Monday’s lineups: Tigers at Rangers

Day off for Ian Kinsler at his old home park. Andrew Romine, who was out over the weekend with groin tightness, returns to start at second base.

tigerpitcherlogoTIGERS (career numbers against Colby Lewis)

  1. Anthony Gose, CF (1-for-3, K)
  2. Tyler Collins, LF (0-for-3)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (9-for-26, 5 doubles, 3 walks, 2 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (10-for-21, 3 doubles, HR, 2 walks)
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF (3-for-6, double, HR)
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B (1-for-7, 2 walks)
  7. James McCann, C
  8. Andrew Romine, 2B (2-for-6, K)
  9. Dixon Machado, SS

P: Justin Verlander

oldrangerslogoRANGERS (career numbers off Verlander)

  1. Delino DeShields Jr., CF (1-for-3, 2 K’s)
  2. Shin-Soo Choo, RF (13-for-55, double, 2 HR, 8 walks, 23 K’s)
  3. Prince Fielder, DH (0-for-8, 2 K’s)
  4. Adrian Beltre, 3B (14-for-51, 2 doubles, HR, 2 walks, 9 K’s)
  5. Mitch Moreland, 1B (6-for-22, 4 doubles, 3 walks, 8 K’s)
  6. Josh Hamilton, LF (6-for-22, 2 walks, 10 K’s)
  7. Elvis Andrus, SS (8-for-33, 2 doubles, 2 walks, 4 K’s)
  8. Rougned Odor, 2B (0-for-5)
  9. Chris Gimenez, C

P: Colby Lewis


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Scherzer through seven………….

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500 PA. Lewis was afraid. He walked him with the bases loaded

Verlander losing it here in the 4th……

Nice job of Verlander to get out of that inning. ..took a lot of pitches to get through it won’t last long in this game.

I have commented several times during the last month about Feliz, his stuff, his resume, his relative youth and how he has the looks of a possible “keeper.” I see Beck wrote an article this evening echoing the gist of those comments. Again, I’m in favor of taking a chance on Feliz, especially given what the monetary risk for him would be given his potential return.

They’ll have to commit at least a few million to keep him, but with the price of bullpen help on the open market these days, combined with the stuff he’s throwing and his age, it’s a chance worth taking.

It looks like Prince owns JV tonite. He pretty much seems to be the offensive leader of the Rangers. Comeback Player of the Year?

The real comeback of the year is ARod but he will be ignored

He should definitely receive consideration.

32 HR after one season off and he is 39. Even more, he was the MVP of the Yankees until middle August

As he should you shouldn’t be able to receive and award for comeback when you are coming back from a suspension of steroids

Gose vs LHP:182 .260 .258 .518. They need someone to platoon with him.

He has basically the same overall stats as Elsbury. He is younger and much less costly. Who do you think gives better value?

He will be the regular vs RHP. Against LHP , he is a zero to the left .Someone will platoon with him.

ARod is hitting.251 with 32 HRs and 84 RBIs, Fielder is hitting .306 with 22 hrs and 91 RBIs. I consider them both legitimate candidates in the Comeback race..

One is hitting mostly singles. The older one hits for real power

ARod has a .841 OPS. Fielder is at .838..

And ARod’s SLG% is .490, whereas Fielder is at .463. Again, their stats make them legit candidates no matter how you cut it.

I’ll say it again no way Arod should win for comeback when he’s coming back from a suspension for cheating

You have a point, but I think he is nevertheless eligible.

Feliz on to face Prince. I have definitely jinxed someone with my positive comments. No way I can win in this situation.

Prince can still hit . He leaves the game with 4 RBI’s . Feliz has to be darn careful .

Every teams dream facing the tiger’s pen!
Really happy to hear Rod so happy about Fielder’s 2 rbi single. God that irritates me nearly as much as the hit itself

Feliz v. Prince. Quality matchup. What a battle. 98 and a quality change by Feliz in an 11 pitch AB by Prince. Huge hit in another multi-hit game by Prince.

Feliz loses the battle with Prince, but wins the war!

That Feliz-Prince matchup was fun.
They’ll need to get Krol entirely out of the organization or they’ll keep bringing him up to Detroit.

1. Bottom of the order makes things happen.
2. Gorzo goes perfect another times.
3. Never trailed from start to finish.
Kudos the JV who has been outright solid since July. Kudos also to Collins, JMac, and Nick for a good plate night. What was impressive in the win was nothing much from Miggy or Julio, and Ian not in the lineup. The babes stepped up and made a really nice start to the series. Agreed that Feliz could be a bargain of a closer moving on to next year. After numerous starts this year, it has become obvious that JV was not healthy all of last season. The core surgery took more of a toll than he thought it would, and even more than we knew about. I look for a big season for him in 2016.

Saving money will be paramount next year. For that reason I would expect Rajai will find new employment. As will Simon and Avila and Nathan.
Feliz is indeed showing improvement and physically should be even better next year.
I guess it is time to accept Ausmus but why would he take Casty out for defensive purposes pretty much all season but leave him in for a very tense 9th inning?
Seemed to me to be a pretty good time to put Kinsler in and move Romine over.
It worked out but I did find it curious.

Feliz is arbitration eligible( 4th time). And he is making 4.125. So the minimum for him is 4.95. That is not cheap or a bargain by any measure. Soria was making 7 MM.

You are correct that Feliz is Arb eligible, but I read he not in a situation where he can expect more money given his troubles this season. Besides, closers are pricey. For instance, this season, Paplebon made $13M and Nathan made $10M. Kimbrel will make $11.25M next year.

But for extreme circumstances, there is no way to lower his salary.He will get a raise of at least 20%. It works that way. Those are the rules. The only way around is non tendering him and renegotiate
Benoit is making 15.5 /2 and Tigers allowed him to go because he was expensive. And he was a proven closer
Feliz is not a closer but a huge gamble. A few good innings in low pressure situations are nothing solid to build upon. More hope and dream, a costly one .He deserves as much as Joba or Gorzelanny got.

who would have guessed that after winning our division, I am now hoping we get out of last place this year?

Regarding Soria, I’m not sure if most teams consider him a closer. When he came to the Tigers that was not his intended role and it was only out of necessity that he was put into that spot. When Soria was traded at the deadline, he was again not put into the role of closer.

“Cabrera will play one of the next two games against the Rangers for sure, Ausmus said, and probably one game against the White Sox.”
Fenech: “No, Ausmus said, the Tigers aren’t considering shutting down Victor Martinez for the season because players are paid to play baseball. ”
I guess to expect consistency is too much

“Just a shortstop, at this point,” Ausmus said. “I don’t know that I’d put Machado in the (Andrew) Romine category. Although he played third base a couple of games in Toledo, I wouldn’t throw him into a utility role.”
Meet the new Santiago.
As long as the carry Iglesias, they would need an extra IF
One spot in the bench, for a RH OF

Back to Feliz, I think it was Beck(?) who wrote he is in a tricky situation, which could work out where he makes as little as $3M. Feliz has a terrific track record and seems to finally be recovered from injury. Before Texas turned him into a starter and he got hurt, Feliz had a 40 save season and regularly had ERAs in the 2s or high 1s. And even if he got a $4Mplus salary,and approached those numbers again he would be a steal.

I did write this. It got cut from the writethru to keep the story length under control. I’ll write more on it in the next day or two.

Jason, I read your earlier reply to me about Feliz. I’m always shocked when someone agrees with me. Thanks for taking the time.

Very interesting questions for 2016. Feliz for one. After seeing Collins hit the HR, I have to wonder if regular playing time helps build some confidence and consistency. Moya? Machado? Gose, even against LHP?

I’d certainly like to see more of Moya. He probably would really benefit from playing and really benefit from ‘running into one”.

Cabrera ,last 10 games:

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