Verlander: “We’re not going to lower our heads and be, ‘Woe is me.'”

Brad Ausmus said Sunday morning that there’s still leadership in the Tigers clubhouse amidst a late-season fall to the AL Central cellar. After Sunday’s loss, Justin Verlander said it’s up to the veterans to lead in the way they carry themselves.

As the longest-tenured Tiger, now in his 11th season on the team, Verlander is up near the top of the list. He isn’t necessarily a vocal leader, but when asked how much responsibility falls on the veterans to keep younger players pushing, Verlander cited leadership by example — not just in the way they perform, but how they act.

“I think more than anything that the younger guys would feed off of our energy,” said Verlander. “If we’re moaning and bitching and complaining and [saying], ‘Woe is me,’ then they would pick up on that. But these guys, it’s not going to happen that way. We don’t act that way in this clubhouse, even though things aren’t going our way. We’re not going to lower our heads and be, ‘Woe is me.’”

If he saw something like that, he said, it would be addressed by somebody.

“Anybody,” he said. “That’s the beauty of this clubhouse. Young guys, old guys, doesn’t matter. We pick each other up.”

If anyone has a right to be frustrated, it’s Verlander. Sunday’s loss was his fourth in his last seven starts, despite his sixth consecutive quality start. He took bids for a no-hitter into the fifth inning and a shutout into the sixth, but fell to a three-run sixth in a 4-0 shutout.

The Tigers have scored two runs or less in seven of Verlander’s 15 outings this season.

“I’ve said it time and time again: You can’t focus on run support,” Verlander said. “You just have to do your job, keep the team in the game, and hopefully we can scratch across a few runs. We weren’t able to do it today, but my last start, they scored a few runs for me. Everything usually evens out. Like you said, I’ve been kind of unlucky, but luck turns.”

It could yet turn for him — he did win his previous two starts with run support, after all. It appears increasingly difficult for luck for turn for the Tigers, who lost for the 13th time in their last 16 games. Despite that, Verlander said, the team can’t give in to a sense of frustration.

“I think we’re trying to avoid frustration,” he said. “I think with the veterans we have in here, I don’t think that we’re going to be frustrated. I think we come in each and every day with the aspect that it’s a new day, and we try to win today, no matter what’s happened previously. I know we haven’t been playing well the second half as a whole, but we had a lot of our key pieces that were missing. Honestly, we’ve missed them all year, whether it’s been injuries early on or trades after the second half. It’s kind of disappointing that we never had a chance to play as the team that was constructed, but that’s the game of baseball. It happens sometimes.”

He expects that to change with an offseason to make moves, noting owner Mike Ilitch’s track record. For now, however, it’s up to them to finish out the season.

Asked if speculation about Ausmus’ situation going into the offseason upsets them, Verlander said, “That’s not in our realm of control. No offense to you guys, but whatever you write and say is kind of outside noise. In this clubhouse, we focus on ourselves and what’s going on. You can’t let that stuff get to you.”


it should be bye bye Brad.

Well, it’s 25 guys so you have 25 varying outlooks which vary themselves. I see some guys sometimes not giving their all and I see the same guys going all out. This is a complex equation.
(okay shut up Rich)
Heading into next season, I hope there won’t be a loss of the swag the Tigers developed during their successful seasons.

With guys like J.D., McCann & Iggy we will have swagger on the team. These 3 are special. With Al Avila making some great pickups in the offseason and the team having a good spring training (building some team chemistry & trust in each other) I think we will see a team to be beat. As others have said, they have a good core. This was just a brutal year, one to forget.

“Lindor told reporters after that game that Ausmus’ appearance tipped him off.”
Hey, you are supposed to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain
Track record? He hired IRod and Fielder. But once and again, they avoided bidding wars and refused to go for the best FA available . Instead, most of the time, Fielder included they got what other teams left in the table. Or like with PF and Damon and Magglio to bail Boras out
Sometimes, like last year with Miller it was the right thing. Milller ? for what? to have him pitching the 7th or going to to the bench like too many players added along the years with both JL and Ausmus. And losing a top draft pick

This might be forgotten these days, but back when the Tigers signed Ivan Rodriguez and Magglio Ordonez, free agents wanted no part of Detroit. The agents for Miguel Tejada and Vladimir Guerrero wouldn’t even take calls from the Tigers. Carl Pavano used the Tigers to get more money from the Yankees. A.J. Burnett and B.J. Ryan did the same.

Sorry, I misexplained my point. Im aware of that . I remember players running away from Detroit like Igor González and Cedeño . There were rumours about Damon´s wife dislike of the city .
I mentioned IRod , even if he was not the top FA due to the doubts about his age and health, and Fielder as the sole examples of going after the best FA, on paper at least.
I just doubt that Avila will go after the likes of Price or Greinke or BJ Upton or even Heywarth because of the track record of not entering bidding wars and the payroll constraints

Not you Justin:
“It’s difficult for starting pitchers, who aren’t around everyday, to do that, Ausmus said” McMann
who aren’t around everyday? That is news for me. I see them on the bench counting pitches,taking notes and changing imprssions with the rest of the pitching staff.

” Manager shouted, got his attention. “We mightve caught a break.” The manager was in the game.
Kinsler jumping to call Ausmsus attention an ask the review. Ausmus was not in the game
If Ausmus will be the manager in 2016 we better call it a season now

Hohum baseball. …..
Did anyone realize what little power Miguel is hitting for. 2 homers in.last 30 days and 9 doubles. Seems like he’s concentrating on hitting singles and if it finds a gap fine. Lots of ground balls.

He does try to put the ball in play with runners on. His OPS since coming back ia above 1000. That is beyond good

How are you going to say “Woe is me” when you are making 28 million dollars a year?
Just finished watching the game and not the edited version. Had to listen to Gibby give a ringing endorsement of Brad Ausmus for too long, until CMo and Rod finally intervened. This team needed and still needs a manager with some cred. Please find one, Mr. Avila.

Tabbies? lineup: Davis lf, Kinsler 2b, Cabrera 1b, JD Martinez rf, Castellanos dh, McCann c, Machado ss, Romine 3b, Gose cf. Wolf p.
Did GK take over Beck´s account?


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