Tigers send Manny Pina to Brewers to complete K-Rod trade

The Tigers wrapped up their Winter Meetings dealings Thursday by completing a trade from last month. Detroit sent Triple-A catcher Manny Pina to Milwaukee as the player to be named later in the Francisco Rodriguez trade.

Pina joins second baseman Javier Betancourt in the return package for Rodriguez, acquired Nov. 18 to fill the Tigers’ void at closer. Detroit furthered its bullpen makeover here this week by signing setup man Mark Lowe and trading for left-hander Justin Wilson from the Yankees. In all, the Tigers acquired three late-inning relievers and gave up only one prospects in MLBPipeline’s Tigers top 10 rankings. That was sixth-ranked Luis Cessa, who was part of the Wilson trade.

Pina was not in the Tigers’ top 30 prospects. The 28-year-old Venezuelan, who made it to the big leagues with the Royals for five games in 2011 and 2012, spent this past season at Triple-A Toledo, backing up Bryan Holaday before getting more regular playing time near season’s end.

Pina batted .305 (78-for-256) with 19 doubles, seven home runs, 39 RBIs and an .840 OPS with the Mud Hens. He’s a career .256 with 50 home runs, 319 RBIs and a .700 OPS in 730 minor-league games.


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Joe Jimenez with another scoreless inning with 2 Ks in Puerto Rico. Angel Nesbitt 2 walks and 2 Ks in 1.1 scoreless in Venezuela.

from BB America: ‘Tigers relievers recorded a 4.38 ERA in 2015 that ranked next-to-last in the American League. Thus Detroit has focused on adding bullpen depth all offseason, trading for big league relievers Francisco Rodriguez and Justin Wilson and signing Mark Lowe. They have taken a bulk approach on the minor league free agent market by signing bullpen arms with big league experience such as Jake Brigham, Preston Guilmet and Anthony Fernandez.’

Lobstein, Gose and Boyd for Charlie Blackmon. What do you think Al?

José Osuna injured Bruce Rondón. Tried to kick him in the body and punched him in the face

Osuna provoked Magallanes players after hitting a HR days ago
Tonight, the first pitch was inside and wild. The second one hit Osuna. They exchanged words .
The first pitch to the next hitter was ball too. After the first strike, Rondón threw to first like every pitchers does. Osuna told him ” throw to home”. Rondón told him to mind his own business and Osuna asked hi to come for him. When Bruce approached him , Osuna tried to kick him. Due to TV censorship laws , the camera went to a far view while the brawl was developing. The next close image was Rondón in the dugout while he was taken care with an injury in the face. Supposedly , above the eye.
With 10 games remaining and a 5 games suspension coming, probably Rondón wont pitch again this season
Rondón has 5 K and 4 BB, he is pitching after long break and his control in lost. The Osuna´s reaction was unjustified

Bruce Rondón, Jean Machi, Jesus Sucre
José Osuna, Eliézer Alfonzo, Luis Ramirez.4 MLB players or former MLB players

TV is reporting: swollen eye, no cuts for Rondón.
He was hit by the helmet thrown by Osuna ( unlike Youkilis he did not miss the target)

Who gave the most superficial , unarticulated answer?
Of course, the credited guy:

“Yeah, there’s definitely been a change. I think a lot of it is media-driven. Social media has changed a lot of it. So I think there’s a lot more focus I think because of that media environment and I’m the manager. So I would say yes, the answer, is it’s changed.”

I think the author is misguided in his comment about a manager wanting to ‘make a mark’ on the winter meetings. I am guessing that most of them are there because it is expected and it gives them time to reconnect face to face with some of their friends in the business.

I does not show the HBP and does not included the audio explaining that the problem began when Osuna showboated Magallanes ( Magellan) some games ago

All the local articles are inferring that this happened because of Bruce. Nothing written about the helmet. I didn’t think too much about the “fight” but did notice Bruce looks like he has packed on a few pounds.

I was expecting that. That is why I reported it just after Rondón was took to the clubhouse.
There is no audio but the play by play guy, Beto Perdomo was explaning that Rondón is here only because he needs to work on his command and it was not unusual to see him throwing ball after ball and being wild. He told that Detoirt allowed him to play here because he needs it
The commenter took Osuna´s side and said that one wild pitch was OK but two were too much( that was Bravos Manager argument too).He kept talking about the kick. In the heat of the moment ,I missed the kick and I took their word for it.
Rondón did not miss the target , Osuna ended with little bleeding from the mouth.
During the brawl, they mentioned the showboating in a previous game and something else: Rondón first team in Venezuela was Bravos

i imagine the Tigers would have preferred a quiet working offseason for Rondon

The video appears to be a 4:3 format transferred to 16:9 (stretching). All the players look heavy.

The video on MLive is in true 4:3 format.

Rondon is about as wild with his punches as he is throwing the ball.

As long as I know, Leon Durham, Magallanes hitting coach, is still Toledo´s coach.
The Tigers should already have a first hand account of the incident

Alas, Rondon may simply be known as the guy who was named after Bruce Lee.
It does not seem as though he has the “right stuff”. I hope I am wrong.

We need Al to start talking up Rondon. Bruce faces a difficult battle to win favour with the Tiger fans IMO and perhaps a change of venue will be good for everyone.
Won’t have to wait too, too long for Joe Jiminez.

Well, if Detroit journalist pass judgment on him without the full facts, the Tigers wont get for him nothing but a bat an a dozen of baseballs.
If he is worthless as fans think , why a GM would trade for him?

I am not saying he is worthless. He has a potentially terrific arm and he is young but he has had too many expectations thrust upon him here in Detroit. If he is still truly a prospect I am simply saying he could have decent trade value. I think he would be able to perform better when in a different situation.

Yea, I don’t think he is trade able. You might be able to package him with someone else.

A team on the rebuild mode or the Marlins would be potential trade partners for Rondon who has worn out his hype vs. expectations in the “D”. This guy has too many ugly experiences in this organization to “ever” outlive them.

Heyman: 2 of the 3 most improved teams are in NL west. early rankings: 1. d-backs 2. red sox 3. giants 4. cubs 5. tigers

If the Tigers had a solid everyday CF then LF would not be an issue. But with platoon players in every OF position except RF (JD), they need to establish a SOLID CF (preferably) over a LF position player for at least a 145 game schedule and let the other competitive players platoon in LF.
More importantly, let’s see Avila upgrade the starting rotation prior to the opening season series beyond Zimm and maybe Pelfrey is a long-inning reliever and specialist.

The suspension for the Rondón.-Osuna match will be handed tomorrow. Could be up to 10 days for JO and BR and 5 for 4 or 6 players.
It was reported early in the season, that Rondón was going back to Detroit after the regular season. Im searching for more information about that.
Magallanes will make the postseason almost for sure. The Venezuelan league is using system similar to Mexico with 2 half seasons. The respective leaders and the team with more points go to the postseason and Magallanes took the lead two days ago over Bravos. That was also a factor in the fight.

Sorry, yesterday. Two days ago, the lost the game. It was 4–4 when all began

The Tigers have definitely improved over the roster they finished with last season. If the team stays healthy it has a decent chance to finish better than .500. The playoffs are a reach, but within the realm of possibility.

But they really could use a solid LF or CF. I like the idea of Charlie Blackmon a lot. Parra would also be a big plus. In my mind Gose would be expendable for either of them. Obviously it would take a prospect as well.

My biggest issue for the Tigers’ losing season in 2015 comes down to run differential, a miserable negative 114. The Tigers scored the 10th least runs (689) and gave up the most (803) in the AL. If Miggy and V-Mart remain healthy and Nick continues to improve, the offense should be okay. But, another power bat wouldn’t hurt to lengthen the lineup. If JV, Zimmermann, and Sanchez perform even close to their best from the past, that should also cut into the differential.The 4 and 5 starters, coupled with the BP, would be the remaining critical factors. To me, it all comes down to scoring more than the other teams over the course of a season, It’s tough, but not impossible, to win otherwise. But that makes luck and random events too important to a winning equation..

IMO, the Tigers biggest issue is staying healthy. By that I mean no long lasting nagging injuries to core players. If they accomplish that, I think the team as constructed can return to the postseason.
I am not by any means ruling out an outfielder acquisition, and possibly a surprisingly good one.

Ausmus is gonna have some difficult decisions to make about Vic Martinez if he struggles out of the gate in 2016. he can’t continue to leave him in the heart of the order if last season’s production is the new norm for Vic.

Pirates re-signed Sean Rodriguez. Good.


Rondón suspended for 8 games
José Osuna: 6
9 players suspended and Henry Blanco , Bravos Manager fined.
They have 24 hours to appeal
The maximum suspension is 20 games

Looks like we’re going to have to find a way to get Todd Frazier out. Many times.

he wrecked Tiger pitching real good last season. on the flipside, when he does K, the broadcast team could use the classic Cosell ‘down goes Frazier’ line.

Big George Foreman! 🙂

I can see the Tigers possibly having a big Fire Sale this summer, eclipsing 2015 by far.The window for the core stars is closing. If the newbies don’t perform, the club is doomed to become the new Reds. I think another impact starter and a power bat could morph the Tigers, a team of hopefuls, into a serious contender.The question is whether Ilitch will turn Avila loose to seal the deal. It’s NOT a question of available money to spend, it is a question of the will to invest in winning NOW when the opportunity is still present.

By the way, for those who are big believers in WAR, the Tigers are projected in The Bottom 10 for 2016 according to FanGraphs.

Are we seeing an unusually high number of opt-out clauses in this winter’s FA signings? Future TV revenue in play?

My guess, herd behavior following Greinke.
Some of them will have the opportunity to opt out during the mother of buyer´s markets allowing their teams to go bigger with other FA:

keen observation. the best players are getting more leverage in addition to more $. ARod with that monster deal was the first to get opt out. also a trend for talented young players to attempt to get more leverage by filing grievance when they are left in the minors for perceived ‘service time manipulation.’
part of this could also be the uncertainty of what a new collective bargaining agreement will bring.

Woody, “uncertainty” is the word of the hour as far as the CBA is concerned. I’ve been banging away about player/owner ratios and MLBPA position issues and agent positions (Boras in particular).TV revenue has to be a major factor. Regardless, the money is huge.

Hey, Al. Your farm system is about projects and suspects. Give it up and WIN now. Get an impact starter and a power bat.

Opt -outs:
I do see the logic for teams. They get the best years of the player and another team gets the risk. Fans have complained for years about long term contracts. Well, long term contracts are gone. Beware what you wish for? Or team had no problems with long term contracts ? Unlike fans
Yes, the player could underperform and you get locked to a bad a contract as always. But what are the chances of the player underperforming before the opt-out? (Pace Victor). CC and ARod ended badly because the Yankees pulled the trigger. They could be another team problem by now

The list is long, including Wells, Hamilton, Kemp and several others both past and present.

Mike Aviles will be the 25th player

I don’t understand this one at all.

I don’t get it. Aviles is 35 years old next season and appears to be on the downturn. Why bother? Ryan Raburn would be more valuable if we didn’t have idiot fans.
(don’t attack me, idiot fans; I’m not talking about you personally) 😉

Good defensive numbers. Better than most of the players he could replace. Must be cheap enough.
Beck, more or less, Raburn has not played IF for some time.
They still have doubts about Iglesias been able to play a full season. So, they need an extra IF

vs LHP in 2015:
242 .304 .346 .650 . Better than the rest of the OF

he could replace.: Gose, Maybin, Collins

Gose vs LH:.
Aviles vs LH :242.304.346.650

Why do they need an extra infielder when they have Romine, and with Machado as backup? A platoon outfielder that hits .242 off lefties isn’t of much value. What am I missing?

For some reason, Machado is not seen as an utility guy.

Official, one year. Lobstein , DFA

Aviles was Boston regular SS ahead of.. José Iglesias

I meant Machado replacing an injured Iglesias, not as a utility man.
Looks to me like they need another trade.

Indians fans are crying . He was beloved like Victor was before him. A “gritty player ” ,a “clutch player”.

One is the backup for Iglesias and the other late inning replacement for Castellanos .
Kinsler needs to rest once in a while. With Aviles playing 2B , they still have Romine to play SS or 3B.
He should not be a factor in the OF barring a late inning PH appearance .Even if Ausmus like Leyland ignores he can PH
Most DH can play 1B or OF. Since Victor cant , they lose flexibility. Two utilities cant help restore it

I just read an article by Iott about expectations for the Tigers. I don’t stand alone. Bovada has the Tigers as truly middle-of-the-pack club with an outside chance to win big. The Tigers are listed as 25-1 to win the WS, which computes to 3.84 percent after ciphering thru the raw odds in comparison to the odds for other teams. The good part is the Tigers are still within the realm of possible playoff contenders.

all I’d conclude is that the Vegas oddsmakers like the moves they’ve made this winter. expectations outside of the Tiger fanbase will be lower than it’s been for many years based on last season’s performance.

Heyman “Aviles gets $2M plus 300K incentives on 1-yr tigers deal”

was more than I expected after last season. clearly, they value his versatility. they have added needed depth.

Isn’t it great to know that the Tigers are among the minority of teams to which Jonathan Papelbon will accept a trade? He didn’t block Detroit. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t personally block him from getting off the plane at Metro……….

Most of those teams already have a closer. He is teasing the Nats

Nats may have to eat that contract. perhaps a little easier than eating a shoe.

Shop talk: Many players gear their no-trade lists to include leave off places they have little to no chance of being traded to. Even if a player would like to go to a place, if he thinks there’s a good chance of going there, he might include it on his no-trade list so that he can get something in return for his approval — maybe an option picked up, maybe a bonus worked into contract.

Al, sign Leake and Upton. Leake is 28 and has averaged 200 innings and 12 wins over the last 3 seasons. He reportedly can be had for $70M over 5 years. Upton is also young and will hit with power. The good thing is he will probably give you an .800 OPS, but it will be a roller-caster ride. Upton will be consistently inconsistent.

keep banging that drum

Please no Pap Smear here

Okay, what’s LEFT that’s getable on the FA market? Al doesn’t want to give away his suspects and projects in trades. Although, I consider Fulmer, Moya, Norris and a few others with big upsides as guys worth keeping outside of an exceptional offer. For Tier one players like Gray and Fernandez, it will take players of that ilk.

seems doubtful. for any GM who values clubhouse demeanor, Papelbon would be off limits. Dubee has worked with him and could provide valuable insight if they are considering it.

I think they are keepers too, though I must admit that I have never seen Fulmer throw.
I guess I have bought into the media’s portrayal of him as being a top prospect.
I am not keen on Boyd. If he were a trade chip I would not be disappointed.
Norris has got that “something”. The diving catch of a popup bunt, the homer to CF. He’s just got it. Moya just needs to make a little more contact and he may end being a better than average MLB OFer.

Surprise! Duquette has linked Cespedes to the Tigers. I had given up on him. Duquette seems to feel money is not an issue for Ilitch. Of course, Cespedes has also been linked to other teams including the White Sox. In the wide-open AL Central that could be a problem. Frazier, Abreu and Cespedes could bring some thunder.

I have to give credit to Avila for finding JD. He was flying way under the radar. However, a problem with Avila may be that he is looking for that same kind of success in his transactions instead of pursuing higher profile players like his predecessor, DD. How many gems like JD are out there?

Lobstein traded for cash considerations.

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