Tigers release Parnell, McGehee, option Rondon

The Tigers’ bullpen competition thinned out by two relatively big names Monday. Right-hander Bobby Parnell, who faced a Tuesday deadline to be added to the 25-man roster, was granted his unconditional release, while Bruce Rondon was optioned to Triple-A Toledo.

Infielder Casey McGehee, who also faced a Tuesday deadline for a roster decision, was also granted his unconditional release. The moves reduce Detroit’s camp roster to 36 players with six days before the Opening Day roster deadline.

The moves also throw a twist into a bullpen competition thrown wide open by injuries. Both Parnell and Rondon were expected to be in competition for a spot, especially following injuries to Alex Wilson and Blaine Hardy. Instead, the relief ranks shape up to include Kyle Ryan, Buck Farmer, Logan Kensing, Lendy Castillo and potentially Shane Greene if he doesn’t win the fifth slot in the starting rotation.

Parnell and McGehee both signed minor-league deals with non-roster invites around the start of camp. Both have enough Major League service time to qualify for an opt-out and a retention bonus, allowing them to get a roster decision five days before the end of camp or a $100,000 retention bonus to stick around.

By getting their release, Parnell and McGehee can test the market for clubs that might have a role for them on Major League rosters. They could also sign back with the Tigers on minor-league deals.

Parnell gave up nine runs on 15 hits over 9 1/3 innings with eight walks and eight strikeouts, but five of those runs and five hits came in one-third of an inning against the Blue Jays last Tuesday. His stuff improved as camp went along, including a fastball that registered at 96 mph on the Joker Marchant Stadium during a scoreless inning with two strikeouts Sunday against the Astros.

Rondon had moments of dominance but an inconsistent spring, allowing 10 runs on 13 hits over 10 innings with 13 strikeouts and four walks. Nine of those runs came in three outings. He gave up two home runs in two-thirds of an inning on Sunday, ending a streak of four consecutive scoreless innings with a walk and six strikeouts.

The Tigers were hoping to keep McGehee at Triple-A Toledo as insurance in case of injury to Miguel Cabrera, Victor Martinez or Nick Castellanos. The former NL Comeback Player of the Year batted .316 (12-for-38) this spring with a home run, six RBIs, seven walks and four strikeouts.


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Given the bullpen situation with Hardy, Wilson, and inexperienced, imo The Tigers will regret releasing Parnell.

Parnell hasn’t sucked more than Lowe or Wilson

I thought they might keep Parnell. At least he has an idea how to pitch.
Bullpen already a little shaky. Despite AA’s procurement of so called 7th & 8th inning guys.

Holy cow we must be getting close to regular season—-GK and I are agreeing already!!

I hope McGehee can get a real job. If not, then I would be happy to see him back with the Tigers. I also hope Parnel re-signs with the Tigers on an MiLB deal. He could end up helping this team.

that’s perpetually on my to do list: 1. Get a haircut 2. Get a real job

By real job, I meant an MLB roster position with playing time.

Rondon was scheduled to pitch today. Wonder if that is still on the table and if so wonder which Bruce Rondon we will see after this demotion.

Game Notes say Farmer, Ryan, and Kensing along with 6 minor leaguers including #99 Dustin Molleken in the pen

highest number still in camp is #68 Lendy Castillo, Kensing next #67

Well, to make it real close to the regular season, the devil´s advocate says present:
Justin Wilson SO/BB is near his career norm: 2.00 to 2.38.
And Mark Lowe with 11 SO and 1 BB looks like the new and improved Lowe from 2015.
Both faced a better opposition than Parnell and have half or less his BB/9.
Parnell is not gone. If nobody signs him, he could be signed to reasonable Minor League contract. Had the Tigers paid, they were forced to call him up by June 1 and by then both Wilson and Hardy are expected to be back.

Tigers’ roster is really at 30 with 6 guys (Maybin, Ferrell, A.Wilson, Hardy, Norris, Nesbitt) essentially out

Or 29?. It seems that Holaday will go to DL

What did I miss …Holaday to DL?

Injured thumb. Last Saturday. Could be headed to DL

And Boyd and Farmer are in .Barring a last effort by Kensing or Castillo.

Not sure why they would take Boyd. I would think they want him in a stable rotation.

But I do see that Greene could be put in the pen under the current conditions and leave the 5th spot for Boyd.

A LH starter in the Central is a plus. CoPa should help him to keep the ball inside the park. If he goes to Toledo , Kensing or Castillo will fill the spot r until Wilson is back

I wonder how far Jiminez is away from an emergency call up?
That guy has got that extra special something.

Close?: “And we feel we have it, right down to some people in minor league camp who aren’t now in major league camp but who could help in short time.” Avila said

Ravanelle, a future closer. 97 MPH

Once again in thinking about Parnel, he intrigues me. Parnel seems on the mend from his physical problems, increasing his fastball from 90 mph at the start of ST to 96 in his last outing. Remember, this is a guy who used to throw 100 mph smoke with the Mets. He’s not yet right, but I’d love to see him signed to an MiLB contract

Holaday is okay and will play today. DL fears appear unfounded.

God forbid we have a bench player (Casey McGehee) that has the propensity to take a walk or get on base. Still allergic to OBP I see, pathetic…

The Tigers finished #2 in MLB in OBP in 2015.Yet, only tied for 15th in Runs Scored. In fact, the Tigers were 10th in the AL in Runs Scored. Runs, not OBP, win games.

If you’d rather have Romine & Aviles instead of 1 of them and McGehee thats crazy. Mine as well bring Don Kelly back while we are at it.

Crazy or not, my point was about OBP and Runs Scored. If you want to make a point about the overall value of a utility player, then you can justify it accordingly. I might even then buy your argument.

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