Tuesday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Rays

Victor Martinez came to Comerica Park today, but was still under the weather — Brad Ausmus mentioned a sore throat, fever and sinus issues. So he’s out of the lineup for a second consecutive night. Nick Castellanos is the DH once again, with Andrew Romine at third. None of the September call-ups are in the lineup for tonight, though Steven Moya and Jefry Marte were mentioned as power bats off the bench.

tigerslogoTIGERS (career numbers off Erasmo Ramirez)

  1. Anthony Gose, CF (1-for-3, walk, K)
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (1-for-5, double, walk, K)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. J.D. Martinez, RF
  5. Nick Castellanos, DH
  6. James McCann, C
  7. Dixon Machado, SS
  8. Andrew Romine, 3B (2-for-2)
  9. Rajai Davis, LF (0-for-3, K)

P: Matt Boyd


  1. Brandon Guyer, LF
  2. Mikie Mahtook, RF
  3. Evan Longoria, 3B
  4. Logan Forsythe, 2B
  5. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  6. Tim Beckham, DH
  7. Richie Shaffer, 1B
  8. Kevin Kiermaier, CF
  9. J.P. Arencibia, C

P: Erasmo Ramirez


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The Cespedes comntractual change was made possibele by the trade. Had him remained with the Tigers thre was no way to renegotaite the terms of the contract. Once traded, there was no QO so there was no point to keep in place the little window

contractual change was made possible

Boy there isn’t anyone in the stands tonight. Ugh. 1st day of school but still.

Mr Ilitch, the empty seats syndrome is what happens when you tell the team and the fan base they are not competing for a title this year!! Select a GM that knows contracts and can cultivate the youngsters and the Free Agents, especially the bullpen. You missed out this year and maybe the next few years. I have been a fan since the ’68 WS so I hope not.

Gotta agree and it will get more vacant . Sad but true the 2015 club was down the drain long ago.

Rajai is the muscle on the team right now

Rajai is making a case to stick with the Tigers, another HR, albeit a solo HR but his 7th of the season and 3rd HR in 2 games.

He’s hitting more homers in the last 2 days than miggy has hit in 30 games!

I’ve been waiting my whole life to hear a baseball commentator say an umpire doesn’t seem to have the same strike zone for both pitchers. Thank you Kirk Gibson

A short leash for Boyd.

That’s okay AlAl. Those 2 runs are charged to Boyd, not you.

Thank god AL is in this team he’s the best! Geez this pen is for crap! Doesn’t it seems like he balks alot?

The only out was made by the Rays themselves. Now balk those runners into scoring position so the next hit will score 2 runs.

If Ausmule is good for anything, it’s finding the right RP’s to blow the game.

Granted a whole lot of seeing eye singles but this incompetent pen can’t just minimize the damage they have to always put it pretty much out of reach.

It certainly appears this game is now over. The heart of the Tigers line-up has not been producing much at all. Davis, Gose, and McCann cannot do it every game.

Ump…blew that hit by pitch..luckily Ian hit a single anyway.

Shocker ump…blew that hit by pitch..luckily Ian hit a single anyway.

Mowery: “Boyd’s now at 157.1 IP this year (18% increase over last year). Any time we’d talked about innings range for him, it was around 170-175.”
TB has a 20 % limit and they usually do well . He should be shutdown soon

Crap I thought that was going to be a grand slam. …..close one

Too bad eh? Romine mouthed the word “Wow” Dave Clark just about cost the Tigers big time—-getting in JD’s way and nice heads up play by McCann to get that run home

Feliz shoulda had a strike out instead this incompetent ump calls it a ball. .next pitch a double. Different teams different strike zones. I HATE UMPIRES

Of course 6th inning seeing eye singles. …this inning a double which shoulda been a strike out and a broken bat single.
Um. Trying to use every pitcher this inning Brad 4th pitcher this inning

Feliz and Hardy. 3 broken bats and 1 out. Tigers Baseball 2015.

What’s the saying if they didn’t have bad luck they wouldn’t have any luck at all?


Good job Anthony Gose

It’s just Davis being Davis. He got away with one. Has luck turned towards the Tigers?

ROCKY Martinez to the rescue!

He looks like 40 HRs and 100 RBIs. Go Rocky!

And I realize Joe Falls hated Rocky. But I still don’t know why.


Ya you can throw 100 but you can’t get anyone out!

4 strikes so far. Maybe 5

Ump sucks still Rondon had Nava struck out. .. he’s certainly screwed up a lot but only in the favor of Tampa interestingly enough.

Rondon again using 3 different deliveries. NO CONTROL, let alone COMMAND.

Davis once again being Davis.

The thing is, Davis can be valuable when he is spotted. If you get too much of him, then this is what happens.

Umpires whether here or NYC can’t get anything right. This home plate ump is awefu

And Rondon is crap

Throw to 1B with the bases loaded?

Iglesias should say something to him

Two runs inxs :one JD and Davis the other

Very poor baseball. Thank goodness we have Romine on this team right now.
Something has to be done about having umps in charge of these reviews. You don’t need a person who knows the rules you need impartial adjudication. Period.
Franklin was clearly out and the game was on the line. This is not how the system is supposed to work.
I saw an abomination of a call in a Dodger game a few days ago on a force out at 2nd.
Again clearly out but the review confirmed the call. It was brutal and is an embarrassment to the umping profession to not correct an incorrect call in order to support your comrades on the field.

I take notes because I have Alzheimer’s and am pushing 70. I’m pretty sure I’m repeating myself when I review my notes. And not just becuz it’s the same team. Love my Tigers and still can see what’s going on. But it is probably irksome to many.

Your fine we all do it….watching this team is like ground hogs day. Bad pitching. ..shotty play?

Brain freeze for James. Since he got firmly coned earlier in the game you gotta let it slide!
The surprising thing was that the worst closer in baseball was actually covering the plate on the play.
What good is Rondon if A) he can’t throw strikes B) he can’t get strikeouts?

I know VerHagen battled with a sore back. but why they wait that long to call him up?

Walk off or DP?

neither. They better win it right here.

Or running into an out!

It was a smart play. He kept the inning alive , preventing the DP

By focussing on Miggy, Longo didn’t go after the DP. Luck was with us.

Miggy had no chance of either scoring or getting back to third.

Figures…..what do you want to bet now that we’ve had a few chances to score Tampa does?

It would be the first time in about 3 months for Tampa. I understand the Angels were their last such victim.


No doubter strike 3. Verhagen!

Davis looked safe to me.

But he looks out on the pickoff.

Whoa, the Tigers got a favorable review decision, again. The 4th for Davis?

Ugh ando stand em again

This is an oddly entertaining game although I don’t know why. Good work by Brad and staff on that balk business.

I was against replay reviews before last year, then was pleasantly surprised with how well it worked. This year I’m back to being against it. I’d just as soon have it dropped and let’s just play the game, missed calls and all.

The extra innings have been interesting. Love listening to Mario & Gibby tonight.

Regarding the sparse attendance, having the AC/DC concert next door with multiple traffic alerts didn’t help.

I was at the concert, we forgot there was a home game and walked by the stadium at 6:30 and realized how few people were going in. Imagine my surprise when we left the concert and the game was still going! Wish we could stick around to watch through the fences to see the ending but wanted to get home. Great concert by the way. And found a good way to get to the area without sitting in traffic for an hour.

Using Gameday here. What’s happening? It’s been dead in the water a long time.

12th inning. Ryan pitching

Miggy just swung at a ball that bounced in front of the plate.

different pitch, same result.

He contributes to batting average…he’s not a very smart baserunner…brain freezer…question: if you have an 0-2 count, do you expect to get a good pitch to hit? Why in the hell do thery continue to swing at shit…Miguel, JD…and this guy was just called up from triple A……I’m confused, and I guess the batters are as well….

Miggy hasn’t contributedone much in quite a while. …. …

That entertainment I spoke of is fading (yawn).

Positive: VerHagen
Negative: Rondon

10 pitchers for the Tigers tonight.

Gotten to know everyone in the park by the sound of their voices.

You could hear individuals yelling! Maybe 200 people still there.


What happened?

Good win. Gibby right on top of all the little details. Enjoyed the broadcast tonight. He and Mario are entertaining.

Going to bed . Hard fought win.
1. Verhagen is in for next year.
2, Rags plays hero again. Way to stroke it Babe. And congrats on the SF to finally close this thing out.
3. Never quit until they won; haven’t seen this in a long time.
Julio is the new Rocco Domencio Colavito; both had great arms; Rocky thrw a guy out at first from RF a couple of times in his career. Major kudos for Julio, Rajai, Alex, and Drew. Boyd pitched well; not so with Al and Gorzo. And of course Bruce stunk. Nowhere nearly ready for Prime Time!. Finally, great job on the field in all aspects by Andrew. Smart dude on the Diamond.

Nice to get a W at home . CoPa sure looked almost empty .

Agree Marty; Kirk’s voice actually changed tone and pitch several times.

What are these numbers? 8,4,6,7,2,2,6,6,1,5. They explain why it takes a heroic effort for the Tigers to win…

Has anybody ever seen Romine make a “bad” play?
And he just gets the job done, whether bunting or running bases.
Sure wish he could hit. (And he does that sometimes too!)

Sure, he’s had a few screw-ups, but not many. Has a very strong arm. I’ve always liked him since the get-go.

In a must win game and holding a 7-1 lead, this is what the Nationals bullpen did last night with one on and two out in the 7th inning: walk, run-scoring single, walk, bases-loaded walk, three-run double, walk, walk, game-tying walk, hard flyout.
All this after their manager pulled his best starter in the 6th at 100 pitches.
Baseball insanity is everywhere.

The bunt in the 9th was the ice of the cake

He did that last week with Desmond too. My take on when to bunt: never*
*exception pitchers or actual bunting experts

Gardenhire? First the ex Marlins, now the ex Twins? I would like a new manager too but Gardnehire is not the best fit

The game left him behind.And never won in postseason

Because of the Metrodome factor, it’s nearly impossible to grade Gardenhire’s performance. All I know is that he seems to be a nice man. In other words, not much.

Asking most big league hitters to bunt is like asking me to rip a Chris Sale fastball up the middle for a solid single. It COULD happen, but most likely won’t.

The Gardenhire thing is just a rumor. My first choice right before BA was hired was Joe Girardi and still is. A girl can dream!

Agree on the bunting Rich. Romine can, most of the others can’t, at least consistently.. If a player can’t bunt with at least 80% success it is a counter productive play. More often than not it seems bunts are poorly executed or the batter ends up with 2 strikes and has virtually given up his AB.
I wouldn’t be terribly disappointed if BA was gone after this season. There have been times where his BP handling was poor. Other things too. But……regardless of any comparisons you can statistically make with other teams, I think none or very few compare with the number of things that went wrong with the Tigers this year. It’s a huge list we all remember. Brad stated that the team could have made a run before the mid season trades, but I thought he was diplomatic and mature in accepting it. I appreciate hat mindset To assign so much blame to him for the team’s demise is clearly unfair. From the beginning the team was grossly overrated, and with all the injuries, it regressed further from there. Joe Madden couldn’t have made this a 500 team. Since mid April, have we had even 2 healthy starters pitch through one 5 game cycle. They were either secretly injured, pitched poorly, or both. The BP was too thin to cover. False expectations (DD). If the team could win 20 more games next year with a new manger……great. Did anyone expect Gibby to suggest last week that BA had failed and a new manager was needed? Or………..oooooo, this is not something we talk about on a broadcast. What he simply opined was that Brad was doing OK, and that the trials and failures he was going through would help him get better. It was just an opinion from another player turned manager who had been through it. Not out of line. OK, fire away naysayers:-) Anyway it won’t be long before we all get our answer.

Joe Girardi would be a good one Kathy. Yes, you can dream.

Not exactly sure if I’m saying nay or say, naying. Unless a manager is a total idiot, I don’t judge them on results, and that’s what Gibby was using in his argument. To me, it was hot air because of it. I would like to see less “by the book” and more common sense applied from a manager, any manager. I can’t speak to leadership and all that because I’m not there to witness it. I do know that a team has to trust their manager.

Coming in late on the Romine thing, I think I’ve seen him make one mental mistake in two years. That guy sure knows how to play this game.

I particularly like the “calm” with which he executes every decision on the field (Romine NOT Ausmus).

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