Monday’s lineups: Tigers at Twins

Steven Moya gets another start in left field after his two-hit, one-assist performance Sunday afternoon in Cleveland. Andrew Romine starts in place of injured Dixon Machado, and is likely to do so again Tuesday while Machado’s left hamstring recuperates.

Gameday | TV: FS Detroit, MLB.TV | Radio: 97.1 FM, AM 1270, Gameday Audio

tigerslogoTIGERS (no numbers off Tyler Duffey)

  1. Anthony Gose, CF
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. J.D. Martinez, RF
  5. Victor Martinez, DH
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B
  7. Steven Moya, LF
  8. James McCann, C
  9. Andrew Romine, SS

P: Kyle Lobstein

twinslogoTWINS (career numbers off Lobstein)

  1. Aaron Hicks, LF (1-for-3)
  2. Brian Dozier, 2B (2-for-6, walk, K)
  3. Joe Mauer, 1B (2-for-6, triple, 2 walks, K)
  4. Miguel Sano, DH
  5. Trevor Plouffe, 3B (1-for-2, triple)
  6. Torii Hunter, RF (1-for-1, HR, walk)
  7. Eduardo Escobar, SS (3-for-6, double)
  8. Kurt Suzuki, C (1-for-2, double)
  9. Bryon Buxton, CF

P: Tyler Duffey


Tigers are where the Twins were expected to be in standings and vice versa. Did Torii Hunter somehow tip the balance of power in the Central?

What’s going on with Miggy. When was the last time he hit a home run? He hasn’t been himself lately.

Just read on twitter, Yoenis has 17 homers since August 1. Unbelievable that he was just a Tiger. What a loss for us.

The Twins did not get the memo . They pitched around Miguel. They dont fear 4th or 5th.
7th in MLB in BB%. First in IBB

Um….tIgers played right into their hands and predictably grounded into the double play. Nice to know you can count on something ????

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molitor should get strong consideration for manager of year in al in his first season.

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And predictably the twins don’t blow it!

So ya Lobstien doesnt get over there but what the hell is miggy doing fielding that. Can’t hit anymore and doesn’t even know what position he’s playing anymore

Another mistake and Twins get another run. No communication make the Tigers look bad again .

1st inning and may have to turn this one off….

Lobstein had to cover 1B

Ya that’s what I said but miggy had no business fielding that he was closer to 2nd base than 1st. He screwed up.

He did but he is not an evil man!
Lobstein is a gigantic waste of time and resources.
The worst thing about the Tigers this year is the lack of character. The “Quit” they have shown is just getting bigger all the time.
Our broadcast team seems to understand this pitcher is going to throw the curve ball, our hitters don’t seem prepared. The broadcast shows Sano’s hit chart indicating he can’t hit anything up and Lobstein throws him down.
What are our coaches doing to prepare for games?

Tigers playing like a last place team, which coincidentally, they are

Clobsteined again. Not sure shy they bothered with this guy when he went down early in the season and was out for so long.

just discovered that Twins are a strong 42-26 at home this season. Minnesota has become a tough gig for the opposition.

Both Cabrera and Victor should sit for the rest of the season….they are a hindrence
with their hitting and can’t run worth a damn…may I ask why is Cabrera jumping around and clowning around while he’s on base…when you say he’s like a kid,
that’s exactly right….why do the tigers have a relief corp. just leave the starter
in there…what difference does it make? I’m paying to make myself miserable
watching this sad excuse for a team….

This particular game was lost in the 1st inning when our #5 hitter grounded into another DP with the bases loaded.
Victor has been a great ball-player. I am afraid the predicate of that sentence is now a descriptor.

Victor was injured in spring training, came back too soon, and has played over the injury all season. He’s too proud to ask out, but the manager needed to assert himself. Instead, the manager doggedly hit him cleanup before “dropping” him to fifth. That’s enough reason right there to fire him.

One of the reasons MLB gave for adding a second wild card team was to increase fan interest. I’m not seeing any evidence of that if all the empty seats in these supposed contender’s ballparks are any indication. Checked the Twins schedule and they of course don’t play anyone in the race this month.
What the second wild card does well is to mess up the trade deadline. Detroit would have been obvious sellers without it and some clubs probably hurt themselves by buying.
I know that MLB would never admit a mistake and change something back, but I prefer the previous setup.

Not sure how much of tonight’s small crowd is due to Vikings game later tonight. Crowd is small, but into it. Tomorrow might be better indicator of interest.

After I wrote that comment on Victor, I found this from MCoskey. Read it. It’s better than watching this game.

He sounds like a billionaire politician talking down to his constituents. Players should NEVER talk in a negative way to the fans.

Turned off game several innings ago… the article it kinda does feel like he is talking down and saying we are idiots to expect a team with what the 4th or 5th highest payrolls not to be in last place. How about you be a grown up and do your job and if you can’t because of injury be man enough to sit. It’s a real problem when the 3 highest paid players on your team have stunk or been rather ineffective.

Hell they don’t even put up a fight and more than the actual losing anymore it’s the lack of character, fight especially by the veterans on this team…they have performed worse than the young guys…young guys care the big fella made over a hundred grand just today. ….he’s good

Just like I have asked so many times…..Where is the Tigers’ Duffey…..or Anderson…..or Lindor? Oh, I know someone will say DD traded them away. But all of them? What have the Tiger hitting and pitching coaches in Detroit, AAA, AA, and A been doing?

They weren’t drafted. How many pitchers traded away that we drafted have been anything. Andrew Miller that took about 6 years after being traded, Smyly?

So if they were below average when drafted, then you have to look at the scouting and whoever made the drafting decision. Almost every team the Tigers have faced seem to have at least one pitcher and one position player who are succeeding in the majors. Will McCann, Castellanos, Moya, or any of those rookie pitchers eventually be successful, too?

the drafting philosophy has leaned heavily toward college players, less risk, less reward.

a couple things have separated the Cardinals and Tigers in recent seasons…one is the influx of young talent that Cards have had, particularly pitching they’ve developed and the other is letting their franchise player leave in free agency instead of signing him to an enormous contract.

Plus Tony Larussa expected 100 % from everyone on the roster . When he retired Mike Matheney kept the same attitude . New players in the Cardinal system know what is expected from them . It did not hurt they had Dave Duncan as their pitching coach for several years .

The Tigers have been winning for years. Win a lot and you draft late.The last top pick? 2009: Jacob Turner.

Det News also reporting that Tigers are shaking up their minor league coaching beyond Larry Parrish retiring…Maroth will not return to Toledo, Henneman is out, Gerald Perry out.

Henneman and Perry were already out. Perry was fired a couple months ago. Henneman was reassigned.

3.58 ERA
2.1 BB/9 second best for his career.
His SO/9 while low for him , better than 2014
He has been good coming from injury.He came back in a hurry for the team
His W-L means nothing. He pitched well yesterday. His is still the Ace of this team

Yes he’s impressed me

Cardinals win a lot they don’t draft high they just draft better and oh ya guys who care

O MY MoYa! That has to be discouraging for a youngster.

12 of 23 pitchers used by the Cards where FA or trades.
17 of 27 used by the Tigers
They for sure have better scouts.

I guess I had a different takeaway from that Victor article. Billionaire politician?
Moya gettin’ busted by the curveball. Same thing that ended my playing career, and the careers of about a zillion other guys out there. 🙂

he sounded just frustrated after a long difficult season. also some residual disappointment with the fans being ‘hard’ on the team when they came back to Detroit down 2 to Baltimore.

The Tigers did not play up to their expectations last year either. The frustration with this team has been almost unbearable.

The Divisional race is almost over: KC 84. Tigers 78 soon.

Cespedes ,for one, cant hit the curveball either

When asked how to hit the curveball, Al Kaline said “Don’t miss the fastball.”

that’s a good one, expect nothing less from the HOFer

I truly believe this year has been hard for Victor and that he does care. Victor has been in Detroit long enough to know that the fans are great here. However, Tiger fans have come to expect a lot, especially since 2006 and can be very vocal when the team is not meeting expectations. His comments were just honest feelings. Nothing wrong with that. I’d rather hear that than some BS.

Victor is probably my favourite player. I don’t mind his comments at all, and I think he is doing his best every at-bat. Unfortunately, his best is not good enough. But he doesn’t decide where he bats, or when he plays. I will be rooting for him to rebound next year.

I have never publicly booed any of the players and only occasionally gripe about one or the other. The fans at Comerica have been very quiet, even last year, compared to other teams in the hunt because they just don’t play like a team in the hunt. They don’t have that enthusiasm like they did in ’06 when we knew there was always a chance to come from behind and win, but not the past 2 years.

Did the fans boo them in ’03? I don’t know, because I wasn’t watching.

Yes, but not as much as you’d expect, because the expectations were so low. Everybody knew they’d be awful going in, and there was some sympathy for the mess Trammell walked into. The fans were actually very supportive the final weekend as they were trying to avoid 120 losses.

Jim Leyland once said there is “no such thing as chemistry“.
He needed to finish his sentence: “on Detroit Tiger teams”.

Jon Roegele:
“only 67 percent came back from shoulder surgeries” .
If Aníbal needs surgery his time in Detroit is probably over. He wont be able to comeback in 2016.

Aníbal is part of that 67 %. once, but twice?

Read the Victor article as well. I saw nothing wrong with his statements. Nothing arrogant, sarcastic, or overly critical. I loathe the gross FA contracts that have evolved almost as much as I loathe “the Kramer portrait”, but I don’t think the amount of money a player makes disqualifies him from speaking his heart. He was being honest. Victor seems like a sensitive guy. Open fan negativity is tough on guys like him. Most of us are respectful in our criticism but many fans are mean spirited. They are idiots. There’s plenty of them to go around. Athletes are not robots. Let um speak. I believe Victor will have a come back season next year. The guy needs some time off to mend. Regarding the present, I think there are legitimate gripes here. He’s not helping the team in the 5 hole. If management insists on playing him, flip him with either James or Nick.

Difficult to watch Lobstein throw batting practice. I like the kid a lot but he just seems like exactly what he is, a good AAA pitcher pressed into action by necessity. Kyle Ryan is doing a little better but both appear to have limited potential. El T, you have it right. Scouting has got to be the culprit. I had mentioned earlier, what little we had, DD traded. We see it night after night, there is no standout prospect where we can say, “That guy is going to be an impact player”. We have James, Nick, and then Jose from Boston’s system. Machado looks like he could be a good MLB player. We need more of these guys. It would give us some needed hope for the future other than the dreaded FA pill. As I write I just remembered VerHagen. He could be a good one. But I’d rather they track him as a starter.

Good move mentioning McCann. I think he flies a little under the radar when discussing good to excellent players the Tigers have developed.
If we take the time frame from 2003 until the present, the biggest change has been social media. It’s a dark hole of negativity and misinformation.

I had my doubts already, but losing Sanchez would put a serious hurt on this club’s near future.

I posted the Victor article (and Jason also has it on the site) because it was chock full of quotes from a veteran player who we don’t hear much from. I should have known there would be opinions on what he said and how he said it. That was not my intent.

Interesting article and I also saw nothing that was overly negative in his comments.

Marty, you said what I feel strongly about…..athletes are not robots. They are human and you can’t expect perfection from them every time they go out there. And I never expect that a player making more money than others should hit more homers, be better at fielding, etc. I expect them all to give their best if they are healthy. This team has gone through a lot recently and the year end fatigue and unhealed injuries coupled with all the unknowns going forward has to be wearing on them. They already have a new GM, next year will most likely bring all new coaches and manager. I have been through big shake-ups at work and it’s not always easy. Like us, they need this season to end. If they lose every remaining game, so be it. But, I expect them to come back next year with a chip on their shoulder and a mission to win it all. I know most of you will disagree with how I feel, but I am mentally done this year.
I love my Tigers!!!

I agree with you, and that’s probably no surprise.

Here is an article from Joel Sherman in which he revisits the trade deadline and the aftermath. I’m not looking for opinions on whether it was the correct decision (been there done that) but it’s just a good read.

That article is amazing. How many of you think Price and Cespedes would have put up the same numbers with the Tigers? Did they have a defeatist attitude in Detroit? Did the schedule and opponents with their new teams make a difference? How about the parks they played in? Does the Mets’ park favor hitters? Is the pitching worse in the NL or is it because NL teams hadn’t seen much of Cespedes? So many variables to consider. I do think there was a problem in Detroit as far as leadership and attitudes. In the short run, the Tigers do seem to have gotten the wrong end of the 3 deals. In the long run, what?

Good questions Illinoifan. Once David Price was gone my dream wish would have been to get inside his head to get the scoop on what is really going on with the Tigers regarding leadership, team chemistry, etc. Somehow I think David could shed a lot of light on this team/organization. Oh, to have him back, what a great guy.

Ok, so I’m looking like the bad guy here. But, Victor has previously made remarks about the fans in post-game interviews. This isn’t the first time he has don this. I also lobbied real hard for him to retire as a Tiger. I have always screamed about players taking themselves out of the game if they are injured and hurting the team. Here’s another article I posted previously but very few had much to say about it which negates Jim Leland’s views about team chemistry. Out of the mouths of MLB players.

Somebody’s got to be today’s bad guy, Kathy. 😉
Leyland just didn’t like the term chemistry but he knew it existed. He didn’t like to talk about it.
Anybody who has been involved in any group activity has been involved in chemistry or lack thereof.

He’s a beauty Kathy. Big loss. They let Scherzer go because of the big money but if you want to win you need to spend some big money and David was the PERFECT guy to spend the money on.
Time for Illitch to put his money where his mouth is. Yes, I know all about the free agents we have got. My point is even theough Illith has this rep for spending money and wanting to win a championship in his lifetime etc, blah, b lah b;ah.
He also goes through periods of getting rid of players in order to save salary. Before this season’s divestiture we saw guys like Granderson, Fister, Scherzer go in other salary saving deals.
Make up your mind Mike. If you want to win then you actually have to KEEP spending.
Dombrowski get lots of blame (deserved) but he was also encumbered with his owner as well as running his owner’s team.

Tom Singer:”Soria in 43 Gs with #Tigers: 0 WPs. In 21 games with @Pirates: 5 WPs. #Pirates #MLB” He is now making battery with one of the best defensive catchers in MLB…

Soria had 2 WPs today to allow two runs.
Suggestion to Al Avila:
Do NOT sign any more Texas Ranger closers. Three’s enough to prove a point.

“MLB Leaders in Good Play/Misplay & Error Ratio, SS
Andrelton Simmons Jimmy Rollins Alexi AmaristaAdeiny Hechavarria
MLB Leaders in Good Fielding Play/Misplay & Error Ratio- RF
Ichiro Suzuki Justin Maxwell Jay Bruce Martinez/Springer “

As Sherman indicated in his article, DD knew in his heart the Tigers weren’t very good and made the call to sell–not buy–at the deadline. The Tigers won just 38 of their last 88 games after April 20. And the future looked bleak.

And it’s still bleak.

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