Mother’s Day lineups: Tigers vs. Rangers

With another round of Interleague Play at a National League park (Nationals Park, to be exact) coming up, Victor Martinez gets a game to prep at first base, while Miguel Cabrera gets a day out of the field. They switch spots in an otherwise standard lineup.

tigerpitcherlogoTIGERS (career numbers vs. Martin Perez)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (1-for-3, triple)
  2. J.D. Martinez, RF (0-for-4, 2 walks, 2 K’s)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, DH (2-for-3, 4 walks)
  4. Victor Martinez, 1B (3-for-6, double, HR, K)
  5. Justin Upton, LF
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B (1-for-1)
  7. James McCann, C (0-for-2)
  8. Anthony Gose, CF (0-for-2, 2 K’s)
  9. Jose Iglesias, SS (0-for-2)

P: Justin Verlander

oldrangerslogoRANGERS (career numbers vs. Verlander)

  1. Rougned Odor, 2B (0-for-8, K)
  2. Nomar Mazara, RF
  3. Adrian Beltre, 3B (15-for-54, 2 doubles, HR, 2 walks, 10 K’s)
  4. Prince Fielder, DH (2-for-10, double, HR, walk, 2 K’s)
  5. Ian Desmond, LF (0-for-4, walk, 2 K’s)
  6. Mitch Moreland, 1B (7-for-25, 4 doubles, 3 walks, 9 K’s)
  7. Elvis Andrus, SS (9-for-36, 2 doubles, 2 walks, 4 K’s)
  8. Bobby Wilson, C (0-for-4, K)
  9. Delino DeShields, CF (1-for-6, 2 K’s)

P: Martin Perez



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I think JV’s ERA is misleading because of his 2 clunker games. Of his 6 total starts, 4 were of the Quality variety

Its 3.09 without those 2 starts.

Let’s hope so, without JV we are in trouble this year. There is reason to be hopeful, he never has been particularly great in April.

This is true. I nevertheless checked the rest of the rotation regarding Quality Starts JZ is 6 for 6, Pelfrey is 1 for 6, Greene is 1 for 3 and Sanchez is 0 for 6..

And Fulmer is 0 for 2.

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I’m not crazy about Gose continuing to face LHPs like Hamels and Perez. But I’m not sure who can bail him out from Toledo. Bernard, Collins and Maybin all seem to be having their problems. In fairly small samples, Bernard is .247 with 0 HRs and 4 RBIs. Collins is 219/1/5 and Maybin is .236/1/7. At the varsity level, Aviles and Romine seem to be defensive liabilities in CF.

We got one real starter, a good bullpen, capability of playing good defense but he hitting is suspect, big time. Center field is killing us offensively, left field is killing us at the plate. Leave Salty behind the plate for another couple of weeks. McCann ain’t ready for major league action. Maybe a stint at Toledo would help to get his bat going. I know this ain’t a fun time to be playing on the Tigs–it certainly isn’t a fun time to be watching on the tube either. Manager and couching staff appear befuddled. Waht ya gona do to shake all this stuff up, Mr. Illich?

Tigers 3rd in runs per game. AL

Starting pitching is the problem.3rd to last WAR

Hmmmmm Wilson formerly of the tiger’s is killing us

Wilson is a good framer, he gets the calls. Unlike our catchers

Well, Gose has actualized my concerns about facing LHPs by string out for the third time against Perez. The thing is, against RHPs Gose is okay. In fact, he was .265/5/24 with a .713 OPS last season.

a runner to late, but take him out

Still, bad move there

or lack of

96 on pitch 111 for his 9th K. JV looked great today. And he got his 5th Quality Start.

Guess Justin Wilson is becoming a true tiger’s relief pitcher… firecan

Here we go… gods putting me in my place….like yesterday I think we got a win and inevitably it’s getting snatched away.
Screw these bums

The BP seems to have turned combustible.

Maybe, it is just the rust after the little work this week

Birdman seems to be driving to Washington DC

DONE………. on way to becoming worst team in baseball


BTW: Texas, second worst BP in MLB

I was not much of a fan of Leyland, however, I did like the emotion he showed. Brad is usually unreadable and that drives me crazy. When he sputters to the umps it is almost laughable.
Turn the page Tigers, what’s done is done.

Considering that the club has no major injury issues at this time, this may be the lowest point in several years. The 2012 team was under .500 into July.
I don’t see any evidence that they’re ready to face Strasburg, Ross and Scherzer, and then there’s the Orioles who play well in their park.
This is not good. Deserved or not, it’s going to come crashing down around the manager.

Been away for a week, everything with this Tiger team has changed for the worse! This team stinks in all facets on a routine basis now. Race to the basement is in progress sooner than we thought. Looks like JV had a good start but the BP blew up again. Gose is cooked, McCann and Iggy are not carrying their weight so a real tough 7-8-9! HaHaHa! I thought this team could not get any worse but it appears this week has started the real downfall. I’m finished after following for many years.

There is nothing to say. The mark of a bad team is when things are going bad, they go really bad.
1. JV
2. JV
3. JV
I actually feel sorry for Brad; I don’t know why, but he’s sort of pitiful right now.

$64K question….if Avila had gone with a different manager this year would things be different? The opinions about that would be all over the map.

Al A. Needs to come up with a plan b and soon. If he waits until the All star break its too late .

I knew the lefty thing would catch up to Gose and I felt JV could deliver. So, I posted accordingly before the game. Gose ended up flailing away and JV was great. The points are JV got his 5th QS in 7 tries and Gose, despite being maligned, has the second best OPS over the last 7 on the Tigers. He is at .886 and ahead of everyone else except his co-whipping boy, Nick.

Dar, you are a very staunch Gose fan and as much as I would like to believe this guy has potential he keeps proving he does not. Toronto was correct in letting him go.
Whipping boy? No. He just does not have the juice to be a MLB CFer.
He has great tools, arm, speed etc but he has very little potential IMHO.
This team needs an injection of power, doesn’t matter where it comes from and if you are going to make a change this is one position where it might come from.
Upton, JD, Miggy may all start pounding the ball and hopefully at the same time but this old, slow team really does need someone to start yarding the ball.
Brad is pretty much done as the manager for this team. I can’t see Illitch going much furtrher with him. Avila has made some unfortunate signings in the off-season. He tried and the Upton signing seemed like it might bail him out but Aviles and Pelfrey were obviously misguided. both signings were mysterious to me.
I was disappointed in the bases loaded at bat by Nick today. Figured that it would haunt the collective effort. It was obvious Perez ws going to throw him a fastball and he took it for a called 3rd strike. A possible game-affirming AB and for him to fail after being so hot was very surprising.
JV showed something but the team must be thinking “so what”, we can’t finish off anybody anyway.
The team needs a rejuvenation and a sea change at the helm.
Pure and simple.
They are not responding to Brad Ausmus’ leadership.

The team needs to be shaken up.
You talk about chemistry? Well it does exist and the chemistry on this team is simply bad.
The composition doesn’t work.
Pelfrey, kRod, Aviles, Upton have probably been mistakes.
Let’s see what Moya, Jiminez, Machado can do.

Thanks Dan, but to tell the truth I am not really a fan of Gose so much as I am a fan of the Tigers. I just feel he needs patience to develop and he is a cheap alternative to Jackson or Maybin or Ellsbury or others of the sort who have recently posted similar stats for much less money, are older and have much less potential. The other and more practical thing is, I don’t really see any other realistic alternatives to him within the organization until Derek Hill becomes ready..

I’m not sure a correction needs to be made since the meaning should be clear, but it’s “for much more money,” not the other way around.

I see it the way you do, stars need to perform. And we have a lot of them, most arent performing consistently. Expecting role players to pick up the slack because the stars aren’t consistent leads to disappointment.

K-Rod is not a stopper…in fact, there are no stoppers on this club…opposing hitters
seem to know whats coming…Verlander could have finished the game himself.
including last year, his relief core has lost him beautiful pitched games. When
will this manager see this when he is pitching well and let him finish out for crying out loud.
our relief corp started out well and now they are falling into familiar mode…of blowing
leads…The catchers we let go…Holiday and Wilson….were hitters and we let them
go…Our bench is laughable … were is Collins? he at least gets the bat on the ball.
Gose must practce swinging and missing in the mirror….his eyes don’t appear to be on the ball while he’s swinging…The Tiger teams of the past are gone…salaries
on this team are top heavy. Time to re-group. Manager and coaches first.

What a candy-ass move by the club today.
Call up a AAAA ballplayer with no help of changing things and send downa reliever who has actually shown something.
By no means call up a guy like Moya that might quickly impact the team and perhaps motivate one of our slumping corner outfielders.

As much as I’d like to see someone other than infielders hit homers for this team (someone like Moya), bringing the big guy up would be sticky position-wise. Moya, JD, and Upton all play the same positions. They could hold off on the inevitable Moya call-up if Miggy and JD would add some power to their game. When Moya does arrive, I’d like to see him stick for good.

Let’s say they actually fired Ausmus mid-season. Who replaces him? It’s not easy to find new managers in that situation. Would it be Legendary Lloyd?

Speaking of managers, Joe Maddon today walked Bryce Harper six times and the other AB was a HBP. He walked Harper twice with men on first and second! It was Ryan Zimmerman who got “Boesched” by Maddon this time, if you remember that little drama from a few years ago. And it worked just as well.

Rich, I theorized they signed Lloyd to Toledo for just that reason. We’ll see. I don’t think Ausmus has been terrible. It’s a pretty common quote for pro sports, “you can’t replace the whole team” so that leaves you with the Manager/Coach.
Dan. Gose is not the solution for this team but I don’t think he is the problem either. Same with Pelfrey. In my book, you can’t have a superstar at every position. So you have to have role players that fit. Gose should be playing better defense and getting on and causing havoc with his speed, he’s not. But, honestly they have bigger problems.
BP has been good this year, hitting has been good this year, starting pitching has been good at times this year. It’s rare when they are all good at the same time, in fact I’d say it’s more likely they all aren’t good at the same time.

Of course they have bigger problems. I, in no way mean to imply that Gose is the problem. I do think he is just not an effective player and he is not fulfilling the role he has always been expected to play, as you say. Pillar is a role player, Burns and Ellsbury are also role players. But they are fulfilling their roles.
One of the problems that is going to be difficult to address or fix is that a young manager has been given an old team. He has been given a team of identifiable talent and has failed to galvanize them into a functional entity. Brad was a very dependable ballplayer but I don’t feel he has been a very good manager. Either on the field or in the clubhouse. Does that mean HE is the problem?
No, the problem seems to be in the composition of the team. For a team made up of proven players it seems very odd they have very little consistency.
I think the free agent signings have not helped in that regard and they certainly have not helped in terms of results.

Supposedly, Leyland. Who, by the way, was hired after Phil Garner was fired 6 games into the season.
Ellsbury is a carrier not a role player, he is making 153/7 and was one of the top FA of his class.
In some teams, the CO makes the lineups. The video operator decides if they will call the replay. The shifts are ordered by the analytics department. In Pittsburg an algorithm calls the rest days. Pitchers deciding who remains on the mound are not new, not even Weaver was able to remove Palmer from the mound( or keep him there) . The job of a manager is to be a PR agent, keep the players from killing each other , walk to the ump with the lineup and be expelled instead of the player.
Ausmus has been unable to fulfill the duties.
I guess , Lloyd would be the replacement .
I would like to see the pitching coach and the current CF gone too

I dont get why Farmer when VerHagen has been pretty bad

Re: BP
The BP was not as good as it seemed until the last two weeks. The numbers were worse than 2015
Going by the KC playbooks, 6 IP by the starter and then BP means overwork. And only 4 times the starter has made the 7th. Twice JZ and twice JV. But the bullpen delivered
They near the end of a 29 games in 30 days stretch and they were good until the losing streak. Lowe, Wilson an KRod, a bona fide closer who is not holding down anyone, accumulated rust and ,until the weekend , Ausmus forgot to give them some innings.
One game and they are Nathan and co. Even Wilie Hernández had a blown save

I don’t know if the Ellsbury “carrier” comment was meant for me, but he was certainly paid like a “carrier.” Yet, Ellsbury only managed .257/.318/.663 with 7 HRs and 33 RBIs. By comparison, minimum-wage Gose was .254/.321/.688 with 5 HRs and 26 RBIs. My point is Gose was a bargain compared to what the Yankees got from Ellsbury.

Plus 32 YO Ellsbury had 21 SBs as opposed to 23 SBs by 25 YO Gose.

My comment wasn’t “meant” for anyone but only a comment. My point is Ellsbury is fullfilling his role as a defender and base-runner. Money is irrelevant to me. It’s not mine it is Illitch’s. Whatever they are paying Gose, they are not getting their money’s worth IMO. The only thing he is doing right this year is keeping better track of the outs in the inning.
I am disappointed in the Collins call-up. Tyler has shown he is a bench player at best and a pretty average minor league player. This presumably was a short term call up so the excuse of giving Moya regular at bats doesn’t hold up.
The hope he can play CF is a pipe-dream.
Ausmus has been given ample time to make the team jell.

If I had a choice Alan Trammel would finally be given the opportunity to be given a a team with proven personnel. Kirk Gibson would also be a good choice but probably not fair to him with what he is dealing with personally.

They called up Collins? Whose idea was that? I’d really like to know. Was there a consensus? That move is just unbelievable to me.

Setting aside Zimmerman who was an obviously good signing filling an obvious hole in the rotation, here are our free agents:
Collectively, Upton, Salty and Aviles are hitting .218. Upton is being outpaced by Gose as far as homers are concerned. (Though he does have more stolen bases than Anthony).
KRod, Lowe and Pelfrey, are pitching to a 6.23 ERA.
So, the GM’s signings seem to be playing a part in the won/loss record to be sure.
The vanishing and re-vanishing of our offense is disturbing. The mysterious lack of HR power is not off-setting the troubled starting rotation.
I am pretty sure we will start to see somewhat of a revolving door for the bullpen soon as well.
As to Collins who is hitting a blistering .219 in Toledo I can only say this:

Thanks for the link, Dan. This just screams stupidity on Brad’s part.

As far as roster goes, I imagine it’s going to take 5-6 years to fix this mess they call the farm system. But, my guess is during that time they will try to remain competitive by buying free agents and trades. Which generally are guys that are too expensive for their small market teams or for whatever reason don’t fit their current teams future plans. So it’s mostly going to be a mixed bag with results depending on luck and a manager that can get a mixed bag to play together well. Apparently, JL was much better at this than we gave him credit for.
Personally, I’d like see a strong farm that produces 1 or 2 pieces a year. They had 3-5 years in the system learning what it means to be on a winning team.

The MLB winner ´s curse. The Tiger drafted late because they were successful. And they lost picks for Fielder, Victor and Valverde
On the other hand, the Tigers had the best draft ever 1976( Trammell) and then (and before ) nothing for 50 years. Only the Rangers have been worse drafting ( maybe , you remember when they were drafting football player because it worked with Gibson)


Castellanos 1.1
Kinsler 1
Miguel 0.8
Victor 0.8
Saltalamacchia 0.7
JD -0.4
McCann – 0.1

Boras”Free agency is like the Navy. You can have a number of mid-range missiles, but they only work as long as you have the aircraft carrier to put them on.”
Eltsbury; 24.2 career WAR
“The implication in Boras’ comment is that Ellsbury is an aircraft carrier”

Steven Moya has been named International League player of the week. #Tigers

Lineup at WAS: Kinsler 4, J. Martinez 9, Cabrera 3, Castellanos 5, Upton 7, McCann 2, Gose 8, Iglesias 6, Sanchez 1.

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