Thursday’s lineups: Tigers at Indians

Two days after Andrew Romine made his first Major League appearance in center field, he gets the start there tonight, giving Anthony Gose his first game out of the starting lineup since Tyler Collins had his ill-fated start against Oakland a week and a half ago. Mike Aviles starts at shortstop.

Counterbalancing the Tigers’ success against Trevor Bauer are the Tigers’ struggles recently against everybody else, as noted by MLB Network today. Ian Kinsler hits Bauer well, but he’s 2-for-18 over his last four games. J.D. Martinez is just under a .500 hitter off Bauer, but he’s 9-for-54 with a home run and five RBIs over his last 14 games.

As noted in the game preview last night, Michael Fulmer just missed Francisco Lindor in the Eastern League last year, since Lindor had been promoted to Triple-A. The only Cleveland Indian Fulmer has faced is Tyler Naquin, and that was one start last April (he went 1-for-4 that game).

Gameday | TV: Fox Sports Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, MLB Gameday Audio

tigers1927logoTIGERS (career numbers off Trevor Bauer)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (7-for-19, double, HR, walk, 2 K’s)
  2. J.D. Martinez, RF (7-for-16, HR, 2 walks, 4 K’s)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (5-for-17, 2 doubles, 2 walks, 2 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (5-for-18, HR, 4 walks, 4 K’s)
  5. Justin Upton, LF
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B (5-for-17, double, 3 K’s)
  7. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C (0-for-1, K)
  8. Mike Aviles, SS (0-for-1, K)
  9. Andrew Romine, CF (1-for-5, double, 2 walks, 2 K’s)

P: Michael Fulmer

clevelandlogo2INDIANS (sorry for incorrect lineup earlier)

  1. Rajai Davis, CF
  2. Jason Kipnis, 2B
  3. Francisco Lindor, SS
  4. Michael Brantley, LF
  5. Mike Napoli, 1B
  6. Carlos Santana, DH
  7. Juan Uribe, 3B
  8. Lonnie Chisenhall, RF
  9. Chris Gimenez, C

P: Trevor Bauer


Guess Fulmer wasn’t ready for prime time….and got lucky against a bad team last week. Seriously

Well, that was quick.

Fulmer seems to be a good fit for the rotation.


Lol…a rotation of suckiness

I am so sick of that drum!

Maybe he can settle in, and maybe the hitters can claw back a bit. A quick 1-2-3 inning should help.

I feel a repeat of last year…when is this team going to get a good hitting centerfielder? Napoli keeps hitting tiger pitching like he owns them….Gose is not the answer…I realize Napoli isn’t a centerfielder…but wasn’t he available? To early
to grade Upton…The Indians always had a good hitting team…Good luck!

Tiger’s hitters quick and quiet……..not even trying to make a wild pitcher work. DISGUSTED

FWIW against the heavy LH loaded Tribe, Boyd was a better option. No hindsight, I said it here

I agree….

Tigers a re 7th in pitches /AB , 3.93 above the league average of 3.91. KC 3.85 4th to last

Upton 36 % K Gose 34.6

This team literally gives me a giant headache…..

Gose is a weak link. Romine in center? That’s ridiculous. And you combine that with Aviles? That is indicative throw away game.

Well I guess you might as well take yourselves completely out of the possibility of a miraculous comeback. They really have embarrassed themselves this week….this team is a piece of crap

Aviles is a piece of work for $2M. He hits below the Mendoza line, has limited range and just sucked up an error on a routine DP. Pelfrey and Aviles equals $10M down the drain. And now the Tribe will pile on becuz of Aviles SWEEP!

Whos’ going to cover the rest of the outfield…batted balls seem to find all the gaps.
pitching, pitching, pitching.

Gose can play and has skills. He is NOT a Silver Slugger candidate but could take home a Gold Glove. The point is, CoPa needs someone who can cover CF.

At least with the type of pitching the Tigers now offer. It is no longer a K-staff.

Aviles is now hitting .167 and has virtually no upside defensively.

And I am now truly both negative AND pissed.

The CLE-DET series in recent years has gone one sided in both directions. If the Tigers had even split the series thus far, they’d be 17-10. The season is gone if this keeps up (obviously).
Everybody wants a Ben Zobrist but there’s only one of him. Romine is much better than Aviles in the utility role, but Andrew is stuck mostly caddying for Castellanos. That situation has been a mistake. That said, Maybin will be back very soon (we hope) and something has to give on this roster.

Whats’ with Miguel? Someone found his Achiles heel….power gone, maybe needs
glasses? Didn’t appear to happy last time I looked in the dugout .Maybe he needs an energy boost.
Right now he’s over rated…

Albert Pujols suffered his first drop off at age 33. Could be happening with Miggy. That would be a new reality for him and all concerned. Hope not.

Miguel is hitting the ball hard. But his Babip is low. Had a 9 games hitting streak bfore this game and today went on base twice
28 times had hit the ball over 100mph. Best in MLB. The power is there.

Ausmus: “They outplayed us. Simple as that. They outpitched us. They outhit us. They outdefended us. Period. They were the better team.”
So….what are you gonna do about that, Skip?

EXACTLY RICH!!! What are you going to do AUSBOT 3000? Don’t just come off arrogant to the cameras! Show us you care! Again, i know he’s not playing the game, but I am so over him. Time to go nuts on the reporters Brad, Hal McRae style. Start cussing and throwing things. SOMETHING to prove you are not a robot!

Personally I see a fair amount of potential in Fullmer.
I have felt all along that the Aviles signing was something of little significance other than the fact that it means someone else more useful doesn’t have a roster spot.
He is mid thirties and redundant.
Gose is not a Gold Glove candidate in my opinion. Either figuratively or literally. We all know there is a subset of offense in all the Gold Glove awards. Not the way it is supposed to be but it is there nevertheless. Notwithstanding, Gose isn’t skilled enough defensively to be a serious consideration. He runs poor routes, has a lousy understanding of base coverage (as to controlling advancing base-runners), and has an erratic arm.
He has not utilized his speed and as such has pretty much neutralized his talents.
Maybin will be an improvement but we have to hope he can stay healthy.
What we really need is JD to wake up again. McCann also needs to find a way to do something other than hitting grounders to short (as JD has been doing).
There are some BIG Miggy fans here (I am one myself) but he is not the Miggy this team needs anymore. Maybe it will change but it is noticeable.
Sorry for the negative vibes but the team I mentioned before that always re-appears, has re-appeared again. Poor baseball again.

Gose is not high on my list. He appears unable to learn in order to live up to his potential.

This sucks, it is way too early in the season for fans to feel this team is going nowhere.

It IS way too early for that.

Any way you cut it, there’s a tough stretch coming up. Texas always plays the Tigers tough. Then the road trip; three in Washington against their excellent pitching staff and then four in Baltimore, where the Tigers may be able to slug with the Orioles. If they win three of the seven on this trip, I’ll take that at this point.

Well, I’m right there with everyone; the team was pathetic tonight. A couple of different gripes. Granted, the Tribe didn’t score off Verhagen, but he was behind every batter he faced in the two innings. The DP saved his hide. Sadly, Wilson was due a bad outing; it was just at the wrong time. Avilas played a very poor shortstop tonight; if we keep him, he needs to fill in at second and third. I do believe that Romine gives us more flexibility(more positions, switch hitter, better base runner)than Avilas. Also agree that Miggy has no spark, and Julio is killing us right now. So when we go to national league parks, we sit the whipping boy, the most improved hitter on the squad.
It is truly remarkable that 1-3 offered nothing at the plate tonight. And 8-9 are essentially outs. We got our butts torn apart tonight:
1. Nick’s swing gets better and better.
2. Miggy’s DP, with a solid peg to second.
3. Fullmer settled down effectively enough after the first inning. He made some good pitches to get out of bad situations.
Kudos to Nick.
It doesn’t get any better. Hamels is not an ordinary lefty.

I’ve missed so many games this season due to travel and stuff I’m not honestly qualified to make any intelligent commentary. But, heck, when have I ever let that stop me? Think my last installment was something like “the Tigers will be improved this year because of the increased system depth.” How’s that working out? Maybe depth is more like redundancy as Dan indicated above. Didn’t see tonight’s game but from comments above it must have been a stinker…. like the smell of a cormorant rookery on a hot summer day. Maybe time to bring up a young player or two, sooner than later. Pelfry is not inspiring anyone from what little I’ve seen. Didn’t understand the Aviles signing either. Better get ahead of the curve, or as Rich said “So what are you gonna do about that skip?” Good question.

On the Gose issue, I never said Gold Glove this year. But, he has the potential to achieve that goal. He is still a baseball toddler and has been cursed by his talents to the point he has not been allowed to develop them at the MiLB level like many players his age such as Bernard. Instead, it has been hit-and-miss at the MLB level and he has only one regular season of play under his belt. He can cover and throw and has shown flashes of brilliance. Consistency will only come with regular playing time.

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