Tigers to hold tryout camp March 7

The Tigers have signed talented outfielders out of their last two spring tryout camps. They’ll look for more when they hold this year’s camp on Monday, March 7 at the Tigertown minor-league complex in Lakeland.

The tryout is open for players ages 18-23, or for players with previous pro experience with a Major League organization.

Registration begins at 8 a.m., with tryouts starting an hour later. There is no preregistration or participation fee. Tryout campers must provide their own glove and workout equipment, while the Tigers provide wood bats, helmets and baseballs. There will be no changing facilities, so players must arrive ready to try out.

Outfielder Wynton Bernard, currently in Major League camp with the Tigers, is a tryout camp product, having worked out there two years ago before earning Midwest League MVP honors with Class A West Michigan. Last year’s camp produced outfielder Jiwan James, who is expected to move up to Double-A Erie this year.


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Nick Castellanos is one of my favourite players and one that I think has enormous potential.
The best position for him is where he is, at 3rd, but he has a long way to go to be a better than average defender there. Well, maybe not. He has an accurate arm. His problems are getting the ball to that arm. Range is an issue. Especially to his left.
Hands are another, they are not “soft” and he tends more to impact the ball rather than surround and cushion it. There seems to be a bit of trepidation in his approach to the ball rather than eagerness. When he dives for a ball he looks more like a semi-deployed jack-knife as opposed to a javelin. On grounders hit to him he appears to be behind tha ball rather than over it. One thing I remember about JL was something he once said about fielding grounders—try to think about putting the bill of your cap into your glove when receiving the ball. Great advice.
All that said, he will most certainly improve again this year defensively. Offensively, I see him as a sneaky powerful weapon after pitchers deal with the players ahead of him in the lineup. I think he will outhit Kinsler this year and out RBI VMart.

Dan, enjoyed your comment but in the end he’ll probably become a 1st baseman … and a really good one at that … let’s hope he continues to improve at the plate and hit for average and power …

I expect Upton with his 352 career OBP to lead-off and Maybin to take CF over the inconsistent incumbent.But the line-up vs FSU seems to be the opening day line-up.
A little surprised not to see Ausmus going with the switch hitter before Castellanos.

I like the idea of taking the rsk with Little Tim.He could be closerr to be healthy and productive than the current front runners for the 5th spot

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