Friday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Royals

Nick Castellanos (left groin tightness) and Dixon Machado (left hamstring tightness) will get one more day out of the Tigers lineup. Castellanos took grounders with defensive coordinator Matt Martin Friday afternoon and felt better, but manager Brad Ausmus decided to play it cautious. Machado did some infield work during batting practice.

On the Royals side, Lorenzo Cain gets a night off, which isn’t all that bad given that he’s 0-for-7 off Justin Verlander this season and 7-for-27 for his career.

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tigerslogoTIGERS (numbers off Johnny Cueto)

  1. Anthony Gose, CF (4-for-13, triple, 3 K’s)
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (3-for-13, double, triple, walk, 2 K’s)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (3-for-6, HR, K)
  4. J.D. Martinez, RF (3-for-13, double, walk, 2 K’s)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH (0-for-16, walk, 3 K’s)
  6. Tyler Collins, LF (3-for-10, 3 doubles)
  7. Jefry Marte, 3B (2-for-4, walk)
  8. James McCann, C (1-for-7, walk, K)
  9. Andrew Romine, SS (0-for-3, K)

P: Justin Verlander

royalschampionslogoROYALS (career numbers vs. Verlander)

  1. Alex Gordon, LF (17-for-79, 5 doubles, 2 HR, 10 walks, 28 K’s)
  2. Mike Moustakas, 3B (10-for-53, HR, walk, 11 K’s)
  3. Kendrys Morales, DH (11-for-30, 4 doubles, 2 HR, 7 K’s)
  4. Eric Hosmer, 1B (17-for-65, 5 doubles, triple, HR, 4 walks, 11 K’s)
  5. Salvador Perez, C (20-for-41, 7 doubles, 2 HR, 6 K’s)
  6. Alex Rios, RF (17-for-46, 4 doubles, 2 triples, 4 walks, 10 K’s)
  7. Omar Infante, 2B (4-for-25, double, HR, walk, K)
  8. Paulo Orlando, CF
  9. Alcides Escobar, SS (12-for-63, 3 doubles, 2 walks, 5 K’s)

P: Johnny Cueto


Must be frustrating for Machado.
However, it is a treat to watch Romine. He is like Eddie Brinkman with speed and range.

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When it rains, it pours.

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That is 6 for 13 . VMart

ESPN:Max Scherzer has allowed 18 HR since the start of July, which is the most in the MLB.

Career: Sánchez 0.8 HR/9 -Scherzer1.0/9

I am so glad they shed that greedy bas**rd’s contract demands from this team. He’s just not going to survive the contract he received from the Nats, without the deferred money! His mechanics and delivery are very stressful on the arm.

JV is gonna go for the CG.

JV pitched a great game but they better be ready to pull him the moment he lets eiter Moose or Morales on

The second-guessing will be raging after this.

Stupid move Brad.

Who’s the better pitcher here, JV or Wilson? Guess it doesn’t matter now.

Second blown save in 4th.

N.B. I said Moose or Morales. I figured if Hosmer gets on then JV starts facing RHB and you leave him in.
Ausmus over-managed this one with two out.

There was no reason toa llow JV to pitch the 9th 114 pitches.
It is time to know if Wilson can close

JV is probably pretty ticked at himself for not making better pitches to Hosmer with two strikes.

Wilson can’t close. He showed that before and he proved it tonight.
The only option to start the 9th would have been Hardy with the LHB due up.
I would have just let JV start the 9th and pull him if (like I said) either Moustakas or Morales got one. That would have meant Hosmer would have been the potential tying run–at that point THEN you bring in Hardy.
This one sort of exhibits what this team and their manager have done all year……………………frustrate the fans.

Moya should be pinch hitting for Marte. Wilson is on the bench to play 3rd.

I’ll bet JV is not happy he was pulled. The ballpark fans sure let Brad have it. But still, I am not a fan of booing.

Sorry- Marte already been up!

18 for 44 IR for Wilson. Clean slate or dont use him

Media is gonna have a feeding frenzy if the Tigers drop this one—maybe even if they don’t!

Wilson is not a “dominating” type pitcher–I would not think he is suited to closing nor would I trust him in that role.
Avila needs to come up with a proven closer. I hope he is not so obtuse so as to trust the job to Rondon like his predecessor.

Those two guys sure won’t get hired by the Blue Jays’ Groundskeeper Hey Bob?
Are they kidding me? They couldn’t walk any slower if they tried. No wheelbarrow race for those dudes!

Gonna be a tall task to win a battle of the pens with KC.

Prety good swings against Madsen but nothing to show for it.
Get Hardy ready!

In the 9th, Ausmus gets roasted if Perez homers off either Verlander or Wilson. Perez owns JV. Justin sure shot Brad a look when that ball left the yard.
This is a bad year. Have I said that before?

Gibby said that’s why they removed Verlander. Perez has always had his number.

I feel like crying, So sick of this. It just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. You know how crappy we are in extra-innibgs games.

Ausmus doesn’t learn…previous history, especially when Verlander is pitching a great game…damn let him finish…Ausmus hasn’t really learned too much this season…

Tigers win!!! And the hero is the least expected…….Machado!

1. The Kinsler defense.
2. Sac Flies from M and M.
3. The Collins walk.
Team showed moxie tonight. To fall behind this team late and win is a major accomplishment. God to Davis and Holland. Kudos to JV for a really solid performance;deservedto win again. Kudos to Gose for big hits and solid D.
Major kudos for the Rookie, Tiger Machado. We haven’t had too many of these, but it was a really nice win. I’ll leave strategy talk to the experts.

Should be got to.

Well, it does build character. Sweet victory!

So is the KC strategy of limiting starter’s innings and leaning on the bullpen all year beginning to backfire?

The young guns picked up Victor. Cool.

Feliz has been dominating over the Last 7 with a 0.00 ERA, 0.40 WHIP and.063 BA Against.

What a nice comeback…GO GET em’ DIXON!
Tigers get the win.

Wow. Didn’t realize that!

It might not be a popular decision, but I would have left Justin in. The Tigers are out of it for the year so to me a chance to pitch a complete game would have been my choice. And I did catch the look Justin shot to Brad.
Maybe it is only the typical season ending fatigue, but the Royals
don’t seem to have the swagger and energy they had earlier.
I’m glad Dixon won the game, it’s always sweet to see a kid be a hero. What a fun ending to a long night.

Nice win for the Tigers . It took until the 12 th inning but was well worth it . The kid Dixon comes through . Maybe this sets the tone for the weekend . Lets hope so.

Looks like we had a Friday night crowd with a minority of drunken yahoos spoiling to boo somebody or something. Maybe they all had bad weeks at work or something.
And in this particular season, it seemed almost preordained that Perez would homer off whatever pitcher ol’ embattled Brad used in that spot. Baseball certainly seems to follow a script.

Pretty incredible base hit. And after the Royals got the huge break of a wild pitch hitting the ump square on and dropping at the feet of the catcher. I figured for sure we were going to go to 13 after that.

walkoff wins never get old, regardless of the team’s place in standings.
Whitecaps evened their MWL Championship series at 1-1. Joey Pankake the hitting hero. high draft pick OF Christin Stewart with big double and closer Joe Jimenez with perfect 9th.

too bad Max Patkin couldn’t have been on the field to distract crowd while the manager approached the mound to remove Verlander.
also encouraging to see that Tigers can mount a rally without unleashing a confused squirrel on the field

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