Game 2 lineups: Tigers vs. White Sox

Miguel Cabrera returns to the lineup at first base, while Victor Martinez takes the nightcap off, freeing the DH spot for Ian Kinsler. Tyler Collins gets another start in left after going 0-for-3 with a trio of flyouts (one to the right-field track) in Game 1, while Alex Avila gets the start behind the plate, setting up James McCann for a complete day off.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio

tigerroarlogoTIGERS (career numbers against Erik Johnson)

  1. Rajai Davis, CF
  2. Ian Kinsler, DH
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (0-for-3, K)
  4. J.D. Martinez, RF
  5. Tyler Collins, LF
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B (2-for-3)
  7. Alex Avila, C (4-for-4, double, walk)
  8. Josh Wilson, 2B (0-for-1, walk)
  9. Andrew Romine, SS

P: Randy Wolf

whitesoxsockWHITE SOX (career numbers off Wolf)

  1. Micah Johnson, 2B
  2. Tyler Saladino, SS
  3. Jose Abreu, DH
  4. Trayce Thompson, LF
  5. Avisail Garcia, RF
  6. Mike Olt, 1B (0-for-3, K)
  7. Gordon Beckham, 3B (1-for-5, double)
  8. Rob Brantly, C
  9. Leury Garcia, CF

P: Erik Johnson


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Here’s hoping we see a better effort this game.

Funny how it works—I am so pleased to hear the monotone of Kirk Gibson. I would take him in a heartbeat over Rod Allen who is truly boring to me. Kirk is a true student of the game with a pretty wry and dry sense of humour.
Gibby talks about nuances of the game that are infact, interesting. I hope we hear/see more of him next year. And if he were to feel capable, maybe even manage.

3 GBs (Cs????) from Wolf the 1st inning. Matter of time before they are hits.
Ryan received a lot of platitudes for his game today and while the results were good I still don’t see this guy ever being a successful big-league starter.

Are the tiger’s hitters picking up right where they left off?

What has happened to our Tigers this year is pretty sad.
I did like Miggy’s last swing though. He finally looked like he was trying to swing for some power anyway.
Can anybody tell me the best transaction Al Avila has done this year?

I agree, Gibby is great to listen to. As both a former player and manager, he has a lot of interesting view points and stories.


Casty is just brutal right now. 12 Ks in his last 25 At Bats.
It is one thing not hitting it is another thing not hitting “the ball”.

What ball? Where?

I sure hope these guys can do something this next inning. It is like they know they belong in last place and are incapable of doing enough to prevent it from happening.

OK then can anybody tell me the worst transaction Al Avila has made this year?

Rob Brantly. Former Tiger.DFA by the Marlins.

How about the only transaction he has made this year?

JD must have been looking for something off the plate.

JD is really thinking about 40. You can see it in his eyes (and his swing). And really, why not?

Ross Seaton keeping the Whitecaps in the game. Ahead 3-2 in the 7th

Not looking good for the home team, getting swept in a DH by the White Sox!!

Not looking good but pretty much expected. I thought that they showed some heart through the twins/kc series but they appear to be showing their true colors again. Hope that I am wrong but I don’t think so.

Sad if that does happen .No reason for it . Looks the the Tigers are just showing up.

Some VERY HITTABLE pitchers look like Cy Youngs today. ….

I think Miggy swings like a rusty gate…appears to be flat footed, and uncaring
I don’t feel sorry for him, like some of you….he gets his one hit, and that’s it.
this team seemed up for the KC team, but uncaring for what happens here…
To think people pay to see this hapless bunch…Kinsler looks listless today, as if to say “screw it”.

This soxs team especially the pen has been getting beat up…….hapless Tiger’s hitters is about right.

NJ……I agree my problem is Miggy makes way too much for me to feel sorry for him and he’s not hurt. 30 games without a homer and very few RBI……

2 runs last 25 innings. Spectacular effort

With real Catcher , Price:

.@DAVIDprice14 was dominant before. With his new cutter, he’s borderline unhittable.

and new pitching coach

I know most of you don’t think much of Wolf but he had a QS and the Tigers hitters didn’t support that. BTW so did Ryan.

Listening to real drama. Joe Jiminez struck out the 1st hitter in the bottom of the 9th on 3 pitches. WhiteCaps ahead 3-2 in Cedar Rapids.

Struck out the side and saved a champioknship for the Caps

Very smartly pitched by Wolf.

Time for Front Office to start paying more attention to the development of JJ. This guy probably could out pitch most in our bullpen today.
He obviously will go to at least Erie next season.

I like Wolf. Would or could the Tigers sign him for next year for pitching depth if nothing else? Seems like he makes a CS more than half the time. He’s gotten little offensive support. Hitting was pathetic today.

“Gibby and the Gibbous Moon”…..Enjoy his spontaneity. See…. There is something positive to take from this game. Always remember when looking up into night sky. The moon waxes on the left and wanes on the right. Tonight waxing. Gibby knows his moon phases.

CS should read QS. Quality. Could you use that in a sentence please? ” ‘Gibby and the Gibbous Moon’ is a quality story.” ….Cuality. C-U-A-L-I-T-Y. Cuality…..No wait….CS ‘Could Stand’ for ‘complete save’. And we need one of those.

1. Wolfman did his job.
2. The Pen was unscored on for the second straight game.
3. Avila has 3 good plate appearances.
Both starters did fine today. Both could have won with any kind of offense. Defense didn’t hurt us in either game. Avila’s HR swing was his best in three months. Would have to concede that Shark’s stuff was nasty today. Can’t wait to see the puzzle pieces falling into place; how big and how well will they fit for 2016? Maybe Daddy Al has some tricks up his sleeve.

I’m for Moya getting a shot with the Tigers as the LFer. He’s about the same age as Gose and Gose leads the team in SBs and is third in runs scored. Plus, he is coming on in his development. Moya looks on the verge to me as well. He has hit 57 HRs and knocked in 187 runs over the last 2 seasons as the team’s top prospect. And he can catch and throw. And he’s cheap. Why wait?

The money saved on Moya can be spent on pitching. Paying big bucks for a FA LFer doesn’t make much sense if his production doesn’t dwarf what Moya likely can do. Again, this guy is not a baby even if he needs patience and seasoning.

Rondón worked a clean 9th but his speed is down, 5 games in 7 days after too much rest could cause it but Ausmuss is clueless as usual:
“That I don’t know,” Ausmus said. “It was a little bit down. He said he felt fine.”

Like Leyland, Ausmus says as little as possible postgame. Jim’s trick was to repeat himself a lot. You get very little in that setting.

The problem is never Rondon himself. The problem is the club’s insistence on making him the cornerstone of the bullpen. Three years of this now.

Al Avila can’t fall into the Rondon trap like his predescessor, can he?

I like Gibby’s insight into the game as opposed to Rod’s PR approach. For instance, I’ve been harping about Rondon’s inconsistent delivery and lack of command, and lately about his decrease in velocity. Gibby talked about those very issues yesterday. I doubt Rod would even touch those issues and/or try to explain them.

I get a sense that the entire FSD presentation has shifted to less cheerleading and more reality. Rod, in his limited booth appearances, has been somewhat more critical.
I’ve always liked Gibby’s work, going back to the 90s when he was teamed with Josh Lewin. He brings a lot of insight. My one suggestion for him is to provide a few more moments of silence and let the game play. On TV, there doesn’t have to be a voice every second.

Lynn Henning is spot on, Comerica is ridiculously cavernous in some areas. If Mr. I wants to win it all he should give the Tigers an advantage by readjusting the dimensions. Sure, visiting teams would also hit more homers, but I’d like to see it done regardless.

Right. I already agreed with Lynn on Twitter. We have all these good hitters who go with the pitch and that yard is eating them up. The Tigers become an offensive force when playing in a smaller park as their entire approach comes to life.
I’d like to get a campaign going to move in those fences.

Tigers have a higher slugging percentage at home than on the road, as they have every season since 2007. They hit way more home runs at home than on the road from 2011 to 2013. They had one of the best left-handed power hitters in the game for two of those seasons. They had a switch-hitting power hitter last season who has not hit for the same power this season. Meanwhile, Tigers pitching leads the league in home runs allowed, with a .479 slugging percentage allowed on the road, and at least two pitchers expected back (Sanchez and Boyd) for whom the long ball will remain a concern.

While I admire Lynn’s persistence on this, it’s not the ballpark holding this team down.

I agree. Triples are overrated anyway. We’ve seen them. Been there, done that. How many meaningful fly balls have fallen just short for the Tigers, especially lately? I think more for the Tigers than their opponents. Frustrating.

CoPa both gives and takes. As Henning pointed out, it is a comparable park to others in numbers. The HRs it takes away from our hitters also gives GAP hits to them as well as triples to guys like Gose and Davis. What would concern me about the proposed realignment is the quality of our current pitching staff. These guys will not lead MLB in Ks like we saw just a few yearsgo: which means more balls in play.

Correction: “a few years ago; which”…

Mr. Wolf showed up, the rest of the team didn’t. I started falling asleep toward the end. I’ve often thought about bringing in the fences, also, and wish they had built the park differently. Too late now. I’ve warmed to Gibby in the booth. He has a very dry sense of humor and is very knowledgeable. It looks like he’s working the home games and Rod does the road games. But, I also love Rod in the booth, He says things that absolutely bring a smile to my face.

CoPa ranks 6th in less HR, 6th in more 3B in 2015 . But ranked 16 th in less HR in 2014.18th in 2013. 14th in 2012.16th in 2011. 22th in 2007.Cabrera, Fielder and VMart (in 2014 ) did not have any problem there.CoPa has been mostly neutral.
Distance is not the sole factor. Humidity and temperature are in play too.
The high K pitchers also had high HR rate, especially, Scherzer. They were mostly FB pitchers
BTW: the Tigers lead MLB in HR allowed.

On the Comerica alignment thing, I was talking about something else entirely. I’m going to drop it.

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