Kinsler wins Fielding Bible Award at second base

While Ian Kinsler awaits the final results of Gold Glove voting to be released next month, he captured his first major defensive award Friday. The Tigers second baseman was voted for a Fielding Bible Award, given out annually to the best fielder in baseball at each position as determined by a panel of experts.

Kinsler beat out Boston’s Dustin Pedroia, who had won the previous two awards at second base. Kinsler also becomes the first Tiger to win a Fielding Bible Award since Austin Jackson in 2011.

While a 12-member panel votes on the winners, the Fielding Bible Awards tends to emphasize defensive metrics. All 10 winners this year led their respective position in Defensive Runs Saved. Voters include Bill James, John Dewan, Peter Gammons, Joe Posnanski, Brian Kenny, Mark Simon, Rob Neyer, Doug Glanville and Dave Cameron.

Kinsler finished second to Pedroia last year despite leading the Majors with 20 DRS. While Pedroia suffered an injury-plagued season, Kinsler easily led his position in metrics. His 19 DRS was six better than any other Major League second baseman this season, according to Fangraphs. Though his error total jumped from nine to 13, his 6.3 Ultimate Zone Rating was best in the American League and second only to Miami’s Dee Gordon, who finished second in the voting.

Kinsler’s 2.6 defensive Wins Above Replacement, according to the baseball-reference formula, ranked him eighth among all Major League players regardless of position. He finished near-even with Cubs infielder Addison Russell, who split his rookie season between second base and shortstop.

Kinsler has put up 20 Defensive Runs Saved over the last three seasons, according to The Fielding Bible. The next-best total among Major League second basemen is 29 from Colorado’s D.J. LeMahieu.

Kinsler is one of three finalists for the American League Gold Glove award at second base, as announced on Thursday. Pedroia, winner of the last two Gold Gloves, is another, as is Seattle’s Robinson Cano. Major League coaches vote on the honors, to be revealed in November.


Congratulations Ian Kinsler. We are so proud to have you on our team. You are amazing. Have a Blessed off season

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Defense wins games and makes pitchers better

Are they hiring college graduated to be puppets?
’’Mets manager Terry Collins said. ..that was to let the guys manage in the minor leagues.”
“That’s not really done today. Lineups are being written for them. They don’t manage anymore. They’re kind of dictated what goes on.”

“It no longer is the ol’ boy’s network, but simply the buddy system”
e.g. Dubee, recommended by JL …
I don’t like Yost ,but he is managing the old way and has his team close to win the WS against a JL´s disciple

During the Friday game Guillén said something that surprised the rest of the crew but made me recall Kathy´s comment about JL.
Yost had Herrera warming up down by 2 and early. he said that was twice wrong, you don use your best arm down and more important that shows desperation and your players know it. They will make fun of the manager. He confessed he did it more than once as player. JL nervously walking from one side to another of the dugout did matter.

From BYB:”Dubee prefers for pitchers to pitch inside and be “aggressive” in their approach on the mound ” ? how is the former new?
“I noticed that when you throw away to people, they hit the ball hard,” the Dodgers’ pitcher said, “But they get out a lot more often, too. If you come in to them, they do”’t hit the ball hard as often, but somehow they find a way to get hits more often.”
Only a few gifted players are able to hit the ball hard to the opposite side.

Very interesting article, ET., although, it appears to have been written before the 2015 season played out.
I remember reading about a team spending $500,000 for a new computer system and now we know it was Houston. You can have the best analytical dept in the world, but if the owners and/or front office don’t fully commit to it ie Dodgers, it doesn’t mean a thing. Looks like the Tigers are attempting to move into the “believers” group.

Yes, indeed before the season. The Tigers they say want to change that
Avila was hired as a first step to increase the reliance in analytics.
Of course is odd to see the tam that began it all( Boston with Bill James to hire an old school guy like DD ( and he fired the best scout of the organization).
The problem with the Dodgers ,supposedly , was Mattingly. He , I´m think he was right, did not want to overload his players with information. The information deluge can be paralyzing.

Well, if they are just handing them sheets of stats, then it’s just too much info for players to process. The infor may be spot on, but they need another way to deliver it and it doesn’t take someone with a PHD to figure out how to do that.

I remember this coming out early in the year. According to Google, it was mid-February.

Feb 23 2015.

The Mets had no business being in a World Series. For awhile there I thought the 2006 Tigers pitching staff had suited up and was playing defense. And the Mets also hit like pitchers.
Incredibly, Cespedes on defense in the postseason literally kicked three balls that led to extra bases. What’s with his feet? Soccer player?
Collins was insane to let Yoenis finish that AB. I mean, just look at the player. He was done.
The Royals are a very good team, however……..if all of their opponents responded to their style of play as their postseason opponents did, they would have won 150 games this season. It appears the Tigers key to success against KC is maintaining their cool. The Royals also benefited from an avalanche of lucky breaks.
Okay, so they played into November and won. Good enough. Let’s see how they respond next year.

My same thoughts, Rich. For the good of the team, he should have sat down and let someone else pick up a bat. Selfish, imo.

7 teams have swept the LCS. 6 lost the WS. Braves 19915, the sole winner


I wanted the Royals to win, but wanted the Mets to hang in there for at least another game. At least they didn’t get swept (like we did).

The KC players deserved to be there. They played expremely well as a team the whole year. Let’s give them a run for it next year

Read Hennings today. Not sure what tangent he is on but he somehow think we need a RHB OFer!
Last I checked the only LHB with any power is the SH Victor Marinez. There is no telling (zero) of how that is going to go next year.
The lineup needs balance and Collins is not enough to provide it.
We need a 15 -20 HR guy who can drive in 80+ runs swinging from the left side of the plate.
This team does need power. They can’t expect to win games on the base paths with Miggy, Victor, Casty clogging up the bases and Gose and Kinsler running with a misunderstanding of what needs to be done there. Actually you can throw Casty in that group as well. This means we need to hit the ball through and over fences.

The RHB OF is the platoon partner for Gose. 192 .272 .274 .546 vs LHP.
The problem is they need 5 OF and 2 backup IF since Iglesias wont play 162 games and there is no place for that many players on the bench
Castellanos is last in base-running with Iglesias only better than Victor and Castellanos

Would you agree we need a power LHB in the OF?

Yes, but a RHB with good numbers vs RHP could do the job. Cespedes had better numbers vs RHP than vs LHP

Dixon Machado is hitting well above .350 with 18 hits and 14 BBs! A cool .467 OBP

There are many different methods of creating offense, be it homeruns, speed, working counts, etc, and a team should choose one and stick with it. The key to success, however, is lock down pitching (and defense). Any style of offense will be successful if the opponent’s run production is minimal. This seems obvious and probably is.
The Royals received a lot of attention for the way they created runs, but it was their pitching that kept them in games and made those winning rallies possible.
If Detroit’s pitching, both starting and relief, is good enough then they could get by with someone like Rajai Davis out there.
My take on it, anyway.

Rich, I see your second favorite team just hired a new manager. Dusty Baker. That’s a shocker! Too cheap to pay Bud Black?

A couple of weeks ago,I posted a link to a history about that. There was no way to keep Baker without a job without prompting serious questions. Not only about diversity but his heart condition unreasonable seen as an impediment

“Favorite” might not be entirely accurate. More like local team that includes some players I don’t even like. Anyway, yeah exactly. This outfit has a history of being cheap when it comes to paying managers. I don’t know much about Black as a manager, but do know that Baker might be the guy this dysfunctional team needs.

Chad Qualls, high SO rate, low BB . Above average IR but a grounders pitcher. Kind of the dream of a sabermetricians

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