Labor Day lineups: Tigers vs. Rays

After Brad Ausmus discussed giving Victor Martinez some days off a few days ago, he’s out of the lineup today. It’s actually not a day off, though — ironic, since he hit well the past couple days. He’s also a .357 career hitter against the Rays, second only to Joe Mauer’s .369 average for players with at least 150 plate appearances off Rays pitching.

“He’s ill,” Ausmus said. “He doesn’t feel well.”

Nick Castellanos, not Miguel Cabrera, gets the day at DH. Andrew Romine starts at third base.

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tigers1957logoTIGERS (career numbers off Drew Smyly)

  1. Rajai Davis, LF (0-for-1, K)
  2. Ian Kinsler, 2B (3-for-7, HR, walk, K)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B
  4. J.D. Martinez, RF
  5. Nick Castellanos, DH
  6. James McCann, C
  7. Dixon Machado, SS
  8. Andrew Romine, 3B
  9. Anthony Gose, CF

P: Randy Wolf

sunraylogoRAYS (career numbers against Wolf)

  1. Brandon Guyer, LF
  2. Mikie Mahtook, RF
  3. Evan Longoria, DH (1-for-3)
  4. Logan Forsythe, 2B (0-for-2, K)
  5. Asdrubal Cabrera, SS
  6. Richie Shaffer, 3B
  7. James Loney, 1B (3-for-13, double, 2 walks)
  8. Kevin Kiermaier, CF
  9. J.P. Arencibia, C (0-for-3, 2 K’s)

P: Drew Smyly


Collins gets to sit today. He is hitting .409 over the last 7 with nearly a .700 Slugging %. And he is hitting .400 against LHPs, albeit a small sample size.

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Toledo has been done for a while, but their last game is today. I assume players will be called up after their game. Maybe see Bernard, too?

another consideration, if they decide to make switch at pitching coach, would be Bud Black who worked with Angel pitchers before managing. he and Ausmus have some familiarity with mutual time spent in San Diego.

Cabrera , top 5 in hard hit rate:

Smyly against the Tigers…that alone should keep it interesting

Looks like Wolf may be on the menu today.
Casty deserves cedit for his fielding % this year.
I know about the lack of range and I know about mis-handling throws to 3rd and everything but the cat has played 130 games at athe Hot Corner in the MAJOR LEAGUES against major league pull hitters. He has made 7 errors. That is pretty darn good.

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Miggy hit that one about 4 MPH

Miguel is slumping

He is the second worst 3B in MLB.Sandoval needed two good weeks to tie him in DRS . DRS ( Gammons:”But Baseball Info Solutions, whose defensive data including defensive runs saved is invaluable”) has him tied for last
His FP is the second best because he is third to last in range.
FP makes him better than Beltre or Donaldson And that is simply not true.

it’s the 2nd inning in Washington and Scherzer is getting whiplash watching ball sail over the fence

Is it bad that it makes me happy???

If so, guilty as charged


Jason posted this last week:
Davis has a left middle finger injury that he has been dealing with since mid-May

Collins sitting how about Vmart finally hitting a little and facing a leftyear finally He picks the times well????

VMart is sick

I guess Scherzer … HR 22 and 23
“Post All-Star: 5.00 ERA, .292 BAA, 13 HR in 54 IP” and it is jut the second Inning

Porcello serving up a dinger to Donaldson. How long before Smyly joins the HR barrage against former Tiger pitchers?

You asked for it. And he delieverd
Scherzer, Porcello and Smyly allowed HR today

all those times Scherzer has to swing the bat in the NL must be wearing him down…ha ha

Being an good pitcher not great who goes through bouts of mediocrity and times of excellence. Never thought he was as great as HE thought he was….to me he’s not an ace.

5 for 26 from the clean- up spot.

Cespedes too, 24 HR alllowed by Maxy


Well that was short lived lead

I guess is not Jeff Jones or CoPa did help the pitchers

Of course he is nowhere near the defensive impact of a Beltre or Donaldson or Machado.
Yet he has seven errors. Others may not be happy with that but I personally give him credit for his improvement.
He obviously really needs to work on his first step in the hole and a proper diving mechanism, but he will get better.

That script is getting very old. Tigers score 2 and the very next inning give up 2.

6 HR allowed by former tabbies

Well ,Scherzer got RS, GS and he is ahead 4-3

Repeat script…..AGAIN!

Seriously Wolf you get the lead again. Come on dude. Stranding that runner on third with 1 out looming isn’t it?

It isn’t appearing as though Wolf has enough left to be a SP. Could he be a BP piece in 2016?

and Porcello gives the 23

Some clubs that are metrics-involved, like the Dodgers, are utilizing Fielding % more. The reasoning is that players are now better positioned due to all the data available. Reliability is thus paramount.

Whos pen will come out on top? My guess not ours.

Fielding metrics are also somewhat ‘sketchy” as BA calls them. Usually a 3-year data total is most reliable. Smaller samples can lead to huge yearly divergence. For instance, Gose was a Plus 9 last year per DRS. This year he is a Minus 7 the last time I looked. A guy like Jeter, who was no Iggy, also had years like that. And Iggy has received his share of criticim by metrics gurus.

Correction/Update: Gose was a Plus 9.2 last season and is now over a Minus 10, per UZR. Defensive metrics can have wild swings like this. Smaller samples don’t really play well in rating a player.

DRS and UZR are comparable in methodology and agree on ratings more often than they disagree, but even Fangraphs acknowledges neither is 100% accurate. DRS is a Fielding Bible product with some serious shortcomings. Fangraphs utilizes UZR, which incorporates positional adjustment.

5 for 28. JD from the clean-up spot. Those boots are hard to fill
Davis making the most of his PT

Final line for Scherzer. 6 IP 5 Runs 3 HR 6 SO. ND

Bruce RONDON is not all that good

It’s my birthday, fellas. Don’t blow it now.

Thank you, Tigers! And, thank you, Rajai Davis!

He has been used to being appointed jobs rather than earning them.
Just doesn’t throw enough strikes

Rondon can really throw, but has such poor control. With that being the case, why would he incorporate 3 different deliveries? Doesn’t that just complicate his control issue?

You can start your hearts again. Tigers win! Rondon finally got an out after loading the bases. If that was his audition for next year’s closer, I say no.
Happy Birthday, Kathy!

Thank you. I’d just as soon forget them nowadays, but I’ll take a Tiger victory all day every day.

Happy Birthday

Machado saved the day. Great play by Ian as well.
Rondon has disappointed now for 3 connsecutive years. How much rope does he get?
Meanwhile it was announced that Joe Jiminez was promoted ( I guess, maybe, sort of) To SINGLE A Lakeland for next year.
I don’t get it.

That was nicely done, but McCann deserves kudos as well for holding on to that ball in the dirt and preventing a run.

And I gotta give Davis the “Game Ball.”

Please don’t appoint Rondon the closer for 2016! He needed 20 pitches to load the bases and get 2 outs. Man, there are simply NO easy Wins this year.

Got some Nationals friends around here and they were on cloud nine over Scherzer last winter. I didn’t want to totally rain on their parade, so I kind of said “he’s not bad, but you’ll be disappointed.” They rubbed my nose in it pretty good during Max’s hot start but water seeps to its own level. Now he’s back to the on and off six inning pitcher he once was.
I don’t wish Scherzer ill, but he’s way overpaid. Unfortunately, it won’t stop GMs from repeating the mistake.

I succeeded in watching two simultaneous ballgames today. The Nats and the Tigers.
Since joining the Mets, Cespedes’s 162 game projection has him at about 60 homers with 30 doubles and 15 triples. 20 steals. 143 runs scored. .980ish OPS. I forgot the RBI number. That’s how how hot he’s been.
We can’t possibly continue to rely on Rondon after this season, can we? Can we? Get something for him! DD relying on him has been a large part of the destruction of the pitching staff. End it.

Ryan Raburn continues to batter the White Sox. This goes back to 2007. Unreal.

Rondon lacks confidence in his pitching…he’s still very young..matbe in time he will be a good closer…I guess he’s been burnt too many times, so he’s

Didn’t know the Babe had shown up at CoPa, but there he was with 2 bombs today. The guy I’ve ragged the whole time he’s been with us, Babe Davis brings it home for the Good Guys. And remember, JMac’s great day. Who was Drew’s college catcher?
None other than JMac himself. Boy, do I miss Drew. Don’t miss Max; miss his arm, but the business side of the game became his obsession. His numbers don’t scream out Ace anymore than JV’s. Look. when he’s right, he is amazing, but this year, especially in the second half, the Nats surely didn’t get their money’s worth. And Yoennis will likely have a park named after him in the Big Apple. Still say Mets/Royals
series would be a great battle-starters vs. the enders.
1. We win with three Homers, none hit by players named Miggy, Julio, or Victor.
2. Machado/Kinsler D does a mighty fine job.
3. Brad used the pen alright for a change.
If Bruce can ever learn to command and control, he would be quite intimidating; until that time, roller coaster every other night. Kudos to Gose, Verhagen, and Hardy. Might need to give Miggy a breather just to regroup.

I only hope Tigers can make a strong bid for Cespedes this off-season as he is truly a 5-tool stud!

Sadly, I think that ship has sailed.

There are guys around who throw 98 and when they do they “intimidate”.
Bruce does not intimidate. He is predictable in count and he is predictable in fastball placement.
He can’t overpower with a commanding fastball. He throws it and you can bet it will out over the plate..
When he is able to throw 3 or 4 heaters by somebody in a row then he will fulfill his expectations.
Until then he is simply an annual epperiment

Ian Krol, Jefry Marte, Steven Moya, Josh Wilson to be called up. Neither Fullmer nor Bernard.

Rondón needs to use his slider.That is his out pitch

Joba with Royals

We will have to see how Joba does in Kansas City. If he is even close to erratic he will be history.

Same old story, he can’t commant that either.
The only reason his slider works is because he has 98 in his back pocket..
If he can’t get ahead in the count it doesn’t matter how good the slider is or how fast his heater is. Batters see too many pitches and don’t have to be on the defensive.

Joba’s line: 1IP/2H/2R/1BB/2K needed 32 pitches. Looks like it doesn’t matter who he pitches for, recent KC callus.

KC Callup. With Rondon, you get a lot of heaters, the slider and an occasional 88mph changeup. Pretty predictable.

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