Thursday’s lineups: Tigers at Indians

Victor Martinez returns to the DH slot in Cleveland after missing the past three games with a sinus infection. Andrew Romine gets the start at short, while Rajai Davis (three home runs past two games) returns to left field following a day off.

The Indians change things up slightly against Alfredo Simon compared with last week’s lineup, putting Yan Gomes behind the plate, Jason Kipnis at DH and Jose Ramirez at second base. Everyone else is pretty much the same. Neither Gomes nor Ramirez has good numbers against Simon, but hey, with Simon’s 4-0 record and 1.50 ERA in four starts, gotta try something.

tigerslogoTIGERS (career numbers off Danny Salazar)

  1. Rajai Davis, LF (5-for-14, triple, 3 walks, 2 K’s)
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (6-for-19, HR, 3 walks, 3 K’s)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (8-for-23, double, 2 HR, 2 walks, 10 K’s)
  4. J.D. Martinez, RF (2-for-11, HR, walk, 8 K’s)
  5. Victor Martinez, DH (7-for-22, double, HR, walk)
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B (5-for-18, 2 doubles, HR, 6 K’s)
  7. James McCann, C (3-for-8, triple, K)
  8. Andrew Romine, SS (3-for-6, double, HR)
  9. Anthony Gose, CF (2-for-9, walk, 5 K’s)

P: Alfredo Simon

clevelandlogoINDIANS (career numbers vs. Simon)

  1. Jason Kipnis, DH (4-for-14, double, 3 walks, 3 K’s)
  2. Francisco Lindor, SS (0-for-2, walk)
  3. Michael Brantley, LF (11-for-20, 5 doubles, walk)
  4. Carlos Santana, 1B (4-for-17, 5 walks, 4 K’s)
  5. Lonnie Chisenhall, RF (3-for-15, double, HR, 2 K’s)
  6. Abraham Almonte, CF (0-for-3, K)
  7. Yan Gomes, C (0-for-7, 2 K’s)
  8. Jose Ramirez, 2B (1-for-6, walk)
  9. Giovanny Urshela, 3B (1-for-4, K)

P: Danny Salazar


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6 for 37 since he is protecting Miguel

Castellanos. ..didn’t hustle on that if he’d been running out of the box he woulda been safe. Too bad.

Jim Price was commenting about Nick needing to learn how to get out the box better. Radio guys are aging quickly this baseball season

Two base running gaffes on one play resulting in two outs and squashing a big inning.
We were talking about how almost perfect Romine has been in his decision making. This one was not so perfect. Actually saw him leaning back to third before he broke from home. Can’t fault him too much though the worst part was Gose, who sometimes seems to have little understanding of what to do on the base paths. At least he is starting to hit the ball more and K less.

I’ll have to wait until after the game for highlights to see that Romine-Gose running fiasco.

gameday already has the highlight: “Gose RBI single”

What I do not understand is they hired a base running coach . But they continue to run the bases like third graders . It has been a issue most of the year . Sure have to hear Brad explain this one .

JD is just missing homers. Either foul or to deep left-centre.
Seems like he is a pretty good guy. I sure like the way he plays the game.

Is Chisenhall the next Alex Gordon?
He is playing OF like nobody’s business tonight.
Does he get two assists on that play that nabbed two different runners?
My guess would be yes.

He was the Defensive Player of thr Month in August

Did (or do) the Tigers get anything for Daniel Fields?
I think that kid still has a lot going for him. Glove, wheels, power, pretty nice swing and youth. Would not be surprised to see him make it.

The waivers fee: 20 K, as long as I know

Chisenhall? Really? Wow. That’s neat.

Yes, and he never played RF in MLB before late July

Ohh–infant in the front row on top of the dugout????

Does anyone remember when Miguel used to hit with power? I don’t. Seems like all he’s trying to do is squeeze out a single or 2 a game to keep the only batting average even. He’s grounding out quite easily.

He goes through spurts like this. When he come out of it he come out with a vengeance. Not that it matters much this season.

bottom of 6. This is the inning I’m afraid of as to Simon

Simon drives me crazy. My guess he drives McCann crazier and Miggy doesn’t look like he’s too crazy about him either.

I’m not too crazy about Miguel Cabrera. …..batting 220 with 5 rbi . He’s been one of the worst on the team

I hope he goes after this season.

What is wrong with this team when it comes to clutch hitting with man on 3rd and less than 2 out?

Out at home. Score tied.

Gose again. Gotta touch the plate dude

Speed kills,,, the Tigers

Well gose was out …Romine should been safe Gose’s was clearly blocking the plate……..umpires screwed that up and didn’t follow the rules. ..but I would expect nothing less

Gomes blocked the plate.

another base-running blunder?

yes.Gose took off late with two outs

Well that tie lasted about 2 seconds

Once again, there has been no hitting support from #s 3-6.

I use classic gameday, I have the highlights already. I dont know if blackout rules apply for that too

No, the catcher was perfectly positioned. He went ot home with the ball. Gose is inept at runnining

First runner out at home Romine he was WAY BLOCKING THE PLATE not when Gose was out at home.

And here comes Brad. Apparently it takes a little more deliberation for Brad to realize his pitcher is done than it does to other, less knowledgeable, fans.

Another brilliant non-move by Ausmus…….Simon never should of gone back out for the 7th……thought that before inning started not 2nd guessing. ..1st guessing. But I m just a salesman what do I know. Hmmmmm maybe he’s looked bad for a few innings

Here comes the “heart” of the line-up. Can they help at all?

Miggy. ….another groundout…..he’s awesome. a useless sort of way

Wow! Do you think they heard me? Now McCann and Romine need their 3rd hit. Maybe asking too much of them.

Tie game.

Romine comes through again….now let’s hold em’…?

forget about it. Brantley just hit one out. 7-5.

Not so much……Hardy typically reliable not so much tonight. Same old same old. Pitching kills

Remember when Cabrera used to do stuff like that?

Unbelievably incredible. A LHP can’t control a LHB.

Great AB by Miguel to end it! He got his single 1st AB good enough

Our pitching sucks…we manage to hit the bats all the time….all that open space
to throw the freaking ball…and we hit the bats! That takes talent…If we can only
reverse the process…Brantley looks so relaxed out there…..We don’t have a
batter that looks so relaxed…..yes, we do Miggy he relaxes after he gets his single.
Good night, again….we are a sad club….Cleveland has a nice team.

Personally, I don’t want Miguel to win the batting title…he hasn’t earned it…all the
bucks and nothing to show for it….hasn’t contributed at all….All that effort to come back tonight, until it’s time to pitch again….We had two outs and two strikes on
the batter…again we had the ball launced again….how many times has this happened this year? It’s almost as if it’s scripted…”Okay boys it’s time to lay the ball in there.” KA’BOOM! GAME OVER.

Bad pitching almost every day. A new manager, a better pitching coach, and two new starters. Is that asking too much? I love the better defense, and the lineup is pretty damn good. Next year could be great if they do those three things…

sure would like to see this team gain some sort of positive momentum before the season ends. there are individual performances that raise optimism for next season, but the team, as a unit does not. even the Phillies had a nice winning streak right after the all-star break.

I would not count on it this year. Get a new manager/ coaching staff for 2016 they may surprise us .

349 first in MLB .449 .( 3rd MLB) 563 1.012 ( 3rd MLB ) WAR 5.2
wRC 178 second in MLB
He had one bad week. after hitting 500 for 2 weeks
Since he came back:
355/ .439 /.538/.977
He is responsible for 1/3 of the runs of the team
17 HR ? well Fielder has hit 18 in a full season
OPS 1012 means he si has been just great.
It is hard to take home runs leading off the inning once and again
JD? 150 .209 .325 .534 over the last 2 weeks before today
Kinsler? he began hitting only when the team abandoned the race
Detroit has not seen a player like him since Ty Cobb
He will be just the fourth RH since the dead ball ERA to win 4 batting titles.
He had surgery and a shortened ST and sill is leading the AL in the main offensive categories

So now it’s Miggy with the haters. Let’s make sure he is gone next year because that will certainly make this team a winner. Yep, that’s me being sarcastic. I agree he is slumping, but pitching is the bigger issue and has been all year.

This is not a good team. Nor do they have a good manager. The lineup is not as good as I would like to see. Gose leading off doesn’t make things happen like you would want to see a leadoff guy do. Victor batting in the middle of the lineup is like an ocean liner on the bases and really bogs things down. They will have to keep him because of the ludicrous contract for a DH they gave. Maybe bat him 6th? They really need a big booming bat with wheels and a good glove and arm in LF. Oh yeah, they had that for a few months didn’t they?
As Todd says, this team will go nowhere without pitching and that will be a huge test of Avila’s management, but the lineup isn’t perfect and needs rejuvenation.
Nick needs to make the leap to stardom. That is debatable whether that is possible.
I don’t think we can expect Kinsler to perform like he has this year. Miggy is not the imposing presence he needs to be in that clubhouse. Somebody on this club has to step up and impart the philosophy that the whole team needs to refuse to lose.
Ausmus is not a motivator,
There is trouble in River City.

It has zero to to with being a miggy hater.I love him but a guy making that much and he is not contributing I have a right to suggest he’s not doing enough. As usual it’s only ok to question players deemed bad like Avila, Gose or Rajai. And by thecways hes done nothing for longer than a week….. average slugging and obp have tanked……
Shame on anyone who dares to criticize him. Any by the way only 2 contributing less than him Avila and VMart. In fact 2 of the 3 highest paid players are doing nothing.

Lovers and haters!! Actually I don’t think there are more than 1 or 2 people that realistically blame Miggy. Without him on this team the fans of Detroit would abandon the season themselves. It is disappointing he is not hammering the ball like he can, but the good thing is—he will, you can bet on it.
I would like to see him be able to inject a a positive, winning and more intense attitude in his team-mates. but he just doesn’t have a Josh Donaldson temperment side to him. The guy has fun on the field and it is refreshing to watch but it really should not be that much fun at this point after what has transpired.
Time to start playing the kids. Moya and Machado. I’m not overly optimistic about Collins. He is a decent ballplayer but we need more than decent. We need a surprise impact like JD gave us last year.
McCann strikes me as being very decent. But not an impact player.
Casty could if he ever learned how to discipline himself in that batters’ box and learn to love the breaking ball instead of loathe it.
I also think that Gose is too flawed to ever live up to his potential.
There is no point in talking about pitching until we get some pitchers

And by the way the guys that you deem ok to criticize are making a fraction of what he does and they are playing with energy and determination which miggy isn’t he seems pretty content with his daily single

3-4-5 basically gave us nothing tonight. In defense of Miggy, the power will not return until the calf is a full 100%. The pressure of batting behind Miggy is on Julio’s mind, plus he has a one legged hitter behind him. Hopefully all of this will be corrected next year. But look at the pitching stats: El Tigre probably knew this, but I didn’t; we lead baseball in giving up homers; our ERA is near the worst in baseball. The BP ERA is near the worst, if not worst in baseball; a team that scores five runs will normally win 7-10 of these games. Not our guys. Forget the base running blunders; forget the fact that we scored three or less a ton of times; bottom line is and has been, that the pitching is bush league. Some of that is due to injury, and freak situations. Regardless of all of this, there are three pieces that are assured a BP place next year; Wilson, Hardy, Verhagen. Not even Bruce IMO. That has to be addressed; Free agency is going to be full of starters;we need two. Everything else is doable; a LF freak hitter, and someone to push Gose in CF. The defense this year was above average. So Mr. Avila, in a little over two weeks, get it done.
1. JMac’s 14 pitch AB highlighted a solid night for him.
2. Andy Romine’s continual smile, along with a true professional ethic.
3. The ability to come back twice in late innings; alas, another comeback was needed.
Finally, I would have stuck with Wilson to face Brantley; the result would have been no worse. I am so sick of saves and closers; the most meaningless stat in baseball, and a guy because he is annointed the “Closer”, makes five million dollars more than he should. Use your best relief pitcher when you need him most. Just my opinion.

Local sports reporter said Ausmus out for 2016, Avila wants to start fresh with new manager.

I’ve read that too.

espn website says it’s Ilitch who wants Ausmus replaced: ‘owner Mike Ilitch will dismiss Ausmus after the Oct. 4 season finale’

I’m not exactly sorry although I feel for anyone losing a job ….he was given a crappy pitching staff and that hurt. What I do blame him for along with the guys on the field is playing with zero heart…part of that has to be on the manager.

Well, whatever happens, he will still get paid for the next 2 years. It was a 4 year contract wasn’t it? Maybe Dombrowski will hire him.

Three year deal, one left.

Thanks, Rich. I was too lazy to look it up. He will get full salary for next year even if he’s gone.

Money is probably a non-issue in this situation from each party’s perspective. Ausmus had a long career and should be financially set regardless of what Ilitch has or will paid him. If Ausmus goes, you’d think his replacement will have a managerial track record.
Lloyd McClendon is also at risk with the GM who hired him recently fired, and the team underperforming. Similar situation to Tigers.

It’s really disturbing though if they told members of the press before they told Brad, and he’d have to find out from news reports. That’s just wrong. Unless they’ve already told him, but told him to keep it quiet.

I read on Twitter they flew out to talk to Renteria. …Gardenhire other choice.

He will be paid in 2016 anyway. And according to ESPN , he will get a new job in 8 minutes
Leaving his starters too long. Using his best pitchers in low leverage situations like Soria in the 6th last season while allowing Nathan to blow one save after another.
Overusing Al2 in 2014 and Wilson in 2015
Being off the game:while Kinsler wanted a review , he was on the Moon.But now, with the season over , he asks the review once and again.
Tipping Francona he was expecting a bunt and ordering a fastball
He was shown on ESPN calling the pitches. The one that went out of the park
Where he was when McCann and Igleasis were fighting?
Why Price was on the shower ? if he was supposed to keep pitching.And JV went to talk with him, was Bradley afraid of Price?
When Victor was hitting, he took him off the lineup only to have , Romine? as PH
Being more stubborn than JL trying to to prove that he is the smartest guy in the room?
Resting the players as soon as they begin hitting?
The wife comment from a guy that cost Illitch money for his involvement in the air attendance gate

2014 MVP season from VMart , career season from Porcello,210 MM season from Scherzer
Soria as closer
Out in 3 games

It was reported that day and the first thing the came to my mind then was,he was fired:
“The Tigers took their team photo Tuesday. Ausmus was asked about his chat with Ilitch but refused to reveal any details, saying that was “personal.”

am glad I don’t have reporters following me around asking me questions regarding my private conversations. too intrusive/rude for me. Ausmus’ reply was more polite than mine would have been.

Rentería? could be just to comply with “diversity” requirements

they interviewed Renteria before choosing Ausmus. why waste the same guy’s time just to comply? why not choose another candidate if that’s the sole intent?

If the already hired Gardenhire they are wasting someone´s time
Rentería began his career with the Marlins while DD and Avila where there.
Also was with SD with Ausmus in the office

It isn’t exactly like Gardenhire was kicking butt the last several years? I don’t have a clue?

iott.”A Tigers front-office source in baseball operations told on Friday morning that the news that Ausmus would be fired at the end of the season came as a surprise.”

Well, this is akin to discussing a rumor that winter is coming but it sure got on the front burner, didn’t it?

Salary paid to Ausmus is a non-factor.
If we start discussing the next manager now, everyone will be tired of him before he’s even hired.
I expect all involved to finish out the season in a professional manner no matter what the media reports.

I think the front office is a mess. Just speculating, Avila may be out too. He may have been just a temporary hold out to get through the season. Seems like things came to a head between DD and Mr. I over Ausmus. Mr. I wanted him gone before the tradeline, probably wanted to replace him and buy. DD, talked him out of it. Mr I, might just clean the entire house now. I think I might if I was him. Should be an exciting offseason.

Avila is rumored to have signed a 5 year contract beyond this season. Alex Avila is almost certainly gone after the season, but Al will be around for quite awhile.

Top #MLB batted-ball velocities since August 28. Every player here:

14th: Miguel Cabrera

Indians Lonnie Chisenhall leads AL rightfielders with 11 Defensive Runs Saved (in 223 innings!)

Al Avila: I don’t know where it (report) came from. I spoke to Mr. I and Brad today and I can reconfirm that our evaluations are on going.

Quote from @HammerFox2

I’m not clear on why Ilitch/Avila are being panned for how this is being handled when it was Bernie who broke the story. The general assumption that it was a deliberate leak by the organization is based on what? And why would the club want to leak it now?

I’m thinking back to that Nightengale story that claimed the Tigers would be sellers. That also caused a media firestorm but, near as I can tell, the club hadn’t decided at that time whether to sell or not.
Perhaps I’m naive.

The MSM is in love with Bradley.Why? better than him have been grilled for far less.

Gates Brown was Leones del Caarcas Manager. he was fired. He was replaced by Jim Leyland who abandoned the team by Xmas as was usual for players. Carrasquel took over an won the championship.
Who was the SS ? Ron Gardenhire
Rosenthal:”Two likely candidates for #Tigers if Ausmus is out. 1. Gardenhire, who is close with Leyland. 2. Rick Renteria, who interviewed last time.”

Bud Black pitched for the team

Apparently the “Trickle Down Theory” is no longer a theory.
This team has become dysfunctional from the owner right on down to the farm system.
During the “trickle” something “leaked” sideways. Avila will get to take the blame for that but the truth is the whole front office, coaching staff and players are disengaged.
For cripes sakes, let’s remember this is a storied franchise and deserves to be run better than this for their adoring fans.
I’ll give Avila a pass on this. I don’t think there is a deceitful bone in his body. It is ironic that he is now, by the nature of his new position, he is almost required to be deceitful.
As to a new manager, unless he quits be prepared for Avila to back up his words and evaluate after the season. At that time front office has to honour the reputation of this franchise. Get a manager with an historical and proud connection with this team. The more I listen to Gibby the more I like him. His health is a whole other story but I would guess his pride and his character would overcome the physical challenge. He is a tough cookie.
Not saying I think he should be the guy, I actually prefer Tram. And if they are willing to pursue a vision like that why not bring in Lou and Lance as well.
Jeff Jones is as good as gone. I think Lamont, Clark and Joyner may Joyn them.

if Ausmus goes, the new manager gets his own staff, and the entire current staff will likely go. I doubt Trammell or Gibson will ever manage again. Lance Parrish might get a shot at some point. Former Tiger and Toledo manager Phil Nevin could too.

can’t remember a time when Dombrowski issued a press release to refute a rumor. seems odd to me to address hearsay in an official way.

Whatever the outcome, and we know what it is, it couldn’t have been handled in a more unprofessional and tacky manner than I have seen in a long time. For goodness sake, like Dan says, this is a classy, original, and successful franchise that brought us Cobb, Gehringer, Greenberg, Newhauser, Kaline, Horton, and Tram. Just fire Brad today; it would be the gracious thing to do; you have already lost total credibility; old age and too many pepperoni’s Mr. I. I intentionally left Denny McClain out of our past heroes. This story makes the last 21 more miserable than it already is.

21 games

So…….no one can answer my question then?

Everyone said this new GM, Avila, was the total opposite of Dave D. Mr. D is constantly giving interviews. Mr. Smooth always had a nice voice, almost hypnotizing, but he could be very curt and mean from what I’ve read. Mr. Avila, like many other GM’s, doesn’t do the interview routine. We don’t know if this rumor was deliberately leaked or not. When you think of what and who we had on this team: Cabrera, Victor, Cespedes, Price, Soria, I could almost cry what it has turned into. Some, if not most, players like to play only on competitive teams, so the next manager better get crackin.

Lineup at CLE: Gose 8, Kinsler 4, Cabrera 3, J. Martinez 9, V. Martinez DH, Castellanos 5, Moya 7, McCann 2, Machado 6. Verlander starts.

Moya and Machada, Si Senor!

What exactly has management done today that’s unprofessional and tacky? I remember Bernie Smilovitz from when I lived in Michigan. I’ve spoken to him a time or two. When did he become so venerated that everyone automatically believes him and his source?

When I wrote my comment above, I didn’t realize Mr. A had responded to the rumor. He said he spoke with Mr. I and Brad and said basically the same thing he said when he was appointed GM. Everyone was being evaluated. Brad has not been offered an extension for ’17.

The reason I made the comment I did above was that I had thought that someone from the front office had leaked that they were firing Brad before actually telling Brad, leaving him to find out from a news broadcast or the Internet. This wouldn’t have been a very good situation–imagine if your boss told people that he or she was going to fire you, and it got out before you were actually told.

My reason for thinking this was that it was being reported that Brad would be fired or wouldn’t be extended, but when they asked Brad, he said it hadn’t been discussed.

However, apparently that was not what happened. It appeared that Bernie Smilowitz reported something before it actually became fact. (Somehow I’ve never heard of Bernie Smilowitz–I haven’t lived in Michigan since 1979–so I didn’t know how reliable his information was. I should have waited until I heard the whole story.)

Game postponed Sunday dheader

ESPN had the game. Alvarez, ESPN en español has reiterated what he said last week , he has heard the rumour that Ausmus and his entourage is gone
Sipple also confirmed it and he referenced an insider not a blog or a talk show host.

Of couse, he is not concerned. And it is not his fault
“Can you recall a situation you were in as a player with a manager on the hot seat and how did that affect the clubhouse?
It happened with Jimy Williams. He got let go midseason. I felt to blame as a player. It wasn’t Jimy’s fault at the time that the Astros were underperforming. … I felt for Jimy. I called him when they fired him because I felt partially responsible”
Iott asking

I also felt sorry for Jimmy . Once the All-Star game was over they fired him . He really did not have alot to work with .

Kinsler: “But at the same time, if you have somebody that’s at that top that demands nothing, things can run away from you really quickly.”

Al Avila is in a difficult spot now. If he decides in the offseason to fire Ausmus, he’ll be criticized for leaving him in place the last month with rumors swirling. if he retains Ausmus for next season, he’ll get grief for leaving the management team in place after an underachieving season. in essence, putting the full responsibility on the players. my best guess at this point is that Ausmus is retained, under the condition that he changes some of his coaching staff. if he doesn’t agree, they’ll fire him.

Is it routine in sports to fire obviously outgoing head coaches/managers just before the current season ends? I’m just not seeing where Ausmus is being treated so terribly. This entire business really smacks of a media event. Something to write about since the team itself is finished.

I see the Royals got hammered by the O’s last night 14-8 and Joba is still giving up late runs. Royals BP gave up 2 grand slams too. Ned Yost tinkering with his BP may backfire on him.

Les Moss ,27- 26 ,fired because, unexpectedly, Sparky Anderson was available. They were unable to sign hin until the the season has begun.

Where is understand George Steimbrenner when you need him? The whole Martin affair.

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