TigerFest tickets go on sale Friday

Justin Verlander, Miguel Cabrera and J.D. Martinez are among the more than 30 Tigers players scheduled to take part in TigerFest, scheduled for Saturday, January 23 at Comerica Park. Tickets go on sale Friday beginning at 10 a.m. at tigers.com/tigerfest and by phone at 866-66-TIGER.

Tickets are $28 for adults and $14 for kids ages 12 and under.

The list of players and coaches is still being set, likely to be released in mid-January, but the TigerFest schedule of events is relatively similar to past years. Players and coaches will sign autographs at several locations set up around the park, including a kids-only autographs table. The Tigers clubhouse will be open for fans to explore, and will include a display of baseball artifacts. The visitors dugout will be open as well for fans to visit and take photos. A guided tour will take fans into some of the Tigers executive offices, the Ernie Harwell Media Center, a luxury suite and the Champions Club. Three stages will feature players and club officials, including question-and-answer sessions, seminars and clinics.

Activities for kids include a miniature Comerica Park stage featuring Tigers player book readings, games and activities, as well as free face-painting and baseball-themed games.

All fans attending will receive a free TigerFest scarf.


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Wouldn’t mind seeing Andrew Miller there!!!

Miller signed a four-year, $36MM pact that includes equal, $9MM annual salaries.

Just one year into that contract, the remaining commitment looks quite appealing. Miller put up another outstanding season, throwing 61 2/3 frames of 2.04 ERA ball and racking up 14.6 K/9 against 2.9 BB/9.

Remember to dress your kids for the weather . A few years back it was frigid at Tigerfest . Wonder how many starters will show up and stay for the event ?

Joe Jiminez. 1 BB in 12+ innings. 0.89 WHIP 16 Ks
This should be a very big year for him. He’s been playing A ball too long already.

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50 and sunny here in West Micigan. Some interesting opinions, also some first time callers. I think it has 9 years for me on this blog. Thanks Jason. Baseball is an interesting game. The breaks (or umpires) don’t always bounce your way. One of my favourite quotes, “winning isn’t everything, but wanting to win is”. Go Tigers!

So Avila has picked up more relievers in 3 weeks than DD did in 3 years?

I’m interested in what you have to say. I’m just not sure what you mean to say.

last offseason’s bullpen additions who made the opening day roster were Nesbitt (league min), Chamberlain ($1m) and Gorzelanny ($1m). they really did get in return what they spent.

another Wilson. this time a LHP

Big Daddy Warbucks Illitch probably loves this trade. Saves him more money not to spend on unnecessary things such as a proven big league LHP for the bullpen.
AA will have this job for a long time to come.
That being said, it does seems like a good trade. Not being facetious. Really.
Still upset with the disingenuous misdirection Illitch driveled upon the fans a couple of weeks ago.

Okay, I’ve been quiet on the Ilitch interview thing, but when I was watching, I honestly thought he was referring to his past actions and not necessarily future ones. The offseason plans had already been pretty much laid out by then. This was my impression anyway.

Could be but we keep hearing that, and I won’t mince words here, that Illitch wants to win before he goes.
Living in the past won’t accomplish that.

Okay, off hand in the last 3 years by whatever means, DD acquired relievers Nathan, Wilson (Yoespedes trade), Soria, Krol, Gorzelanny, Feliz and Labourt. That may not be a complete list since I did not research the issue. Since I wasn’t really sure what the parameters of the earlier Avila versus DD statement were, I didn’t put much energy into pursuing the question. But, DD obviously tried to address the reliever issue and that pitcher count did not include carryovers I can recall.

Some of us have spoken up about what Ilitch said about spending money on players. Fenech has been pretty clear in his interpretation of his comments and I have said before and still agree that Iltich just hasn’t put the bucks up in the Hot Stove season for impact players besides Zimmerman, to date. Lying, “hyperbole,” loss of mental acuity? Who knows? It is what it is.

Boy, this blog is turning into another “MLive”. Not much point in wasting my time reading all these whining comments.

It seems to have started about the trade deadline. Most of the commenters are in the camp that we could have won had we only added instead of refreshing. And it has continued to insulting an owner who has been great for the team. Maybe, I have a different perspective being out of town and seeing other franchises. Or maybe just a different perspective on life. Respect others etc.. But being highly competitive for about a decade now with a few blips in between is pretty impressive. To be honest, it’s down right embarrassing to read some of these comments. There seems to be a lot of entitlement here.
We have our 4 best players having an healthy offseason. We couldn’t say that last year. Though we may have lost a few stats (Price -> Zimmermann, Cespedes -> Maybin, Arguably Simon -> Pelfry) we have added Krod for a broken Nathan, Lowe for ?). There is a lot to be opportunistic about. We might need to add a piece or 2 at the deadline or next offseason. But this team should be competitive for years to come.

Then why mention it?

Ya right like it does any good!

Some of us have been communicating on this blog for 10 years or so. We check in on each other, but it’s become too confrontational for me. I can read the same stuff on Mlive or the message boards on the Tiger site.

Out of curiosity, I went back to December of 2014 and randomly selected the luxury tax post to review the input. Kathy was “disgusted.” Pete was accusing David of an ill-informed post. People had different opinions and laid them out. I didn’t see much difference. But as far as whining goes, you can’t beat whining about whining. PRICELESS!

Why are you looking at that old stuff? Since you did it, I had to do it. 🙂
I believe those were the only comments Pete and David ever made, and poor Kathy was disgusted with the LIONS losing in Dallas on that controversial call. 🙂

I was just trying to gauge the tone and tenor of past comments to determine if there was a radical difference between then and now. I really didn’t catch that feel in my random check,, although it did seem the Lions got attention .Not so many remarks about the Lions during this Hot Stove season.

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Rule 5 draft. No Tigers lost. Tigers picked 2 pitchers in AAA phase. Do they only stay if kept on roster like major league phase? I know this is probably no news or old news but it did take your mind off Illitch’s money for a few seconds. LOL

i think the ‘return to sender’ catch with Rule 5 picks only applies to those chosen in the major league phase. with the AAA picks, Tigers just have to pay the other team some money to compensate for their loss of player.

Inciarte of the Braves is getting lots of attention. He’s young, can hit for average, can steal bases, can play all 3 OF spots and has nice defensive metrics.

I’ll get both agreement and disagreement, but I think Al Avila has been kickin’ some butt (technical term for it) this offseason.

Well, I for one will agree and disagree with you. His deals could end up being really shrewd…or, huge clunkers. Only time will tell for certain.

According to Richard Justice, Tigers are 3rd best in acquisitions so far this off season. Are they done? I imagine everyone has an opinion about that.

I periodically read blogs from other teams. There is NO universal agreement on any of them. And, as a point of fact, some commentors on other blogs are flat out nasty to anyone and everyone about anything. That seldom happens here. Opinions are just that. People don’t have to agree and that doesn’t mean it’s “embarassing” for anyone who takes a position. And if folks here want a winner, that’s no different than fans for virtually every MLB team out there. By no means does that mean “entitlement.” The one thing I am pretty sure about the fans on this team want is a successful team.The approach to attain that success is subject to debate and I find that healthy as well as the American way.

Well I will say I think he has done well given the restraints and challenges inherent to his position. They have filled some holes (not dramatically but sufficiently), they have given up very little from the farm and from the big club.
He does deserve credit.

Darline, debate is always healthy. But questioning the owner as if he is a liar or has lost his mental acumen because he didn’t sign some huge contract with your favorite big name is what I was talking about. In your defense, a freep journalist basically said the same thing without the harsh language. I am not saying he is above approach, but I believe he has earned some respect and benefit of doubt. Just look at the Prince Fielder signing, he paid the big bucks against all advice and it didn’t work out. He also said he met Max on his asking price only later to have the number changed.
I’d love to hear your analysis on why Price is worth the extra 100m and how that contract would be better for the team. I think you have provided a lot of interesting ideas and value your contribution to the blog.
I agree Dan, I really appreciate the job Avila has done. It may turn out this group of free agents/acquisitions don’t quite get the job done to get us back to the world series. If they don’t work, we aren’t really committed to them as you would be to Price or Heyward etc. I think he had a lot of holes to fill and filled them with capable solid players.

I don’t think you followed my earlier comments on Ilitch. I took his spending statement at face value and repeatedly defended him. When spending didn’t work that way, I raised the question as to why it didn’t. The options I noted were mostly what I could think of and what was also suggested on the blog. Maybe you have other possible reasons. If so, please share them. And yes, others including Fenech of the Freep have raised the same question. And I was never “harsh.” I never called Ilitch any names. I only called into question why he repeatedly said his checkbook was open and money was not an issue when that turned out not to be the case. And that should probably be an obvious question for most fans, as it was for certain journalists.

As far as Price or other top tier pitchers go, affordability is all relative. Ilitch is one of the richest people in America. His Tigers organization (which he bought for$82M) is now worth $1.125B per Forbes. TV revenue is rolling in and will increase when the current local contract for the Tigers expires in 2017. MLB has turned into an industry nearing $10B in worth and owners are getting a much larger share over the last 20 years as compared to players. So, my question is why do you not think a person of tremendous means like Ilitch cannot back up his spending statements?

To me it was never a question of can he. The end result is winning it’s what we all want. I don’t think you can say that bigger payroll means more wins. I think you need talented up and coming hungry players mixed with a few highly paid veterans.
But, just because he can doesn’t mean he should. Let’s say he does eclipse the luxury limit by 100m this year. How does the rest of the baseball world respond? Also, I don’t think he made an proclamation that he was going to go out and spend X amount or go get all the best free agents this year. I thought he said he is willing and wants to get the best players regardless of costs.
By the way, the economics aren’t guaranteed, there are plenty of articles floating now especially surrounding ESPN that the sports TV revenue has hit its peak and won’t be sustainable in the future.

Lets hope mr. I stays healthy . His vision is the same as us. Another World Series at Woodward Avenue . It will happen gotta have faith .

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