Monday morning injury updates on Sanchez, Wilson

As we wait on the Tigers’ unofficial Spring Training opener, a couple updates:

First, Anibal Sanchez played catch this morning with pitching coach Rich Dubee, stretching out to 90 feet on his throws. He felt fine, he said, and manager Brad Ausmus seconded that. He’ll throw out to 90 feet again Tuesday (and maybe Wednesday), then stretch out to 120 feet before getting back on a mound.

While Sanchez begins throwing again, Alex Wilson will be shut down for the next few days with what Ausmus called a tender shoulder.

“Just general soreness,” Wilson said. “It’s more precautionary, I think.”

It’s a different situation than the shoulder soreness that bothered him last year, Wilson said, because the soreness is in the back of the shoulder. Last year’s issue was closer to the biceps, he said.

“It’s all good soreness,” Wilson said, “just a little more soreness than normal.”

In past years, he might have tried to throw through it, since he’d be fighting for a job. With his spot in Detroit’s bullpen secure, he’s not taking any chances this year.

“This is the first year I’ve even contemplated taking a day [off],” he joked.


For Tiger junkies that just can’t help themselves:

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Alex Wilson coule be, another victim of overload.There was no reason to avoid shutinghim down in 2015 if he had sorenees.His K rate was way down from 2014.
Al, Joba, Wilson.

And the Lomborg-Inge Award goes to Maybin

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