Thursday’s lineups: Tigers vs. Angels

Aside from Alex Avila behind the plate, Randy Wolf gets the regular team behind him for the day game after the night game, and Matt Shoemaker gets a welcoming party on his return to Michigan (and return to the big leagues, for that matter, having been recalled from Triple-A Salt Lake for this start).

The good news for Wolf, as MLB Network points out, is that he’s catching Mike Trout and Albert Pujols slumping. Trout is batting .200 (17-for-85) with one home run and five runs scored this month. Pujols is batting .186 (8-for-43) over his last 12 games, though half of those hits have been homers.

tigerslogoTIGERS (career numbers vs. Shoemaker)

  1. Ian Kinsler, 2B (2-for-6, double, K)
  2. Tyler Collins, LF (1-for-2, double)
  3. Miguel Cabrera, 1B (1-for-6, K)
  4. Victor Martinez, DH (0-for-3, K)
  5. J.D. Martinez, RF (1-for-5, walk, K)
  6. Nick Castellanos, 3B (0-for-2)
  7. Alex Avila, C (0-for-2, K)
  8. Jose Iglesias, SS (0-for-1, walk)
  9. Anthony Gose, CF (0-for-2, walk, K)

P: Randy Wolf

angelslogoANGELS (career numbers against Wolf)

  1. Kole Calhoun, RF
  2. Mike Trout, CF
  3. Albert Pujols, DH (13-for-46, 3 doubles, 3 HR, 4 walks, 4 K’s)
  4. C.J. Cron, 1B
  5. Erick Aybar, SS (1-for-7, K)
  6. Shane Victorino, LF (7-for-26, 2 doubles, 2 triples, HR, walk, 2 K’s)
  7. Carlos Perez, C
  8. Kaleb Cowart, 3B
  9. Grant Green, 2B

P: Matt Shoemaker


Ausmus is not alone in this:
Hard-hit rate leaders in August: Encarnacion,McCutchen,Peralta.Abreu,Cruz
Someone aked him”:msimonespn When will it translate to hits for VMart? He’s having a bad 2nd half.”
Mark Simon ‏@msimonespn · Aug 25
@BB_GoBlue patience
Me: his Babip is at 251. But he had an IF hit last night.Extreme bad luck so far,slumps end that way

Like I said yesterday, I think V-Mart has hit the ball pretty well but it just hasn’t dropped in often enuff. No way is fan griping reasonable under those circumstances. Nothing much more a hitter can do except square the ball up. In fact, Beck wrote a recent article about V-Mart. He said he is hitting the ball as hard as he did in 2011, when he hit .330.

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I think it is pretty clear that Victor is nowhere near the hitter he has been right now.
James McCann makes that play—-easy.
Pujols is ticked at Trout Gibby.

Oh didn’t you read Victor is fine he’s just having bad luck???? I need to eventually start seeing some results…first part of year ok he was hurt. ..he’s not hurt he’s healthy just a lot of excuses as far as I am confused concerned.

I think it’s pretty clear the problem with the Tigers has been pitching, not how the CFer hits or how many bases he steals .Spend the money where it can make the most difference..

And read Beck’s article. It’s based on actual, measurable data. Not your personal bias about V-Mart. It’s not just EiT’s stats and/or our perceptions.

Sure it’s been pitching. ..but how many games early in the season could these guys not score more than 2 when they did get pitching. Victor is a giant problem.. post all star break batting. 200. Gose is much less a problem than the dude batting 4th who’s making 515,000 this year while Victor is making 14,000,000. Victor iso paid to hit. Just because you know and like him better doesn’t make his total lack of production unacceptable.

I just knew Wolf wouldn’t shut out the Angels as JV did last night but once again there is no run support from the Tigers. Shoemaker = another Cy-clone?

Nice job by Wolf to back up that play.

Gose and base-running just aren’t compatible, it seems.

Anthony is not going to be a popular guy today after this game. Never been a big fan of the delayed steal.
Gose is not a “slick” base runner by any means.

I just know Brad will totally blow the management of Wolf today. He will probably take him out too late—-as usual

Tigers hitters as usual look dead at the plate. Wolf has been fine. Gose only guy to actually do his job blows it by getting picked off and caught stealing. Ugh…..snooze fest.

Previous 2 starts from Shoemaker 6 and 7 earned runs….Cy today

Unless you believe Gose needs time to “develop,” I think CF needs an upgrade for 2016.

Joe Jimenez (5-1) turned in one of his most impressive performances of the season when he entered the game in the eighth inning with the bases loaded and held the Cubs scoreless, while retiring the side in-order in the ninth to earn his fifth win
JJ pitched 2 innings, 6 up 6 down 3 Ks

Totally agree about CF

This game is getting downright ugly. Two “swinging strikes” by Miggy weren’t even in the strike zone. Are they all worn out from scoring 5 runs last night?

Where did JJ Joe Jiminez pitch this game? Toledo? Erie?

NO!! West Michigan (now in his 2nd outstanding year there)
Wrong about Ausmus, he surprised me and took out Wolf at the right time.

Wolf- 39 yrs old, 98 pitches, 1 run, was an excellent performance.

A wasted triple by JD. Nick SO on a pitch out of the strike zone. All he needed was a SF for a tie cause we knew Avila wouldn’t help.

Just a horrible AB by Nick. He had his arse in the Tiger dugout on those sliders.
Has a ways to go to become a clutch hitter.
Smart move by Scosia, 3-bagger notwithstanding. He saw that his starter was starting to get squared up on and didn’t wait around until it was obvious.

Umpire again. All 4 called balls to Pujols could have been strikes.

Now Rondon can’t get anybody out.

Who will the Tigers call up?
They need a RHB OFer. Wynton Bernard is the only one on the 40 man.
Moya should be a lock to be called up.
Don’t need any infielders, not really. Holaday for sure.
It doesn’t reallymatter about pitching. We don’t have much to offer on the 40 man and they all crap out when they get called up anyway.

“Castellanos strikes out. He is now 12-for-22 in scoring a run from third base with less than two outs in a close game this season.”
it happens
.500 with runner on third works for me

Last I read, Nick was one of the leaders in hitting with RISP. I also read that Miggy, who has been reularly criticiized by fans for not hitting with RISP, actually leads the AL in that category.

2 runs down now. I suppose the Angels’ closer is lights out. Is it Street?

Yeah but how about “late and close”?

Just a miserable hitting performance. I should have taken a nap like Gk did.

Baseball is a game of failure. When do expectations become unreasonable?

Late and close: Miguel just 31 AB .He has walked 14 times.Hits 323 .533 .452 .985 for 3 RBI
Castellanos: .208 .246 .340 .585 but 8 RBI

Miguel leads the team in OPS close and late but he comes with bases empty or walks

Wolf was brought here to eat innings and he’s done an admirable job of that so far.
It always looks dumb when a delayed steal fails; second coming of Ty Cobb when it works.
There might be less frustration with hitters if people can recognize a good pitching performance when they see one.
There are stats on nearly everything, but eyeballs and instincts told me Nick was a goner before he ever stepped to the plate. At no time did I expect JD to score from third.
CB Bucknor had a good solid strike zone today, as did Dale Ford last night. Have to compliment good performances if I’m going to complain about the bad ones.

Rich I might agree with you accept it happens way too often I know sometimes there’s good pitching performances but as far as Victor goes Victor has been pretty much crap all year so I don’t think it would matter if I pitched against him I think he’s going to stink

Must have dinner reservations in Toronto tonight.

It’s not fun when we’re on the other end of a solid pitching performance. While Shumaker got drilled the last two outings, he was very efficient today. And Street, unlike Rondon usually has good command. Also agree that Nick’s final growth will come when dealing with the righty slider, but’s that’s usually the case with all hitters.
Still think it would be wise, if not to shut him down completely, at least give Victor a few days off. We are playing for nothing, and I would rather him be 100% than have some weird injury in the last 6 weeks that would set him back more. Just my opinion; have no scientific data to back it up. So far, no disappointment in Wolf; he has done far better than our minor league AAA options; if the Lobster was good to go, I would have no objection to him starting another game. I actually think Wolf was a great pickup for the short term.
1. The second Avila throwout; the first was pure luck.
2. The Kinsler/Igloo “cool” double play. Still love what Kinsler gives us at second on the D.
3. Hardy’s very efficient 8th.
Gose can’t hit or run. I can’t remember the last time Avila made an offensive contribution that made the difference in a game. Collins, the annointed left fielder, has gone cold. Finally,both runs were directly attributed to walks. Dizzy Dean always said, “Oh those bases on balls”. He said that after saying, “the guy slud into third base”.
But he was one in a million.
Kudos to Randy and Julio.

Playing 3 in TO might be very interesting. I wish we could have seen David Price though. Seriously

Let’s face it Tiger fans…all this team can do at this point, is be spoilers…they’ve all ready spoiled the season for the fans..
Just a note: How many triples has this team stranded this year…no strategy,a surprise bunt, (even if it fails) waiting for someone to bring him hasn’t worked.
try to surprise the opponent….this manager lacks guts, has no surprise element
in his book of baseball knowledge…
My wife is tired of my complaining about this team… I just talk to myself and
you all….SO, hang in there and wait til next year. (god willing)

I actually don’t see a pragmatic way out of the mess the club is in.
Certainly financially speaking of what we call pragmatism.
Unless Illitch absolutely opens his pocket book. He has cultivated the image of some sort of benevolent baseball owner (actually a contradiction in terms) all the while cutting costs.
Still, the costs are high. The contracts given to Fielder, Verlander and Victor are burdensome. Miggy’s contract still offers value.
The three contracts i mentioned have created reprecussions throughout the organization.
I “quit” baseball for years because of the changing philosopy leading to absurd, unfair, unjustified salary considerations. I came back because I sensed there was still some honour and integrity left after all the handouts. I’m hooked again but with a better understanding of the economics that drive the beast we have come to know.
Illitch is not a benevolent philanthropist and if he truly wants to witness the ultimate success in baseball then he has to stop playing games and indulging in deception with his team’s fans. He needs to “fork out”. As obscene as that sounds it is the truth.
There have been some awful signings and contracts but they are done and have to be dealt with. Trying to compensate after the fact will not work. He has to either all in or not.
I did not much like the way DD handled things the last few years but he was encumbered with an active owner who coloured his every transaction. The two of them have stripped the Detroit Tigers of their soul.
Illitch should apologize tho his fans by opening his wallet, giving his new GM free reign to build a viable baseball team.
It may be almost morally distasteful but every other winning team is doing it so why not Detroit?

St, Louis Cardinals: 80 wins, $122 million.

That’s 80 wins as of 8/27/15.

I have not followed many games in the previous 2 weeks as they’re meaningless and frustrating. Like many here, I believe Wolf has given us what we needed at the time of injuries to Norris and Sanchez, innings and keep it close. The bats on this team are either boom or bust and bust is usually less than 2 runs a game. You don’t win many games scoring less than 2 runs. Avila Sr has his work cut out for him!

Rodney, playoff bound. Signed by the Cubs

I get that Kathy. I think the major difference in the St Louis situation and Detroit is ownership involvement. Illitch may have spent money but it was not simply carte blanche to his GM–he was directly involved in making some of these albatross laden contracts that have tied the hands of his GM in building a supporting cast.
It will take a lot more than 120 million to make this club competitive again.
If the money doesn’t come, neither will division championships.

Jayson Stark ‏@jaysonst ·
“Jayson Stark retweeted SABR Media Committee
Why can’t it be part of the usher’s job responsibility to keep an eye on fans who aren’t watching, in any inning?”
What next? padded room for post lost game trauma?

I am going to all 3 games this weekend. First time I have had tickets to all games in a Tigers-Jays series. This could be a bloodbath for me. Maybe they will surprise me. At least they don’t have to face Price. Please no 19 inning marathon again.
As for the St Louis reference above. They always seem to get tremendous performances from young players just up from the minors or in their early years. David Freese, Michael Wacha, Carpenter, Wong. They develop their players very well and they always seem to have more coming. It is a very impressive organization.
— Bob

“Bloodbath” drew a literal laugh out loud from me. Good luck, Bob.

The Tigers can spend 45-50 MM before hitting luxury tax. Around 40 MM to match 2015 opening day payroll.
I have been saying it for a while JV ´s contract is not an albatross and last 7 games show I could be right. And we all agree Miguel for sure is not one either.
If they want to cut payroll, they could do it. Kinsler has a lot of market value.
You could trade Verlander eating a similar amount to that being paid to Flelder. Verlander is owed 122 MM and he is worth more than the 83 MM /4 given to Porcello. His peripherals are still there.His curve have been always an out pitch.So his change-up , Felix is making a living out of it and his drop of velocity has been similar to JV
The main question, will they enter bidding wars for good FA? Gordon? Cespedes? the real Justin Upton? Heyward? Cueto?

I hope they don’t cut payroll just to cut payroll. The Tigers now have expectations from the fanbase and have to keep a competitive team on the field.
The arms they acquired at the deadline have to figure into the rotation by at least 2017, otherwise there was no reason to acquire them, other than trade bait.
I doubt they get into bidding wars for FAs but will acquire one or some.
They shouldn’t have traded Cespedes. First good leftfielder we’ve had in decades (or ever?) and it lasted four months. I think he could have been re-signed without a bidding war, but it’s too late now.

I have a half baked idea on how to protect fans without erecting nets. It’s not perfect. You take something similar to a BP pitcher’s protective screen and set it up on the offside of the hitter (late swings), then get one of those there geometry guys to calculate height and distance (trajectory) of the screen. A ball can hit it, knock it over, do anything but rocket into the near seats. Of course, the screen will be in play and that’s the drawback. It will be in play……like the on deck circle or a dropped bat. It will require an adjustment. With each hitter, a grounds crew guy trots out and places the screen left or right of the batter’s box.
Hey, I told you it was half baked.

I think they will all be too expensive for the “new” Tiger administration. Of all those guys the only one I would be serious about would be Heyward. And he would directly conflict as a RFer and with the arrival of Steven Moya.
Cueto is going to be overpaid by someone. Upton and Gordon are .260 type hitters. Yes Gordon is a GG guy but at that price? Yoenis would be nice in our lineup–wish he could handle CF though. (Actually has been playing some there for the Mets).
I think Moya either makes the club in 2016 (this guys hits ’em like Miggy & JD) or he is dealt away.
I was optimistic about Gose but from what I have seen in 2015 I was wrong. I also do not think there will be a magical transformation for him either. He doesn’t hit enough and his defense is not as good as his speed and athleticism would suggest. I think that is an important area for the club to address next year.
Avila’s true test will be the bullpen. His predecessor left him a schmozzle and it will take a lot of staff research and focus to correct what has been a problem for too long.
We all know bullpens are an iffy thing anyway so the construction of a successfull bullpen has to a determined one.
This is where the $$$ should come into the picture. You can’t let guys like Chapman, Miller, Kimbrel, Holland or Robertson go to other teams, especially in your division.
Historically the Tigs have liked to acquire “projects”, guys with big stats and blown arms.

Well, there’s always Joba Chamberlain as the backup plan.

Then the ushers would have to wear helmets!!!

Schmozzle, eh? Word of the day, Dan.

I opted for that instead of clusterxxxx

Lineup at TOR: Davis 7, Kinsler 4, Cabrera 3, V. Martinez DH, J. Martinez 9, Castellanos 5, McCann 2, Iglesias 6, Gose 8. Boyd starting.

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