Rondon: “It’s a new season, and I’m ready to go.”


ST media day 007

Bruce Rondon is ready to look ahead. If he puts forth the effort, the Tigers are ready to look past last September.

Rondon talked with reporters Friday for the first time since being sent home with two weeks to go last season for effort level. He did not do much talking about that, preferring to look at this spring as a fresh start for him.

“It was difficult,” he said through a translator, “but it’s a new year, and I’m ready to go.”

At another point in the 10-minute interview, he made it clear he was looking forward.

“It was a decision made back then,” he said. I don’t really want to go back to that, but like I said, it’s a new season, and I’m ready to go.”

Manager Brad Ausmus said he talked briefly with Rondon, who seemed to be in good spirits. There was nothing specific he was seeking other than better overall maturity.

“He seemed to be in a good frame of mind,” Ausmus said. “Last season’s in the past. We’re hoping that he’s the guy that the Tigers had thought he is for really the last three or four years, before I even arrived.”

Rondon said teammates received him well. It was not clear if he said anything to them.

He is in relatively good health, despite his battle with Chikungunya, the virus he caught in Venezuela over the winter. Everything hurt, he said when asked to describe it, and it knocked him about a month behind schedule in his workouts. He has made up a good chunk of the gap, to the point that he thinks he’ll be caught up with a couple more mound sessions.

“Feeling good,” he said. “I’m concentrated and ready to go.”

The virus, as well as a December fight with a baserunner, interrupted an encouraging winter ball campaign. Rondon said he went in working on his secondary pitches with good success, and that his arm felt much improved after nearly two years since his Tommy John surgery.

“It feels like my arm is the way that it was before,” he said.

That might not be enough to get him on the Opening Day roster, especially with late-inning roles already filled with veterans. Still, if he can put last year and everything that happened behind him, he would be pretty happy.

“In baseball, you learn small things every single day,” he said, “and that was a difficult time. I’m ready to keep learning and move ahead.”


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To this day, I’m still wondering what he did to be sent home. Never heard of a player being sent home in my life. I don’t need to know what happened, but found it upsetting that sending him home was the only solution. Never understood that.

He was asked to throw a fastball after another,instead he tossed it at 95 MPH as fans wanted him to do. During his second to last or last game, he threw 15 pitches,all straight.Ausmus called those pitches, fans and pundits jumped over him

I don’t blame him if that’s what it was. I realize giving maximum effort to the end is vital. Why not work on control at 95 at that point in the season? BA is not my favorite.

Didn’t send David Price home when he failed to come out of the clubhouse to pitch the next inning even though Verlander had to go and find him. Nope, covered that all up.

With the team out of contention, sending him home allowed then to avoid burning an option

The team and fans must be aware, Chincunguya is chronic. He will fel joints pain,usually in the ankles ,once in a while.
While sick, he was unable even to stand up. Itcaues the person to feel tired while fully rested. The pain makes the patient unable to walk.Fever and rash accompany the pain.Once healed, the person must take care like not drinking for 6 months. The drug used to alleviate the pain can cause liver faillure. Most prople fell some symptoms around 6 to 9 months after healed.
It is not a career ending disease or disabling. Just some occasional disconfort

Well, as far as I know, you are the first to tell us what the virus is that he contracted. Excuse me if it was written someone else and I missed it. I hope Bruce suffers no ill-effects and comes back with a vengeance.

somewhere else not someone.

Both Mcosky and Iott reported Chincunguya. Im taking their word as good.There were a few cases this year in Venezuela.Zika has been more frecuent but the symptoms are those of Chincunguya.

I think Bruce has little excuse for the way he was handled last year. Seems to me it was an issue that was affecting his team-mates. At least reading the articles I did.
There are a number of things I don’t like with Brad but being unfair is not one of them. And as to Avila–he’s salt of the earth.
I think the presumably rash decision by the Tigers was well-thought over and probably the absolute correct thing to do.
Doesn’t mean I dislike Rondon- I’ve always thought the 100 would translate to success, and it still may.

Rondon has tons of potential and hopefully has lost tons of weight to maximize his success potential. Also, hopefully, he has addressed his inconsistent delivery issues, which have mightily interfered with his pitch control. To me, Rondon is a HUGE (pun intended) question mark for the BP. Personally, I would have signed Feliz to fill out the relief corps. He is a gamble too, but has a proven track record at what would have been an affordable price. Plus, he is still fairly young and seems to have overcome his injuries. I’m not sure Rondon has done the same given his miserable last season, which was exacerbated by by his dismissal from the team by presumably quitting on his mates. Rondon seems to act too entitled to me. What has he done to merit anything more than a chance to prove himself to BA and Avila, if that ?

Rondon has been a lightning rod for controversy ever since Dombrowski named him as closer of the future. it’s been uncanny how much has happened to this guy without really establishing himself in MLB. lefties pitchers and guys with 100 mph fastballs have almost limitless opportunities to prove themselves. that’s just the way it is.

Entitled seems to the correct word. Then again, Dombrowski may have instigated the entitlement himself with anointing him as closer without ever having pitched at the MLB level. Was that the same year he did the same with Sizemore at 2nd?

I think that was 2010 after they let Polanco walk.

Time does fly doesn’t it. Sizemore was a hopeful even after two devastating injuries.
I thought this to be an interesting take:

the stat guys liked Sizemore quite a bit…difficult to tell how much of his underperformance was due to injury vs. unable to transition to MLB. when A’s acquired him, interesting that they positioned him at 3b.

Fullmer to the pen? He would notbe the first SP going to the pen. Wade Davis was not the first. It was the usual path for pitchers, first the pen , then SP. Converting a SP to reliver to make the best use of limited resources, only 2 pitches, it is not new either. Bondo?Grilli? Milner?

Brad has taken no time in getting the media trained and tooled in Operation Goodspeak.
Nary a query on KRod since Brad said hw wasn’t going to answer questions about his absence every day.
Not liking the dynamics of this one. Either the way is being muted or its possible effects on NEW team-mates.

Visa problems. Nothing new for Latin American players. At least the others are aware of that. Some of them, probably ,had similar delays.

Visa problems may be peculiar from different countries but when you need one every year and you have an agent and millions of dollars–it is not that difficult.
Maybe this one of those peculiar things but I don’t think it is it makes the Tigers particularly pleased. Is all I am saying. 30% of MLB players are born outside the US. A very, very small % of them actually have visa problems.
I do think BA’s handling it with the media was a bit brisque–almost Leyland-like.

The last American ambassasor was baseball fan and had in place an express process for players but nowadays there is not ambassador.The consular office is in the same building .Any detail, maybe, the 2011 and 2009 incidents can cause a delay.KRod unlike Miguel and many others does not live in the USA year long and does not have American born children. Even to millonaires American visas can be denied at will and they do it all the time.

I wasn’t aware that Miggy had moved permanently to the US. Knew he had a home in Miami, but thought he still had a place in Caracas. Guess not. There were some big rumors this winter that he was involved with a purchase of a beautiful home in Detroit. All the realtors would say was that the buyer was a very private person and would not comment.

Casey McGehee will fil the exMarlin spot this season

LOL. Don’t forget about Salty. 🙂
— Bob

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