Tuesday’s lineups: Tigers at Nationals

Miguel Cabrera was going to get out of the starting lineup tonight or tomorrow night as Brad Ausmus rotates his corner infielders without a designated hitter. He’s out of the lineup tonight after jamming his knee on a hard slide into second base Monday night. His knee is fine, but Ausmus figured that if he’s going to get a game out of the lineup this series, might as well make it this one.

Also getting a game off is Jose Iglesias, mired in a 1-for-19 slump.

Gameday | TV: Fox Sports Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, MLB Gameday Audio


  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  2. J.D. Martinez, RF
  3. Victor Martinez, 1B
  4. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  5. Justin Upton, LF (0-for-1, walk, K vs. Joe Ross)
  6. James McCann, C
  7. Anthony Gose, CF
  8. Andrew Romine, SS
  9. Michael Fulmer, P


  1. Ben Revere, CF
  2. Anthony Rendon, 3B
  3. Bryce Harper, RF
  4. Ryan Zimmerman, 1B
  5. Daniel Murphy, 2B
  6. Jayson Werth, LF
  7. Wilson Ramos, C
  8. Danny Espinosa, SS
  9. Joe Ross, P


“I remember Sparky Anderson always used to say a quarter of the season, 40 games into it [was enough to form an evaluation]. That’s always seemed like a logical measuring stick. But I can’t say you wait for 40 games to totally evaluate everything,” Dombrowski said
Speier, Boston Globe

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I’ll be very surprised if the Tiger hitters can do anything with Joe Ross. Tough duty.

From Chris Iott: Ausmus said if he had to do it over, he wouldn’t have used V. Martinez when he did. Said he went for a knockout, should have been jabbing..
Well……there’s that. Live and learn.

Oops, the last line was mine, not Brad’s.

So they are up to 31 games now. There is little consistency. 6-1 one week and now 0-7.

31, 40, 100 games, this club has to scrape out whatever wins they can get for the remainder of this road trip and then have a good home stand. And the home fans should quit booing and doing the wave and get involved in a positive manner.

Booing and Bryce Harper go hand in hand.

The thing is, this team is better on the road. I was expecting them to ,as usual, beat the NL. The defeated the Pirates and they could have one W against the Nats .

I’m not sure I have ever seen a player look as pathetic trying to bunt as Fulmer. Very sad

Makes you wonder if he ever heard (maybe listened is a better word) about just what Jack Morris said about catching the ball. I think we all have heard that one.
Fullmer looks like he could be good but he seems prone to Verlander syndrome where you actually think you can overpower a MLB hitter with your fastball every pitch.
Not mixing it up enough and throwing fastballs in predictable counts will kill any power pitcher.

When did you say Upton would start hitting?

Hopefully this season sometime. But it sure doesn’t look very pretty so far.

Gose just screwed up again big time. They will get the call overturned

Went for the fielder. Out

Gose makes so many mental errors

Horrible call by the umps. And Brad has to remember this about Gose.

Regarding the Gose play at 2nd. While I agree that by the letter of the law I’m surprised that he wasn’t called out. However he in no way interfered with the fielder or the play…so in my opinion common sense prevailed.

Zimmermann tomorrow. He has been good but he has also been very fortunate. His K rate is not extremely healthy but he has been getting outs when he needs them.
Boyd threw very well tonight (again) for Toledo.

True. Keeping the HR rate down is the key for Zimmermann. His BB rate, career average and down his K rate

What I don’t understand is why in going to this national league park you brought up Tyler Collins instead of Moya

Great throws by Gose and Romine. I almost lost it seeing that ball in the gap.

So what did Gose do wrong defensively on his play to Romine? And then what did Romine do wrong?

I am just glad it wasn’t Aviles handling the relay.

Since when does great throw mean bad? They were great throws

What are you talking about? Since when does great throw mean bad? They were great throws

Gk, we posted at the same exact time. My comment was not about your comment.

JD average in 2015 was low too.. Bur his OPS remained high. Not this year, despite a career low K rate and high BB %. Low Babip. He should be batting well above 300
So far, the polar opposite of Castellanos.

Sit Casty?
Sit Upton play Nick in LF!


I guess ESPN scheduled the wrong game

you don’t walk the winning run but

the long rest claiming its due, as feared

BA made the right decision in walking MVP Harper intentionally even though Zmann has 2 taters. Showed more confidence in K-Rod than I have. .

Big gamble putting the potential run on. Can K-Rod do his job?

I guess tonight we don’t yet have to burn BA at the stake. Murphy is gonna be tough.

The Kid delivered

Game over and BA makes the right call with Birdman driving to make the catch. This is poetic justice for some of these players.

I gotta give it to BA. He showed some nuts. Kinda reminded me of the Legendary Lasorda in following his gut and not caving in to commonly accepted practices. BA doesn’t have much to lose, except his job. He earned my respect and tonight he was proved a genius as opposed to last night. That’s baseball..

Kris—-I HEAR you!. Not sure why they would not want a power LHB for the trip.
Upton has won me over. I am no longer angry at him but rather starting to feel sorry for the guy.
Verhagen (homer notwithstanding) looked really good tonight. He does need to stay away from the 3-2 counts but his stuff is really quite good.

Gk, what the hell are you jabbering to me about? Read my comments again, You were the only person to say anything positive about a great play by Gose, Romine and Mc. Read between the lines. My jab is at the haters who cannot see things in a balanced fashion, not that I think you do so very often. BUT, I was very, very pleased to see you give kudos in this situation.You did yourself proud.

Quite a feat getting to Ross like that.
I really like having Romine in the game. Does things correctly.
If either of two pitches to Zimmerman had been called strikes as they should have been, Fulmer isn’t pitching in a 2-0 count before that homer.
I think the slide rule was interpreted correctly in this case. Infielder not impeded, although Nats incredibly irritating TV “analyst” whined about it for over five minutes.
I think Birdman is Tyler Collins, right?

I think it is ElT’s play of goose on Gose, but I’m not sure because he told me I need reading comprehension courses since I am the only one on this blog who presumably cannot do so.

For some reason “I am the only one unable to read between the lines on this blog who can presumably not do so.”” did not post correctly, probably due to my error.

I think Birdman is Collins as well …. Since he flipped the bird two weeks ago.
– Bob

Darline, you are getting salty😉 lol… I almost didnt turn the game on tonight. But, glad I did. What a difference a win makes.

I guess Brad can sleep well. He rolled the dice and won the pot! From my perspective, it was absolutely the right thing to do. I would much rather rake my chances with Ryan than Bryce. I didn’t realize how high on a pedestal this team has placed Mr. Harper. A ton of talent, which will really explode once he grows up. Right now, I consider him a jerk; remember just my humble opinion. The only comment about Verhagen is the walks; and he pitches from behind the count a lot; does have great upside; just have to be consistent. Re: the challenge at second, a losing team needs a break here and there. It was not a vicious slide, but he did go past the bag. Umpiring is so arbitrary anyway.
1. Romine’s defense was stalwart.
2. The team came from behind twice.
3. Casty has another tater and two walks in the same game.
Kudos to Victor for the 4bie, JMac for the big hit, and Wilson for the big K. Fulmer did a decent job, but he still needs that third pitch. Tomorrow evening should be electric; and the American League batting leader sits this one out. Tonight’s win stopped the bleeding for the moment.

And Rich, I think Birdman could also well apply to Collins. He obviously could be a suitable cadidate

Maybe Rich, Bob and I can get a discount if we all obtain admission to the same reading comprehension course, if it is about Birdman.

As long as I am ranting this evening I want to give McCosky his due, just as I gave Mr. Beck his due a while back for asking the real questions a real journalist should ask and not those of a shill. McCosky wrote “Ausmus is the least of the Tigers’ problems” yesterday in The Detroit News. Even though I have not been a fan of Ausmus, Mc Cosky got my attention with his points and made me reconsider the man and the manager, and in the process,the journalist. I came away with positive impressions of both.

One win after a whack of shitty ball does not save Ausmus in my opinion. The fact is he has been given very good teams that have resulted in bad results.
The dynamic of Brad and players doesn’t seem to work. Not last year nor this year either.
His corner OFers are not powering the ball nor is Miggy and this has exacerbated the problem of providing enough run support. The anser seems to be that everythng is hunky dory and will work itself out. I am not terribly fond of that strategy or philosophy.
Personally I feel Upton was a mistake. As was KRod. Salty brings a bit more flexibility than Avila. Pelfrey was completely misguided corporate decision. It was then and it remains now.
The FA signings have provided negative impact and will likely result in the loss of Steven Moya who might have injected some excitement in Tiger Town.
We won a game today but how long before poor play reappears and frustrates Tiger fans once again?

Birdman is Collins for the reason given by Bob

Once again our rotation was unable to produce a Quality Start. BUT, Fulmer was still okay and the BP didn’t turn arsonous. Refreshing results.

Isn’t it funny that there’s no talk of Yost being fired? After all, the reigning WS champs are vastly under performing their ability. At least, that’s the Tiger story. Poor Brad!

Don’t you think Yost has earned some time in that he has taken KC to the WS 2 straight seasons and they were horrible before he got there?

I’m going to agree with something C-Mo said last night, that being to start Nick and use Victor as the pinch hitter. His reasoning was sound; that Victor is a weapon off the bench with the way he grinds ABs as a DH, whereas Nick may be out of his element in a pinch hitting role. Plus you keep Miggy and his probably still gimpy leg off thirdbase.

Hi Dan. I’m thinking Moya will join the big club this season, hopefully to stay.

Don’t deny Yost’s track record Darline. I just know how fans and writers tend to react.

Greg, are you stuck listening to those Nationals announcers like I am? And then four days of Orioles announcers.

We won – which means I read the blog! I am a fair weather reader – I stew by myself when they blow games, but celebrate with everyone else when we win one. So happy with VMart’s performance, nice to see him back to form. Gotta say I am loving Dan Dickerson on the TV – I love listening to that guy but I missed him when I was in the car.

Norris called up

Was going to go to the National series, but turned sour on spending that much money.
I tell you Rich, some of these announcers make Rod almost bearable.

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