Pirates claim Guido Knudson on waivers

The first day of Major League Baseball’s General Managers meetings saw the Tigers lose a player. Reliever Guido Knudson was claimed off waivers by the Pirates, reducing Detroit’s 40-man roster to 34 players.

Knudson was a midseason success story, turning a breakthrough season in the minor leagues into a call-up to Detroit on Aug. 20 for his first big-league stint. He gave up a home run in each of his first four Major League outings, all in reliever, the first reliever to do so since at least 1914 according to STATS. The 26-year-old right-hander allowed five home runs in five innings after giving up just three homers (and just 44 hits overall) over 59 2/3 innings between Double-A Erie and Toledo, and just 14 homers over 245 1/3 innings in his minor-league career. He saved 10 games this year for the Mud Hens, and saved another for the SeaWolves.

Knudson did not rank among MLB.com’s top 30 Tigers prospects, but in an organization searching for relief arms, he was a rare homegrown reliever. The Tigers are expected to add multiple Major League relievers this offseason.


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Lets hope the front office fixes the pen in the off season . If not the Tigers will be in the same boat as 2015. ( sinking fast )…….

Morosi “MLB considering rule change that would require runners to slide directly into 2B on possible double plays; union approval required” Good idea, the catcher is armored and protected but not the IFs

Agree with that. Times have changed. Too much invested in the players.

No Gold for Kinsler. Altuve is the winner.

I’ve mentioned him before, but I think Carter Capps would be dynamite in the Tigers BP. He is under-the-radar, only 25 and finished with a 1.16 ERA, 0.81 WHIP and 58 SOs in 31 innings for the Marlins.

Nice find Dar. Hopefully AA considers this.

What am I missing here? I read at MLBTR that Avila is searching for a RHB OFer?
Some associated talk of Cespedes and Upton along with that as chatter.
Do we not absolutely need LHB power at one of our OF spots?
Do we not need a power LHB to bat in the middle of the order to balance out the lineup?
Do we not have a RF porch that is more attractive to LHB than the LF porch for RHB?
Aren’t 75% of pitchers RH?
We have virtually no concrete solution for LHB power in our lineup.
Victor is always an iffy guy to his knees and age. He is not really a power guy per se anyway.
Alex Avila is a limited part-time player with diminishing skills that is unlikely to return to Detroit.
Gose has no power to speak of and is a top or bottom of lineup guy.
Collins is a bench-player and will likely never hit more than 10 HRs.
Wake up and smell the coffee AA. Cargo, Heyward, Chris Davis (apparently can play OF), Granderson, Bruce, Choo, Reddick or Calhoun. There are some pretty good OFers in that list

Fenech wrote that JD was a finalist for the Gold in RF. He added that Nick was NOT a finalist at 3B. Tough audience.

I see the Dodgers are whittling their managerial list down. I know Gibson is a candidate, but haven’t heard anything about his interview or if he even had one yet.

Kinsler? a ton of E . Not at the top in DP. Low FP.
A couple of glaring mental mistakes. Overvalued at both sides of the plate.
If advanced metrics cant be relied on to show how bad a player really is , neither cant be used to show how good he is despite the eye’s test fail.
Not surprise at all, both Escobar and Pérez were referred by the Venezuelan crew during the WS as the Golden Glove winners.
And Cespedes ,despite some E due to his overconfidence, deserves it

The Tigers do need a RH OF, Gose is a platoon player and he needs a compliment. And probably, will be Davis. The rest are too expensive to platoon and I don’t see them going for Upton, the power hitter they need. I know he is streaky. Just like Kinsler and JD.

I see Fowler as a fit to play CF and move Gose to LF

I suspect they’ll go cheap in LF and divert those resources to pitching. platoons can work if the manager has the right guys and is willing to go along with it. it seemed to me that Ausmus never really embraced not playing Avila vs lefties, until he couldn’t hit righties either.

with Cabrera and VMartinez having injury issues the last few seasons, it would help for them to have either a bench guy who could play 1st or a guy at AAA who could give some production there short-term. their lack of organization depth at that position was exposed

I still disagree. We can platoon Gose all we want and it doesn’t much matter who as long as they hiit lefties.
But we need an EVERDAY LHB in that lineup. without a question that is an absolute neccesity to win enough games to be competitive.

I don’t think the club can plug all the perceived holes to everyone’s satisfaction. It would be great to have a Jason Heyward (I like him) but pitching is paramount.
As far as getting a RHB for LF, they may end up with a Rajai Davis value player. In that case, just re-sign Rajai Davis. I think the club can score enough runs if they remain relatively healthy. That’s key.
Like ET, I see Dexter Fowler as having some value.

there are many routes to success, but quality pitching seems to be the common factor…the A’s were a playoff team with Donaldson and Cespedes surrounded by a bunch of platoon guys

Fowler is not worth pursuing. He received a QO and will require a draft pick on top of his new money. Defensive stats have not been kind to him in center over his career and last year he hit only .250 with 46 RBIs and 20 SBs playing in a bandbox. Fowler won’t have any pop in CoPa and the teens he reached in HRs with the Rockies and the Cubs will be unattainable. Simply put, the Tigers are better off spending on pitching than on Fowler. He’s not a run-producer and won’t significantly impact the team’s run differential.

Agree about Fowler but I am on a one way track about needing LHB power. We wil lrue the day that this was neglected.
The pitching need is astoundingly obvious and cannot be avoided. This team is not good enough to contend next year without improvement in all the needed areas.If we had Max, Ver, Sanchie, Ricky P and Fister or Norris we would STILL need a SOLUTION in LF. Can’t afford a compromise there. Cespedes proved that to us this year.
All that and a bullpen to fix!!!

Dan, I have said so in the past and still believe so. Just as you feel, I feel Ilitch has the bucks and needs to spend. The fact is, MLB revenue has risen tremendously due to TV money. In the early 2000s, players got 55% of the total revenue. Their share is now down to 43%. Owners are pocketing more than ever. Since the fans are being gouged anyway to line the pockets of the owners, I see no reason why Ilitch cannot make a budget adjustment to improve his on-field product. Just how much dinero will he need anyway in the afterlife?

Well the weird thing is a person can get so accustomed to making money that they become reluctant to part with it. Sometimes on their heir’s behalf.
I would truly love to see Mike realize the dream of a championship. Selfish reasons perhaps, but really would like to see him just “go for it”. I don’t think the ambition is there though. I think he has built an empire and wants his children to preserve it.

Okay guys, how large should the payroll be?

Was it Henning or Paul or Fenech who figured the Tigers at $200M this year? That sounds like a reasonable starting point to me.

There’s no way around it. It’s going to take bucks to compete. DD and the Sox have been linked to closer Chapman as well as to starters Price and Zimmerman. I think Justice figures DD and/or the Yanks for potential runs at Sonny Gray and Cashner. DD has lots of MiLB talent to deal in trades, as he is known to do.

Baseball is a business, and going bankrupt is never reasonable.
The Tigers are worth 1B? big deal that “value” cant be used until the team is sold. It is illiquid
Money does not grow on trees. And they have expenses beyond payroll: executives, maintenance, the park, taxes.
The Tigers are a small market team and they must live with it, their TV contract is the worse and not even close to the Dodgers.
You cant buy a WS and the Tigers know it well , trying hard to do it since 2006,and the Dodgers and the Steinbrenner’s Yankees(1979-1995 ) can attest that.
Something around the opening day payroll of 2015 is the reasonable expectation. So, around 45 MM for 2 SP. 2 RP and one OF. In the end, they need to double down ( keep the same amount)since they have that much money already tied in bad contracts ( Fielder and 1/3 of VMart contract)

Bankruptcy talk for the Tigers is nonsense. And the idea CAN fruitfully be used as leverage in negotiations (See the Dodgers and Cubs as recent proof ). You need to update your financial data. Nathaniel Grow of FanGraphs, Morosi (11-11-15), Nicholson-Smith (11-11-15) and Perry of CBS (11-11-150 have all spoken to MLB’s financial condition and the profit split. The coffers are swollen. Tony Clark and The MLBPA will aim to recapture the lost share of revenue with the expiration of the CBA on 12-1-16. In the meantime, check the Detroit press and see the payroll projection for the Tigers which I commented on earlier and you either failed to read or ignored. Ilitch is loaded.

And by the way, Henning proffered his $200M figure on 10-5-15 in the Detroit News.

Fowler , DRS -12. Gose -12
Fowler wOBA 333. Kinsler 335
wRC: 110- Kinsler 111
OBP 346- Kinsler 342
Runs scored 102 plus 17 HR
He is productive to the tune of 3.2 WAR

Fowler isn’t worth a #1 pick and $16M or more to beat his QO. CoPa is not a bandbox like Wrigley and Fowler’s top HR number before was 13(?) with the Rockies (another bandbox). He’s not a run-producer, which the Tigers need. He hit .250 with 46 RBIs and 20 SBs last season.The Tigers need to spend on pitching first and foremost and Avila is on record with that plan.

The # 1 pick is guaranteed. So would be the 40 something
And he is a run producer. wRC: run production.

The QO means nothing. Cruz, Drew and a couple signed for less or after the draft.

The “Tigers’ free-agent pursuit will be robust, expensive,” per Henning. There is no way around it if the team wants to compete in 2016.

The Tigers’ #1 pick is protected.
It’s a given that pitching is first and foremost, but outfielders keep coming into the conversation here.
I agree with about 60% of what Henning says regarding both sports and non-sports subjects.
Putting together a competitive team in a given year is complicated, very complicated, and then requires good fortune to actually win a championship.

I realize the pick is protected for the Tigers, but with a QO he still carries that price tag.

As far as outfielders go, cheaper guys with sticks who can platoon with Collins or play regularly are out there, both RHBs and LHBs. Offhand in that category, I can think of Pearce, Parra,and Chris Young. In-house, Moya has defensive skills and the raw power to offset his Ks and BA. Once again, the bucks need to go to pitching first and foremost.

Gose or Fowler? Gose is 25 with 1 full MLB season under his belt whereas Fowler is 29 with 8 years under his belt.. He had a higher BA and more SBs than Fowler.Avila and his staff believe Gose will be at least an average hitter and will prove superb defensively.Metrics have historically been unkind to Fowler Fowler will cost $16M or more and a pick. Gose will be dirt cheap and not cost anything. It’s a no-brainer in terms of cost for value.

if $45 million is the number they’re working with this offseason, the breakdown could be something like $15M SP1, $13M SP2, $9M RP1, $4M RP2, $4M OF. They paid Nathan $10M. Can they get an established closer in this market for less?

I give up. The Tigers have little money to spend less they go BK. Although MLB experts believe the coffers are full and the Tigers/Ilitch are rich per Forbes, I guess only a meager $45M is available to reboot. And of that sum, $16M or so and a pick should go to Fowler so he can set the table for Iggy, Gose and McCann because he had a nice OBP last season.The rest of that $25M plus can go to a shutdown closer,and a top-of the-rotation starter as well as a mid-level starter from the DFA list and/or the minor leagues.

Avila said the team is looking at bullpen upgrades as a whole, not on a right-handed or left-handed basis.Fenech
So, Aumsu wont be able to play match-ups but for Krol. Great.
I expected them to pursue Sipp or Bastardo

That stupid Heyman doesn’t seem to realize the Tigers are looking at BK and have only $45M to spend. He actually wrote today that he expects the Tigers to be one of the biggest spenders along with the Angels, Giants, Cubs, Cardinals, Red Sox and Dodgers. In fact, Heyman is so delusional, he said Ilitch actually whipped out his checkbook at a recent meeting to show how anxious he is to spend. Not only that, the idiot linked the Tigers to Samardzija, Kennedy Melancon, Soria and CESPEDES, among others.

who really knows other than the owner himself?…Ilitch might be willing to go into luxury tax territory. it’s one possible outcome of the offseason.

My theory is that if you play match-ups, you manage yourself into a hole. Which rhymes with Krol.
Don’t the analytics override L-R match-ups? I’m relatively new to that style.

In my understanding ,L- R match-ups :yes. But not match-ups . Benoit something like 2 for 24 vs Ortiz was the right choice over the LH Coke . But If the opposite player cant hit LHP, they need the LHP

The best SS in MLB just landed in the AL
And Colby Rasmus taking the QO could mean Kennedy wont be Tigers target anymore

i sure can’t see how Rasmus taking an offer from Houston affects Kennedy…please explain

Kennedy could take the offer too. Next off-season , the pitching FA crop will be weaker. And Kennedy could find a better contract

Sorry, I was in a rush when answering. I found this making the same point I was implying:
“The 29-year-old outfielder became a trailblazer of sorts Wednesday afternoon” once he crossed the red line, it is easier for the next

thanks can see the connection now. Boras wants compensation system further overhauled, Manfred does not.

“Nothing finalized, but lots of buzz #Bluejays, Estrada nearing 2-yr deal in $24M-$29M range. Would mean not taking $15.8M qualifying offer”
Another possible target out? Below the QO amount

Just when you think you have sen it all:
Tigres ( Guillen´s team) against Caribes ( owned by Magglio). A balk was called but the pitchers threw to home and a hit followed so no balk in the box-score. It is the first time I watch the delayed (non) dead ball

although Iglesias not cost controlled for next 5 seasons, Simmons trade does help establish Iglesias’ value in market if Tigers decide to move him. Braves get top 2 Angels’ prospects, solid vet starting SS.

If they want to sign JD, that is going to require a few millions. I just don’t see much wiggle room in the budget, especially if they acquire a decent SP (at least 1) and some BP help.

Heyman, Henning and Ilitch are all on record indicating the Tigers will be among the biggest spenders this year. In fact, Ilitch literally pulled his checkbook out at a recent meeting to show how anxious he is to spend. Those idiots obviously don’t have a handle on the budget like we commentors do!

He is expected to make 7.8 MM this season. That means his market value is around 13MM. He is under control for two seasons. Under DD , an extension was expected around March. They did that with Cabrera ( the second time, the first time he was just acquired with one year remaining) and JV.
Could they do that ? maybe, they have 5 MM buyouts for both Kinsler and Sánchez for 2018. If they offer him for 7.8 this year and then work out an extension beginning with around 12 MM for 2017 ..
They owe 107,8 MM for 2017, so with 12 MM they would be more or at the same point they will be after an agreement with him this season.
Im aware that for luxury tax purposes , the avg salary is used ,but they will have some breathing room in 2018 ( “only” 92 MM owed) ,and that the other players salaries will go up too
BTW: steamers hates him, he is projected to regress further. Don’t ask me why, his Babip went down to normal and his K rate was up and still he put good numbers.

You indicated the Tigers will spend around a “reasonable $155M and $45M will be available.for expenditures. So, who can the Tigers buy? Since I am now on board with your budget predictions and figure the Tigers are trying to avoid going BK as you were concerned about if they are big spenders, who besides Fowler should the Tigers target with their remaining $25M plus?

Beck:”Nothing Avila said was all that different from expectations, though he got into offseason spending given their payroll. He confirmed they’re unlikely to be spending as big as some recent winters, given how many needs they have and the payroll space available.”

“I would say it is probably more restrictive this year, just because we have the money invested in so many guys already,” Avila said. “But in saying that, we still want to go out there and try to win a championship, so we will be out there in the free agent market trying to do the best we can with that money that we have.

I’ll bet Avila said what he did because it is the absolute truth and not that he wants to avoid getting gouged if he appears desperate for FAs.

As the Tigers target the second-tier of free agent starting pitchers, Yovani Gallardo is someone they have interest in.

Besides Gallardo and Fowler, who will cost at least QOs and a picks for single seasons, what other players do you the suspect the Tigers will target with their remaining limited budget. And I know those guys might take lesser per annum money if they are uncertain about their ability to produce. As you pointed out, Estrada might do that. But, he off course has never made much money over his career and might think he will not again approach the results of last season Maybe Fowler and Gallardo will feel similarly.

With players of this ilk, I see the Tigers easily moving out of last place. I certainly doubt they will revert to their early form from the early 2000s. Then again, it’s tough to envision 4 straight division titles and 2 WS appearances over the next 9 seasons..

Gallardo ,career ERA 3.66. FIP 3.75. ERA plus 111. Declining SO rate but still played above his peripherals at the hitter friendly park
Beck:”LRT: Yovani Gallardo received a qualifying offer from Texas, but Tigers first-round draft pick is protected.”

Yeah., who needs Price or Grienke when we can put Gallardo on the hill? And Fowler in the OF instead of Cespedes? Gallardo will definitely slot into the middle or back of the rotation. So, the Tigers would also give up 2 picks (post 40) for those guys. .I guess its worth it. The Tigers probably don’t need a solid draft given their strong MiLB system.

HEY! Gibson is one of the final 5 on the Dodgers managerial search.

Maybe gibby was/is ticked off they didn’t fire BA and offer him the job.

Or maybe he’s familiar with that division since he won it a few years ago with the Snakes AND was a huge star as a Dodger.

My dad still thought he could drive a car when he had Parkinson’s. We had to take away the keys.

Whoops. It seems Gibby has been bumped and there is now a final 4, per Shaiklin.

Kennedy rejected the QO. Still a Tigers target

Even with Boras as agent, projected to make 52/4

DD got Kimbrel for the Sox. Great acquisition. Hope Avila is able to get rolling soon.

Don’t hold your breath. I’m beginning to start to smell a dose of mediocrity coming from the GM’s office.
Don’t think we will get the big stars or even a relatively big star.
Illitch may be pulling the strings on a puppet show or simply pulling the purse strings.

Since the Tigers are a last place team coming off the second worst record in the AL and according to some commentors could go BK if they spend much in excess of $45M on FAs, options to improve appear limited. If the Tigers decide to try to get better as opposed to holding a fire sale to deal off core players, they would be stuck with mostly mediocre fixes to plug their several holes if they strictly go the FA route. To effectively compete then most likely means a combo of both trading away prospects and acquiring FAs. Fortunately, the organization now has enough depth to make significant trades and will probably have to rely heavily on that gambit to obtain impact players. Quality trade returns such as Chapman, Gray, Cashner or others of their ilk would require some version of bundling Norris, Machado, Moya Boyd, Jones, Fulmer, Betancourt and/or several other prospects.

Keith Law:
“If you’re a Boston Red Sox fan, this is exactly the trade you feared Dave Dombrowski would make when he joined the front office, trading away the jewels of the majors’ best farm system for veterans who are or may be past their peak values.”

Last time I checked , the Tigers had Justin Verlander under contract. He is an Ace and he will pitch fully healthy for the first time in 3 years.
And Aníbal is still considered ,outside this blog, as #2 or at worst # 3 starter. They need two middle of the rotation guys.
With a long line of candidates for the 5th spot and the others will join the BP

Like I said before, that should get the Tigers out of last place, assuming JV is not again just an ACE in name only and Sanchez does not repeat his bizarre season of 2015. Hopefully, the issue for Sanchez was only health-related and has been corrected. Given his record and now known physical issues, he deserves a pass for last year.However, without additional impact starters and a top closer, I don’t see how the Tigers can compete at a championship level. Since you say they don’t have the bucks, that means packaging prospects in trades to cover what money can’t buy.,

And you still need to figure in your proposed addition of Fowler to this mix.

The Red Sox have finished last 3 of the last 4 seasons. Kimbrel is 27 and entering the peak of his career. He, Miller and Chapman represent the top tier of closers. Most of the prospects DD traded were blocked. He’s now looking for a premium starter like Price or Grienke. Newcombe has potential but isn’t what the Sox need now. The Sox will be back in the playoffs with DD doing what he does. To me, this was an obvious move coming and I called it earlier on this blog only I figured the target would be Chapman.

Dombrowski not too wary of trading prospects for major league talent. has worked out more often than not. will be interesting to see what he does with Hanley Ramirez…seems like a contract Dombrowski would want to unload.

DD has met with Ramirez and is looking for him to play 1B. 3B is the only question mark on the field for the Sox. Panda stunk it up hitting and fielding last season and was told to get in shape.Speculation is he is the guy the Sox would like to move, but his play has been so poor and his contract so heavy there is not much of a market for him.

Not Newcombe, Allen. He is an 8th round Class A pitcher.

interesting that Tigers and Orioles anticipated as being the big spenders in the AL this offseason. would think that O’Day would be more valuable to Tigers since O’s already have closer. Wieters taking qualifying offer from O’s does absorb some of their spending budget.

Let’s all keep in mind to keep things in perspective. Mike Illitch is one of the wealthiest individuals in the USA. A $120 million payroll for a lucrative business generating the kind of profit he is making is a pittance compared to his $6 Billion dollars.

I totally agree with you and have commented similarly numerous times. I finally caved in to the BK, small market and limited financial resources talk.That talk really doesn’t make much sense to me, but I was the only one or one of only a few espousing our position, So I figured I needed to readjust my thinking and see where that goes.

I’m thinking (hope) Kimbrel has an off year in 2016 to help prove that DD’s reckless/terrible Bullpen stocking years in Detroit were truly his fault and the ultimate downfall of his release. DD loves to trade unproven big league (hope/dream) talent for free agents.

Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe: ” The thing is, this trade (Kimbrel) is exactly the reason he (DD) was hired in August.”

Dixón Machado 295/403/.889. 4 HR . He will play one more week as scheduled by the Tigers

Bernard: 288/337/737 7 SB . He was not part of the active roster this week

I like reading all the comments but I still believe the manager is the key. Knowing who to put in and when to pull. If you have the talent to make the show, you can win a WS. I also like to develop the farm and not trade away everybody to win 1 now. How about win 8 out of the next 10 World Series. It is a beautiful day in SW Michigan and I wish I could watch baseball instead of the Lydowns. Go Tigers 2016!

Moya is playing LF in Dominican hitting .300. Javier Betancourt #11 Tiger prospect according to BB America, is playing 2b in Venezuela, hitting .300.

Betancourt ha played 8 games. He has played consecutive games just once. Harold Castro , also a Tiger, was the regular until the veteran Henry Rodriguez began playing.

Surprised about Moya. He was on the extreme fatigue list and not supposed to play until december the first

several Tiger minor leaguers became free agents including Melvin Mercedes, Josh Zeid, Mike Hessman, Francisco Martinez (Seattle Fister trade), and former 3rd rounder 3b Wade Gaynor

other former Tigers now minor league FAs: Danny Worth, Andy Oliver, Matt Tuiasosopo, Jose Ortega, Hernan Perez, Wilkin Ramirez, Kevin Whelan, Clay Rapada, Jeff Kobernus, Patrick Leyland (LoA Seattle), Scott Sizemore

LRT: Don’t be surprised if Tigers bring back some minor-league free agents. They also saw Jose Ortega throw and had some interest.
Tigers have had conversations about re-signing Hernan Perez, who recently gained free agency from # Brewers

Please no. Unless for minor league “depth”, (something he is out of in the majors).

Tyson Ross supposedly is being shopped. He fits into the rotation. High SO rate, GB pitcher. He struggled during his last AL season but..
The main problem , thanks to DD paying a starter´s price for a reliever, SD will ask a lot

If what you say is true, then Avila should have beaten DD to the punch.

Let’s see, the Tigers finished in last with the second worst record in the AL. So, the response by the Tigers to becomes a championship team is to acquire. second tier players? That makes no sense to me. All that might do is elevate the Tigers out of the basement and make them a second tier team, at best..

Beck confirmed the Tigers are after 2 starters, a closer, a LFer and multiple other guys for the BP. If it is true the Tigers will only spend $45M, what kind of mid-range return can be expected? Alternatively, to acquire impact players to compete at a championship level, Ilitch will either have to open his checkbook as he said he would and/or Tigers prospects will have to be packaged in trades.

“The Tigers are not expected to be involved on Price or Greinke. After that, however, the market is open”

Then he mentioned: Iwakuma, Gallardo, Lackey, Chen and Kennedy ( QO) Kazmir, Fister and Leake. He forgot Zimmerman.
He mentioned Estrada ” a potential fit for the Tigers, instead signed a two-year deal to stay in Toronto.”

fenech:”The team likely will be active in the trade market at some point in the foreseeable future, Avila said, because, “I don’t think you’re going to be able to fill everything through free agency.”

Avila last week:
“Obviously, (Anthony) Gose is a left-handed bat, Collins is a left-handed bat, so it would be nice to get a right-handed bat,” Avila said. “But you can also do some other things, too, if they’re available. But all things being equal, obviously a right-handed bat would be more to our tastes at this point. That’s not to say we’re just locked into that, because anything else can come around.”

Other teams say Reds are targeting big-league ready young players in any package they get back for Frazier or Aroldis Chapman

Most of the mid-range FA starters are okay. A few of the more costly ones are better than that. To put win production into perspective for them it is interesting to note Simon had 13 victories last season. By comparison, only Gallardo and Lackey matched his total. They were followed by Leake(11), Chen(11), Iwakuma(9), Kennedy(9), Kazmir(7), and Fister(5).

Gose and Collins are both light-hitting, minimal power IFS. Avila is not thinking straight if he thinks he can geta away aplatoon RHB for the OF.
He abslutely needs to balance out the lineup to make it work better.

Parra, Pearce and Young are interesting OFers if the Tigers want to fly on the cheap, Parra intrigues me the most. He can hit, has some pop, has 2 GGs to his credit and is only 28 I offered the same idea a few days ago as an alternative to a much more expensive Fowler. I read today KC is looking at Parra as a replacement for Gordon.

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