K-Rod owns first blown save chance as a Tiger

Francisco Rodriguez wasn’t finishing his pitches, he said, and he paid for it. In that sense, his first opportunity as Tigers closer brought back memories of the bullpen struggles that led Detroit to acquire him last November.

His thoughts on his blown save Tuesday at Miami, on the other hand, were pretty well finished. In that sense, he made his struggles a little bit easier to take.

“It’s pretty obvious I got hit around pretty good,” Rodriguez said after the 8-7 win. “Every pitch was pretty much up over the middle of the zone.

“It was frustrating. You prepare yourself for 4 1/2, five months and the first time of the gate you get that. But hey, it’s behind. At the end of the day, we come back and win the ballgame. Just have to prepare for tomorrow.”

Rodriguez wasn’t missing the strike zone. He threw 14 of his 19 pitches for strikes, so he made hitters beat him. But in leaving pitches in the middle of the strike zone, he left pitches for them to hit.

“It’s disappointing,” he said. “Obviously I’m surprised. I don’t remember the last time I got knocked around like that, four base hits in a row. And they squared the ball pretty good. They weren’t like bloop singles, anything like that. You just have to turn the page now, get them tomorrow.”

Actually, the first two hits had some bloop qualities. A soft line drive leadoff single from Martin Prado and a J.T. Realmuto chopper that bounced over Andrew Romine’s head brought the tying run to the plate.

“I think the only pitch I made the entire night was the ball that bounced,” Rodriguez said. “That’s the only pitch that honestly I feel like I made out of 19 pitches.”

After Realmuto’s chopper, they weren’t bouncing. Justin Upton made a lunging catch at the fence, turning Adeiny Hechavarria’s line drive into a sac fly. One out away from closure, Rodriguez got a one-two combination that knocked him down. Derek Dietrich and Dee Gordon hit hard line-drive RBI doubles to tie the game.

“I didn’t make my pitches,” Rodriguez said. “I had four opportunities to make one pitch and I didn’t. Everything was up over the middle of the zone.”

His quotes consistently ended with the point that he’ll put the outing behind him and move on. But he won’t move on easily before thinking about it.

“Definitely it’s painful,” he said. “I’ll go out there now and go to sleep thinking about it. Honestly, I’m not going to be able to sleep. The game’s going to continue in the back of my head. But once the game starts tomorrow, everything has to be behind you.”


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TB- Jays. It was the right call. He went for the fielder and tried to grab him

That rule would have preserved Guillén´s career.

Amazing that Drew Sharp would kiss the team goodbye after game 1 of 162.

hope you’re well dude!

It was only the first game, but wow, we Tigers fans have seen this nightmare for the last few years.

I must have missed it: When did Nathan change his name to Francisco?

Reading/watching some of the media reactions to last night’s 9th inning puts me in mind of this: a guy sees his doctor because he has a small case of the sniffles and the doctor sits him down, places his hands on the guy’s shoulders, and gravely announces “Don’t worry! These cases aren’t always terminal.” And the guy responds “Wait a minute……..what do you mean, terminal????” Who said anything about terminal??”

It was tough to watch, I get your point Rich it was just one game but geez – it just rushes back memories of what seems to be a continual problem for the Tigers. That said, the rest of the bullpen did terrific and the team picked it up even after that stupid running error by Iggy. I wanted the W for JV but I see he tweeted his batting average after the game so he seems to be over it. I loved that home run by VMart – well done! Lots of positives from last night from a lot of the players.

True definition of insanity. Same recipe yet we expect different results. Get a once great, but now over the hill closer. Broken record people. We are honestly better off giving the ball to a rookie with unproven, but great stuff and groom your own bullpen. One with a fresh mind, no fear, Zumaya-like, new school outlook. K-Rod’s brain is fried from all the years of pressure.

Once again offense is pressured to score 8 runs per game, but that might not be a problem this year. Can’t wait to see V-Mart in the lineup, very exciting outlook.

Also, the moment Verlander went up to bat and got caught up in his love fest with Edwin Jackson, Verlander’s night was over. Quit smiling out there and get back to business. You would have never seen Jack Morris get all smiley with a former teammate if he had to go up to bat. He had this shit-eating grin that only got bigger after each swing and a miss! In my opinion, he lost all his intensity and momentum, groove, whatever you call it. No-hitter, shut-out, everything was lost when he went back on the mound. Stay on track Justin, it really felt like it was going to be a special night there for a while.

Yes, I hate it when any player does not take their at-bats seriously.

About Iglesias,wild pitch, you run. It was an unfortunate twist that the ball bounced back and that fast. ” he had to force a rundown…” with bases loaded?
Bad running, Kinsler as usual
And there was good running by Upton who also showed a stellar defense. Without him, Verlander was out before the 5th

Tigers were very lucky to get the win . However they need to work on their poor base running .

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