Weird errors, crazy bounces, horrible plate calling, homers, stolen bases, this game had it all:
1. Iggy’s defense was superlative this evening.
2.Julio giveth and Julio taketh away.
3.As wild a game as it was, it was played in under three hours.
Kudos to Ian, Cameron, Nick, Iggy, Julio and the restabilizing Pen.
Again, I am glad that Z is throwing for us. He is a gutsy performer. Granted it’s the Twins, but you have to beat who you play. I hope Big Mike can Pelfry his former team to make it three straight. Finally, I saw some smiling on the bench tonight; it had been a while. Oh, and props to Romine for the great play at third.

After the first inning I told my hubby I would like to see the Twins come alive to make the game interesting. They sure did. It was great to see the Tigers stay on their toes and get the win.
Loved what Brad did, it must have really felt good to blow off some steam.

during my days of playing ball, a coach ranting at the referee was more a distractor than a motivator.

I just got this email Tuesday morning. A messed-up emailing system? I know I live 400 miles away but……………

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