More like Snowday [Rainy] Night Baseball?

The sight of snow outside as of midday Sunday was not exactly a sign of baseball weather. The forecast calls for that snow to change to rain as temperatures warm during the day and continue to warm in the evening. By warm, that means low 40s with winds at 10-15 mph. So while it won’t be frigid, it could still be miserable.

That leaves the Tigers with a decision to make, and MLB to provide some consultation. The trouble with the schedule wasn’t so much the Sunday night game — this would’ve been a mess at any time today — it was the Tigers opening their home schedule with a team that only makes one trip in this season. So if tonight’s game is postponed, the two sides will have to find a common off-day for the Yankees to come in and play a makeup game.

Surprisingly, the Tigers and Yankees are off on the same day just six times this season, and even those have complications. The Tigers are traveling from Houston to Kansas City April 18. Both teams are in the middle of road trips May 2. The Tigers are coming back from a West Coast trip June 2. The Yankees are between stops in Houston and Tampa Bay July 28. Both teams are on the road Sept. 19.

While the Yankees are in between KC and Baltimore on Sept. 1, the Tigers are traveling from Detroit to KC. Maybe they should just make up the game at Kauffman Stadium. Playing Sept. 1 in Detroit or anywhere would have the Yankees playing more than three weeks without an off-day, so players would have to approve.

If there’s any reason to wait a while and see if the weather improves, it’s that trickiness in scheduling a makeup game. The Yankees are off Monday before starting a series in Toronto Tuesday night, so they can wait. The Tigers don’t have to travel, but they start their series against the Pirates Monday afternoon, so they’d probably rather not wait too long.

Check back for updates.


The game must be played only if needed by Oct 1. Or they could just play it in New York with the Tigers as home club

No way the Yankees say yes to Sep 1 . By then ,half of the roster could be headed to retirement

That’s the stance with games canceled later in the season, especially September. Games canceled in April are made up. MLB in recent years has emphasized making up rainouts for the integrity of the schedule and records.

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Daniel threw two innings for Lakeland today. Gave up a run and had 4 Ks.
Alex Wilson threw two scoreless giving up 3 hits and 2 Ks

Postponed, as known as soon as the game was selected to be the game of the week,

Holladay may get some time as a starter for the Rangers now that Chirinos is out with a broken forearm.There is speculation on MLBTR that the Rangers will pursue Lucroy or Norris. There was even talk they would try to get Wilson back. In any event, it looks like the window of opportunity has opened for Hollady, however briefly.

The Tigers have Kensing. Meanwhile, the Pirates have Feliz. He has appeared in 4 games, posting a 0.00 ERA and a .000 WHIP.

That should have read a .000 BA Against with a 0.00 WHIP.

Feliz got $3.9 million from Pirates. If Tigers gave him that coming off season he had in Detroit, they would have been lambasted.

He was a gamble, but the Pirates were willing to take the risk. My point has always been that the payoff could have been huge given his age, seemingly recovered health and track record of success with the Rangers. And, he actually finished fairly well with the Tigers last season.

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