Al Alburquerque heads to Anaheim

Al Alburquerque posts on Instagram about most anything (on the road, at the gym, on the road again, on the town), to the point that it’s entertaining. Then came a post late last night that indicated he’s about to go to work.

No vemos en el proximo capitulo

A photo posted by Al Alburquerque (@el_ratata.2) on Jan 14, 2016 at 9:21pm PST


Sure enough, word came this morning from MLB Network’s Jon Heyman …


The Tigers nontendered Alburquerque a month and a half ago as part of their bullpen makeover. The 29-year-old right-hander gave up 29 runs on 63 hits over a career-high 62 innings with 33 walks and 58 strikeouts.


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I’ll bet his new nickname will be “DisneyLand”!
I’ll miss him. He was a hoot and at times he was unhittable.

SD could sign Rodney. So, the Tigers take Texas closers and SD, Detroit´s closers?

Heyman: jd martinez filed at 8M, tigers at 6M

Looks like there’s a nice round number in the middle.

Chris Davis back with the O’s after his agent had his way with them.
Maybe Yoenis is on the loose once again?

It sounds like the Orioles may have been em-borassed on this deal.

Does Yoenis want to play for the Tigers? The Tigers wanted him! If he does then just sign him. What is a few millions dollars in today’s salaries.

Signing Cespedes now would signify “win now” mode. I’m okay with a “reload and compete” approach. As long as it doesn’t become “rebuild” mode.

One thing for sure we will get to decide if Illitch is a good owner or a #1 Tiger fan.
I don’t doubt he has been a good owner but he has made a tonne of money since he bought the franchise.
Is it right to “buy” a championship team? One could argue it has always been that way. Will Illitch actually go into luxury tax area as his comments to press would indicate or will he watch his team become non-contenders for years to come?

“In order to keep players healthy, reducing the schedule or expanding roster sizes could be topics of discussion in the next collective bargaining agreement, Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe writes.” so, the Tigers could keep more players benched year around. They waste two roster spots, the 7th reliever and the 25th man that seen playing once in a while, Santiago , Pérez, Suarez. But they keep running down the regulars Kinsler, Peralta and some relievers( Wilson, Al2, Joba)

Don’t want to raise false hopes, but this is what the man said.
From MLB Trade Rumors (most people seeing this probably already read it):
10:57pm: The Tigers are among the teams still at least considering Cespedes, Jon Heyman reports (all Twitter links). While GM Al Avila said during the Winter Meetings that his team was “out” on Cespedes, that was six weeks ago and things could have changed with the outfielder still on the market in mid-January. Indeed, later reports suggested that Detroit was still monitoring Cespedes if his price dropped. Heyman notes that the Tigers may be thinking about adding a big bat since they seriously thought about signing Davis; some front office members even wanted to make the move, though “future luxury-tax concerns” scuttled the signing.

I’ll believe it when I see it. Somebody will scoop him up.

Rosenthal, top spenders during the offseason:
Cubs: $276.25M/Giants: $251M/Red Sox: $230M/Orioles: $214.8M/D-backs: 206.5M/
Royals: $178.5M/ Tigers: $139.5M

At this stage of the new season it looks like Mike Illitch is about half as serious as Tom Ricketts.

Aaaand Rosenthal sources have Tigers in discussions with Upton. Justin.

Something is cooking. Upton is coming?
Stay tuned.
— Bob

Upton is signed. Mr. I accepting apologies.

Very surprising! But a good surprise. Who would have thunk?

Should be a few people eating some crow here!!! And a few people ashamed of themselves for things they have wrote.

Por Que? We are all Tiger fans and all want our team to succeed. It was clear the team as it was was not going to do that. An OFer of significance was needed and Illitch did the right thing for his team and for the fans. Did Illitch do this on his own? Did he pay attention to fan’s wishes/criticisms? What doe that matter?
A RH OFer was not my preference though I will say that Upton is a genuine ballplayer and a ray of hope that was not penetrating the shadow of another sub .500 year until today.
Good on Illitch and/or Avila and staff. This had to be done.

Dan.. I’ve been in your corner for quite some time. Ilitch came through, true to his word. No hyperbole and no lies WIN NOW BABY! He had the cash and he spent it despite all the naysayers and the budget limits even many of our commenters wanted to place on one of the richest men in America. The luxury tax be damned! It’s a new era.

This deal is most certainly an advantage in addressing a run differential issue the current pitching staff needs help with.

This move has real issues with name confusion.

Justin Verlander + Kate Upton = Justin Upton?

Yeah–who is Justin Upton I and who is Justin Upton II?

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