The season’s last lineup: Tigers at White Sox

Miguel Cabrera off. Victor Martinez off. J.D. Martinez is designated to hit in his final shot at 40 home runs (he needs two). Tyler Collins starts in left field, batting cleanup.

On the pitching side, look for 80-85 pitches out of Daniel Norris today. His pitch count was adjusted down a tick after he went 71 pitches on Tuesday. Brad Ausmus said he might get Randy Wolf an appearance out of the bullpen, possibly his last in a 16-year Major League career.


  1. Anthony Gose, CF
  2. Dixon Machado, SS
  3. J.D. Martinez, DH
  4. Tyler Collins, LF
  5. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  6. Steven Moya, RF
  7. Jefry Marte, 1B
  8. Bryan Holaday, C
  9. Josh Wilson, 2B

P: Daniel Norris

whitesoxsockWHITE SOX

  1. Tyler Saladino, SS
  2. J.B. Shuck, LF
  3. Trayce Thompson, CF
  4. Avisail Garcia, RF
  5. Alexei Ramirez, DH
  6. Mike Olt, 1B
  7. Rob Brantly, C
  8. Gordon Beckham, 3B
  9. Carlos Sanchez, 2B

P: Frankie Montas


Disrepectful lineup. …..poor overpaid athletes who are uninjured not playing. …..giant joke of a season ending in a fitting fashion with a joke of lineup. Not playing out the season like professionals isn’t convincing me to renew my tickets for next year.

Do you like puppies?

I think people that are paying good money to see a minor league team are feeling and cheated out of their money I don’t actually find it funny.

The only problem I have with the lineup is that they don’t have JD batting at least 2nd.
This is a totally meaningless game for just about everyone except the the guys in it. I would have gone further and sent a message to Gose too. Why should he play this last one when Rajai deserves the nod more?
If this were a home game I would expect Miggy, Ian, Alex, maybe even Victor to be in it. This is not a home game.

Do you have any idea how many tigers fans live in Chicago and go to those games….its not meaningless for people who were stupid enough to pay tickets to see this joke of a game.

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Unless of course they are charging exhibition prices for tickets an concessions because that’s exactly what they are paying to see.

Regardless of the way the year went for the Tigers, I’m sad this is the last game I’ll see them play this year.

Baseball prospectus in 2013 about Collins:
“Not a good defender;… just doesn’t have natural ability”

Casty made a pretty nice play on Olt. Much of his problems really appear to be to the glove side.
Collins gets inevitably compared to Andy Dirks. Defensively he doesn’t compare well with Andy.
He has played very hard for the Tigers though this year. He has value.
Nice AB by JD to get that sacfly.
It’s the last I’ll bring this up but when else do the Tiger fans get to see the September callups? Is there a better time (other than rapping up 1st place 3 weeks early?

In fact, it has been stated elsewhere comparing him to Dirks is offensive for Andy

Moya is going deep this time up.

Good one!

Can the Tigs hold a 6-0 lead and Texas a 7 run lead with 2 to go?
Not sure I have any confidence in either.

Well, finally, is over

I liked what I saw at the plate with Collins. I must admit. I am pulling for Moya as I feel we need something more dyanmaic in terms of LHP at a corner OF spot. If, he works out (and he did not look overmatched) it would save enough money not having to go after a FA OFer to free up for an Ace and a closer.
I still think we will see a major trade, probably multi-player and would not be surprised to see either Casty or Iggy included.

if they decide to deal a young MLB-ready position player, Iglesias seems the one most likely to go. they could be thinking Machado is close enough to being ready, with Romine again as fallback.

And the curtain closes on a very long, surprising, disappointing, and lackluster season of baseball. We won the opener; we won the closer, but we surely got hacked around in the middle. everybody’s on the way home, so I’ll wrap it up with three things that I liked about the finale:
1. The more I see him, the more Norris makes me grin like a possum.
2. It was nice to see Randy Wolf in a Tiger uniform one more time.
3. Krol shows us that he can(I didn’t say he would) be the X-Factor in the pen next year.
Kudos to Tyler, Nick for the D-GEM, and for an overall good performance from the pen.
Will be checking in tomorrow for my Season Evaluation and Superlatives. Go GK.

Greg, I enjoy your posts, always finding the good in a game. Thanks for being positive.

I agree, the positives need accentuated in such a difficult season.

“Opossums have long, hairless, prehensile tails, which can be used to grab branches and carry small objects. They also have hairless ears and a long, flat nose. Opossums have 50 teeth, more than any North American mammal, and opposable, clawless thumbs on their rear limbs.”….and a face only a mother could love. I knew that already but quoted Wikipedia, Greg. Perfect simile regarding smile. I’ll second that. Dang, wasn’t able to find a possum smiley face to insert here:-)

You made by day Marty.

In the end, it appears it was Seattle that blew itself out of a protected draft pick by winning today. The White Sox tried to blow it but didn’t. Such a strange business; I’m glad it’s over. Hard to root for individual Tigers players while at the same time hoping the team drops some games. It seemed to me to be a natural progression from the deadline sell-off; both designed to strengthen the team in the future.
Now comes a dark month with other teams playing in the postseason while no real moves can be made by the other clubs, although rumors will take precedence. We’ll have to live on that low calorie diet.
I agree that a major trade may be required. Only so much can be gained by signing free agents. Castellanos and Iggy are both young and under team control, which is exactly what makes them attractive to other clubs. We’ll see how creative Mr. Avila can be.

Thanks once again to Jason for maintaining this BLOG.
The diversity here attracts like minds, kindrid spirits and possums and baboons.
We even once had an ostrich (replete with head buried in sand).
We all now get to start with a new positivity but hopefully we all are just jaded enough to keep perspective on the new season right from the first day in camp.
Have a good off-season all and don’t forget to VOTE!


It was not really disappointing. While there was some hope before the deadline, is was just a mirage. We knew the rotation was bad, only 2 starters and one was lost before the season. The BP? it was hope and dream, illusion and denial , from the go. There were better options than Gorzelanny and Joba for more or less the same money but DD is under the shadow of Beane and he tries to play the same game. He likes to be the smartest guy in the room but he is not even in this room anymore.
They needed VMart. Before the season JD 2014 was just an outlier. JD numbers once he was moved to the clean-up behind Miguel show he is not up to the task yet. But VMart is close to the final breakdown. He had to begin on DL and Ausmus and DD had to know that they know baseball and know more about him than us but they failed again.-We all see him struggling even if he was hitting the ball hard and showing good numbers as RH.
With no conditioning and a shorter ST , Miguel did far more than you could reasonably expect. Far more.
Verlander came back just on time but there were not RS for him
Injuries? Excuses. Texas and StL had more and they are still playing
We expected them to contend because we are fans, But the season ended before the opening day. It ended during the Hot Stove. The team was burnt.

“……..but DD is under the shadow of Beane and he tries to play the same game. He likes to e the smartest guy in the room but he is not even in the room anymore.” Brilliant El T. Your observations are perfect and not a wasted word. A lot for us to discuss but we have plenty of time now to do so. There are some things that may not be fixable…VMart’s broken down body…….Miguel has some serious weight loss/conditioning to deal with. I talked about this a while back. I hope he can do this before it’s too late and his body no longer allows his super human gifts and skills to thrive. Does Dixon Machado make Iggy a trade piece? I loved watching Iggy play but Dixon is a good looking kid with some real skills and a refreshing kid like positive attitude. Hmmmmm….Casty/Marte…..hmmmm. Regarding injuries, you are correct, Texas and St. Louis had more, so while there may be no excuse here, the difference had to be team depth. So the Tigers had to be more adversely affected by their losses even if there were fewer. So, be it organizational depth, scouting/developing/coaching, St. Louis always seems to remain competitive. Speaking of managing, I would take Mike Matheny in a heartbeat. I want to read “The Matheny Manifesto” when I get the time.

Thanks for your support

The Cardinals are so consistently successful that it’s almost unfair to use them as a comparison. I hear the term “how do they do it” applied to them quite often.
The 2015 Tigers? I thought it was 50-50 at the outset of the season. Perhaps now they won’t be automatically considered the favorite.

Unless the Tigers look good on paper next year, the Royals may be the favored team. Very interested in seeing how far they get this year. Last year I was rooting for them, this year I have come to dislike them. In 2016 they can go away!

Yeah, that cute and cuddly thing wears off fast. 🙂

Matt Williams fired. That was warranted.

but, but, wasn’t he named Manager of the Year in 2014?

Not only that, Rizzo said yesterday that no decision was made yet

Should be an interesting, competitive Central division in 2016. Tigers need many pieces to get back in that mix. Royals sure have become the team you love to dislike.
Will be rooting against them and NYY.

The season just finished: By Morley Fudd(AKA,Greg)
Projected wins April 1 – 91; Revised Projection September 1- 72; End of Season – 74
Team Analysis: Offense -B-; Defense- B; SP- D+; BP- D-; Baserunning- C-;
Manager- C-; Pitching Coach- D-; Remainder of Coaches- C; General management-D; Intangibles- C.
Individual analysis:
Avila- never regained the golden stick; still a solid receiver with a decent arm; a class individual; thanks for the memories; C-.
McCann- Solid Rookie season, great arm, good leadership, excellent defense; nice offensive year, needs to work on his approach with righty pitchers; Established as the #1 Catcher for the next several years; B.
Holladay- Gritty, tough, and dependable backup catcher; good D; better than average offense for a #2 catcher- B.
Miggy- Best all around hitter in the game; power zapped with calf injury; defense is much better than one would expect; banner year in 2016; A-
Kinsler- A baseball player from the old school; another solid year; if he could get away from a 10 day stretch of uppercut swings, he would hit .315; defense was stellar; some late season mental lapses; needs to concentrate on baserunning skills; B+
Igloo- Nice offense this year; dazzling defense, but lapses on the routine stuff; work on staying health; time to get the timber off the shoulder; a chip is okay. B-
Nick -Defense improved dramatically; still needs to improve on footwork, and balls to his right; can be a solid Threebe; no Gold Glove; improved in hitting; especially in second half; Needs to break out next year; I still see .280, 20, 85 as his norm. C+
Rags- Have been a critic, but will concede that he brings some energy to the game;
good second half, especially last month. Defense is adequate; no centerfield please.
Would be an okay one year signee to add a veteran presence to the team; B.
Gose- made good strides; solid against righties; defense will improve as will baserunning; a satisfactory performance would be .265 with 35 SB’s. B-
Julio- the steal of the century for us; great power to all fields; needs to work on cutting down K’s; defense was outstanding; great team member; A.
Victor- the consummate professional; tried to play with one leg this year; hurt all aspects of his hitting prowess; knee was getting solid in Sept; the tweak ended a dismal season for Victor a week early; look for a solid rebound next year; C-
Romine- Dandy Andy is the new Donnie; a blue collar kind of guy, who really made offensive contributions in nearly every game he started; defense was just plain solid;
a winning team has to have an Andy to succeed; B+
Collins- had a nice Sept.; good power; another gritty player, who plays the game hard; is he the heir apparent in LF; not full time; would be a good 4th. outfielder with some lefty pop; B
Marte- Does show some pop in the bat; where does he play; C
Machado; great glove; can he hit.250; at lest he can bunt; may be a trade piece; Iggy is in the way; B
Moya- Incomplete
Wilson- He is what he is; not worth a roster spot; great bench man/defensive replacement; B
Pasta- Always a surprise; either fantastic or dud; mostly dud; you have to give him this; he went to the mound each start, and then we held our breath; only way, I consider him; a very cheap 1 year deal as a five; somebody will give him more; C-
Sanchez- Major disappointment; tried to pitch with a bum shoulder; too much good secondary stuff to have been knocked around with all those taters; if he fully recovers, look for a nice rebound; D
Greene- Another injured pitcher? went from hero to goat in less than 6 weeks. Maybe he makes it back as a viable starter, or disappears like Kyle Sleeth; D-
JV- He’s finally well; impressed with last 10 starts; rediscovered command of fastball and curve; will have to be the Anchor next year; Reinvented himself to where he can pitch effectively for another five years; B
Norris- Ah those possum grins; Dombrowski’s going away gift; huge upside at age 22;
love the passion he brings to the mound; B
Boyd- Nice pickup in the Price trade; not as much potential as Norris, but could evolve into a dependable four; C-
Ferrell- Incomplete
Farmer- lively arm; what’s his role; D
Lobstein- The 2015 version of Marroth; maybe a BP guy; Injured most of the year; D
Ryan- Can be effective as a long reliever out of the pen; C
Rondon- pouting gets you know where; a feeling of entitlement is even worse; his type are a dime a dozen; F
Hardy-Dependable lefty; great curve; wore out toward the end; B
Al- An enigma; great slider; above average fastball;no control; beginning to think that he worries about the number of letters in his name; might be time to go; C-
Tommy G.- Thought we had a good one at signing; never panned out; when you can’t retire lefty’s you are in deep doo doo; F
Wilson- Mr. Bull Pen for 2015; we would have been lost without him; another who wore down at the end; A-
Krol- My favorite whipping boy; another enigma; stuff is top notch; should be dominant; have heard that he is all in next year; he got sick and tired of the 17 rides back and forth to Toledo; D+
Feliz- just don’t know; Tommy John should be in the background; fastball and slider still look firm; do you take a chance; D-
Verhagen- I liked what I saw; good ground ball guy; needs to work on control;B
No comments on the others who were up and down or played very minor roles. No comments either on Price or Cespedes except to say they were both A players; Soria was a C+
Position Players
MVP- Julio
Most Disappointing- Victor, and it wasn’t his fault
Most Dependable- Kinsler
Most Improved- McCann
Unsung Hero- Romine
MVP- Wilson
Most Disappointing- Starter- Sanchez/Reliever- Rondon
Most Dependable- Wilson
Most Improved-Norris
Unsung Hero- Verhagen
Most Memorable moment- McCann’s walk off inside the parker.
Most devastating moment- Miggy’s calf injury
The game that turned the season- The Minnesota comeback from 6-1 in the ninth right before the break; sucked all of the air out of the team.

So there you have it; All opinion with no fact to back it up. We still have Ausmus, and we have Jeff lumbering out to the mound. Next year will see an ew rotation, a new pen, and maybe a new left fielder. We also have Ian, Miggy, Victor, and Julio as 2-5. If they are healthy, look for the tigers to walk tall next year, as they proudly wear the Old English D.

All good stuff Greg. Hard to believe the season is over however I should not be surprised as I stopped showing interest a while ago which is saying a lot for me who normally watches them all the time. I will be watching some post season Blue Jays game with my husband and am very sad to not having a playoff game to see in person this year. JV really was for me the comeback player of the year, the guy took a lot of crap on blogs and the like but he said he was close and darn it he sure was and got himself back to the ace of the staff. Rest up Tiger’s that need to recover and come back stronger for next year.

Farm system and Pitching are main concerns. Focus on them. Go with what you have for starting pitching. Dump Al and a few of those other nonperformers.. Starters should include Verlander, Sanchez, Norris, Fulmer, and Boyd. Fill in bullpen pitchers with Greene, Verhagen, Wilson, Rondon and a few others that showed promise. Focus on trading for a top closer. Keep Davis, Moya and Collins for LF. See how Victor responds and send him home in July if it’s clear he is done

Greg, that was excellent. Can’t really disagree with any of it, save one. Gorzellany should get a D- because, unlike Rondon, he at least tried. Rondon was kicked out of school and earned his FAIL.

Touche Rich; the mark for Gorz was based on my expectations as well as performance; as a former teacher, I changed many a grade.

Matt Williams and staff gone. Count your blessings Brad.

Will the Tigers get anything in exchange for Rondon? Will another team take him off their hands? This was the season of injuries and bad luck, can the Tigers come out of the gates healthy next Spring?

I think it is very important for fans, players and FO personnel to not accept injuries as an aexcuse for failure in any way

How many times did we hear DD say “well, we’ve had some injuries…….”?

Last 9th pick: Justin Turner

Turner did not work out well. Agreed. So, when DD dealt Price for basically Norris and Boyd instead of waiting for him to go FA and getting a draft pick in return who turns into Turner, that was a bad deal? To me, that’s a no-brainer.

Jacob Turner turned into Anibal Sanchez and Omar Infante, so there’s that.

There was more to that deal.

Also, for DD haters, I don’t get it. During his short tenure he put together 4 consecutive divisional winners and hit the WS 2 times. By comparison, the Dodgers just set a franchise record with 3 division winners in a row and are ecstatic. Plus, they have not hit the WS for closing on 30 years.

My point, Turner and the irrelevant subsequent Turner deal ramifications aside, is Price would have been gone at the end of the season with an unknown draftee in return. Instead, the Tigers now have 2 potentially ready MLB rotation guys with the very real chance to re-sign Price. No-brainer..

I think it is more than love/hate.
I am not a DD “hater” but I thinki he did a pretty poor job especially in his last year.
He was consistent in his neglect of really doing something significantly positive for the bullpen.
He lost his effectiveness working with Illitch. That is obviously not an easy assignment but it went bad fast.

They have the 9th pick because they ended close to last in MLB. Nothing to do with Price.

What are you trying to reference to what? Or is that just a statement out of the blue? I think we all know how the Tigers finished. Price issues are another matter.

Great job with the blog Jason . See you in Lakeland .

Darline, if you are calling me a hater because of my one comment you are wrong. I appreciated all the good things he did during his time In Detroit, as does every Tiger fan.

Pleez, no offense intended. I think you are witty, funny and have a good take on the Tigers. I absolutely had no issue with you. And even if you disagreed with anything about anything I said or anyone else said., That is your right.

So, all accomplishments aside by DD and JL…What is there to talk about that has been positive for early the last 25 years?

Correction: nearly, not early. JASON!!! I’m not the only person who has editing issues. Can you help? Thank you for listening.

AND… I am ready to give up on punctuation points. I cannot see them on my monitor and I unfortunately happen to have 10 thumbs when I type. Pretty much a recipe for disaster. I am always surprised at the end product of my comments.

Thanks Darline.

4 times first
4 times last ( including the second worst record for a MLB team ever)
3 times second( second in the WS too)
2 times second to last
1 time third

How many times to the playoffs? How many years did the Tigers not make the playoffs before his arrival.?

DD inherited a horrible team and organization in 2002. The Tigers had not been to the playoffs since 1987 and had only 11 playoff appearances sine 1901.DD turned the Tigers into a powerhouse and took them to the playoffs 5 times since 2006.

Regarding Price, I’m sure the Tigers would have made him a qualifying offer. If he didn’t accept it, the Tigers would have received a draft choice as compensation by the team that signed him. And that’s a crap shoot. That scenario has nothing to to do with their 9th pick. That’s an entirely different matter.

And Rich made an earlier comment about Turner turning into Sanchez and Infante. Even though there was a bit more to that deal, it speaks well of DD’s acumen. I’m not certain, but I think that was the point.

I believe Williams was fired for losing the clubhouse. I remember each of those seven instances and thought most of them bad moves at the time he made them, but managers do that stuff. Don’t know why seven moves in two years is worth an entire article. This story could have been written about every manager in the game.

Williams was on very thin ice before the Papplebon and Harper incident . You knew Williams would be toast after that .

What I don’t get is the head hunting by the press.

We can glorify and even idealize our perceptions of managers and their effect but I will stick my neck out and say that the job does matter. Sparky seemed to be almost beyond rapproach and perhaps that is justifiable. Brad is among a list of mangers that should not be considered brilliant or even good.
Sparky had some pretty considerable qualities I don’t think it is advisable to discount the impact a mange can have on his team.
The Tigers are a a mid-market team that needs “everything” to work, including management on and off field.


I would like to give my grade for the Detroit Tigers for 2015:
It’s quite simple “D”
It is a team effort and “D” represents” everything from Mangement, Front Office, Ownership, and on-field performance.

Rrrroger that. Houston.

I wonder how JD feels going from a now-playoff contender to well, a non-playoff contender?

I doubt he can complain too much though given his performance since coming here, his future contracts will show that I am guessing and the payoff will be there for him. But of course he would like to be playing still, but his future sure is brighter in the bigs than it was a few years ago

I doubt JD saw that coming since this is the first time since 2006 the Astros have been in the playoffs and the Tigers have been there 5 times in the same time period.

Coincidentally, it is also the first time the Mets have hit the playoffs since 2006.

Excerpts from Miguel interviewed by Carlos Duarte. Google translation
“I’m proud. Everything is done with dedication and hard work brings rewards. Despite the physical problems, operations and discomfort in the calves I kept fighting to get something. He did not have the same performance in the legs as he had before, and the same force, so the batting title fills me with pride.

How was that experience of sharing in Detroit with his compatriot Omar Vizquel?
-Vizquel Will be our next Hall of Fame, I have him with us it is great. He does a good job as coach, has helped us to be more consistent on defense and always teaches us to be ready for every play.

-After finishing the season he will he do physical rehabilitation plan?
Yes, I will make a rehabilitation plan to work those aches and try to get 100% at spring training because in the last two years have suffered injuries. I hope that this recovery is a success. The idea is not to wait for spring training to get ready, but do it once.

When did that start rehabilitation?
I do not know yet, I have to check with the doctors again. For now I will wait for the decision of them and see which is the program that I am, I want to be good in 2016, that’s the goal.”

Thanks for posting this, LT. It’s like we have a special “in” when you provide things like this.

You are welcome.

Granted I didn’t see every single pitch last night, but if ESPN’s little window strike zone is any indication, Eric Cooper was nailing those calls. That is, unfortunately, rare. If they just used that technology in-game, pitch framing wouldn’t be a stat.

Looks like Jessica Mendoza caught the attention of the Boorish Society. At first I thought she was saying things any analyst would, then I realized that was a good thing. She was doing the job. Most well versed baseball fans don’t really need an analyst anyway but she was saying all the right things for the audience that this type of game would draw. She also didn’t fill every moment with chatter which, in my book, is a plus. The game spoke for itself.
Good job.

Since we’ve discussed fans booing their own team here from time to time, here’s a good read on last night’s Yankees fans. Even the comments are good.

Rich, you were right about Cooper. In the sixth inning, Dallas K threw two pitches to Beltran, I believe. I told my wife, see that little window; 90% of umps call both of those pitches a strike, but Cooper was indeed spot on.

First of all, thanks Jason for having this blog. I think it has been 9 years for me. Thanks everyone for all the posts. I have moved out of the cable tv zone so I listen and read a lot. I learned a long time ago that good pitching beats good hitting every time. We did not have the starting pitching and as for the bp………Well, we went out and got Nathan but how did we know he was done. I believe DD tried for some decent relievers but they did not perform. I was very disappointed to sell at the deadline and I guess so was Mr. I as he got ride of Dave. Like Greg, Slowbyrne, Rich, and Kathy and so many others on this blog I am a die hard Tigers fan. Cheering and booing must be part of wanting your team to win with the players you have. It is a beautiful day in SW Michigan. Soon we will have a hot stove. Go Tigers, 2016. –Dave

All I could think of last night while watching the WC game was the same thing, DB: good pitching beats good hitting. I caught myself thinking about what great weather this is for the playoffs and then remembered we weren’t in it. The weather is absolutely divine, though!

Interesting both WC road teams put their Ace out there for the clincher and both tossed a shutout! Sure wish it would have been JV or DP in the Bronx pitting us against the Royals today (assuming we weren’t sellers at the deadline). Once you’ve had a taste of the playoffs, it sure hurts to be on the sidelines.

Sure does, Jay. Of course in order to match Houston at 10 over .500 we more than likely would have had to do a little buying. Soria looked sharp last night.
I’m kind of interested in Tony Sipp at this time.

Soria looked like he was off last night after the BB, then he struck out the side after he found his groove. He’s not a closer but potentially a valuable 8th inning asset if affordable. If he’s going to demand $8MM+/year on a long term deal, probably not worth it.

Did not know until today that David was 0-5 in Post Season action; Sounds like Kershaw.

Greg, i was surprised to hear that DP was winless in the postseason as well. Perhaps if the Tigers can woo him back this off-season below the MAX $$$, we can change that win/loss record!!

Let’s go Houston!!! Let’s go Houston!!! You gotta love Jose Altuve as a leadoff hitter!!
Can the Tigers find someone similar, please? Yolando Ventura is a “head case”!

All visiting teams have won thus far if that means anything. I guess a lot of disappointed home town fans.

I hear ya Rich. I’ve liked Sipp ever since his Cleveland days.

Seems like he pitched in every game against Detroit. And those marathon extra inning affairs in Cleveland. Looks to me that Sipp is right in the pocket of what we could use, both performance-wise and financially.

Sounds like Al Avila said all the right things in his meeting with the media yesterday.

I think Jason’s recent analysis on the Tigers’ website was spot-on in terms of present resources and team needs.

And Greg, Kershaw beat Atlanta for his lone playoff victory a few years ago.

Just had to say how disgusted I was seeing the play made by Utley get so rewarded when it deserves to be leading to bans from the game that increase with repeat offenses.
It was clear Utley had no idea or even cared where the bag was having his sights only on cleaning up Tejada. It wasn’t even close to being an attempt to slide for the bag, the closest he got to when he walked back to the dugout.
In no way should acts of downright thuggery ever be allowed, let alone go rewarded on a sporting field.

The real problem now is if Utley is allowed to play, will the Mets respond in some way.
David Price didn’t have a good outing. Soria did well in a losing cause. I haven’t kept track of Cespedes except I know he hit a HR. Will there actually be an all-Texas ALCS?
I wish Jason would start a new conversation. 102 comments is over the top.

Hey LT, have you heard anything about “derecho señor” yet? I don’t see him on a roster though I have noticed Dixon and Wynton Bernard are signed up.

The day before being sent home, the extreme fatigue list was out. He was there for injury. He is not eligible to play Winter baseball

BTW, Harold Reynolds needs to do a little research on Canadian baseball.
Maybe someone ought to tell him about, Russell Martin, Fergie Jenkins, Joey Votto, Justin Morneau, Larry Walker, Ryan Dempster, Jason Bay, Brett Lawrie heck maybe some even remember George Selkirk!

Gibbons pulling Dickey with a 7-1 lead and one out away from a postseason W is coldblooded, man. Hope it blows up in his face.

I kept wondering if David wanted to just go in the clubhouse and call it quits for the day. Can you imagine him pulling that stunt on Gibbons?

I’ve never liked Gibbons. His use of Price was absurd actually.
His use of Smoak could be better applied and not playing Russel Martin yesterday was plain stupid.
R.A. Dickey is a good team-mate. He has a right to question his removal from the game, but he won’t.

I don’t like him either, but I knew the pitchers were all PO’d at Gibbons for his pitching management today. No miscommunications going on there, though.

BTW–it’s pretty neat to see quality relief pitching isn’t it?

Cespedes with the 3 run bomb. Between him and Curtis, I’m pulling for the Mets. They are handling LA and may finish tomorrow. Cubs Mets in the NLCS?

“When you don’t worry about who gets credit, it is amazing what can be accomplished” – R.A. Dickey.
Now that is a great teammate. He has every right to be pissed and I also was hoping for the move to blow up in Gibbons face. Managers are all copy cats these days. I don’t recall so many ace starters being used in this fashion years ago in early rounds. Game 6 or 7 of the World Series I understand. But a 7-1 lead in the 5th inning of an LDS game? Seriously? I guess the Astros should have brought Keuchel back on no days rest for the 8th inning yesterday (tongue firmly placed in cheek).
— Bob

I would guess that most or all of us are rooting for the Cubs for all the obvious reasons. Perhaps also the Mets with their former Tigers. It is nice to be able to root for Granderson again.
In the AL, it’s hard not to kind of back the Astros to topple the Royals. Human nature. But what is the best case scenario for the Tigers? That would be KC going five, seven, and seven games, culminating in a WS win on November 4 (or later). They could come back in 2016 exhausted and not having as much to prove.

Good point on the Royals.

I think the key point to be made about the Cubs, Astros and (insert your own idea of a team) is how they went for years as a losing team drafting young players who are now being successful. Of course the problem with this strategy is how well a team’s fans can live through a long drought. The Tigers chose a different route by using trades and free agents. Now we’ll see how that course of action holds up for 2016.

Throwback postseason: the Texas reliever with his 50 or 40s wind-up with no pause and no effort.
Starters as relievers and/or with short rest.
Not to mention bunting like in 1908

I’ve read a number of items online that compare the way the Astros/Cubs/Royals have done it to how Detroit does things. My only response is, after those mentioned clubs have made the postseason four years in a row (and gone deep three of them), we won’t know which way is better.

Jason is doing the play by play and spotting jerseys north (or south) of the border

StL? many of their most valuable players were added in trades : Wainright, Lackey, Heyward, Martínez or were FA: Holliday and Peralta

As I have said before, my father used to be a die hard Dodgers fan,he cant stand Tinkerbelle and Torre in a Dodgers uniform. So I grew up rooting for the Dodgers vs the Yankees: 1977,78 and 81. I was a Giants fan in 1988 (you dont buy your father´s car and Roger Craig). After 2012, back to LA

Fielder, postseason:
150 0 HR 1 RBI

It was true before replay and more today: there is no but I thought in baseball. You do what Odor did and then the Ump can call it or not. The ump waved his hand but before that the pitcher and the SS had to go for the ball and they were watching like spectators.
And Bautista was just irresponsible, the stadium was already hot and his poured gas into it

The catcher uses an armor but the rules protect him but not the IFs?

I have my doubts about Utley but the rules must be the same used in the Minors, slide on the base or you are out

I think the Buster Posey rule gets called on that takeout slide at home………..if the catcher had been Buster Posey.

Prediction: World Series colors will be blue.

so KC is down 6-2 in the 8th, on the brink of elimination. Then there is Toronto. What do these teams have that our Tigers don’t? Cubs and Mets should be a good one. Back to the future, Cubs win it all.

A rhetorical question, right DB?

Again, let’s revisit that question when one of those clubs has made four consecutive postseason appearances.
If Sipp doesn’t deflect that potential doubleplay bouncer, the Astros may be in the ALCS.

The Tigers lost Fields for one month of Josh Wilson.

Happy for the Mets!! Dodger fans are probably shocked!

Hope you enjoyed TO Jason.
Hey, is it possible for you to give us a new posting?

As the clubhouse attendant said (true story), “Why should I give you guys even MORE Gatorade? You just drink it all up anyway!”
It’s the offseason. Fewer blog entries until something happens next month.
Although I would like to hear Jason’s opinion of the bottle throwing skill displayed by Jays fans this week.

There are idiots north of the border too. Put 50,000 people anywhere, I mean anywhere, and you will get obnoxious, rude even violent behaviour.
The situation was a bizarre one to be sure, and a lot of juiced up fans were unaware of the rule and what actually happened on the field. They only saw their team go down an important run after a timeout was called.
Not excusing the fans but just want to reiterate this is social behaviour not nationalistic.

I just caught a replay of the Jays game when Tulo went nuts when the opposing catcher slapped him on the behind. I missed seeing that during the game. Love it! He’ not into the fraternization with the “enemy.” Even Al Kaline says it bothers him and in his day they would be fined for fraternizing with the opposing teams. Mr. K said they hug and slap hands nowadays, but he just doesn’t understand it. Either do I.

Projected salaries. MLBTR:
•Neftali Feliz (5.151) – $5.2MM
•Al Alburquerque (4.147) – $2.1MM
•J.D. Martinez (4.036) – $7.8MM
•Andrew Romine (3.049) – $700K
•Jose Iglesias (3.036) – $1.5MM

Very impressed with Volquez tonight.
I was also very impressed with the umping of Tony Randazzo. It was consistent and it was accurate. He was in charge back there.
Nice to see.

Josh Wilson for Fields just doesn’t look like a good move to me. How about it?

No, nobody understood or liked it at the time and that hasn’t changed. Unless there’s a reason that we don’t know about.

Keep an eye on Fields. He’s got something that could be special

Toronto down by 2 games again but did win 3 in a row vs Texas after that. This time they have 5 more games if they can come back. Price hasn’t helped much.

DaviI felt David pitched very well but did not respond to the poor play on the pop up that should have been the 1st out of the inning.
Sad to say but any chance of him coming back to Motown as a 31 year old is going to be influenced by the fact he will be “overPRICED”.

I don’t see much value in either Fields or Wilson.and pretty much gave up on Fields as a prospect. He will enter next season at the same age as Gose, coming off a Toledo year in which he hit only .228 with 7 HRs, 17 SBs and a SO every third AB.

Wynton Bernard and Dixon Machada are batting #1 & #2 for Caracas in the VWL.
Yesterday they collectively went 7 x 9 and they are both hitting over .350 to this point.
Will be watching them and Moya and Rondon this winter. Jacoby Jones and Ferrell this fall.

We could see a much different team next spring ??

Today,Javier Vethancourt got his first career hit in Venezuela.2B and SS. ETA 2017 . He is related to Edgar Alfonzo, Mets

Machado reached bases for 11th consecutive game. 2 for 4 so far

I like Bernard. If he makes it, a movie could be made about his story, Moya needs a shot. He can produce runs and could end up a star with his raw power and defensive tools. Jones is intriguing and might be a player who can make a difference. Rondon, Mercedes, and Valdez all have big arms. Rondon’s mental approach bothers me. All 3 have command issues. Machado, Bettanccort and others of their ilk grow in trees in the Dominican and in Venezuela. ,

Jones is gone

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