Friday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Twins

Miguel Cabrera returns to the Tigers lineup after being rested for Wednesday’s game to ease the wear and tear on his lower back. Rajai Davis gets the start in left against Mike Pelfrey, whose lefty-righty splits this year are near-even on batting average but about 100 points different in OPS in favor of left-handed hitters. Over the previous few seasons, however, right-handed hitters have fared better against Pelfrey.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio

tigers1957logoTIGERS (career numbers off Pelfrey)

  1. Anthony Gose, CF (5-for-12, 2 doubles, 2 walks, 2 K’s)
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (4-for-16, 2 doubles, HR, 2 K’s)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (6-for-26, 7 walks, 2 K’s)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (5-for-23, double, walk, 5 K’s)
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF (3-for-9, double, 5 K’s)
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B (2-for-8, HR, walk)
  7. James McCann, C
  8. Andrew Romine, SS (0-for-1, walk)
  9. Rajai Davis, LF (3-for-8, double)

P: Matt Boyd


  1. Aaron Hicks, CF
  2. Brian Dozier, 2B
  3. Joe Mauer, 1B
  4. Miguel Sano, DH
  5. Trevor Plouffe, 3B
  6. Torii Hunter, RF
  7. Eddie Rosario, LF
  8. Kurt Suzuki, C
  9. Eduardo Escobar, SS

P: Mike Pelfrey


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First inning ugly for Tiger’s hitters
Miguel only 3 extra base hits this month. ..was devoid of hitting and devoid of power. Not much time left to get it going.

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Miguel needs to sit…..maybe back still hurting but he looks like crap

This umpire is aweful. ….Guess we know what this ump is doing

Maybe he will sit when he gets close to losing the batting title! “CY” Palfrey is mixing his pitches, speeds and location well! He’s fooling these passive Tigers. This is a year I will shove in the archives as pathetic.

Hmmmmm some of these pitches being called strikes for Pelfry are strangely balls for Boyd.

Castellanos throwing underhanded was ridiculous. I don’t think I can watch.

Doesn’t matter it appears tiger’s hitters are going to sit on their thumbs tonight.

2 walks, an error and the first hit off Boyd means 3 runs. I guess kids will be kids, but it is still tuff to watch.

McCann completely misses the throw.

Tigers looking like little leaguers out there….along with making Pelfry look like a Cy Young.

Missed the throw but Ian is pretty capable of making a better throw than that. Especially from that distance.

McCann shoulda had it in believe.

Romine must have tweaked something?

Yeah-he should have but it still was a poor throw. Ian got caught being a little lazy.

I also believe Boyd is more of a project than a lot of people may think. When he misses he misses badly and usually up where it can be hammered. You can’t live up there unless you are more deceptive or a harder thrower.

Gose looks different at the plate. I’m no hitting guru, but I listen to and read what the experts have to say. Gose looks like his hack is now looping to the ball, like Avila’s, instead of being short to the ball and long thru the hitting zone, like V-Mart.

Minnesota 4 runs on 1 hit…..tiger’s 1 run on 7 hits

Miguel coming up in a big spots let’s see if he finally comes through? Earn your $$$$$$

Davis did a nice job with his prolonged AB and setting up Kinsler. Tuff break that his hit turned into a ground rule double.

No-brainer on the walk to Miggy, but V-Mart made Perkins pay.

Victor back where he belongs

Muggy error now……not a good night for him!

4th error this season?

Miggy…….that is.

Excellent work in the field tonight……….little leaguers

Actually Nick did a nice job knocking that ball down. He saved a double.

He was fine…..Miggy is not

% Ground balls turned into outs : Tigers 26th in MLB

Even though I like Wilson and he got the job done despite an issue with his defense, there is no way he looks like closer material to me, which role he purportedly wants.

Davis looks like he could get another game ball tonite.

Imagine that. Rajai Davis!

Nice comeback

Feliz is looking more and more like a keeper to me. High 90’s, good off speed stuff, experienced and still pretty young.

Last year with Texas, Feliz had a 1.99 ERA with a 0.98 WHIP and a .183 BA against. And he has saved up to 40 games in a single season. Plus, he is only 27.

It’s another much need win . Way to come from behind boys .

Three things to really like about tonight’s game:
1. We won despite three errors.
2. Rajai’s 14 pitch at bat. Got him ready for the bomb in the 8th.
3. Bull pen had no walks. So very important to hold down big innings.
Kudos to Nick, VMart, Dixon, Ian, Feliz, and especially Rags. The little boy smile is worth seeing over and over. Al had another good outing. The stat of the night though, was scoring five runs after the sixth inning. Despite the miscues, the guys kept grinding. The other thing; in the last few games, we haven’t trailed 5-0 after the first or second. Starters have been okay over that span of time.

Rajai is playing for an extension of his career. A contract from someone. And he’s doing a pretty good job of it. If this is the guy you get for a full season, you could do worse. Not a ringing endorsement but I like what he’s shown lately.
Miggy will play. Not fair to back into the title. He can do 9 more games, or 8 with a rest.
I turned the game on just after the Minnesota triple that was being reviewed. After Kinsler’s mental lapse allowing the 4th run, the Tigers dominated the rest of the way. They have the Twins’ number again.

Have a good night folks…jus maybe…Ausmus may be back, especially if they keep playing the way they have….pitching improving, fielding(not bad) and come-back hitting….I like Rajai , he plays with his heart and soul, and it shows..I strill say, if he had played more regularly, we would have won more games.
again, good night.

I hope your are not correct, NJ. My personal feelings are that the Tigers need a different manager.
Some of you have never liked Rajai. It’s true, he doesn’t have the best arm, but it’s average. Man oh man, on the bases, he is elite at both base running (one of today’s current best) and stealing. He lost a lot of playing time this year, but I believe both Rod, CMo that he brings energy to the team. He is one of my favorite Tigers!

I highly doubt that. Ausmus is on Illitch’s hit list. Avila can’t protect him any more than DD could.
Some surprising and encouraging ball we have seen lately.

Davis has played in 106 games so far this year and has garnered 320 ABs. He will be 35 in a few weeks. Davis has his moments and can be valuable, but he has far too many flaws to get carried away about him.

In fact, Davis has been in MLB since 2006. There have been only 2 seasons when he has had more than 400 ABs. One of those seasons was 2014 with Detroit. There are reasons why he is not a regular.

Correction: 2 seasons other than for his Detroit experience last year.

He would always be on my team, Darline, and play 4-5 games per week. A valuable asset wasted on the bench too many times, because somebody on that team doesn’t like him. (imo)

Kathy, I think Davis has value when used properly. And your 4-5 games per week is reasonable. The truth is, with his 106 games to date that is about how much BA is using him.

Miguel needs 9 PA to qualify. Of course he needs more hits to win
Last night, he walked with the game in the line. Ha cant be blamed for that. He leads the AL in OBP

OBP is an interesting stat. I’m sometimes not sure how to evaluate it. For instance, Avila has an OBP 17 points higher than Cespedes had with the Tigers and nearly 40 points higher than McCann.

IF he wins the batting title :
“Hitters who have led the AL in both batting and OBP at least four times? How about this list: Miggy, Boggs, Cobb and Ted Williams” (Stark)

The ONLY RH hitter.

I have advocated for Moya to get a shot at LF to save money for pitching, by far the biggest need for the Tigers. Upton, Cespedes or Heyward could possibly be bought, but at astronomical prices. As an alternative, 29-year old Trumbo should be available at a much lower cost. He cobbled together 3 seasons with the Angels where he averaged over 30 HRs and proved to be a major run producer.

Although Trumbo only has 21 HRs this year, he cost just $6.9M.

Rajai reaffirmed one of my strongest beliefs: We need a pull-hitting power LHB (preferably an OFer) that can reach the seats in RF. If Rajai can reach the seats in RF
a pull hitter should be able to the same with obvious regularity. It is the one part of the park’s dimensions that can be breached. Yet, we don’t have a lineup that can take advantage. You look around and see other clubs that have pwer LHB. We do NOT and the imbalance in our lineup is one of the reasons we seetimes where it is completely stagnant and unproductive during a game, or even a series.
We had Prince Fielder here and he at least gave us some of that balance, though I will be the first to admit I was thrilled when DD was able to get rid of him. That was an attitude thing that could not continue to be tolerated in Detroit. I will also point out that Prince is not a prototypical “pull” hitter.
Moya could provide what I am talking about but that is a longshot to be sure. An ambitious target would not be Heyward but more a guy like Carlos Gonzalez.
CarGo might be obtainable. He is not yet 30. He is an excellent OFer. He is a Venezuelan and might just fit in very nicely with our own Venezuelan players.
He is beginning to slow down but still runs well.
He would come with a hefty price tag in terms of players and dollars.

And a Boras client .
According to people close to him here in Maracaibo, he is going to Brewers or Yankees.

Further support for a LHB: Our LHB have a hit a TOTAL of 24 homers this year. And that includes Daniel Norris’
Let’s get Miggy and Victor on the negotiating team with Colorado!!!

Roy Hobbs tells the Judge he’s going to “hit away”. Play to win. Winning a game is a tangible and real thing. These guys don’t care about protected draft picks. They want to win. I hope they run the table and finish at .500. I’m not concerned about draft picks which involve a lot of uncertainty and luck. Regarding Moya’s playing time, the veterans have earned and deserve playing time more. It’s a matter of respect I think. Rajai is the better choice in this moment. Play to win. Next year will take care of itself.

Last year, Davis tied his career high of 8 HRs and had 51 RBIs in 461 ABs. This year, he has hit 4 HRs with 11RBIs in the last 15 games and 6 HRs with 15 RBIs in the last 30. No question, Davis is hot right now and should play. But, his performance is not sustainable as indicated by his track record.

Rajai has been a good Tiger. He has provided lots of excitement. He has won games. He is a breath of fresh air. He is also a 35 year old free agent platoon player.


Trumbo is Moya. Low OBP , huge K rate.

WS ,1984, last game. Pop-up to 2B. Gibson scored.
The 2B was going back, if the RF is close it is his play and he was close. Gibson was in the game

Regarding Trumbo and Moya, who are low OBP guys, I’m not sure how to evaluate that. To me, it’s about run production. As I pointed out before, Avila has an OBP 17 points higher than Cespedes did as a Tiger AND nearly 40 points higher than McCann. Does that make Avila a more valuable hitter than either of them?

Lynn G. Henning ‏@Lynn_Henning 10m10 minutes ago
Al Avila says Ausmus is back.

??????? Just can’t believe that. I guess I mean I don’t get that

The team that scores the most runs wins, not the team with the highest OBP. As far as team run production and OBP, I don’t see a universally strong correlation with any teams in the top 6 for OBP except for the Jays and Red Sox. The Tigers are #2 in OBP and are 13th in runs scored. The Dodgers are 3rd in OBP and 21st in runs. The Giants are 5th in OBP and 14th in runs. The Indians are 6th in OBP an 20th in runs.

Wow. I have been on the wrong side of public opinion (this Blog) regarding Ausmus for much of the season. Am I vindicated?…….maybe, maybe not. Time will tell. When you stick your neck out here, and get all replies to the contrary, it’s humbling. I’ll repeat. Brad Ausmus is not the reason this team didn’t make the playoffs, although many here will opine differently. A facade of SP, a weak BP, and key injuries to the big 3 on the payroll, as well as the Royals’, Blue Jays’, and Yankees’ seasons had a little something to do with it. Yes, Brad made some BP mistakes in the course of the season that were head scratchers, but with the BP options, he could have blindfolded himself, pushed different buttons, and gotten the same result. Regarding the McCann / Iglesias little scene, he’s supposed to be responsible for two hot heads going at it during a very low point with the team following the mid season trades? Give me a break….well give Brad a break. I believe you learn more from adversity and mistakes than from success. So I agree, he deserves another chance. Again, people have said many times that he was given a good team and failed to achieve it’s potential. Again, are you kidding?…. I know you’re not kidding, it’s sort of a rhetorical question. I apologize, I’m turning into a real curmudgeon in my old age.

I’ve got no problem with Brad returning for 2016. I’ll complain about any manager’s moves from time to time, as anyone would. Whether he was wholly responsible for the season this team had this year is a somewhat silly notion. I post this with trepidation; I’m taken wrong a lot.

According to your stats Darline, there is a correlation, a negative one:-) Interesting though.

Yeah, I thought so too when I looked at the numbers. At the end of the game, the team that scores the most runs wins. But, that means hitting AND pitching for a team to be successful. What really got me was when I looked at Avila’s OBP and compared him to the other Tigers. I then decided to look at team categories to see how things translated at that level.

One way or the other. Moya is just Trumbo without the experience

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