Sanchez sidelined by triceps inflammation

Anibal Sanchez has inflammation in his right tricep that will sideline the Tigers pitcher from throwing until at least next Monday, manager Brad Ausmus announced on Thursday.

Sanchez, who struggled through most of his 2015 season before being shut down in mid-September with a strained rotator cuff, said he felt his tricep flare up while picking up intensity in his last mound session on Monday. He has been sidelined from throwing activity since then, and underwent an MRI exam.

The exam showed inflammation in the lower area of the tricep. Sanchez said it was close to the elbow, but relatively minor inflammation.

“I’m good,” Sanchez said. “I just got an MRI. It’s inflammation, no big deal.”

The tricep issue is not believed to be related to last year’s rotator cuff issue, according to Ausmus.

“It doesn’t seem to be anything concerning,” said Ausmus, adding it’s not in an area of the triceps common for major injuries.

If Sanchez feels fine, he’ll try to resume his throwing program by playing catch on Monday. The Tigers have not announced scheduled starters for Spring Training games past Wednesday, but given the timetable, Ausmus said it wouldn’t be surprising if Sanchez was held back from the first turn through the rotation as a precaution.

“It’s early,” Sanchez said. “We don’t have to rush anything.”


Tweak delivery, inflame tricep.

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Oh, oh. The starting pitching and Sanchez continue to be issues. Maybe Greene or one of his colleagues on the depth chart will step up if Sanchez stays down.

Fowler signed for $8M and is back with the Cubs. I guess I’m not the only one out there who had questions about his real worth. I sure am glad the Tigers didn’t dump cash and a QO on him.

Not QO. Draft choice.

Terry Collins is right about the new slide rule.Making the neighborhood play subject to review goes counter the effect the first measure.

I don’t want to see this be a start to a string of injuries, let’s hope this is minimal for Sanchez and that the rest of the team avoids the injury bug!

Sounds like what Verlander had last year. Just sayin’…..

Right you are Rich. Fingers crossed. Sanchie’s potential has been eroded away by injuries. Very disappointing.

I commented several times about Pelfrey and what a questionable investment he was given his losing record and otherwise poor statistical performance over the last several years, on top of his inability to give 200 innings of service since his 2010 season with the Mets. Mr Beck posted a recent similar awareness in the Tigers News of Pelfrey’s shortcomings. Included was a note that eyebrows were raised at Pelfrey’s 2-year contract. I know I was certainly one of those whose eyebrows were affected.

My point is, unless Pelfrey is able to stay clear of injury and somehow resurrects himself, he is truly a big gamble as a rotation tilt to help turn the Tigers from a competitive team (which I believe it is despite the opinions of USA and some MLB analysts) into a championship contender. If Sanchez goes down again, that tilt will be even more magnified by pushing Pelfrey into the #3 starter slot.

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