V-Mart on 1000th RBI: No lie, it means a lot

Victor Martinez’s 999th career RBI Tuesday night was a first for him, bases-loaded hit-by-pitch. His 1000th RBI looked a little more familiar, a line drive single into the gap with two outs and two strikes in a close game on the road.

It wasn’t electrifying, but it was efficient, going with an offspeed pitch and sending it to the opposite field. And as the stoic Martinez admitted later, it meant something for him.

“You know what? No lie, I think it means a lot,” he admitted. “Never thought I was going to make it, first of all, to the big leagues, and then to get to this point. Proud for everything I’ve done in my career. But I think the most important thing tonight is we were able to put a good win. Those guys over there are tough.”

As he was saying this, his teammate, Miguel Cabrera, was one locker over in the clubhouse, making a bigger deal of it.

“Oooh, a thousand RBIs,” Cabrera said. “That’s a lot of RBIs. Venezuelan power.”

Indeed, Martinez is the fifth Venezuelan-born player to drive in 1000 runs in the big leagues. Cabrera tops the list with 1449, just ahead of Andres Galarraga (1425). After Bobby Abreu (1363) sits former Tiger Magglio Ordonez with 1236.

“It’s an honor to be on that list with all those names, you know,” Martinez said. “Those are the little things that make you still hungry for the ballpark. All four great baseball players, no doubt. Great. I mean legends.”

Then he turned to Cabrera.

“This one right here is a future Hall of Famer.”

Martinez is in another group, too, as one of three active switch-hitters with 1000 RBIs. Carlos Beltran (1451) and Mark Teixeira (1262) are the others.


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Victor Martinez PA: 39 RBI: 8 Actual Runners on Base: 29
OPS 849.
He is doing his job as clean-up hitter.

Missed the game yesterday (for the most part), I did see a nice play by Iggy in the 7th on Infante that the hitter was ruled safe at first. He looked out to me and I wondered if there was some discussion whether or not it should be reviewed. Anybody?

BTW, I will bring up my old bugaboo once again about a “safe” bag at 1st.
I predict Hosmer will cause an injury or injuries the way he crosses the line and takes one-hoppers behind the bag in foul territory. He is very good but this practice will result in a bad injury to himself or someone else.

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