Sunday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Indians

The Tigers’ two-three lineup combination of Justin Upton and Miguel Cabrera broke up Sunday, if only for the afternoon. Manager Brad Ausmus gave both of them a game off, hoping a day to relax will help them shake their early-season struggles.

It’s not something he welcomed doing. With both of them seemingly fighting their own swings and plate judgments trying to spark an anemic Tigers offense, Ausmus took the chance.

“You don’t ever want to do it,” Ausmus said. “Certainly fans want to see Miggy play at Comerica Park, and I don’t blame them. But sometimes I think it’s best to give guys a breather when you think they need one, and I felt like they both could use a day. Pretty good chance it’ll never happen on the same day again the rest of the season, but I’d like them to kind of relax today, refresh their mind, reset, come back tomorrow and go at it again.”

Upton entered Sunday leading the Majors with twice as many strikeouts (30) as hits (15), batting .217 with four doubles, a home run and three RBIs. His three-strikeout game Saturday made him the first Tiger to reach 30 by the end of April since Austin Jackson and Ryan Raburn five years ago.

Ausmus installed Upton in the second spot in Detroit’s batting order shortly after he signed as a free agent January, expecting him to benefit from seeing more strikes batting in front of the formidable Cabrera. While Upton has suffered from swings and misses, Cabrera has had his own struggles, batting .210 (13-for-62) with three doubles, a home run and six RBIs. He said Friday his timing is off with his swing, much like a similarly slow April two years ago.

“Sometimes in baseball, you can beat yourself up so much when you’re struggling, it’s best to take a step back,” Ausmus said, “even if it’s just 24 hours.”

With Upton out, Jose Iglesias gets a chance in the second spot. Ausmus opted to keep Saltalamacchia behind the plate and start Andrew Romine at first base, while Mike Aviles gets a spot start in left field, a role he was lined up for before the Tigers signed Upton.

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84tigerslogoTIGERS (career numbers off Carlos Carrasco)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (7-for-25, 3 doubles, walk, 5 K’s)
  2. Jose Iglesias, SS (3-for-7, walk, 3 K’s)
  3. Victor Martinez, DH (6-for-21, 2 doubles, walk)
  4. J.D. Martinez, RF (6-for-18, 2 doubles, 2 HR, walk, 2 K’s)
  5. Nick Castellanos, 3B (4-for-14, 2 walks, 6 K’s)
  6. Jarrod Saltalamacchia, C (0-for-3, 2 K’s)
  7. Mike Aviles, LF (3-for-9, double, HR, K)
  8. Andrew Romine, 1B (1-for-4, double)
  9. Anthony Gose, CF (0-for-2, K)

P: Shane Greene

clevelandblueslogoINDIANS (career numbers against Greene)

  1. Carlos Santana, 1B (1-for-5, double, walk, K)
  2. Jason Kipnis, 2B (2-for-6)
  3. Francisco Lindor, SS
  4. Mike Napoli, DH (2-for-3, double, HR, 4 walks)
  5. Jose Ramirez, LF (1-for-1)
  6. Marlon Byrd, RF
  7. Juan Uribe, 3B
  8. Tyler Naquin, CF
  9. Roberto Perez, C (0-for-1)

P: Carlos Carrasco


Greene—-26 pitches….2 hits
Carrasco—7 pitches …0 hits

Hitters aren’t even attempting to have good at bats. Nope quickly and quietly


Way too little sample, But a point was mentioned here and rebutted here. CoPa increases Ks:
CoPa increases K rates. Salty has 6 SO in 9 AB at CoPa. 10 in 30 on the road

Upton 12/23. 18/46

Going from worse to worse.

Just when you thought it could get no worse . Al A. Will be looking at alot of vacant seats if this keeps up .

Well I don’t believe this team can score 4 runs so……….???

Another non gem for Gose

Helped by a bad defense , they can

Please leave VerHagen out there a little longer….just long enough to give up a few more.

He has no option .Ryan is not available. The starter did no make the third and as mentioned before, they in the middle of a 30 days stretch with only one day off

Little bit too late Ausmus…..

He has Boyd……who was warming and is a starter right???????

That is why you don’t dive. twice today

Using Boyd for too long means the starter needs to go the distance tomorrow. He wanted to avoid that
They could call Toledo and ask a couple of fresh arm too

Well Zimmerman is pitching tomorrow…..I don’t find that to be a reasonable excuse. You need to show some ability to manage and try to win a game.

We’ll never know because he made the stupid decision to leave him in.

McCosky thinks the same:
Bullpen was used for 6.2 IP yesterday. K-Rod is on leave. Lowe-J.Wilson for 9th. A. Wilson, Hardy 7-8th. Need to extend VerHagen if possible

VerHagen allowed 1 more IR to score. Boyd 1 of 2

BTW: the home plate Umpire is debuting in MLB .His first game as HPU. No complains today
Like Virgil , the first Dominican in the position

Runners, on no shift: vintage Victor

Your argument might hold water if it wasn’t Zimmerman. Boyd was coming in at some point today if he pitched 3 or 4 he wasn’t pitching tomorrow or the next anyway…..and as far as inherited runners that’s why it might be important for him to come in to a clean inning.

Miggy couldn’t get it done again……

Something (and I am not blaming or scapegoating) has to be done with Gose.
Miggy must be going crazy.
VerHagen will end up another reliever who used to pitch for the Tigers.
Boyd was very impressive as was the home plate ump.

I thought for a second that Victor might have tweaked his right knee on the non-slide home.
Moya two dingers (so far) down the road in Toledo.

My prediction came true, though I wish it hadn’t; swept like an old rug by the Indians. I some ways, we knew we couldn’t win today, ala, Ronine, Aviles, and Gose all together. But in reality, the replacements for Avila and Gose did nothing either. My son, a fanatic Braves Fan,(how would you like to be in his shoes), told me repeatedly that J-UP was all or nothing; we’ve seen nothing for the first 17 games; maybe it’s time for a little all. No explanation for Miggy; seems like no pulling power in the air to left field; grounders to third and short are taking him down. As far as Green, he might have given us 6 today with minimal damage. Dan is right about Gose; he really needs to become a ghost. Never ahead in any of the three against the Tribe. when will it end? And dorry to say, but Verhagen’s first inning of work tipped what we would see in his second inning. Should never have sent him out there. Potential yes, but Nate Cornejo had potential.
1. Nick had a nice plate day with the Ribby single and two free passes.
2. Boyd again showed real potential, more than I’ve ever seen from Pelfrey.
3. Through the whole mess, we still had a chance to tie, as late as the 8th. inning.
Kudos to Boyd. Next comes Oakand with the # 2 starting ERA in the AL. Makes you wanna grin from ear to ear; that is, if your’e and Oakland fan.

One of Boyd or VerHagen could be headed down. If they will be unavailable, they need a replacement.If Greene goes to DL, they can call him up,Boyd or VH, again without waiting 10 days.The other goes once KRod is back

Boyd down, Jose (don’t call me Juan) Valdez called up. Whoopee!

How bleak are things going to look if Zimmerman doesn’t get a win tomorrow?

It will be pretty darn dark at 2100 Woodward avenue.

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